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I was fighting off a wave of post-orgasmic sleepiness, slowly regaining my breath. Madison scooted over and cuddled me, her bottom still pointed skyward, then she pecked me on the cheek.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, as if boasting about her vaginal and anal acumen.

“Oh, wow, still tingling.”

“You’re super stimulated.”

“Yeah… I guess… Whatever it is, it’s awesome.” She emitted a sly, sexy giggle. “And you?” I inquired, feeling the pressure of satisfying her.

“Like I said, I haven’t been fucked that hard in years,” Madison replied, adding. “I came… Could you tell?”

“Uh, yeah sure, ” I sheepishly responded.

“But fucking as hard as you can, as fast as you can isn’t always the goal, either.” Madison said, and then returned to her almost professional persona. “Now, if you will excuse me,” and she slowly and carefully retreated from the bed and me, always keeping her hind end pointed upward.

I must have had a look of puzzlement on my face, because she answered without being questioned: “I feel like I have a gallon of your cum up my rectum! I’d like to rid myself of it. I’m just going to wash up a bit and then I’ll be right back,” gesturing with those sexy eyes and a head motion towards a door to the bath that was off of the master bedroom.

I watched her lovely form walk to the door and then disappear behind it. Still in shock and awe over realizing a fantasy come true, I lay there feeling like a conquering hero.

Madison returned after a few moments, pulled a chair up next to the bed beside me and then turned abruptly back towards the bathroom. I snatched her hand in mine before she could get far. Somewhat surprised, she turned halfway to face me I was still looking for some kind of connection or acceptance from this woman who’d stepped out of my dreams, and I was worried about what I took as a mixed review of my sexual prowess.

“If you just give me two minutes, I can fuck you again,” I offered. “Slower, if that’s how you want it.”

She moved my hand to her mouth and kissed it. She looked at me with kind eyes and replied, ” ‘Two?’ I’ll give you twenty!”

The way she did this made me see that she understood my youth and my sexual innocence and inexperience. She saw my need for her approval, my desire to please her, and also my childlike trepidation of failure. She knew that what she’d said would make me feel like I had satisfied her and that I was off the hook.

So, I’m good enough to earn twenty more minutes of her time, I thought to myself. I’m good enough to wait twenty minutes to get fucked again. Only years later did I comprehend this subtle little gift Madison gave me.

When Madison returned, she placed a wash basin filled with warm, soapy water on to the chair that she had pulled up earlier. She had two small wash cloths folded over her arm.

She knelt on the floor beside the bed and dipped one of them in the basin.

Madison slowly and ritualistically wrung out the cloth. To my surprise. she began to gently clean my flaccid cock with soft, gentle swabs of the cloth. Her movements were slow and methodical, and she used her other hand to lift my hog and reposition it so she could properly clean it. The slow, sensual way she cleaned my dick and balls didn’t keep me from asking dumb question, unfortunately.

“What are you doing?”

Patently she answered in a soft sexy voice without ever taking her hands or eyes off my genitals: “Well, you had it up my ass, and if you were to put it back in to my vagina it wouldn’t be sanitary or hygienically healthy.” She stared at my cock as if entranced by it, softly biting her own lower lip as was her habit. The slow, thorough way she washed my shlong and ball bag with care was evidence that this was all part of the “process of pleasure” she’d spoken of.

That thought alone made me both understand and enjoy this sensual sponge bath.

Madison then lifted my scrotum and wiped the underside of my balls. The summer breeze wafted into the room like a silent visitor and caressed my now clean, wet sex organs It felt cool and refreshing.

Then she took the other cloth and softly patted me dry.

All of this was too much, and my blood started to flow south towards my crotch. Madison moved to a standing but bent-at-the-waist position, leaning over me and still coddling and patting me dry. She gazed at my exposed manhood like a hungry person would behold a favorite meal, watching intently as my cock visibly grew before her eyes.

Something strange happened inside of me. I felt a slight pang of shame for getting a hard-on while she watched, but the shame felt good, just as the dirty sex talk had felt good. I reached up and placed my hand on the back of her leg where her upper thigh met her buttock. I spread the lower portion of her ass crack and upper thigh with the back of my hand and touched the lips of her vagina with the middle and ring fingers while my index targeted her sphincter. This caused her to stand straight up.

With eyes closed for a long second, she stood there bursa escort and was speechless, clearly surprised and pleasured by my abrupt, simultaneous fondling of her fuck holes. Madison placed her hand on mine and gingerly pulled my digits out of her orifices.

“Slow down a second. I want to dump out this basin. Then I want to lie with you and let things happen naturally.” She walked away, taking the wash basin with her.

Within a minute or two Madison had returned and was lying next to me on her bed. Her body felt so smooth and soft next to mine.

“So tell me, .do you have a girlfriend?”

“No… not for a while.”

“So, you just fuck customers? Or am I special?” she said with a Cheshire cat grin.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve had a little dry spell. About a year or so,” I answered with genuine honesty.

“Let me guess: The last time you had sex was with someone who was your girlfriend.”


“. . . and you’ve parted ways from one another?”

“ye. . .”

Before I could finish saying the word, she was on to her next question or observation.

“You’re still heartbroken over her, aren’t you?”

“What’s with all the questions?”

“Sorry. It’s a game I like to play. I try to read people and then see how well I did.”

” Well I wouldn’t say ‘heartbroken’ as much as not wanting to go through that again.”

” Yes, but you’re one horny guy in spite of your fears of further heartbreak.”

“I guess.”

She raised her sculpted eyebrows and smirked a cute little smirk. “Who do you think you’re kidding? I watched you mentally undress every woman who walked in or out of Gemma’s tonight, including Kate and me.”

“Well, isn’t that normal?”

Madison burst into laughter. “Yes, but you’re very obvious about it.”


“Yes. As subtle as a bowling ball. But, on the other hand, you do make an incredible Lobster Fra’ Diablo. And sautéed mushrooms.” Her warm smile reassured me that she was just ribbing me in good fun.

“Well, what about you?” I asked, adding, “Do you fuck every guy that makes you dinner? Or am I special?” Thinking I had been clever, I waited on her response with a smile of my own.

“No, you were special. You were looking very sexy in your kitchen, and you made my pussy a little wet, and, and…”

“And what?”

“Once I saw how horny you were, I had to have you.”

“What about you? Do you have a husband?”

“No, and no boyfriend. No men in my life right now, except for you.”

“Well, that’s good to know.”

“Why? Because you don’t have to worry about an angry husband coming after you? Or because you want to come over and fuck me again?”


We both laughed and then we embraced and kissed for a bit. I thought I would take this getting-to-know-you session to find out about the potential of fucking Madison regularly.

I thought getting her mind back on sex would get her in the mood to go for another round.

“So tell me,” I asked, “what do you like best when it comes to fucking?”

The candidness of answer her and her frankness about sex still amazes me to this day. Her answer would be the second best moment of my life.

“Anal sex,” Madison said, without a second of hesitation .

Her tone became very serious. She explained that she felt the act of sex was serious and sacred in a strangely bohemian way; not in any traditional sense but rather that “pleasure” and “desire” should be followed up and fulfilled; the “if it feels good, do it” philosophy with a Zen seriousness to it. “I love it,” she explained. “Don’t get me wrong, I love vaginal sex, but anal feels so different, in a good way.”

Having always kept my fetish for anal sex a secret, this was a ground-breaking moment!

Thrilled to think that this was possible!

Able to finally tell someone my dark secret desire!

That new emotion I found that night!

The gratifying shame followed by feeling so free!

I was just beyond happy and shocked. Madison was a sexual soul mate of the rarest kind.

“It’s mine, too!” I nervously blurted out.

I went on to tell Madison about my fetish and my love for women’s bottoms and my fascination with all things anal. She seemed as happy about my revelation as I was about hers. I could see the excitement grow even though she was speaking in what was to me a professional manner.

“However, this was your first time?” She seemed to be forcing me to be truthful. She knew that hers was the first anus I had ever penetrated . Bravado and a false macho “been there done that” approach would not go over well with her. This further showed that her belief system about sex was sacred and important to her and not to be lied about.

“Yes, fingers in a few but never my … you know,” I surrendered, all of a sudden feeling shy.

“So what was her name?”

I was lost for a second.


“The girl.” She inquired with and impatient tone and look on her face. “The girl who broke your heart.

“Um, bursa escort bayan Kerry.”

“You were too shy to ask Kerry, weren’t you?”

“No. I did.”

“. . .and did she refuse?”

“No, not at first.”

“Oh, so she backed out?”

“Yeah, something like that, but I got my fingertip in, and…” Shyness and fear had locked my lips.

“And what?” Madison probed.

“Um, my tongue … I ate out her bum… and I loved it,” I fought to admit, being totally truthful.

“So how did Kerry feel about you tongue there?”

“She let me. She kinda enjoyed it, I think.”

“Of course she did. Everyone likes getting their anus licked. Even you, if you gave it a chance.”

“Um, I don’t know,” I said, but I knew I was probably lying. She did, too, but she dropped the subject and moved on.

“Well, let me tell you, Lawrence, this Kerry sounds like a real ‘missionary position with the lights out’ prude.”

“Bingo!” I replied.

“Told ya I was good.”

I was amused by her desire to show off her skill of reading others.

“Well, anyway, getting back on point, there are several ways you can take me anally,” she said, her tone serious and almost businesslike.

“Tell me,” I said, trying to sound sexy.

“Well, from behind, doggie style, like we did. Or with me on top or in a variation of how we’re lying now.” We were “spooning” at the time. “Also, I could lay flat on my belly with my legs together.” Madison flipped onto her other side to face me. Her enormous breasts tantalizing me even more.

“We are not very conventional, you and I. Most women want nothing to do with butt fucking, and the same with most men.”

Her use of a more guttural phrase, “butt fucking,” instead of the more clinical way of referring to it alerted me that she was getting hot and bothered and ready to fuck. If that weren’t enough, while she was lying on her left side facing me, she placed her right hand behind her back and from what I could see was reaching for her bottom.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m touching myself.”

I lifted myself up onto an elbow and craned my neck to get a better look. In a show of complete openness, Madison was shamelessly toying with her asshole. She leaned down and took my erect member in her mouth while continuing to add fingers into her own rectum.

With her free hand she took a firm grip of my penis, took it out of her mouth and said. “So where do you want to stick this?”

“Where do you think?”

Madison turned over and lay on her back spread eagled, four of her fingers still stretching her rear with her legs far apart as they would go, displaying her wet cunt for me. With one hand she started to finger her twat. Then taking her other hand out of her anus, she again aggressively grabbed my rock-hard cock and pulled me toward her, forcibly shoving me into her nether hole.

“So, I guess we are going to forgo your pussy this time,” I whispered.

“You learn quick. Now, take my ass this way, so I can see your face when you feel yourself in me.”

At her instruction, I lubed my dick with plenty of K-Y Jelly. I mounted her and buried it in deep in her welcoming backdoor, missionary style. With one hand, she continued to masturbate. With the other, she clutched my lower hip, pulling me into her, helping me to drive my tool harder into her round, creamy ass cheeks.

She was staring at me with those sexy eyes and biting her lower lip again. Ohhhh, God, I love this!” she proclaimed as I drilled her tight butt hole hard and slow as she had taught me.

Madison’s tits bounced and undulated as I fucked her.

Some of the men spanked or smacked the hind quarters of their sex partners in those precious few porno films I’d had the pleasure of viewing in the past. I didn’t know why, but it always spurred me, so with an uncoordinated hand I attempted to spank her bottom lightly to see what would happen. When I did this, my humping momentum caused me to land a harder slap on her buttocks than I had intended. I braced myself for an impending onslaught of displeasure but, in its stead, her surprised yelp was one of pleasure.

I thought I’d try pushing my luck, so spanked her again. Another sigh of approval left her mouth. The spanking must have done something, because her masturbation sped up as did her breathing and moaning.

I was about to be educated even more by what followed.

Madison’s cunt had grown very loose and very wet. I knew this because she was getting most of her hand up in it and because of the sloshing sound it made and the more prevalent smell of pussy in the air. As I began to feel her rectum tighten and spasm around my prick, a clear liquid squirted out of her pink snatch, through her fingers and onto my lower belly just below my navel.

I was not aware that women could externally ejaculate.

Her sloppy wet cunt soaked my pubic area, and the wetness was now all over my lower stomach, cock and balls. She rather loudly announced, screamed, really, that she was “coming so fucking escort bursa hard!!” I kept on plowing her bunghole throughout her hair-raising climax. Her body shook violently and convulsed for at least twenty seconds.

When it was over, Madison seemed to slip into her own world. She tried to regain her composure and moments later she opened her eyes. In her soft, sexy tone she asked, “Mmmmmm, do you like my ass?”

“Oh, ye ye yeah uh hhh!” was all I could manage from within the deep throes of extended ecstasy. Having already fired off a round of cream earlier, my stamina had improved, but the sensation was as good if not better than the first time due to the tightness and spasming of the ring of ecstasy surrounding my stiff prick.

Madison placed her hands on my chest softly rubbing and brushing it.

“I want you to come now,” Her tone implying that she was being unselfish, wanting me to experience another joyful explosion, not because she was done with me. I genuinely felt she wanted to just return a favor of pleasure.

When she sensed that I was close, she asked me, “Do you want to fill my butt again or come on my tits?”

This question hit me like a hard tight fuck stroke, making the choice for me.

“Mmmm! Option A! Just what I wanted you to choose!” she seductively hissed, as she felt me discharge my seminal ordinance into her tush.

I lay next to her, embracing her and feeling on top of the world and hoping this wouldn’t be just a dream. We both drifted off into a deep sleep.

After what felt like just a minute of two, the sun tapped me on the head. My body clock was used to getting up and going to the gym, and no matter when I lay down to sleep I would awaken around 7:00 a.m. every day. That’s like the middle of the night for a person in the restaurant business. Madison was a light sleeper and was stirred by my rising.

She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and came face to face with my morning erection.

“Wow, that thing is always ready to go!”

“It happens every morning. It just means I have to pee. It’s not ‘that kind’ of erection,” I said, still groggy and missing the joke.

“I know. You’re not the first man I’ve seen in the morning,” she said with a smile.

“I had a great night. Thank you so much for inviting me over.”

“Well, thank you for coming over.”

Madison offered to make coffee and some breakfast. I had to decline because I had a busy day ahead with the restaurant opening earlier, at noon instead of 4:00 p.m. because it was Sunday. I also wanted to hit the gym and shower before work. I found my clothes. Madison found her way into a sexy green silk robe that barely went past the top of her legs. We exchanged phone numbers and kissed our goodbyes.

As I walked down the stairs to the street level, I felt my empty scrotum sticking to my thighs with the remnants of K-Y Jelly and pussy juice still clinging to me. I was tired and felt like my lower half had taken a severe workout.

When I opened the front door and walked down the stoop, the fresh, early June air helped me shake off what was left of my grogginess. The air was filled with the smell of bread baking, a wonderfully familiar smell of the old neighborhood. There was an Italian bakery on every corner.

I wondered how long that would last as natives were finding it harder and harder to live here.

The “new people” like Madison found our little ghetto to be “charming” and wanted to live here. These new people were driving up the rents and buying up the buildings. The “old neighborhood,” as we natives called it, was a predominantly Italian-American area. People like myself, who were born here, were either working class or poor. Our natural hospitality towards these new people made them feel adopted and part of our community.

Our little old Italian ladies would cook their elaborate dinners and share them with the nice Americano boys who were renting the top floor flats. The next thing you knew, there were more and more of them ’til we, the natives, were squeezed out to the suburbs or the slums.

The very thing that made living here attractive was disappearing fast: Its warm and friendly residents. And its ideal location was also leading to its demise, slowly turning our community in to a village for the wealthy and a haven for yuppies.

I was pulled from my thoughts by the vision of a female form jogging in my direction.

She looked good, real good from this distance, whoever she was. As she got closer, I realized it was Gemma, out for her morning jog. Her shapely athletic body was hugged by a skintight spandex running outfit. She looked amazing with her pretty face flushed with exertion and the sun shining on her.

Then a voice inside me said, “How dare you think of her in that inappropriate way!” I hated myself for a half second for it, since she was a good friend and my boss.

“You naughty, naughty man, you!” Gemma said as she approached.

“What?” I feigned ignorance.

“You know what I mean.”

“No, what do you mean?”

“You know I will not allow you to go home with my customers. It’s not good for business!”


“Don’t play dumb, Larry!”

“Look, its a beautiful morning and I’m out for a walk to get the Sunday paper.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32