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We walked home tipsy and laughing, talking of the night and its events. We held hands, cuddled each other for warmth under the onslaught of the typical British weather, and stopped for a passionate kiss when the chemistry between us became too much to bear.

Leo and I had been together for a couple of years, totally smitten with each other, madly in love but still the atmosphere was sexually charged. We knew every inch of each other’s bodies, but still there remained a certain mystery about sex. We had had sex, made love, fucked, in many places and in many different ways; it was never boring with Leo. He was passionate, giving. and I couldn’t wait to tear his clothes off. Stumbling into the house at 1.30am, merry from the alcohol, frozen from the wind, I wanted to do just that.

We fell laughing through the bedroom door and onto the double bed. Our lips touched and we kissed, its intensity conveying our need for each other. Leo’s hard body moved across mine pressing me into the bed, his hardness felt, even through the thick fabric of his jeans and my skirt.

I pulled him down towards me, my hands gripping his ass and raising my pelvis to meet his. I ground my body against him as he reached upwards and gently caressed my breast through my clothes. His cool fingers slid inside my top and the cup of my bra and teased my nipple, eliciting a small gasp from me at the contact of his fingers on my bare flesh. Leo held me and rolled onto his side, allowing him to continue to explore my body with his hands. In one quick fluid movement he reached behind me and unfastened my bra, his hands now having full access to my breasts. He caressed me softly his large hand engulfing me, something that never ceased to surprise me due to my ample size D cup.

Leo tugged at my top and sat me up to slide the garment over my head. With my arms raised and the material covering my face he stopped and bent to take a now very erect nipple into his mouth. He tugged it with his teeth and blew on the wetness his tongue had left behind, I moaned his name and urged him on. As he used his mouth on me his other hand reached up and caressed my other breast, softly at first and then harder in response to my moans. I struggled against the binding material of my top, the sensations increased by my inability to see where he would touch next. His lips left a wet trail between my breasts as he moved first from one to the other, and slowly kissed his way down my stomach and sides.

My skin tingled at the sensations his mouth left upon it, and I could feel the heat between my legs in answer to his touch. He worked lower his mouth brushing over my stomach whilst he released me from my skirt. I raised my hips from the bed and his hands reached behind me and caressed my soft smooth ass cheeks as he traced a wet path around the line of my thong. He buried his face between my canlı bahis şirketleri legs, lips brushing my inner thigh, and using his hand he teased me through the sheer lacy material. I struggled at the material holding my arms captive and blindfolding me and Leo reached up to help me free myself.

I looked down the length of my body to see him on his stomach between my legs. He hooked his fingers through the sides of my thong and slowly drew my underwear down my thighs. His fingers brushed my most sensitive of places and gently parted me to allow him access. At the first touch of his tongue against my clitoris I moaned aloud my hands entwining in his hair encouraging him on, his tongue flicked against me increasing the sensations and making me moan louder. As his tongue worked on me his fingers found my entrance, feeling my wetness and obvious arousal. Leo slipped a finger inside me and continued to lick and suck my clit, looking up at me his eyes held mine as he watched my body respond to the pleasure it received.

My back arched, my chest flushed and the intensity of his gaze drew me closer to orgasm. Seeing my response he inserted another finger and worked them deeper and harder into me, his tongue continuing its assault on my swollen, throbbing clitoris. My orgasm washed over me, carrying me along on wave upon wave of pleasure, I cried out his name as I bucked and thrashed beneath him, grinding my body down onto the bed.

Leo moved up my body as I started to come down from the dizzying heights of my orgasm, and kissed me passionately. I could smell my musky scent on him and taste myself on his tongue, and I responded with fervour previously unmatched. I pulled him on top of me my hands working to release him from his clothes, wanting to feel his naked body against mine. His shirt landed on the floor swiftly followed by his jeans and boxers. This time when we kissed every inch of my body was engulfed by his, his cock pressed hard against my thigh as he moved against me, the friction of my soft skin against his throbbing cock caused his breathing to become ragged and shallow.

I shifted down the bed holding him in place, covering his stomach, thighs and legs in wet kisses. My hands traced lazy circles on his ass as my mouth moved closer to him, wanting to taste him and feel his hardness. My tongue flicked out and caught the head of his cock, tasting the bead of pre-cum gathered there. I continued to tease him with light flicking movements of my tongue and he moaned my name.

I knew what he wanted and I gradually drew his hard, throbbing cock into my mouth, sucking hard and taking him deep into my throat and he gasped at the sensation.

My hand reached up and gripped him around the base, moving backwards and forwards in time with the movements of my mouth, my other hand reached back and caressed his balls and I canlı kaçak iddaa lightly tickled and teased them as I sucked him. Leo began to thrust his hips down, forcing his cock deeper into my throat, his gasps and moans increasing with every movement. He was close to orgasm now and wasn’t ready to finish just yet, so he pulled back from me and leaned down to kiss me again. He whispered how much he wanted me against my mouth, as our bodies touched and pressed against each other. I rolled over taking him with me, until he was on his back and I sat astride him.

I raised my body and pressed his cock against my opening, letting him feel the wetness there and how much I needed him inside me. I very slowly slid down his length, impaling myself on his hardness, letting him fill every inch of me. His hands gripped my hips firmly, encouraging my movements as I moved up and down on top of him. He reached up with one hand and crushed my breast in his passion, the sensation not one of pain for me, but of pleasure. As I settled into a smooth rhythm I watched his face as I thrust down onto him. Leo’s eyes were half closed, his head pressing back into the pillows, mouth open and breathing heavily, moaning as the pleasure intensified. He opened his eyes fully and caught me watching him, he held my gaze as he thrust his hips up off the bed, driving himself deeper into me and pulling me down onto him.

I leaned backwards, his thrusting becoming deeper, my arms supporting myself on his legs and continued to let him slide in and out, his cock like an iron bar penetrating me deeper and deeper. He licked his thumb and found my clitoris, rubbing over it as he pounded into me; his other hand reached behind me and caressed my ass cheek at the same time. As our coupling became more frantic I leaned forward and buried my head in Leo’s neck, both his hands gripping my ass and pulling me harder down onto him.

As we thrust he moved his hand to his mouth and wet his finger, reaching back I felt him press gently against my ass. We had never discussed any kind of anal penetration, and I had no experience of it, I knew Leo hadn’t either. In truth it scared me. His finger became more insistent, pressing onto me, not trying for penetration yet just gauging my reaction.

I tried to pull back telling him I was unsure and he told me he wouldn’t hurt me and that everything was ok. He continued to thrust his cock deep into me, the sensations exquisite.

Leo whispered that he’d never done this before either and that he wouldn’t hurt me, we could learn together. I looked deep into his eyes, the man I loved, and knew I could trust him with my life.

We continued our pace, Leo’s cock buried inside me, and then withdrawing to the tip. He turned me over so that I lay on my stomach and he wet his finger again and pressed it to my ass, pressing gently but insistently. canlı kaçak bahis I felt no pain but the feeling was an unusual one as his finger worked deeper into my ass. He drove his cock into my pussy making me moan with pleasure, making sure that my body was ready for the invasion. Ensuring his finger was lubricated well he began to move it in and out of my ass, asking constantly if I was ok, if it hurt and did I want to stop.

The feel of his cock inside me and his finger penetrating my ass was deliciously naughty. He withdrew and shifted slightly so that his cock rested against my ass, all the time his fingers filling my pussy, feeling how tight and wet I was for him.

Slowly, gently he pushed upwards, his cock against my ass. I leaned back into him, and he grasped his cock around the base to gain more control and very slowly the head started to penetrate my most intimate of places. I felt stretched wide, the very tip of him working slowly into me, my tightness an indicator of the virginity I was giving up to him. A burning stab of pain pierced me as the head of his cock found its way through the initial resistance of my body, and I let out a small cry of pain. Leo stopped the intrusion to let me adjust to the feel of him inside me and asked if I was ok.

After assuring him that I was feeling ok, but to be very gentle he carried on. Slowly he pressed into me, deeper inside virgin territory, watching as his cock slid into my ass inch by slow inch. He withdrew slightly and then pressed back into me, allowing me to get used to the sensations before picking up the pace. Listening to his breathing and hearing his moans I knew it was taking all of his willpower to not thrust hard and deep into me.

His thrusts short and shallow at first became longer, deeper strokes. His fingers reached around to caress my clitoris as he pushed inside me until I had taken him all. We started to move in the same rhythm, and I began to enjoy this new kind of penetration. His fingers on my clit, his cock in my ass and the whole ‘forbidden’ aspect of what we were doing took hold and I began to push back into him as he thrust, forcing him deeper into me.

Leo’s moans increased and he penetrated me faster, holding my hips as he impaled my body onto his. Suddenly he cried out my name and exploded in my ass, I felt every jerk of his cock, and heard every groan, as he poured his semen into me for what seemed an eternity. Leo held me tightly to him, his arms around me and his head resting on my back, breathing fast and shaking from the intensity of his orgasm he breathlessly whispered his love for me. In time we relaxed, still joined, onto our sides and fell asleep.

(This is a true story between my boyfriend and I, although I have changed our names, anal sex is something we now do occasionally. I would like to dispell the myth that all women hate anal sex, I can only speak from personal experience (and those female friends who have been brave enough to discuss it with me), but if it is done in a gentle way, with understanding and care, especially the first time, it can be a very intimate, erotic act)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32