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I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful every day that I come to work…..because that’s where I met Amy.

Sure, we both have someone else in our lives….but she and I realized that we were both kindred spirits right from the start. She has that sparkling glint in her eyes and a flirtatious wiggle in her hips that I can never resist….and for the last year….about every three weeks….the two of us duck somewhere quiet in the office and relieve some of the stresses that build up in our lives.

Today was particularly memorable. I hadn’t seen Amy all morning…..I actually thought she might have been sick for the day, or perhaps out on a business run. As it turned out, she had been in a long meeting with the vice-president. I saw her coming out of the board room with about fifteen other account reps; all of them looking about as flustered as she did. She was all the way on the other side of the office, and I made brief eye contact with her as she strolled towards her cubicle. She caught me looking at her, and she shot me a glance that said “I’ve had it with this place,” before walking out of my view. I thought she was going to come over and talk to me, but she kept walking.

I went back to my paperwork, trying to think about something other than her lips on my chest, when my cell phone pinged. It was a message from her:


Hell yeah, I thought to myself. One thing I’ve learned about Amy—-the more frustrated she gets at home or at work, the hotter the experience. The clock said 11:55…everyone was heading out to lunch anyway. I grabbed my briefcase and casually strolled down the hallway.

Angie Lawson was one of those gals who had her own office, and she happened to spend most days out of the office on business. Best of all, her and Amy were pretty tight, and she didn’t mind if Amy used her office for lunch, or to work quietly on projects while she was away.

Right now, I was the only project she had in mind….

I walked into the office, and I found her standing behind the giant oak desk. Angie would shit if she knew how often I’ve spent time hiding under that desk…..quietly keeping Amy entertained. The desk was large enough that you could actually fit two bodies under the tabletop, and no one would have any idea.

“Hey baby,” she purred, patting Angie’s chair in invitation for me to sit down.

“Hey yourself, sexy,” I replied, softly stroking her cheek. “Tough meeting?”

“Nothing a little time with you won’t solve,” she hummed. As she knelt underneath the desk, her short skirt raised up a few inches…..she had already illegal bahis ditched the panties…..and the brief sight of her slit made my mouth instantly water.

I had barely sat down and she was already unbuckling my pants…..and just knowing what I was in for, I had a raging erection mounting before I had even walked into Angie’s office. Once Amy’s hands were on my crotch, it was completely stiff.

She vanished underneath the desk, and I took some papers out of my briefcase. It was a scenario we had rehearsed often….if anyone happened to walk in, it would look like I was processing the T.P.S. reports. But what was going on underneath the desk….I never got tired of it.

Amyt had this way of using her mouth and hands better than any woman I had ever met. Her bright pink lips happily tightened into a vice-like “O”, and she slowly worked my cock down past her tongue, to the back of her throat. Her two front teeth VERY gently pressed into the underside of my cock as she slowly…slowly dragged her mouth up and down the shaft. While she did this, one of her hands was massaging the base of my cock, simultaneously rubbing the skin, while pulling it tight.

“Mmmmm,” she purred hungrily, letting me know how much she was loving the taste of me. At the speed she was going, it took her about 15 seconds to take her mouth from the tip of my cock, all the way down to deep-throating my seven inch playtoy, and back again to the tip. When her mouth reached the top of the flagpole, another wet strand of pre-cum was inching over her lips. She used her tongue to spread it around over her bottom lip, and she would descend again—-cramming every inch of my dick between her lips.

Five minutes of this was really all I could take….it was time to move things along before we squandered our entire lunch break on an amazing blowjob. I opened my briefcase again, and brought out my accessories that I kept locked in my desk, just for her. A small bottle of lube. A clean towel. A large dildo, and a medium size vibrator. When she saw them, her eyes lit up like an excited schoolgirl. She let my cock slide out of my mouth, and she pressed the tip against her cheek…..and she began quickly jacking me in her sweaty, saliva-covered hand. It was clear—she was ready for HER turn.

And that’s all it took… ass lifted out of the seat when my balls exploded…..and as the first jet of hot white cum came shooting out, Amy’s mouth jumped back on my cock—-and the sensation of her lips gripped around my cock as I came made my twitch so violently, she had to press down on my legs to hold me down…..but after illegal bahis siteleri a few seconds, my breathing finally relaxed…..just in time to hear her swallow.

With a swat on my ass, she gestured for me to get under the deks….and she leaned over the desk, spreading her perfect ass apart.

“We only have about 15 minutes left,” she reminded me. “You better make it good!”

“After that blowjob, I wouldn’t dare dissapoint you,” I told her. With some maneuvering, I used the chair to prop my head up….and she gently positioned herself on my face. It was perfect….if someone walked in, it just looked like she was sitting behind the desk, examining some reports.

Amy had the finest tasting pussy—-if she had any idea how phenomenal it was to taste her, I have no doubt that she’d immediately entertain the idea of some bisexual fun.

But for right now, she was all mine….and I wanted to thank her properly for what she had just done for me.

My tongue happily danced around her clit for a few minutes…..but I knew we were running out of time. It was time to get my baby REALLY stimulated……once her juices began trickling out of her cunt lips and into my mouth, I knew she’d be ready for the large dildo…….so with my mouth hungrily devouring her clit, I began probing her pussy with the dildo……while my thumb made little circles on her ass.

“Oh, I like that,” she whispered. “You’ve never had your cock in my butt before, baby…..if you think you could get it up for me again, I’d love to feel you shoot off in my ass….”

The very thought of it made my sore cock twitch like a hungry child…..but before I could think about taking advantage of the situation, I heard the door open! Fuck!

“Hey Sarah,” said Amy, completely casually. “What’s going on?”

“Me and Tina are going to get some drinks after work,” said our other colleague… sounded like she was still talking from the door—-good, she wasn’t coming in. But she wasn’t going away, either!

“Oh, that sounds like fun,” Amy replied. Shit, her voice was so calm, you never would have guessed that she had a man’s tongue massaging her clit, while shoving a huge dildo into her pussy. She was actually pouring cunt juice all over my face while I kept eating her……when the FUCK was Sarah going to go away? My cock was completely ready to go again, and she was all but inviting me to ream her.

They kept chattering… was almost as if Amy was daring to see how much she could get away with.

I decided to up the ante. I poured a little dab of lube on the smaller vibe, canlı bahis siteleri and gently began pushing it into her soaking wet ass as I continued licking her. Now she was completely stuffed….both dildos pressing back and forth…….my mouth sucking her clit….and I could hear her breathing quicken.

“Are you okay?” I heard Sarah ask. She was going to have to tell her to leave the room, but something completely unexpected happened.

“Sarah,” she said, “you need to shut the door for a second.”

“Uhhh….okay,” Sarah replied. I could tell she was confused. Honestly, so was I…what did Amy have in mind? Sarah shut the door—-she was definitely still in the office.

“Remember when I caught you leaving work last week before you were supposed to? You made me promise not to tell the boss, right?”

“Yeah,” she said sheepishly. “I know I owe you…what, do you want to sneak out early today?”

“Not exactly,” Amy moaned, definitely not holding back this time. “You just have to keep this to yourself….”

I could tell Sarah was stepping closer to the desk now, she had to realize something was up….

“Baby,” she hissed, talking to me, “Stand up…right now…..and fuck my ass!!”

Well, the jig was up…..might as well make the most of it. I stood up from behind the desk, my cock standing at full mast again. Sarah’s mouth dropped in shock, but Amy kept her silent with a warning gesture. “You owe me, Sarah…..just stand there and watch until I’m done….”

And she did……I looked Sarah right in the eye, while I placed my hands on Amy’s ass and pushed my cock all the way into her tight, welcoming ass. With my other hand, I kept the dildo pumping in and out of her cunt……and before I knew it, her entire body was spasming over the desk…..shaking and violently throbbing……and to my amazement, my cock exploded once again, filling her tight little ass with another generous helping of warm cum……

I have to admit, she did a great job not screaming. What was amazing was how Sarah just stood there, silently, watching me fill her supervisor’s ass right in front of her.

I swear I could see her nipples grow under her sweater…..but I had to get back to my office. Perhaps another time.

I kissed my lover on the cheek, and quickly pulled my pants up, and starting putting my playtoys back into my briefcase. I was about to dry off her dripping pussy with the towel as I always do after our little romps, but she stopped me.

“You need to get back to work,” she told me. “Sarah can clean me off.”

“W-what?” she asked.

“Get over and clean me up,” she demanded. “No hands.”

As Sarah carefully inched forward, knowing that Amy had her job in her hands, I made my way back to my desk and locked the door behind me……maybe a deviant little threesome was in my future, too?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32