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This is work in progress, 20 chapters are complete and will be submitted in four day intervals. It’s in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn’t find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone so if you’re just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter. Enjoy, please comment, and vote. Love those red ‘H’s.

Saturday Morning, October 6.

We both awoke at about the same time and departed to our separate bathrooms, by the time I got to the kitchen Katrina had the coffee ready and was bare legged, wearing flats, above the knee Bermuda shorts and a bra but no top and was starting a bowl of cereal.

“I liked waking up next to you this morning. Did you take my heels off?” she asked.

“Yes. I got up to go to the bathroom sometime around three, took them off then covered you.”

“That was sexy fun. I loved your hands all over me. I loved you in my mouth. Can we do it again? Soon?” she asked.

“Yes, of course.” I replied.

“Did I do alright with the blowjob?” she asked.

“Yes indeed, and I’m ready to practice whenever you are. Would you like me to do more with you?” I asked.

“Like?” she asked.

“Would you like me to use my tongue on soft body parts other than your breasts?” I asked.

“And my ass,” she added. “You mean on my pussy like Ashley does?”

“Yes,” I said

“Oh God yes!” she responded. “Just the thought of you doing that makes me wet!”

We talked a bit about today’s plans. She would come back here to get her clothes for the afternoon and meet me at Veronica’s. I was reminded to get the camera and to put it in the car as soon as she left.

She stepped to me with her arms out. I hugged her, kissed her, and caressed one of her bra covered breasts. “Feels good, Dad, wish I had the time to take it off. No, I wish we had time to go back to bed and play with our naked bodies.” She kissed me again and went to put on a top.

Katrina left and I carried the camera bag to the car thinking that my little girl had grown into being a gorgeous young lady. I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, went into the den to read the email traffic, and left to pick up Ashley for the Lexus errand.

Ashley met me at the door wearing short shorts, a halter top, nude pantyhose and low heeled slides. “Hi, Scott, like the hose?”

“I’ll assume that’s a rhetorical question. Ready?”

“Yes,” she said as she melted into me and deeply kissed me.

“Can casino oyna you leave the top up, I know you’re going to put your hand on my leg and I really don’t want to share that with everyone. Okay?”

I put Ashley in the car and by the time I got around to my side to get in she had turned in the seat, bent her left knee and raised her leg against the center console. As we started to drive I did put my hand on her firm inner thigh, and she did feel nice. “Like that don’t you. You can move it around, I like they way that feels,” She said.

“Yes, it feels nice Ashley, why do you like me to touch your leg?” I asked.

“We both like it.”

“Simple as that?” I asked

“Yes, I like your touch, it makes my pussy wet.” she said. She then wrapped her fingers around my wrist and pulled my hand closer to the edge of her shorts.

“Did you say the hot tub was being delivered this morning?”

“Yes, at eleven.”

“Will we be able to use it right away?” she asked.

“You’ll have to ask,” I said.

We talked some about the party for next Saturday, a bit about the ‘show’ this afternoon, and tomorrow’s softball tryouts. When we got to the airport I pulled into the proper parking structure and found the Lexus.

“You’re going to drive this one and I’ll drive the Lexus.”

“Mom is really going to like it, it’s very pretty,” said Ashley.

I walked around to let her out and she went around to the driver’s side of my car. Before getting in she kissed me lightly and said, “You’re so kind to us.”

I gave her a twenty to get her out of the structure and got in the Lexus and we drove out and home.

When we got back it was already ten-thirty. We went inside and she asked, “Coffee?”

“Sure,” I said and she went into the kitchen to fix a pot. I followed her and was looking out the sliding door to the deck when she came up behind me and rubbed her halter-clad breasts against my back.

“You feel nice, Ashley,” I said.

“Thanks, so do you. Turn around. Kiss me, Scott. Please.”

I did and she molded herself against me, her breasts pressed against me. I moved one hand to her ass and caressed one of her awesome ass cheeks, then raised the other hand to caress her bare back above the halter.

“You do like the way my ass feels don’t you?” she asked. She then turned around to lean her back against me and ground her ass into my cock. “Mmmm, feels nice.”

I brought my hands up to her breasts and lightly touched her hard nipples with my finger tips through her top.

“I’ll bet you wouldn’t mind if I untied this top, would you?” slot oyna she asked.

Before I could reply, she untied the cloth around her neck and let the fabric covering her breasts fall. “One for each hand.” she said as she put her hands over the backs of my hands and covered her bare breasts with my hands.

I caressed and gently squeezed her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers for a few minutes. She sighed and leaned her head back on my shoulder, raised her arms and put her hands on the back of my neck. “Enjoying?” she asked.

“Yes, your breasts, your ass, your whole body against me. Probably as much as you are,” I responded.

“Well, I know I like it a lot. I like it when you look at me too,” Ashley quietly sighed.

She dropped an arm and put her hand between us and gently wrapped her fingers around my cock, “I want to do something with this someday soon,” she said.

Before I could ask ‘do what’ the coffee was done, she lowered her other arm, stepped away from me still holding my dick, and said “Hot tub coming soon? Damn. Wrong thing cumming.”

She left her top down. We took our cups out to the umbrella table and sat in adjacent chairs. She turned enough to put both her ankles on my leg and as we talked I absently caressed her calves, she then kicked off her shoes and I rubbed her feet as well. My eyes were on her wonderful breasts most of the time.

“Mom has said you have good hands, I think so too.”

“Thanks, I enjoy touching my beautiful women.” I said.

“It shows,” she said as she moved a shoeless foot over the top of my obvious erection.

“Seems to be a constant state around the three of you,” I said.

As her gleaming eyes looked me into mine she stated, “Hmmm, you said you like touching ‘my beautiful women’. So I guess you see me as one of your women.”

Before I could explain myself we heard a truck pull in the driveway. Ashley stood, leaned over me, kissed the bulge in my shorts, pulled her top back up, tied it, and slipped her shoes back on. We went into the garage through the doors from the deck, opened the garage door and intercepted the tub guys as they were walking toward the front door.

They surveyed the route and Ashley’s legs and breasts, asked where the electrical outlet was, surveyed Ashley’s legs and breasts some more. Then they began untying the tub from the back of the truck while still surveying Ashley.

The route worked and in a half hour they had it positioned and ready to go. After fifteen minutes of instruction, and more ogling of Ashley, they were on their way.

“Eww, those canlı casino siteleri guys were gross, did you see the way they were leering at me

“Ashley, you shouldn’t be surprised, pantyhose and heels with short shorts and that halter top, what’d you expect?” I thought I should have said something to the men, to come to Ashley’s defense, but I hesitated. Now I wish I had done so.

“I guess you’re right, but eww.”

I ran a hose into the tub and began filling it. “This should be full by this afternoon and you and Katrina can probably use it tonight. You forgot to ask if it would be ready by then.”

“Eww, and have to talk to one of those creepy guys? I didn’t forget, you can figure it out,” she said.

“Veronica and I are going to my house after dinner.”

“To make love and to spend the night?”


“I’d like to spend the night in your bed sometime, maybe at the same time with Mom,” she said.

“I’d know I’d like that, Ashley, but what about Katrina?”

“How big is your bed? That could be real fun, couldn’t it?” she commented.

“Same size as your Mother’s,” I replied. “And it could be a lot of fun.”

“I wonder what they would have thought if this had been all that I had on?” she said as she pulled her shorts down and off. Now all she was wearing was a very tiny pair of panties under the sheer hose and her top.

“I’ll bet they’d still be here,” I said.

Ashley stepped toward me, put her arms around me, pulled herself close and kissed me. I put both hands on her ass and returned her kiss. I couldn’t help but squeeze and caress her ass through the hose. We embraced for five or ten minutes with Ashley occasionally reaching between us and squeezing my cock.

“You are quite the temptress, Ashley Bryce,” I said.

“So, is the bed thing a possibility?” she asked playfully.

“Anything is possible,” I teased. “But what would your Mother say?”

“‘Welcome. Let’s play, I imagine.”

“Why do you imagine that?” I asked.

“Because we’ve talked about how desirable you are and that it’s okay for me to share you. If you’re interested, that is,” she said.

“I’m very interested and I would love the experience of the three of you. I may have to go see my doctor though.” I said.

“Your heart?” asked Ashley.

“No, my dick. If I have to keep it up for three of you I’ll need to see about daily Cialis.” I said.

“Whoa, what fun that would be, you mean you would never be soft?”

“No, but I think I could have multiple erections in a short time span,” I said.

“You should call first thing Monday, huh?”

“Ashley, Ashley, you really are wanton, just like your Mom,” I said.

“That’s a wonderful complement. And she says I’m a good lover. So does Katrina. Want to find out? Soon?”

“I’m sure you are and yes,” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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