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In the warm summer months I like few things better than a day by the river fishing. It’s wonderful to be out off the beaten track in some glorious countryside, sitting back in the sun, drinking a few beers and the occasional sport with a fish. Quite frequently you don’t see another person all day.

I had been by the riverside since dawn and the day had blossomed into a hot sunny perfect summer’s day, perfect for relaxing and sipping beer but not so good for fishing and the sport had gone very quiet. Today I had decided to get away from it all and chosen a spot where I knew there would be no passers-by, way out in the countryside. So it was a surprise when I thought I could hear the sound of human voices.

I listened for a while and most definitely I could hear several voices, laughter and the unmistakeable swish of paddles in the water. I knew what that would be, now and again in the summer you get groups paddling down the river in open top Indian Canoes and sure enough 3 canoes appeared around the upstream bend in the river. I don’t mind these fellow river users at all and often have a joke and banter with them as they pass by.

I watched as they drew closer and realised this group was all female, 3 women in each canoe, scantily clad because of the heat of the day and obviously really enjoying their little adventure. I am always considerate of others so I decided to reel my line in until the group had passed by, but they seemed to be slowing down, and sure enough paddling across the river to a little sandy bank a little upstream from where I was sat. The three canoes and their occupants beached up and they got out and scrambled up the bank.

It is very unusual to meet others this far away from roads and easy parking and It was obvious they would be unaware of my presence so I decided to get up and wander over to say ‘hello’ and make them aware I was there.

I made my way through the bushes and up the bank and at a reasonable distance canlı bahis şirketleri I shouted out ‘hello’, so they knew I was there and wandered over to explain to them I was fishing on the river a little downstream and didn’t want to startle them.

They were a friendly bunch and soon we were chatting and I was answering questions about the river further downstream and their ultimate destination. I was offered a beer, which was gratefully accepted. Fishing had become very quiet so the unexpected company was a light relief. It wasn’t long before the sun and beer had its effect, I had already had a few, and so I explained that I needed to pop into the bushes for a pee.

I got up to make my way towards the nearest bit of undergrowth. There was some mutterings amongst the group which I couldn’t make out, and then one of them spoke up. ‘Wait, do it here, right here where we can all see’.

I froze in my tracks. ‘What? You can’t be serious, you’re joking right? ‘

‘No, absolutely serious, let’s just say we are an open minded group of girls, and not entirely here just for the canoeing, we like other water sports, we are a group of friends who know each other from the Experience Project, have you heard of it?’

I hadn’t. My heart was thumping, but the excitement was overwhelming, they had no way of knowing I was a serious but unsatisfied pee fetishist.

I was shaking with nerves, but the group of women had all gathered closer around me. I was now bursting to go, so nervously undid my shorts. A hand stopped me, one of the ladies had come up behind me, she undid the remaining buttons and my shorts fell to the floor. Soft fingers held my cock which inevitably stiffened and pee started to dribble out, I just could not hold any longer and just let go.. I watched in amazement as bikini tops were flung off and several girls moved in closer, the woman behind me guiding my full flowing peeing cock to deliver its torrent over their bare breasts. canlı kaçak iddaa

A couple of women bent down lower to take my flow over their faces, and then , one of them with a mouth full of pee engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t stop, I had to keep peeing and she gulped it down, then another mouth on my cock, and another and another. These women were feasting on my pee and loving it. Eventually my flow subsided and stopped but the woman who received my last drops kept sucking and blowing my cock, it was all I could do not to cum but I didn’t want to, not yet.

‘Right, now it’s your turn to receive’, one of them whispered in my ear and my remaining clothes were removed.

I lay down in the fragrant meadow grass, and watched as 9 bikini bottoms were removed and I found myself unbelieving that I was looking up at 9 gorgeous exposed vaginas and they were all going to pee on me.

‘It’s OK to wank yourself off while we do this, just DON’T cum!!’

To be honest I couldn’t keep my hand off my cock and eagerly stroked it in anticipation. One woman stood over me, bent backward slightly and then it hit me, hard forceful and hot! A cascade of pee from her hit me directly on my cock head, played over my groin and balls and then up over my tummy, two others joined in on either side of me, 3 hot torrents of girl pee scalding my cock with sensations I had never dreamed of, the pee kept coming and coming and I didn’t want it to ever stop.

Then things went darker, like a cloud covering the sun, I opened my eyes to see a woman standing over my head, she lowered herself down and her glistening cunt smothered my mouth. I opened wide desperately wanting what came next.

I heard the hiss before I felt and tasted, but my mouth was filled with her delicious pee, I swallowed as rapidly as I could but it came so quickly some ran out over my face but she pee’d relentlessly and I took more and more as it became easier to swallow canlı kaçak bahis as her flow started to slow to a trickle and stop.

I licked her clean and felt the welcome presence of another fresh and ready to pee pussy position its self on my mouth, I held her by the hips as I gulped down every drop.

I am not sure of just how many women are peeing on me now, it’s coming from all angles, my entire body is being hit with jets of hot pleasure, I am soaked, my hair sodden, the grass all around me filling my senses with smells of flowers and fresh girl pee.

The cascade over my body sadly wanes and one by one the women retire to refresh themselves with another beer.

One lady remains, ‘Are you ready to pee again yet?’ she asks. I hadn’t noticed but yes I was. ‘Well let’s do it together’… ‘I want you to pee inside my pussy, and I’ll pee on you at the same time’.

She straddled me, I felt my hard cock enveloped in that familiar but glorious wet warmth of a female’s vagina, she steadied herself and her breathing became regular and relaxed.

‘now, pee inside me’, she demanded.

It took a bit of concentration and will power but eventually I felt that bit of pressure and release that meant my pee was coming. She just groaned and uttered some amazed expletives as my hot pee filled her belly, I felt the warmth and the pressure build, then like a burst dam, it exploded out of her all over my body, she now just placed the head of my cock between her labia her urethra against my fraenum, she released her pee.

The French call orgasm, the little death, well , when her pee hit me I just exploded into spasms of orgasm, I was helpless to control it, my cock head still cushioned between her labia, hot pee hitting it from zero range, I ejaculated immediately, strings of my cum mixing with her pee and flowing around our combined sex organs.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me.

Some of the women were firing up a BBQ, one offered me a beer and we sat around chatting and laughing, hungry now for food, between us all we had plenty of beer and a whole afternoon left, but before anything else, we all took a refreshing swim in the river, naked, whilst the food cooked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32