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I want to thank MJ and JJ from The Fenlands for inspiring this story.

Part 5

“Did Clare tell you what I said when she called me by your name?” Evelyn asked as she nipped lightly at Jenny’s right earlobe while Clare continued to lick her pussy slit.

The four of them lay on the huge bed in the master bedroom, with Charles off to one side in recovery mode idly stroking his limp cock. Evelyn cuddled close to Jenny while keeping one eye on her daughter eagerly licking Jenny’s pussy.

“Yes, I remember,” Jenny moaned lowly, pressing Clare’s face into her cunt as another orgasm welled up deep inside her.

“Well, will you do it?” Evelyn continued before ramming her tongue into Jenny’s right ear. “It makes me so hot thinking about it, especially after a little sample of your pussy. I know you’ll taste so different than Clare’s cunt with her father’s cum oozing out of her.”

“Sure, if you think he can get hard and shoot another load of cum again,” Jenny replied, turning her head to take Evelyn’s tongue in her mouth just as another orgasm wracked her body and she soaked Clare’s face one more time with her pussy juices.

“One thing I…we both actually…so love about Charles. He’s almost as good as a fourteen year old boy when it comes to getting hard and shooting lots of cum over and over and over,” Evelyn laughed when Jenny slumped back on the bed. “You just lay back and get ready while Clare and I suck him hard again…for you.”

For a few moments, Jenny lay still, her eyes closed and her mind drifting as the aftershocks of her latest orgasms slowly faded away…

…Both Clare and Evelyn had gone down on her, licking, sucking and fingering her until she was ready to pass out. In between, she eagerly licked Evelyn’s pussy and sucked her clit, one as big and sensitive as her daughter’s.

She had watched Charles fuck his daughter again, from behind that time, with Clare’s tits flopping around wildly as she groaned her orgasms. Then Jenny fingered herself while Evelyn enthusiastically licked her husband’s spent semen from their daughter’s oozing pussy slit.

Jenny realized she was being allowed to witness some of the ways Clare, her mother and her father sexually pleased and satisfied each other. The idea of an incestuous relationship was one thing but seeing them actually in the act, with no regard to, or concern about, her presence, led to an entirely different level of arousal for Jenny…

A low moan brought her attention back to the present off to her left side. Charles lay on his back with Clare on one side and Evelyn on the other. The two of them were licking and sucking his cock and balls in tandem, taking turns as his cock hardened and disappeared down their throats. Evelyn had two fingers deep in his ass, obviously reaching his prostate as he moaned again.

“He’s almost ready, so get on your hands and knees,” Evelyn instructed Jenny as she removed Charles’ cock from her mouth, a string of his precum stretching from the head to her lips. “He’ll go deeper inside you that way and besides, I want to be underneath getting a close up look and sucking your clit while he fucks you and cums inside you.”

Jenny was practically in a daze as she positioned herself. Evelyn slid under her, lifting her head up to lick the gaping gash of Jenny’s waiting cunt. Jenny looked down to see Clare crawl up between her mother’s legs and start licking her again while sliding a couple of fingers in and out of her.

Charles got up behind Jenny, putting one hand on her hip while holding his thick dick in the other and rubbing it up and down in her wet slit. After three times, he positioned the throbbing tip of his cock at the entry to her cunt and slowly pressed forward until the first inch or so of his mushroom head breached her throbbing hole.

Jenny knew he was thick but was surprised the way he stretched her. He stopped when she flinched, giving her all the time she needed to adapt to the full girth of his dick. When Jenny pressed her hips up slightly, Charles took that as her signal to continue. Surprisingly gently, he pushed forward, his cock spreading and stretching her cunt canal until his balls slapped against Evelyn’s forehead.

For a moment, he just held in place there, not moving as Jenny adjusted to his size and he enjoyed the warm tightness of her sopping wet canal. Then, ever so slowly he slid out of her until just the very tip of his uncut cock held the entry to her pussy open. Jenny moaned and twitched feeling Evelyn’s tongue brush across the spread edges of her cunt opening knowing she was also licking her husband’s cock that glistened with her own pussy juices.

A few seconds later, Charles gently pushed his rigid shaft back into her until he was again completely buried in Jenny’s pussy. This time he didn’t stop, pulling himself out of her quicker and ramming back into her harder and faster. Each time, the edges of his mushroom head scrapped across her g-spot. When he momentarily stopped illegal bahis deep in her cunt, she could feel the thick vein running the length of his dick pulsing against her canal walls.

From between Evelyn’s legs, Clare looked up at Jenny and smiled, lifting her head long enough to mouth a couple of words…

“Fuck him…fuck my Daddy…Ma’am!”

…then Clare gave Jenny a sloppy salute and went back to sucking her mother’s huge clit.

Jenny could feel a massive orgasm building deep inside her cunt. The combination of Charles slamming his cock in and out of her pussy and Evelyn sucking her clit was driving her completely over the edge. Her thighs began to quiver as her back arched and she let out a loud shriek. That in turn drove Charles to slam his cock into her even harder and faster.

The smoldering fire deep in her cunt exploded into a raging conflagration. She bucked and writhed uncontrollably, never even considering how Charles managed to hang on let alone keep his thick cock inside her. As the first wave ebbed away, Charles grunted loudly and held himself still as deep in her as he could manage.

A second even stronger orgasm surged though her cunt when she felt his warm creamy cum erupt deep inside her. Some of it mixed with her juices formed a frothy mix around his cock and the tingling edges of her pussy hole. Those sensations were magnified by Evelyn’s tongue on both her clit and Charles’ dick. Evelyn even tried to plunge the tip of her tongue inside Jenny’s cunt along with her husband’s cock.

After cumming so hard, Jenny rolled to the side to lay gasping for breath watching Evelyn writhe and shriek on Clare’s face. Evelyn pulled the rings piercing her nipples so hard Jenny thought she might tear them right through the flesh.

When her mother finally slumped back, Clare looked up from between her legs with a wicked smile, her cheeks and lips glistening with Evelyn’s pussy juices and her own spittle. She crawled over to ram her sticky tongue into Jenny’s mouth, sharing her mother’s pussy juices, while Evelyn slid down between Jenny’s legs to eagerly lick and suck her husband’s cum from her dripping pussy.

At that point, they all needed a break. Evelyn led them into the large walk-in shower that could easily fit an additional four people. While she and Jenny stood still, Clare and Charles thoroughly washed them. Then they stood to the side in the seemingly unending warm shower water as Clare washed her father. In the process, she got him hard yet again and dutifully sucked his throbbing cock until he shot yet another load of his cum down her throat before washing herself and jerking off her huge clit to another squirting orgasm for their viewing pleasure.

Jenny didn’t argue about sharing the huge bed in the master bedroom with the three of them. She was asleep almost before her head hit the soft pillow, with Clare’s hand resting between her legs and Evelyn cupping her left tit.

She heard the low moaning before she felt the bed gently bouncing as she blinked awake. It took Jenny a few seconds to remember she was naked in Clare’s parents’ bed…with the three of them.

To her right, Clare straddled her father’s waist, slowly bouncing up and down on his cock filling her pussy. Clare moaned lowly each time he was completely buried inside her, apparently reaching some particularly sensitive spot deep in her cunt.

At the same time, Evelyn sprawled across her husband’s face, thrusting her hips back and forth, dragging her gaping pussy lips across his mouth and nose. She leaned forward to kiss Clare passionately, with both of them furiously pulling at each others erect nipples.

Jenny just grinned back when Clare smiled and gave her a sloppy salute. She joined in by openly fingered herself to another orgasm.

Jenny awoke with bright sunlight streaming on to the bed. Charles lay on his back snoring lightly next to her, his morning hard on invitingly splayed across his belly. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee suggested to her the absent Evelyn and Clare were already in the kitchen.

Her eyes drifted back to Charles’ rigid cock. She wasn’t at all sure what the etiquette was for this situation. With everything they all did the night before, she couldn’t imagine Evelyn or Clare would have a problem if she sucked or fucked Charles again right then. Yet, they were not present and Jenny wasn’t sure that having sex with him in their absence would cause a problem.

She decided to play it safe and let the opportunity pass. Moreover, she really needed to piss. As she climbed off the bed, Charles reached out and grasped her arm.

“Where are you going?” he asked hoarsely, pulling her closer to him.

“I…I didn’t mean to wake you,” she replied, laying down next to him on her side, “I just need to pee very badly.”

“So they didn’t tell you about the rule then?” he chuckled, reaching over to tweak her right nipple in two fingers.

“Rule? What rule?” Jenny responded, her eyes locked illegal bahis siteleri on Charles’ dick and the droplet of precum bubbling from the tip.

“The last one in the bed with me in the morning gives me a wake up blow job,” he grinned, wrapping the fingers of his free hand around his cock and holding it straight up, “but since they didn’t tell you, I’ll give you the choice of where you want me to cum inside you the first time today…your mouth or your pussy.”

A bright smile spread across Jenny’s face even as she felt a familiar twitch deep inside her cunt. She reached over to fondle his balls before leaning in to give him a tongue lashing kiss. Then she straddled his hips and let him guide the head of his throbbing dick into the entry to her wet and welcoming cunt.

Her pussy was a little sore from all the activity since arriving, so she flinched slightly as the thick mushroom head of his hard dick stretched her entry again. That momentary discomfort passed swiftly as she allowed gravity to drag her down over his cock until her clit pressed against his pubic bone. Before raising herself back up to feel that shaft slide along the inside of her canal, she ground her cunt around the base of his dick.

Charles grinned slightly and pulled on her nipples, encouraging her to continue the grinding action. Jenny felt a strong orgasm beginning to build in her cunt. She closed her eyes and let her body drift away into the midst of the intensifying pleasure.

With a loud grunt, Charles began shooting his cum deep inside her. That was all the trigger she needed, releasing yet another body spanning climax. She rode his cock furiously until the last of that orgasm ebbed away and she collapsed on to his chest, his arms holding her close until both of their breathing returned to normal.

“Damn, I leave him alone for five minutes and he finds someone else to fuck,” Evelyn laughed as she stepped close to the bed and gave Jenny a playful slap on her ass.

“Where’s Clare?” Jenny asked as she rolled on to her back to face Evelyn.

“Went off to see Harry, said she had some business to take care of today with him,” Evelyn replied while climbing on the bed to hover over Jenny, “and since we have some time until she returns, I suggest we get down to some business of our own.”

With that, she leaned forward and rammed her tongue into Jenny’s mouth and two fingers into her warm sticky cunt. Charles joined in to make it a three way tongue lashing kiss, his fingers gently caressing Jenny’s clit as Evelyn massaged her g-spot. The resulting orgasm erupted from Jenny’s cunt in what seemed like only seconds.

By the time Jenny recovered, Evelyn was on her hands and knees with Charles vigorously fucking her from behind. Jenny squirmed underneath Evelyn so she could take that large clit in her mouth, sucking Evelyn as Charles filled her pussy with his creamy cum

They lay in the bed soaked with their sweat and pussy juices and semen until they regained enough of their senses to go into the shower together. When Jenny stopped at the commode to pee, Evelyn just laughed.

“Did you forget about last night?” she asked Jenny while motioning Charles to get on his back on the floor of the shower. “Not only can we piss all over him but he will use his tongue to wipe our filthy pussies.”

She squatted over Charles’ face and let loose a steady stream of warm piss that he eagerly swallowed. When she was done she stepped aside and gestured for Jenny to take her place.

As her piss flowed across Charles’ face, Jenny looked down to see him furiously jerking himself off. Before she even finished, his cum exploded across his belly followed almost immediately by his own piss shooting up his chest to almost hit his chin. Jenny realized he was way better than any fourteen year old boy she ever fucked.

The three of them spent the rest of the day around the house naked. Apparently Charles was responsible for the cooking and cleaning and other household chores, at least now that Clare was no longer living there. From time to time, Evelyn would call Charles over to lick her pussy or watch him fuck Jenny or just have him jerk off for both their viewing pleasure.

Sometime in mid afternoon, Clare returned, entering the house excitedly and stripping off her clothes at the door. She gave each of them a deep passionate kiss before settling on her knees in front of her mother.

“So how did it go with Harry?” Jenny asked, sipping a glass of wine.

“Very good, better than I expected,” Clare answered, looking back and forth from Jenny to her mother, “but he did surprise me.”

“How so?” Evelyn asked, reaching over to very deliberately rub her hand up the inside of Jenny’s left thigh until her little finger brushed against the outside edge of Jenny’s pussy lips.

For a moment, Clare just stared at her mother’s hand, licking her lips as her own nipples visibly stiffened. Jenny just smiled and spread her legs a little wider so Evelyn canlı bahis siteleri could drag her fingertip up through her puffy pink slit toward her distended clit.

“Come over here for a better look but no touching yourself,” Jenny instructed Clare with a devilish grin, spreading her knees wide enough for Clare to crawl between them, at the same time gaping her moist pussy lips even more for Evelyn’s fingertip. “You mother is very good at fingering my pussy…maybe you can learn something about becoming an even better cunt loving slut from her.”

Clare did as she was told, stopping when Jenny lightly touched her shoulders with the inside of her knees. From the way she squirmed and licked her lips, Jenny knew without even looking that Clare’s pussy was on fire and her juices seeping down her thighs.

“How did Harry surprise you?” Evelyn asked again while gently rubbing her own huge clit between her thumb and index finger of her free hand.

“He…he wants me…to run the shop…at the shore…permanently…when the shutdown is…over,” Clare stammered, her own arousal obviously growing trying to watch them both at the same time. “That would…mean moving…there…permanently too.”

For a few moments, neither Jenny or Evelyn said a word. Not being allowed to touch her tits or pussy, and unsure what to do with her hands, Clare squirmed with her eyes pleading for permission to relieve her growing arousal.

“All in all, I guess that’s a promotion,” Evelyn finally said softly, slowly brushing the tip of her huge clit with her thumb while holding it upright with two fingers, “I suppose you won’t need that apartment here any longer.”

“We can go by there tomorrow and get our clothes and other stuff,” Jenny suggested, pushing her hips forward just enough for Evelyn to slide a finger deep inside her wet entry. “Do you think Charles can arrange to move out the furniture until we need it?”

“No problem,” Evelyn murmured leaning over to take Jenny’s right nipple into her mouth while adding a second finger to her pussy.

“Oh, keep that up and you’ll get me to cum…again,” Jenny gasped, clamping the sides of her quivering knees on Clare’s head, keeping her from looking anywhere else but her mother’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

“That’s the idea,” Evelyn moaned adding yet another finger, “make my little girl watch the way you like to be fingered until you cum right in front of her.”

Jenny groaned as she began writhing on Evelyn’s hand, already too close to cumming to stop. She could feel Clare’s hot ragged breaths striking the inside of her thighs as her entry stretched with Evelyn adding a fourth finger to her pussy. She was too lost in the euphoria of her orgasm to hear Clare gasp and sputter when Jenny’s pussy erupted, flooding Clare’s face and dribbling down to her tits and pussy.

When Jenny slumped back, her legs relaxing to release Clare’s head, Evelyn spread her legs wide.

“Come lick Mommy’s pussy, you little slut,” she instructed Clare harshly, “and show Jenny what I like.”

Clare immediately complied, burying her face between her mother’s thighs to hungrily lick Evelyn’s dripping slit and suck her engorged clit. Jenny sat up so she could get a good look, arousal again building in her own cunt. As soon as Evelyn’s explosive orgasm passed, Clare sat back on her heels and turned to Jenny.

“Please…Ma’am…Mommy…may I cum…oh please…please,” she pleaded, the inside of her thighs already streaked with her pussy juices, “I need…to cum…so badly…oh please.”

“Not yet, you miserable fucking cum slut,” her mother responded, “there are a few more things you need to do for us before you can gratify yourself.”

With that, Evelyn called Charles from where he was doing something in the kitchen. As soon as he crawled in front of her, Evelyn had him rise and stand about three feet in front of Clare.

“Would you care to help me?” Evelyn smiled at Jenny before kneeling on one side of Charles and taking his half hard cock into her hand. “I think we need to make him cum all over his daughter’s face and the floor so she can lick it all up before we allow her to finger fuck herself to an orgasm.”

Jenny heard Clare moan lowly as she got on her knees next to Charles. Apparently Clare had something like this done to her before by her parents. Jenny reached up and cupped Charles’ balls, feeling him tense slightly with her touch. When she leaned in to lick the side of his cock, her tongue brushed over the tip of Evelyn’s. For the next few minutes, Jenny and Evelyn hungrily licked and sucked Charles’ cock and balls, their own tongues lashing each other repeatedly and sharing the precum that bubbled to the tip.

When Charles began to moan loudly with his thighs quivering, they knew he was close to cumming. Jenny pulled back, just continuing to squeeze his ball sac gently while Evelyn stroked his cock faster and faster. With one final groan, Charles’s cum erupted from his cock in five or six spurts.

The first struck Clare on her forehead before dripping down over her eyes to her cheeks and then falling to her tits where it joined the second. The remainder fell to the wood floor in an uneven line back to Charles’ feet.

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