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This story contains small penis teasing, that’s why it’s in the fetish section. If SPH doesn’t interest you then move on to another story. Thanks.


It wasn’t like her at all. We’ve always had a good sex life, at least I thought so, but this was different than anything I’d experienced before. My wife simply seemed more sexual than she’s ever been. This was the eighth day in a row that she initiated sex, and not just a blasé, “hey you want to?” with a wink and a nod to the bedroom, as she had in the past.

For the past several days she has been more adventurous and aggressive than ever. Please don’t think I am complaining one bit – I am not, I am just saying it’s not our normal routine, and it seemed to come out of nowhere.

I love my wife and I think she’s beautiful. Angie and I have been married a bit over 10 years now, and even in her thirties I find her sexy as hell. And it’s not just me; I see how other men look at her. At just five feet tall, she doesn’t stand out in a crowd for her height. But with double D breasts on her petite 115-pound frame she’s hard not to notice. Waiters seem to be overly attentive when she eats out, And all the teen boys at the neighborhood pool suddenly need some extra time to get out of the pool when she shows up in her nearly see through white bathing suit. I’ve seen it on more than one occasion those boys doing there best to hide there erections as they were made to leave the water for “adult swim” at the end of every hour.

Angie is strikingly sexy, and I love touching her. When she’s just lounging around the house in her yoga pants and t-shirt, I have a hard time keeping my hands to myself. Just thinking about rubbing my hands over her thick firm ass gets me hard. When she stands at the sink doing the dishes, it’s rare that I don’t take advantage of her position. I start by giving her a gentle front to back hug, and then allow my hands to trace her body from her firm stomach to her hips, then up her sides cupping her generous breasts and slightly teasing her nipples. I love touching her like that. And while she usually, not always, responds favorably to my touch, she’s never seemed all that interested in sex.

Last Friday night we had sex, nothing spectacular, and nothing out of the norm, just sex. It’s almost always the same, we start off with a little caressing, a little licking, some kissing, and then after several minutes of me warming her up orally I moved into position. Gently, I placed the tip of my dick against her and slid slowly deep inside her. I rested there, just barely grinding my hips. I learned a long time ago that sex is more about grinding than rubbing.

“It’s more like making mashing potatoes than driving a nail.” A buddy of mine once told me.

He was right, and once I learned how to mash and grind my sex life drastically improved. And Angie, seems to enjoy it. And from time to time she might ask if I am in the mood, but she’s never been the one to just physically initiate any kind of sex.

After a few minutes of slowly grinding I was getting close to cumming, I’ve never had great stamina and always thought that the more we had sex the longer I’d last, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. I pulled out and went back to work with my mouth and fingers helping her get closer and buying me some more time.

I could hear her breathing increase and she started wiggling, fucking my tongue and rubbing herself deeper and harder on my face. I rolled over allowing her to ride me, giving her the freedom to move however she needed to in order to orgasm.

She quickly got in position and lowered herself taking me inside her without hesitation. Her eyes clinched tight, as she bit her lower lip. I love having her on top, I can nuzzle her breasts and quickly switch from groping them to messaging her ass, and gripping her hips pushing myself deeper inside her. She sat up on her knees, and I knew she was close. She reached down and with lightning speed buffed her engorged clit as she continued to swirl around on my pulsating penis.

“Fuck!” I grunted, I gripped her hips thrusting myself inside her. I convulsed as she rocked back and forth on my erupting dick. Still working her button, she tightened around my now spent, and deflating penis.

“Yes… Yes… Yes…” She muttered as she exploded in bliss, trembling and gripping her tits in her hands. As her pussy shuddered in orgasm my penis was spat out, limp, lifeless and useless. It was good. She laid down beside me catching her breath for a few minutes as I brushed my fingers over her hips and thighs.

This was pretty typical for us, sometimes I would finish her off with my mouth before mounting her, and other times we use a small vibrator to help her climax.

The next morning however, I woke up to Angie sucking my dick. Evidently she woke up and saw that I was erect and decided to give me a wonderful gift. Once she saw I was awake though she rolled over,

“Fuck me from behind” She said.

I quickly straddled her ass and slid my penis canlı bahis şirketleri in her wet pussy. She arched her back slightly giving me greater access to her hot opening, as I humped her from behind I played with her amazing butt, and moved my hands around her sides kneading her breasts, pressed against the mattress.

“Oh my god!” I breathed. Angie knew that I was losing control, and pulled the vibrator out of her drawer. She arched up a bit more and slid it down to her opening, playing with herself as a fucked her. I stopped moving, but I could feel the buzzing vibrator. She sat up even more so we were nearly doggie position; I began slowly gyrating inside her again. I felt her tense up and and then shuddered in orgasm as her cunt gripped and released my dick over and over in rapid succession, sending me over the top. I thrust deep inside her knocking her back down to her stomach; I fell with her as I came inside her hot embrace.

What I didn’t know then, was that was just the beginning of an eight-day fuck fest. Angie was relentless, taking me whenever she felt like it. We had sex twice on Sunday, then again Monday evening, Tuesday as soon as I got home from work, and then Wednesday morning she treated me to a soapy hand job in the shower and fucked me hard that evening, riding me the entire time. By that time I was lasting much longer, I had never had so much sex in one week. Thursday Angie attempted sex with me again just as I came home, I was hard but I just felt numb I figured it was from all the action, I just couldn’t feel much of her. I kept pumping away but It just wasn’t happening. That night though, I couldn’t stop her, she drew me a nice bubble bath and gently played with my dick as we bathed together. She patiently tickled and tugged at my dick till I shot my load.

Friday morning as we kissed goodbye she held me close,

“I love you so much” She said, with a level of passion and tenderness I hadn’t seen in a long time.

“I love you too baby. Are you okay?” I asked genuinely concerned

“Yes, I am fine. Do me favor though, don’t eat much today. I want to make you special meal this evening and don’t want you to ruin your appetite.” She playfully asked and broke into a sly smile.

“Okay, you don’t have to do…” I was saying when she pulled me in and kissed me deeply.

“I know I don’t have to do it, but I want to. So promise me you won’t eat much today.” She begged with her brown eyes looking into mine.

“I promise.” I smiled and left feeling like the luckiest man alive.

I stuck to my word; I had nothing for breakfast and ate only an apple and a granola bar the rest of the day. That evening I came home around 6:30 and was greater by one of the most amazing scents I’ve ever smelled. My mouth immediately began to water as the distinct flavor of steak and butter and garlic filled the air.

“Oh my gosh, that smells so good baby.” I bubbled, as I walked to the kitchen.

“I am almost done. Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I promised you I wouldn’t eat much, and I am starving.”

“Good, go put your things away and wash up. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” She lovingly insisted. About 10 minutes later she passed by me as she made her way to our room.

“Give me just a minute.” She smiled and closed the door behind her. A few minutes passed and she opened the door revealing she had changed clothes. She was now wearing my favorite dress of hers, a thin knee high floral print, the top lifted and supported her bust in a way that made her uncomfortable, but she always reminded me of an old pinup model when she wore it, and made her breasts look absolutely huge. I can only remember her wearing it twice before.

The first time was to a restaurant with some friends of ours; by the end of the night we had five different waiters attending to us, and my buddy James was in the doghouse with his wife for starring too much.

The second time she wore it was to her annual review at work. Not only did she get a glowing evaluation, but she also received a big raise.

“You ready.” She grinned playfully.

“Have a seat in the dinning room and I’ll bring it to you.” She directed.

She had gone through a lot of trouble to set the mood just right. We rarely used our formal dining room, but tonight the table was decorated like a nice restaurant, the lights were turned down low and three lit candles provided a warm flicker. At my place at the table was a glass of red wine, and a glass of ice water. Angie came through the door with two plates, she sat one down in front of me and my mouth watered again at just the smell.

“Baby. Did you make this yourself?” I asked complimenting her on an amazing first course. On my plate was a small steak about four inches long and about two inches wide, seared to perfection topped with a sampling of crabmeat with a garlic butter drizzled over the top.

“I hope you like it, it’s the first time I’ve tried anything this delicate.” She said with a hint of insecurity in her voice.

I canlı kaçak iddaa cut the steak and it was cooked perfectly, I took a bite and felt the juices from the meat and the butter sauce fuse together for an eruption of delight.

“Oh… my… god. This is incredible honey.”

I took my time eating it, and all the while I kept thinking, “if this is just the appetizer, what’s the main course going to be like.” A few bites later and it was gone. But it was by far he best steak I’ve ever had.

I looked over and Angie was just finishing hers off. I was still hungry, but didn’t want to seem unappreciative so I just waited for her to finish and bring the next course in her own time. Angie started talking about the appetizer and where she got the recipe, and so on. I was so proud of her for making it.

We kept talking and about five minutes later I just innocent asked,

“What’s the next course going to be?”

“Next course?” She responded.

“I am sorry. I thought this was just an appetizer.” I back tracked starting to feel like an ass.

“That was it. That’s all I made.” She offered seeming a bit hurt. “You liked it right?”

“Yes! Of course I liked it, honey that was amazing. I have never had a better steak, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“Are you not satisfied?” She asked.

“Satisfied? I am more than satisfied with what you made, it couldn’t have been any better.” I chirped trying to make things right.

“Then what’s wrong?” She asked,

“I… nothing was wrong… I am just still a little hungry.”

“So it wasn’t enough to satisfy you?” Angie asked, and at this point her question seemed a bit leading. I didn’t answer, but sat there trying to figure out what was going on. Angie moved her chair right next to me and took my arm in her hands.

“Would it be accurate to say, that while you loved the meal – everything about it was perfect and you would want to eat it again, that it just wasn’t enough to satisfy your appetite?” Angie asked with a look of desperation, her breasts heaving as she struggled to breathe.

“Yes, that’s fair to say. I loved it, and if you made it again I would love it. But I just wanted more of it.”

“Okay. That doesn’t hurt my feelings, I am so glad I was able to give that to you. But I don’t have any more. If I had more I’d give you all that you could eat. But I don’t.” She finished and looked down.

“Do you know what the definition of the word appetite is? ‘a natural desire to satisfy a bodily need.’ We all have appetites for things our bodies need. We get hungry and need to eat; it’s the body telling us what it needs. Your body is telling you that you need to eat more. It’s not your fault, you can’t control what your body needs.”

“Okay” I said, letting her know I was following her, but still unsure where all this was going.

“I…” she hesitated, “I have an appetite, my body needs something and it’s been trying to tell me what it is. This past week we’ve had a lot of sex, and I love having sex with you.” She paused to take a breath.

“Just like you loved the steak I made… I love having sex with you, and would never want that to stop, what you give to me is amazing and it’s so good.” She took my hand and held it to her chest near her heart.

“But.” She whispered solemnly, “I need something more.” She quivered as she said it.

“I thought that maybe just doing more frequently, would help. And I’ve loved the past week, you make me feel very good, and I love making you feel good too. But, I’ve realized that it’s not enough for me to have it more frequently. What I need is to be full, filled with more.”

“Babe, what are you saying exactly?” I muttered in fear.

“How big do you think the average penis is?” She asked bluntly.

“I don’t know, maybe six inches I guess.”

“That’s right, the average male penis is 5-6 inches.” Angie confirmed.

“How big do you think you are?” She asked and looked me in the eye begging for honesty.

“Maybe a bit under 6 inches, I guess.”

“I don’t think so, the other day while you were asleep I measured you. Do you remember Saturday morning? I was measuring you, and you woke up. I didn’t know what to do, so I just started sucking your dick, then when I turned over I tucked the tape measure under my pillow.”

“Is that what you were doing?” I asked.

“You’re right, it was under six inches, but do you want to know how big it was?” Angie didn’t give time to respond, “Close to 4 inches.” She paused to let it sink in. “4 inches long and 4 round.” She paused again.

“I love you” She said breaking the silence, “I love your penis, and love having sex with you and I don’t want that to stop, but my appetite isn’t satisfied. I need more.”

I heard everything she just said, but somehow I still asked her, “What are you saying?”

“I think I need sex with a bigger dick, one that will fill me and make me feel full and satisfied.” She blurted.

“But, I was asleep the other day. I couldn’t canlı kaçak bahis have been completely hard. I am sure it’s more than 4 inches.” I challenged.

“Honey, I’ve seen your penis hundreds of times, I’ve held it in my hand, my mouth and my pussy. I am pretty certain your just about 4 inches.” She countered.

“It can’t be!” I yelled, then grabbed Angie by the hand and forced her to the bedroom. “Where’s that tape measure?”

“In my nightstand.” She fearfully replied. I pulled out a cloth measuring tape, and handed it to Angie.

“I know I am not 4 inches.” I huffed pulling off my shirt and pulled down my pants and underwear. Angie sat on the bed facing me as I stood in front of my sexy, slutty wife, and began jerking it.

Grabbing her tits through her dress, I pumped my dick trying to make it harder and bigger. I pulled her breasts out of the top and sucked her nipples. Damn they looked massive like that. After several minutes I stepped away from her.

“Measure it now.” I insisted.

Angie took the measuring tape and placed the cold metal tab firmly against my dick pushing it into me and stretched the tape out. I clinched my butt and pushed as much blood as I could to my pecker.

“Read it.”

“Baby, I am so sorry…” Angie began to sob. I looked down and saw the tape measure. I was right, I wasn’t 4 inches, it wasn’t even 3 and a half inches.

“3 and 1/2” She finally responded, gracing me an extra ¼ inch. My heart ached and I felt faint. I sat down on the bed beside Angie who just kept looking at the tape measure.

“I want to show you something.” She said as she reached into her nightstand again. “I got these the other day.” She took out three life-like dildos. She handed the smallest one to me.

“This ones is 6 inches by 5 inches.” She said. Then without instruction I held it against my own, 3.5-inch dick.

“It’s so much bigger.” I said out loud.

“Now this one is 7 and a half by 5 and half inches.” She handed me the next one and I did the same with it.

“Do you see the difference?” She asked. “Can you feel the difference in your hand?”

“Yes.” My heart sank again.

“This last one is 10 by 6.” She hesitantly stated and then helped me up facing her again, and placed it right under my still hard dick.

“Jesus.” I gasped

“I know.” She comforted. “I have to confess, I haven’t been to work all week. Once I got these I just had to play with them. I didn’t want you to know about it, so I used some vacation time and I’ve tried all three of them this week while you’ve been at work. And this last one, the biggest one. It really felt great. It took some time to get used to the size, but as soon as I felt it in me, I just felt…”

“Satisfied.” I finished her sentence.

“Yes,” she sighed. “I wish it didn’t, I wish I was one of those girls that really believes size doesn’t matter, but it does, it does to me.”

I took the dong from her, and turned it around, my entire penis was only slightly bigger than the head.

“Is this why I couldn’t feel you on Thursday?”

“Yes” she admitted. “It took me all morning to work up to this one, and I just sat on it with it half way inside me, stretching me and filling me. When you came home I was afraid you would smell the sex in the air, so I just grabbed you quickly. You really couldn’t feel anything?” She asked.

“No. Not much at least.” I shuttered. She leaned in and took me in her mouth, resuscitating my dick, then leaned back on the bed and pulled her panties off under her dress.

“Try it now.” She commanded.

I reached down and felt she was wet and ready, I didn’t even try to be gentle, I just thrust deep inside her. She smiled and closed her eyes. I pumped ferociously, I felt as hard as I’ve ever been. And she noticed too.

“You feel so hard.” She encouraged. “And warm… I love feeling you on top of me.”

She yelped, squealed and panted as I plowed her over and again. I just kept going, working my hips in a circular motion while I continued to thrust in and out.

“JEEESus!” She cried out, “I love you… I love your LITTLE penis.” She screamed and clawed my back.


She looked me in the eye, “I love your tiny… small… 3 inch dick.” She smiled.

There was something so amazingly erotic to hear her talk like that. I felt the pressure immediately build in my balls and instantly I came hard, driving myself deeper inside her than I’d ever been. I was seeing stars, my vision blurred, and I kept thrusting inside her till my little guy was shriveled up.

Angie kissed my passionately on the lips, tears coming from her eyes, she was crying.

“I love you so very much, and I love every inch of your little dick, but I need to be satisfied.”

I rolled off of her and grabbed the 10-inch dong. I spat on my hand and rubbed the giant dick lubing it up for her. Then I rubbed the head around her swollen cunt, allowing my jizz and her juices to coat the cock.

I slowly penetrated her pussy, watching in awe and horror as her lips parted and opened wide taking the girth inside her. Her lips stretched and folded in as it entered, I pulled it back out slightly and saw how her lips gripped the cock; I could never do that to her with my penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32