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Originally submitted elsewhere as Yoko Hiko.



Enticing. So utterly enticing, the scent of flesh. Though it had been many centuries since he had caught the scent on his petrified nose, the demon of desire knew the scent much too well. How long he waited to revel in the scent of flesh on flesh, human sin. Oh yes, how he couldn’t wait.

Asmodaios, stuck in the bindings of stone forced upon him by one of the holiest of creatures– sickening in his eyes– began to boil internally. It would be one thing to be found by the curious humans that seemed to be losing their direction– oh, how he hated their stupidity and petty instinct– but another to be released from this ridiculous petrification. Ah, the consequences of sin…

The sweaty human, scent heady and intoxicating, was approaching close enough that the sealed demon could almost taste the salt on its skin. Soon enough, the demon could hear the sound of a single set of footsteps, followed by low muttering from a tenor voice. Male, apparently. Although beginning to lose interest– after all, the last and only human he loved before his stone grave was female– he listened to the stupid human’s utterances and complaints anyway. It was something to occupy his mind with other than the beetles and snakes at his feet.

“I can’t believe I fell into another damned crypt hole and got myself lost this time,” came a smooth voice. He sucked his teeth. “Useless chalk, disappearing as soon as I use you.” The man’s footsteps became louder and his voice became more audible as a light came into Asmodaios’ view. He caught one of the features of the human, only his tanned skin, as the demon’s senses were not at their full strength in his current state of entrapment. “Julia is going to kill me. Again,” the mortal continued as he made his way down the corridor.

Further approaching the dead-end the demon occupied, the mortal’s features became completely visible. Along with his tanned skin, the human possessed olive eyes that almost seemed to glimmer from the light of his artificial torch, surrounded by dark lashes, coppery tendrils with slightly darker roots that almost reached his shoulders; his mane was tied behind his neck with a headband around his crown to keep the shorter strands from falling into his eyes. He was muscular, built enough to know he was capable of taking care of himself should he find himself in a fight.

The human glanced at Asmodaios, his jeweled eyes catching the light of the torch. As he continued towards the chamber, he observed the walls and floors silently for several moments. The expression on his face made the demon smirk internally. “Why is there anything but glyphs here…?” He continued into the chamber, only then noticing the full stone figure of the demon. “Holy shit… There’s no way I’m in Egypt.”

Asmodaios smirked. Beautifully stupid human; I think I’ll play with you…


The college student awoke in the dirt, moving his shoulder as if it were sore. He opened his eyes, noticing the small beam of light above him. He then remembered how much of an idiot he was. “‘Rias,” he spoke to himself, slowly rising to his knees and then his feet. “You’re not fit for this field with your clumsy feet.” He reached for his belt, realizing his right arm was a bit sore. But he grabbed at nothing, the rope that was supposed to be on his utility belt certainly wasn’t there, but the torch was. “Great, time to wait for Julia and the rest to come find my big ass.” He shrugged, lighting the torch and removing a small piece of chalk from his pocket. At least he could explore in the meanwhile.

As he moved through the corridors, the student found nothing of interest. No glyphs or furniture, not even old, everyday pottery. Deciding to just wait back at his makeshift entrance, he looked at the wall he recently made a mark on at the beginning of a turn. Nothing. He let out an exasperated sigh, knowing now that not only was he stuck underground, slowly becoming dehydrated, he was now lost. He could remember a few lefts and rights, but the walls lacked anything noteworthy that could be used as a benchmark; he would undoubtedly become further lost.

The dyed redhead shook his head, turning around to move forward again. “No use in standing put. Maybe I’ll find something of interest deep inside.” He slowly continued down the halls, eventually reaching a long hall he couldn’t see the end of. The human continued to make marks on the walls as he muttered complaints, hoping they wouldn’t disappear as he progressed. As the coppery redhead observed the blank walls again, he realized the chalk disappeared as soon as he used it. He dropped the small piece of talc, mentally kicking himself for not realizing it was a waste sooner.

He caught the glint of jewels as he continued through the corridor to the chamber. He then noticed some writing on the wall. Those certainly were not glyphs; so much for being in Egypt. Practically gliding down illegal bahis the rest of the corridor to the chamber– he was really interested in knowing if he found something of worth other than words that could mean nothing to what was here– the redhead stopped short in his steps. In front of the man stood a tall, stone statue with an overpowering presence, possessing a pair of long horns that curved slightly back toward its head and demonic fangs. His hair reached the beginning of its serpent-like tail that lay lazily on the floor. It was definitely male, judging from the impressive length between its legs.

The mortal removed a soft brush from his utility belt, brushing away some of the debris and dust on the statue, careful not to touch the figure with his hands. The way the amber jewels caught the light, he couldn’t help but feel it was alive. “Such a silly thought. Azarias, you’re losing your head already and you haven’t even graduated yet.” The redhead chuckled at himself, swaying the brush over the statue’s horns quickly, moving down to its nose.

It would be much appreciated if you moved that item away from my nose.

Azarias flinched and dropped the brush and torch, slowly backing up after he heard the baritone voice without a source, his head looking to either side of him. Now he was hallucinating, too; he must be seriously dehydrated or something. The redhead sat down on the few steps he barely noticed he went up in the first place, leaning on one of the two columns at the top. “Hopefully, I don’t go insane before I’m dug out.” The sound of a snake moving nearby caused the redhead to nearly fly to the opposite side of the room. “Fuck… I’m going to give myself a heart attack.”

Worry not, mortal; all the creatures here are docile, but me.

Azarias found himself back at the columns, almost hiding behind one, his brows drawn together as he stared at the statue in disbelief. Well, if he wasn’t a donkey’s mother… “You? Seriously. A statue talking to me?”

I am no statue, boy. The voice spoke coolly, almost in a soothing manner. The redhead felt the voice internally, as if the words were coming from himself.

He felt himself begin to pant slightly, his heart beating in quicker succession. “This is ridiculous. I’m going to go get lost someplace– aaah…” He moaned as he swore he felt a hand groping the bulge in his jeans, but saw nothing. Wait, when did he get hard?

I believe I will play with you first. The doors to the chamber closed, much to the redhead’s dismay. The grasp on his erection began to tighten and the pressure of the rubbing increasing, causing his own grip to tighten on the column. “What the fuck… are you doing…?”

I’m teasing you, because it is the only thing I am capable of at the moment. Azarias found himself being pushed to the other side of the column by what felt like strong hands, but he knew was not. His back was pushed against the column, pressure on his shoulders forcing him onto his backside. His pants were suddenly pulled off hastily, his boots forced off and his hips pulled forward in the same movement. Let us make things a bit more interesting, shall we? The redhead felt his hands move towards his erection against his will, as if being moved like a puppet. The first touch made him shiver, as if it wasn’t a furnace in the chamber.

“Wha-what’re…? Aah….” He began to pant and moan as his hand slowly worked the head of his length, his thumb slowly sliding over the slit of the opening. His hand felt so foreign and so good… Too good… His hand slowly came to his mouth as invisible hands caressed his chest, agile fingers attaching themselves to sensitive nubs. Azarias moaned as he licked his palm and fingers, his now lubricated hand descending to stroke the full length of his cock, the thick vein on the underside pulsing. He heard a throaty laugh as he groaned loudly, his hips bucking into his controlled hand involuntarily. A finger from his free hand was jammed between his lips before the redhead could retort, automatically finding the urge to suck on it wantonly.

The invisible hands on the redhead’s chest pinched his nubs, forcing another throaty moan from his lips. His lubricated finger moved down to his puckered opening, slowly and forcefully caressing it in circles. The human beauty leaned his head back at the touch, his lids becoming heavy as he moaned loudly. “Don’t… Ah, don’t stop, please.” The hand on his cock sped up as the teasing fingers pulled at his nubs harshly.

I do not plan to; your scent is sweet and intoxicating… If I were not stone, I would have you until you saw oblivion. The demon chuckled as the redhead’s hips continued to buck spasmodically. Now come for me, mortal. With a few more hard strokes from his hand, Azarias was moaning his release, his seed spilling onto his hand and illegal bahis siteleri onto the statue’s feet and tail.

As he came down from his euphoric high and regained control of his limbs, he noticed the stone of the statue began to crumble. Beneath heavy lids, he saw deep violet, practically black skin appear beneath the crumbling stone, the tail suddenly flailing against the floor as the rest of the stone fell to the ground. The demon’s amber eyes glinted with lust as he stalked toward Azarias, the impressive length between supple and muscular thighs now fully erect, making the redhead feel his own cock put to shame. The coppery redhead shuffled to his feet, much like the snakes and beetles dispersed to their respective holes as the black demon moved. As he was pinned between the silver-haired demon– whom he observed was almost a head taller than him– and the stone column, the demon spoke with a smirk across his lips. “What magic do you hold within your seed?”

Azarias shuddered as the voice sent a spark of lust straight to his groin. “N-nothing. Who are you?”

The silver-haired demon practically purred in the poor student’s ear, sending shivers down his spine. “I am Asmodaios, if I must be named by mortals.”

“Uh, I’m Azarias,” the redhead spoke, causing the demon’s eyes to narrow slightly. He raised his hands between them, trying to push the taller man away from him and inadvertently rubbing his palms against the demon’s nubs. “Could you… Let me out now, Mr. Asmodaios, sir?” Azarias’ pulse was through the roof, for more than just feeling his life at risk, more than just being pinned to a column by a living, breathing demon. Asmodaios’ scrutinizing stare was making him hard again.

And they both noticed.

Asmodaios licked the rim of Azarias’ ear, practically purring again. “I said if I were not stone I would have you. And I will keep my word.”

Heavens, no.


What a wonderful gift to receive simply for an indirect handjob. If he simply needed human seed to become flesh again, he would have attempted to lure any old thing years ago. Though, he wasn’t complaining about the fine specimen before him. The redhead was attractive– tall for the demon’s tastes but attractive nonetheless– and his scent was simply indescribable, like a mix of savory and sweet that filled his senses to the brim and could make him harden. That is, if he didn’t already have an erection standing slightly above Azarias’ own. He wasn’t exactly screaming innocence either, which was a good thing; although, breaking in the innocent was usually an enjoyable event. Besides that, at least he wouldn’t break the coppery redhead as he took him. Maybe; but he would try not to be too rough.

Asmodaios licked the soft skin at the mortal’s neck as he placed his palm above his heart, eliciting a moan from the redhead’s lips. “There is no need to attempt to lie; we both know you are willing to receive as much as I am willing to give.” The demon began to suck on his neck, Azarias hands moving from Asmodaios’ chest to his upper arms, leaning his head back to give the black demon the access he wished for, his retort being lost on his tongue. Asmodaios moved his head lower, nipping at the redhead’s collarbone as a suddenly extended talon ripped open his shirt swiftly and with ease; Azarias’ skin was delectable, the taste causing a soft moan of contentedness to leave the demon’s lips. As his tail began to caress the smaller man’s leg, he shook deliciously, his grasp tightening on the arms beneath his hands. “You like the caress of my tail, do you not,” he purred into the mortal’s ear before nibbling on it. The serpent-like tail was raised to the smaller man’s backside and spine, the smaller man arching into the silver-haired man.

Suddenly, Azarias wrapped his legs around the taller man’s waist, wantonly rubbing his own arousal against the other man’s abdomen, his arms now around the demon’s neck and his breath not far from his neck. “Please… No more… Just fuck me already.” His wet tongue slowly ran up the side of the silver-haired man’s neck, straight to his ear where he nibbled on relentlessly, the taller man shuddering slightly. There’s a first time for everything, it seems.

“I fully intend to. As much as I wish to force my way into you, I will not; it would be nothing but pain for you.” Asmodaios gently pulled off the smaller man’s limbs from around him, turning the redhead around to face the column. He nuzzled his cheek against the side of the redhead’s face, whispering and eliciting a shivering moan from him. “I do not destroy desires; I manipulate and exploit them.” The demon lightly traced the tip of his tongue along the wrists of the man beneath him, silk ties appearing in complicated knots around the flesh and the column. Azarias yanked at them before the black demon spoke soothingly in his ear. “So you do not fall from the pleasure that precedes you beneath me.”

The human moaned, rubbing canlı bahis siteleri the cleft of his ass against the taller man’s throbbing length. And to think, the young man was no longer under any spell of his after his release. The older man chuckled as he licked slowly down his spine, stopping at the cleft of the redhead’s ass. He nipped at both firm mounds before squeezing them apart and setting his tongue firmly through the tight muscle. The redhead’s legs shook, his mouth agape in a silent scream of pleasure; his body began to slide down the column, the ties at Azarias’ wrists keeping him standing as his back arched and his ass jerked backwards, forcing the demon’s tongue deeper inside. He began to grind his hips into the demon behind him, Asmodaios responding by nipping and sucking at the outer ring, hitting the smaller man’s prostate as his demonic tongue re-entered the portal.

The redhead refrained from rubbing his groin against the column as Asmodaios replaced his slithering tongue with a finger rather hastily. To his amusement, his finger was sucked in easily with a quiet moan. He entered two more, the man beneath him almost as relaxed as he expected. The taller man slowly worked his fingers in and out of the redhead’s entrance, standing to plaster his chest against the spine in front of him. He sucked profusely at the redhead’s neck as he leaned his head back and to the side, moaning shakily and forcing his hips back. “Please…” Azarias pulled his arms again, shivering slightly as he did.

The knots on his wrists disappeared and the redhead slumped down a bit. In a moment’s time, the taller man had the redhead in his lap, slowly lowering the man on his lubricated cock with a quiet hiss. The smaller man’s head fell back on to Asmodaios’ shoulder as he let out a small grunt of displeasure. The demon knew he was quite large, in length and girth, but the mortal would adjust—he had no choice, after all. The demon continued to slowly push into the redhead he held captive, until he was completely buried inside Azarias, the redhead sitting on Asmodaios’ lap. He breathed heavily but calmly, unlike Azarias, who was panting almost hysterically, holding back a loud moan. Asmodaios chuckled against the skin by his lips, sucking on the redhead’s neck as he thrust his hips up gently. It only amused him more to hear the smaller man let out a long moan. “Oohh,” Azarias panted as his legs were lifted and the demon continued to thrust into him, forming a normal rhythm.

Asmodaios held back a moan of his own as the mortal clenched tightly around him, the head of his cock hitting the smaller man’s prostate with each deep thrust. As Azarias began to plead uselessly, the redhead caught the demon’s lips passionately, both pairs of eyes catching the other with a glint of lust. Azarias attempted to gain dominance over his mouth as their tongues twined with each other, turning to submissive goo as the silver-haired man grasped onto his length and slowly worked his fist up and down. The demon purred into the kiss as he was clenched tightly upon inside Azarias again, speeding up his thrusts significantly. The smaller man moved lips from Asmodaios’, panting. “H-harder…. Ah- fuck me harder!”

Asmodaios smirked; he was never one to leave a lustful plea unfulfilled. He dropped the redhead’s legs and shoved him onto his hands and knees not-so-gently, reinserting his erection into the redhead’s portal with a single, heavy thrust as he grabbed the firm hips in front of him. Azarias groaned in pleasure as Asmodaios continued his onslaught of hard thrusting, the mortal’s upper body falling to the ground as he bucked his hips in counter rhythm. Asmodaios growled as his hips moved like a jackhammer into the man beneath him. With several more bucks of his hips, the redhead was screaming his release again, hips moving with spasms beneath the demon’s grasp. He growled almost possessively—or was it?—as he flipped the smaller man on to his back, sucking hard on the erupting cock and swallowing every drop of seed.

“Uh-nnn,” Azarias groaned as Asmodaios continued to suck on his flaccid length as if he were trying to suck the mortal’s brain out from his cock. While an interesting though, it would serve this demon no use. Asmodaios slowly ran his mouth back up from the base of Azarias’ manhood as the redhead began to harden again and moved his silver head from Azarias’ confused grasp. It seemed the smaller man couldn’t decide whether to keep the silver-haired demon’s head down or attempt to pull him off.

While the petty mortal was still basking in the euphoric high from his second orgasm of the evening, Asmodaios turned Azarias onto his side, raising up the smaller man’s leg at the knee before forcefully ramming into him again; had he not been holding on to the mortal, he probably would have scrambled across the room like before. Asmodaios snickered as he listened to Azarias’ pleas again, thrusting against the smaller man’s prostate with every word. “Wait… Nnn, hold on…. Wait… Too much!” His hips bucked as Asmodaios licked a line from the nape of his neck to his earlobe, where he nibbled for several moments and returned down his neck to his rapid pulse, sucking and biting by his jugular.

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