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Twice a year my best friend, Jim, and I go up to my cabin in the woods to relax, talk about women we’ve fucked, and do little fishing.

Jim’s a vice cop for the Austin PD, a good looking guy that’s aged very well; he’s my height, 6’2″ weighs a bit more 190 (I’m 180), clean shaven, and graying at the temples. My hair is all white and I have a mustache and goatee. Basically, we’re two great guys, in good shape, that had, not too recently, passed the halfway mark; assuming we live to be a 100.

The cabin is pretty big: two full baths with separate showers and one half bath, two bedrooms; a living room equipped with a 48″ TV, a blue ray DVR, a iPhone/iPod hookup, and a fireplace; a large “family room” that I’d converted into an exercise room with all the equipment I needed to stay in good shape; and, there was a full kitchen, with a fully-stocked refrig and pantry; essentially all the comforts of home. I spend at least two weekends a month up there; it’s perfect for relaxing and very quiet when I have a lot of assignments to grade.

When Jim and I went up there twice a year, most of the time, we were bummed that we didn’t have a couple of women to play around with. But, so far we haven’t figured out how to make that happen. The main problem, Jim’s married … and a vice cop.

Since Amy had recently entered my life; I thought I could surprise Jim with a sweet treat this year. I’d already talked to Amy and told her to keep the weekend open and to come to my office at 5 p.m. on Friday.

Then I drove up to the cabin with a variety of toys and restraints and changed the exercise room into a pretty nice playroom. The massage table could come in handy, plus I added a queen-sized blow-up mattress and a 29″ high Burro contractor’s sawhorse that I’d padded the top of.

I also brought a couple of different outfits for Amy, in case we wanted her to play dress up. I didn’t need to bring a school girl outfit … she’d already be wearing something perfect.

Jim arrived at 4 on Friday, thinking this weekend would be much like the others.

After we’d spent about 45 minutes catching up, I said, “Jim, I’ve got a surprise, a cute, college girl is going to join us this weekend.”

“Jon, what are you talking about, I can’t go on a weekend with a ‘cute college girl!’ Damn … I’m married … and a vice cop.”

“What your wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and we’ve always dreamed about having a little honey up there with us … now’s our chance.”

“Just where are we going to find this ‘cute college girl?'”

“Well,” I responded, “It just so happens that I’ve got the perfect one. She’s hotter than hell; got the sweetest tasting pussy; gives a blow job that will knock your rocks off; and … best of all … she’ll do anything I ask her to … anything at all.”

“When do I get to meet this honey? I’m not promising I’ll go along with this adventure, but you have peaked my interest.”

Looking at my wall clock, I said, “She’ll be here in 10 minutes. I told her 5 p.m. … she’ll be here at 5 on the dot,” I said with complete confidence.

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on my office door.

“Come in!” I said with a note of pride.

And, in walked Amy, wearing a very short, plaid skirt, cotton blouse, knee highs, and sandals.

A soft “Wow” escaped Jim’s lips.

Amy saw Jim and quickly said, “I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t realize you had a visitor.”

“Baby, this is my best friend Jim. He’s been looking forward to meeting you.”

“It’s nice to meet you. I’ve never met any of Sir’s friends before.” Then looking at me she added, “Sir, can I call your friend, Jim? Or, is there something else you want me to call him?”

“Jim is just fine, Baby. We were just discussing what we were going to do this weekend at my cabin on the lake. I told him that you were coming with us and would provide us with all the entertainment we needed. You are coming with us, right Baby?”

“If Sir wants me to come, of course I will come. I will always do whatever Sir wants me to do.”

“We’ll Baby, now is the time to show Jim just how deep that commitment is. He needs some convincing that it’s a good idea to bring you along. I told him that you gave a blow job that would knock his rocks off. I need you to get down on your knees and show him that I wasn’t kidding”

Amy walked over to Jim … he sat very still … with a shocked look on his face.

Reaching him, she dropped to her knees, quickly pulled down the zipper on his pants, took out his cock, and devoured it. Her head moved up and down quickly, basically giving Jim, not a blow job, but, instead, the mouth fuck of his life. She kept it up for about 5 minutes as Jim struggled mightily not to cum.

Then she turned, looked at me with a frown, and said, “I’m sorry Sir, I’m having a problem making him cum.”

I casino oyna looked at Jim with a questioning look on my face, and he replied, “I wanted to; I didn’t want to mess up her pretty face … or my pants.”

I laughed out loud, then turned to Amy and said, “It’s not your fault Baby. He assumed he’d have to pull it out when he came. Baby give it another try.”

To Jim I said, “Just relax and enjoy it, she’ll swallow every drop and love it.”

Amy had already begun to service Jim, but she nodded aggressively in support of my statement.

Jim relaxed and allowed himself to experience the silky wetness of Amy’s mouth and throat. It only took about another minute and Jim was whispering urgently, “Oh my God … Ohhh! … I’m going to Cum … Ahhhhhhhhh … God!”

Amy looked over at me with smiling eyes, as she continued to suck hard on Jim’s cock. Finally, she let his cock slide slowly out of her mouth, and, then holding tight to it, licked the head clean. Not a drop escaped her attention.

“Baby, you’re such a good girl. There’s only one problem, watching you service Jim has got me all excited … now I need servicing, too.”

“Sir should know that’s not a problem,” she replied, as she came to me, unzipped my pants, took out Silly (our name for my cock), and treated me much the same as she had just treated Jim. Although it seemed to me that she put even more passion into her servicing of me than she had with Jim; and she often looked up at me with her smiling eyes.

I rewarded her efforts by shooting my whole load down her throat, after which she gave me a big passionate kiss … It was as sweet as ever. How I loved my baby girl.

Shortly after, we all climbed into my Texas-sized pickup truck and began the two-hour drive to my cabin.

We hadn’t gone a mile when Amy asked me, “Sir, may I unzip your pants and stroke your cock while we are driving to your cabin?”

“Of course, Baby. You’d be a very sweet girl to pleasure me in that way. But, since Jim’s my best friend, you’d better stroke his cock, too. You can stroke both of us at the same time.”

“It would be my pleasure, Sir!”

And that was how we spent that two-hour drive. Amy stroking both our cocks, as I drove and Jim reclined in his seat, closed his eyes, and lost himself in the sensations that Amy’s hand was stimulating in, not only his cock, but his entire body. I don’t think he’d been more relaxed and happy in his whole life.

When we arrived at the cabin we had to take care of a few things: turn on the heat; start a fire in the fireplace; put away what we brought along. Amy, of course, had brought nothing with her, but I’d made sure that anything she might need was on hand. After that was all completed we all sat down in the living/family room and I started to speak.

“Okay, since this is the first time we’ve all been together, as well as the first time we’ve had this kind of adventure. I thought it would be good to lay down a few rules for us to follow. If either of you disagree with a rule I’m making, now’s the time to bring it up. Is that clear?”

They both nodded, and I continued, “First, for you Baby, you will be available for both us all weekend, to use you and your body however we desire. We, of course, will do nothing to harm you physically or emotionally and, if we ask you to do something you’d rather not do, your safe phrase is, ‘I’d rather not do that.’ Does this work for you?”

“Yes Sir, that’s fine with me,” Amy replied.

“In addition, you will be responsible for making all our meals. The kitchen is well stocked and you should not have a problem making us what we’d like to eat.”

“It would be my pleasure to serve you both in that way, Sir.”

“Finally, once the cabin warms up, you will not wear any clothes at all unless we request you to put something on. I want you available to us for our pleasure at any time the mood strikes us. Is that clear?” As I finished that statement, I glanced at Jim … the shocked look on his face made it clear that he had not expected this.”

However, Amy responded, “Yes Sir, it is very clear that you want me and my body to be available to you at all times, unless you require me to put on something sexy for variety. Pleasuring you both in this way would be an honor Sir. Would you like me to undress immediately?”

“No Baby, it’s still a bit chilly, let’s wait for it to warm up, I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable. You can strip when you feel that it is warm enough for you; it’s your decision, Baby.”

“Thank you, Sir. I will be naked for you as soon as possible, because I know that it would pleasure you very much.”

“One last thing, Baby, if Jim requests something of you that is in conflict with something I had said earlier, you should tell him that you need to check with me first. I will decide which request canlı casino you should honor. Is that clear Baby?”

“Yes Sir, it is very clear. And thank you, Sir, for letting me know in advance what I should do in case of a conflict. I would have been very confused and afraid of disobeying one of you had you not clarified this for me.”

“Jim, your instructions are relatively simple. First, honor and respect that my Baby Girl is doing this for us out of her love for, and commitment to, me and not for any financial payment of any kind. As such, I expect you to treat her with the utmost respect and care. Not to harm her in any way and to honor her safe phrase whenever it is stated.”

“No problem, Bro … to tell you the truth, I’m still in a state of shock here. I can’t believe that this cute, intelligent, college student is giving herself and her body to us this weekend. How long has this kind of stuff being going on?

“I’m not sure, Jim, but probably since humanity appeared on the face of the earth. One final thing, you’re going to have to leave Sunday morning this time around. Amy will drive you to your car.”

“Whatever you say, Bro.”

“Amy, I want you to arrange to bring Lisa back with you. I’d like to spend Sunday afternoon with just the two of you.”

“Yes, Sir, I will make sure that Lisa is ready and available. We will both be excited to be alone with you on Sunday afternoon.”

That was the end of the rules meeting and the beginning of our time together.

For the next hour or so, Jim and I talked about a variety of shared interests while Amy puttered around in the kitchen, ultimately bringing us a delightful snack. I was very pleased and told her so.

Then around 9:30, Amy came into the living area where Jim and I were sitting and talking and said, “Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I think it’s warm enough for me to take off my clothes now, would you rather I went to your bedroom or take them of here, so you and Jim can watch?”

“You are a sweet baby to know that Jim and I might want to watch you strip for us. I know I’d enjoy that very much.” Then looking at Jim I asked, “Would you like to watch her strip?”

He nodded his head, probably afraid to talk, afraid of what his voice might sound like. This was an entirely new situation for him and I’m sure he still wasn’t completely comfortable with it.

“Baby, did you bring your iPod with you?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Well, I’ve got an iPod attachment over there and I’m sure you’ve got some appropriate music … why not give us a little show while you’re at it. That would please me very much.”

Amy quickly got her iPod from her purse, selected the right song, an Indian melody that would seem to go on forever, and then handed the iPod to me. I attached it to the system and the music began.

Amy started by just dancing for us, twirling and bending so we would get tantalizing glimpses of her panties. Then she flipped off her sandals, and slowly removed her knee highs … one at a time, tossing one to me and the other to Jim. Next came her blouse, one button at a time, turning first to me and then to Jim, continuing to move to the music in a very suggestive way.

Jim sat there, his eyes wide open and his mouth agape.

Then the blouse was tossed aside and there she was; skirt, panties and bra was all that covered her. I loved this a lot and said, “Baby … dance just like that for a while, I love seeing you in just a skirt, panties and bra and I want to enjoy this for awhile.”

Without saying a word Amy continued to dance, twirling, bending, and moving all very suggestively. Once in awhile she’d look at me for a sign that she should continue stripping and, after about 5 minutes, when she looked over at me, I nodded my head and off came the skirt. How I loved seeing her in just a bra and panties.

Jim continued to be dumbstruck. He’d been to strip clubs, plenty of them, it was part of his job as a vice cop, but he’d never experienced a strip like this. What made it so erotic was Amy’s commitment to our pleasure, her intense desire to please us, to serve us. There wasn’t a stripper in the world that could carry that off.

Amy glanced at me with a questioning look in her eyes; I knew she wanted to know if she could continue. I nodded my head, and off came the bra and there before us were two of the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. I relished the times I’d been able to view those breasts, even more the times I’d been able to caress them, to kiss them, to suckle on their nipples, and, finally, the time I had been able to give her both pleasure and pain through the nipple clamps I had used on her.

With her bra off, the dance got more frantic, she wanted the movements of her breasts to excite us even more. And, the bending over … what joy to see those breasts as they hung down, kaçak casino inviting us to imagine what it will be like when she’s on top, riding us with all of her passion.

Then the song ended and so did the dance. Amy came over to me and said, “I hope my dance pleased you Sir.”

“It did, Baby, very much so.”

“Would Sir like to take off my panties?”

“Oh my Sweet Baby Girl, you seem to know in advance what is on my mind.” And, with that she stepped between my legs, offering me a close up view of her silky panties, and the opportunity to strip them from her gorgeous body. I slowly pulled them down and she stepped out of them.

I picked them up and wasn’t surprised to find them to be soaking wet; it seemed that her dance had excited her as much as it had excited us. I tossed them to Jim, who quickly put them to his face wanting to experience her scent from the wetness of her panties.

“They’re yours Jim, keep them as a souvenir of this weekend,” I told him. Then added with a chuckle, “Although, I don’t know where you’re going to keep them so you’re wife won’t find them.” He returned a funny, mean look, but didn’t reply.

Then, I reached behind Amy, grabbed her butt with both my hands and pulled her pussy to my face. I inhaled deeply, also wanting to experience once more the scent of her womanhood. Amy grabbed the back of my head, spread her legs, and held me tightly against her pussy. How I wanted to eat her alive.

But Amy had other things in mind and sensed that I was in a mood to let her proceed with her plan, without question. She always knew, even before I did, what I needed and wanted.

She dropped to her knees, undid my belt, unzipped my zipper, and striped my jeans off of my body. Then she devoured Silly. I grabbed her hair and pushed and pulled her head, wanting another of her phenomenal mouth fucks …

But I was determined not to cum this time and she sensed it, pulling from me, smiling her “you’re in for it” smile, she climbed onto my lap, first kissing me passionately, and then she quickly inserted Silly into her pussy and began to ride me … slowly … Knowing I would enjoy, to the maximum, the feel of Silly in her pussy. Her gorgeous breasts were in my face, moving up and down with the same rhythm of her fucking. Her head was thrown back the line of her neck also before me. What a view … so erotic … so full of feeling … so wonderful.

Then, as if from a fog, I heard Jim say, “I hate to bother you two love birds … I have enjoyed this evening immensely, but it’s getting late and I think I’ll turn in. Good night, see you both tomorrow.” And he disappeared into his bedroom.

“Baby, when we’re through here, I want you to go and sleep with Jim tonight. I think he needs to know that he’s not a fifth wheel, but an active partner in this weekend.”

With a sad look, she said, “Whatever you want, Sir, I know you know what’s best.”

And with that that I threw her to the side onto the couch face up, spread her legs and began to eat her like it was my last supper. I used my tongue, my lips, and my full mouth wanting her to cum in my face, squirt her juices all over me. In addition, while mouth fucking her pussy, I started playing with her asshole, first caressing it, and then inserting my middle finger all the way in. Now I was both mouth fucking her pussy and finger fucking her asshole, it was a combination that she couldn’t resist.

“Sir, … Siiirr … don’t stop. Please Sir … I need to cum, I’m so horny, so excited. Please don’t stop I loooveee what you’re doing to me … Oh, Ohhhhhh, God … Sir, please I’m ready, can I cum? Please Sir, please tell me I can cum … pleeeease.”

For just a moment I pulled away from her pussy and said, “Yes Baby, it’s time to cum. Cum for me Baby!” And then I dove back in, determined to make this an orgasm that she would never forget.

“Oh … God … Ohhhh God … I’m cumming, I’m cumming …” and she screamed in total ecstasy; clamping her legs around my head, pulling me even deeper into her pussy as her juices squirted all over my face and down my throat.

I continued to lick and suck her pussy and clit sensuously, wanting to extend her climax as long as possible.

The moans continued with another scream every so often. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled me up kissing me passionately and then, lovingly, licking her juices off of my face.

“Thank you Sir, that was wonderful.”

“Baby, it pleases me greatly to pleasure you in that way. It pleases me greatly when I make you cum.” At that point I extracted myself from her embrace and, with, not a little reluctance, I stood her on her feet, and said, “Now, Baby, it’s time for you to go and pleasure my friend Jim. Sleep with him tonight and I’ll see you again at breakfast. You should have it ready at 9 a.m. Tell Jim that I’ve said that’s when we will be eating breakfast.”

With that I gave her bottom a slap and sent her on her way. … Then I went to my room, to sleep, and to dream of the wonderful adventures I had planned for the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32