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Part 5

The next morning I woke up around ten. Was there coffee strong enough to battle my hangover? Probably not but I put on a pot anyway. While it was brewing I cleaned up my kitchen I started by throwing the burnt chicken away, pot and all. I loaded the dishwasher and straightened up everything we had used the night before then poured myself a large cup. I decided to go to my computer and search for a job. Before you go thinking that this is when my life turns around and I get a high paying executive job I should tell you this. I never finished college. It’s a long story, a different story but it ended with me married and trying to make a mortgage payment by working full time. At any rate, I could type and answer a phone. I enjoyed making other peoples lives a little easier. It was also a job where I got to wear cute outfits and have little to no stress in my life.

After emailing my resume to a few prospects I spent a lot of my day thinking of Danielle. The way she walked. The way her eyes roamed my body. The way I had to catch my breath from just thinking about her. Her soft hands running all over my body. Her laugh, it was intoxicating. When she smiled at me last night, I’d traced her lips with the tip of my tongue and tasted her. I also wondered if she thought of me so fondly.

I slowly began to touch my breasts. Running my fingertips around my nipples, causing them to become erect. I tilted my head back against the computer chair and closed my eyes. The familiar caress of my breasts sent vibrations down into my white laced panties. My hands were on automatic. They slid down my belly and under my panties. I began to massage the delicate folds of my pussy. I was hot and wet by then but most of all, my little pearl was nice and hard. I pressed my hand down firm and let it throb a little before moving my hand in a circular grind. It was Danielle’s pussy pressed against mine in my mind. Her smooth wet lips sliding back and forth between mine. Her hard little pearl poking at me, sending chills right to my spot. I pried my lips open a little allowing my fingers to find my sopping wet hole. My pussy muscles were begging to be penetrated. My nipples remained erect as I imagined Danielle…

She lowered her face close to my pussy. I could feel her hot breath on my lips. Her tongue licking me slow canlı bahis and hard. Starting from the very bottom and working her way to the top, lapping every bit of my sweet honey up. After she got my pussy all clean she dipped her tongue into my hot hole, holding my lips wide apart with her fingers. Danielle darted her tongue in and out of my pussy, deep and fast. She dipped her fingers deep inside reaching just the right spot ……

I came hard and my pussy exploded. My clit was on fire. My pussy muscles clenched and gripped my fingers tight. They gently sucked my fingers as my pulse began to slow. A smile spread across my face. When my body stopped having aftershocks I was really quite satisfied and opted to take a nap.

Part 6

It was almost dark when I woke up again. My days were all out of whack from not having anything to do except masturbate. I laid in my bed staring at the phone for a while. I was arguing with myself about calling Danielle. I really wanted to see her again but didn’t want to come off as needy. Could I help the fact that I was addicted to her sex? NO! I decided that I wanted to take her dancing. Not to a lesbian club but to a regular dance club. I wanted both men and women to see us grind into each other.

I knew I was just being insecure and I shook it off. She was into me like I was into her. I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number. She answered right away.

“Hello Mamacita.” .

“Hi Danielle.” I blushed at her pet name for me. She spoke low and breathy in a sultry Latin-American-tone. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you today.”

“Oh really? Were you thinking naughty or nice thoughts about me?”

“Very naughty.” I smiled.

“That makes two of us mami. Why don’t you come in for some coffee on your way home from work? I want to see you.”

“Well, how about you meet me at my place at ten and I can take you dancing? I know a fun place across town.”

“It’s a date. Hope I can control myself when I lay eyes on your beautiful ass.” I blushed and we said our goodbyes.

Part 7

Danielle held my hand as we entered the club. The music was blaring and the air was smokey. Not my favorite, but where else could I grind into a willing, sexy, young woman? Ok, my bedroom, living room or public park – ahem – but we’d been there, done bahis siteleri that! God she looked so damn sexy. She was wearing her hair swept up in a messy but perfect curly pony tail and dangly diamond earrings. I wondered who had given them to her briefly, then wished I had. She was so elegant, hot and sexy. Her leave-nothing-to-the-imagination black dress clung to her body accentuating every perfect curve. She also wore sexy black, three inch stilettos and her signature ruby red lipstick. I’d come to expect and love her ruby red lips.

“You are a vision of perfection.” I had said to her when she came to my door earlier.

We walked to the bar right away and immediately downed a double shot of tequila each. I licked salt off her heavy cleavage and she licked salt from my lips. I was beginning to see that Danielle was a lot of fun both in and out of the bedroom. We sat at the bar for a while, getting a feel for the place and for each other when a handsome man came on to us. “Hello ladies, can I buy you a drink?” He laid a hand on each of our shoulders and wedged his muscular body in between us. I was very uncomfortable but I liked the attention and accepted the drink offer. We ordered two cosmos and he ordered a shot of yager. We toasted to the cool night, then he placed his hands on our shoulders.

“So, I haven’t seen either of you pretty ladies dance tonight. You gotta man waiting to beat my ass somewhere here?”

Poor guy, I thought. He looked so hopeful! “Oh, we’re not here with any guy.” Danielle said and put her hand on my knee. Her fingertips tickled me a little and sent vibrations right to the center of my legs. The mans look on his face was priceless. The bulge in his pants was light – I wondered if his prick was small.

“Excuse us, papi.” Danielle said as she took my hands. “Thanks for the drinks.” She led me to the dance floor. I could feel the bass thump hard in my body. At first we jiggled and wiggled about just watching each other and giggling. When she started rubbing her hands from her neck and shoulders over her breasts and down her belly my pussy ached. I wanted her delicate hands all over my body. I stepped closer and closer until we were mirroring each other. A crowd had formed around us like we were competing in a wet T-shirt contest or something. Our nipples were hard bahis şirketleri as rocks. She rubbed her chest hard and to the beat of the music. Her dress lifted higher and higher. Everyone was about to get a damn good show until she pulled me closer to her gyrating body and kissed me passionately. Her lips were so sweet, her tongue so naughty. My pussy screamed as her nipples circled my own. Her hands roamed my body as I squeezed her fine ass tight. Our dresses were riding up and I wasn’t thinking of the fact that I hadn’t worn any panties.

All I cared about was feeling good in her arms. Then Danielle pushed her knee in between my legs and revealed to all that I had indeed gone commando. I grinded against her knee, feeling the cool air on my ass cheeks. I slid up and down her leg, spreading my juices all over her knee and thigh. My clit was hard and I pushed it against her and created a hot friction. She took my hand and brought it to her hot, wet pussy. I slid a finger under her panties and deep inside her hot cunt. She gushed out immediately and I started to feel heavy suction around my finger, her pussy was sucking me in deeper. This is when I felt a man pressing his hard prick into my back then lifting my dress completely off of me! Another man did the same thing to Danielle, revealing her black satin bra and matching panties. Someone unsnapped my bra and ripped it off of me. I was completely naked and continued to grind her knee. I was getting close to an orgasm when she pulled away from me. I pouted in disappointment but for only a moment.

Danielle got down on her knees. She grabbed my ass in her hands and began making love to my hot, wet pussy with her mouth. She kissed, sucked and drank all of me in. I was able to concentrate more on my surroundings as I pulled at her hair lightly. I loved feeling her tongue in my slit. Her hot breath helping to milk my honey. There were a few couples fucking, a few women sucking their guys off and a few men jerking their cocks in plain view. This club had become a sex club because of us. I wasn’t complaining. Then, Danielle shoved two fingers into my waiting hole and I screamed. My sweet nectar flowed out of me hot, thick and slow. I moaned with intense pleasure. The men were shooting their loads everywhere! It had become a cum-fest and Danielle and I were the main attraction!

Danielle stood, her half naked body glistening with sweat, and pressed her body against mine. She kissed me long and hard on the mouth. I was hot for her and knew I’d have to take her home with me that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32