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This story is part of the General Board short, short story contest

A Connecticut cold morning outside, inside the dorm almost just as cold and Suzy Chong has invited me into the warmth of her bunk. We spoon, me on the outside, my strong swimmer gams around her like chubby lo mein around a chopstick. I forget myself and squeeze tight. It feels good.

“Ebaugh, come clean, you’re a dyke. Just say it,” Suzy giggles.

“Just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I don’t like guys,” I say weakly.

“Those big swimmer girls, mitts fondling your equipment.” She flips about, making a sudden weak reach for my wrists and tries to pin me down, I hold her off easily; I’m forty muscled pounds heavier. “C’mon Ebaugh, show me,” she says.

“You’re not strong enough,” I say, asserting myself. We lock in a fun wrestler hold and then she cheats, tickling me under my ribs. I respond, rolling over on top of her, straddling her waifish frame between my thick legs in a crush.

“Get off of me you cunt licker!” she mocks.

“You wanna see it?” I say. “Well here, take a picture.” illegal bahis I pulled aside the elastic of my panties, teasing her with all that brown hair. I haven’t shaved my legs or bikini line since the end of swim season. She surprises me, grabbing me by my big ass and pretends to inspect my hymen up close.

“The girls were gentle with you, E. You gotta respect the cunts for that.” She runs a finger through the thick pubic hair. My legs tremble with anticipation at what she might do next. “Have you ever eaten pussy before?” I shake my head no and pray this goes no further. “Funny, I haven’t either.” She sticks out her tongue, swirling it softly over the mons. I can feel my juices starting to flow, my pulse quickening. I don’t want her to taste my wetness.

“Suzy, please don’t do this, I was just kidding.” She pays me no attention and pulls me closer, snuggling her face into the folds of my labia, running her hot tongue over my clit. I jump back at the new sensation and slap the top of my head comically against the wooden rail of the upper bunk. In embarrassed pain illegal bahis siteleri I slump down next to Suzy’s face, noticing the smell of my pussy on her lips.

“Kiss me,” she says. I comply. It’s the first real kiss of my young life, man or woman. My soft full mouth against Suzy’s sweet thin lips form a bridge for our slashing tongues. The mixture in our mouths is tinged with my juice, making me realize the intimacy of our love. I have no idea what I am doing. Never have I contemplated what being a lesbian means physically, romantically, or socially. Suzy, the Chinese libertine, will be my guide. We take turns rubbing against each other, exploring and comparing, rejoicing in how different our bodies are. Suzy loves to suck on my hard fist-sized breasts and jutting nipples. She sucks so hard at times I think that at some point I might produce milk in response. Sucking on her teacups is a more delicate matter. Just a soft flicker of my tongue around the areola makes her sink her fingernails into my back.

We eventually work our way into a 69 with me on the bottom. canlı bahis siteleri I imagine Suzy’s cunt tasting of sesame oil and leeks as I drown in the concoction of my saliva and her flowing pussy juice; we ruin the silk sheets. I have no idea what to do. I simply imitate her cunt-munching manners. When she sticks a finger in my ass, I stick a finger in her ass, when she rubs the great excess of juice on her face onto the inside of my thighs, I do the same. It comes as a great shock when I begin to feel a hot eruption deep inside, taking me on the road to ecstasy. I come, grinding my powerful hips against Suzy’s thin face in delight. After righting herself, she lays in my arms, looking up at me through dreamy half-slit eyes.

“Did that happen to you too?” I ask.

“What?” she says.

“Did you…orgasm?”

“Of course I did, didn’t you feel me?” she asks.

“I guess.” I respond. I’d never had an orgasm myself before that day. I had no idea about Suzy.

“Feel this,” says Suzy. She pushes my finger deep inside her pussy. The walls pulse rapidly, like a heartbeat in a hummingbird. “I’m about to come again. Rub it, right there. Oh, God, yes.” She guides my hand; I stroke her harder than before. Her eyes close and she makes a low whining sound, biting her lower lip. I kiss her again. It all feels so right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32