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Double Penetration

“A” arrived promptly at 6:00PM last evening. A arrived in a Brooks Brothers suit and Allen Edmond perforated toe cap oxfords. I ordered him to strip immediately, and he obeyed. He hesitated at his Cavalli briefs, but the bulge beneath them needed relief. I pointed at them, and he obediently removed them, dropping them to the granite tiled floor. I walked toward him, slowly clicking my Charlotte Olympia 6″ stiletto heels on the tiles, as I walked. I paused when I came face to face with him. Filthy boy…

He stood there, with his bright blue eyes staring back at me. His perfectly trimmed chin straps, framing his Masculine jawline, and his juicy lips, parted slightly, revealing gleaming white teeth. His Collin Ferrel esque eyebrows were perfectly manicured, and parallel to his non-receding hairline.

He stood at attention, while I slowly ran my eyes down his strong chest, with his blonde hairs, freshly trimmed. They got darker toward his abs, which flexed impressively with every breath he took. A thick trail of dark hair began just above his naval, and thickened toward his bush of blonde and brown pubes, surrounding a glorious veiny dick. It hung magnificently with its thick shaft, and perfect head. The balls were ordinary balls, hidden behind the bush of pubes, but still vulnerable.

I walked around him, slowly, clicking my heels as I went. I took in the aroma of Gucci cologne, and antiperspirant. I usually prefer a dirty canvas, but this one was fresh from work. He had great shoulders, and biceps, with lightly blonde hair covered forearms, and knuckles. His back was muscular and smooth, and there was a winged tattoo in the middle of his shoulder blades. I didn’t care what it meant. Just a mere observation of this play thing, that had entered my apartment.

His back dipped in, with light hairs at his lower back, and upper ass. Strong, voluptuous cheeks jutted out, just begging to be spread, and explored. I cupped them with my hands, and pushed them up, dropping them back. Nice. I heard him gulp loudly, and I stepped forward, and spun to face him.

“What was THAT!?”

“Nothing Ms. G. I’m sorry.”

“Get on your hands and knees, you disgusting man.”

He obediently got down on all fours, and waited for further instruction. I stepped forward, and faced him. His head just between my chins.

“Kiss my feet.”

I used a soft, but stern tone. He leaned forward, and softly kissed the tops of my feet. Such soft lips.

“You may rise.”

He leaned back on his feet, and stood quickly, standing broadly before me. I glanced down, and saw that he had begun to get hard.

“Very good,”

I reached out, and patted him lightly on the lower abs. He got a little flushed in the face. Cute.

I turned and ordered bursa escort him to unzip my dress. He fumbled momentarily, but managed to unzip me all the way. My Lanvin leather dress fell heavily to the tiled floor. I swooped it to one side, and walked toward my lounge.

“You may follow”.

I walked to the sofa, and sat at the edge of the middle seat. He slowly approached me.


He stopped, and waited. His dick was completely hard, and throbbing in the soft light. I ordered him down on his knees.

“Come closer.”

He shuffled on his knees to me, until his dick was pointing straight at my pussy.

“Undress me.”

he leaned forward, grazing his dick against my inner knees, and undid the front clasp of my bra. My 40B breasts burst free, and my nipples were immediately erect. He stared at them for a moment, and then reached down to pull at my panties. My pussy was wet, but I payed no attention. He reached down to cup his hands under my thighs, in an attempt to raise me up. I arched my back and jutted my hips out, so he could easily remove my panties. He looked down, and stared at my wet, engorged lips. He gulped again, and I slapped his face.

“What did I tell you?”

“Yes Ms. G.”

“Good, now carry on.”

He slid my panties down, and lifted each foot, leaving me bare, and open to him.

“Now, eat my pussy.”

He leaned forward, obediently, and hungrily lapped at my wet lips, and tongued me immediately. He definitely knew what he was doing.

I tried to contain myself, and not touch his glossy hair, or play with his ears, and neck while he lapped away at me. I tried to keep my legs still, and not instinctively wrap them around his neck, to pull myself over his thick lips and amazing tongue. I opened my eyes, and watched him hungrily going at my pussy.

“Make me cum.”

He looked up at me, with my priceless juices smeared across his perfect face. He moved in, and began to tongue me aggressively. I came quickly, and exploded on his face. He was still tonguing me and licking at my lips, as I ordered him to stop.

“Sit back.”

He sat back, his arms at his sides, breathing deeply, expanding and retracting his magnificent hairy abs. I saw his dick throbbing freely, with what looked like a significant amount of pre cum oozing out of the head. I put my foot up, and placed the heel in his naval, lightly pushing at him.

“Lay back.”

He slowly leaned back, sliding his feet out in front of him, and laying flat on the tiled floor. I stood up, and dropped my bra to the floor, stepping over him. I pushed his legs apart with my feet, and ordered him to arch his back. He raised up, and I saw some pre cum ooze out of his throbbing dick, drooling up his abs, toward his bursa escort bayan chest. He just looked at me, without saying a word, or even breathing out loud.I turned and grabbed a large pillow from the sofa, and pushed it behind his back.

He relaxed, and lay back, with his ass up, and his shoulders against the floor. I stepped over him, and walked slowly to my room. I waited a few minutes, and emerged, carrying my box of toys. I slowly walked, clicking my heels loudly as I approached him. His dick was still hard, but was now lying off to one side, draped almost off his side. Magnificent.

I set the box on the cocktail table, and retrieved the lube and a small dildo. I knelt between his legs, and leaned forward, grazing his balls and dick with my breasts. I slowly slid them up his body, feeling his dick thump against my ribs a couple of times. I kissed his hairy chin, and nibbled at his neck, and down his chest.

I stopped just above his dick. I picked it up slowly, and placed just the head in my mouth, tasting his sweet and salty pre cum. He closed his eyes, and I sucked hard, pulling my hand up from his balls to my lips, oozing whatever precum was still in his shaft. Delicious.

I let his dick drop out of my mouth, and slap against his pre cum soaked abs. He opened his eyes and we made eye contact for a moment. I hesitated, and then squirted lube on his ass and balls. They were really hairy, as was his ass, but he was clean and trimmed. I ran my fingers down both sides of his taint and inner ass cheeks. He seemed uncomfortable, but this boy bitch was mine.

I slowly massaged his inner ass, and around his hole. I watched as his dick throbbed up and down, oozing out more pre cum.

I slowly put a finger in, and he closed his eyes and winced. I rubbed it around, and around, watching his face slowly relax. I slid another finger in, and repeated. I felt him loosen up, and after a couple of minutes, he was completely relaxed, and I had three fingers in him. I pulled them out, and grabbed the dildo. It has a latex sleeve, and is completely comfortable. I lubed it up, and placed the head against his hole.

He loosened his hole, and I felt the dildo head naturally enter him, smoothly. His eyes were wide open, and he was staring up at the ceiling. I inched it slowly in, watching his dick throb, and feeling his ass clench against the smooth skin of the dildo. I felt resistance, and knew I was at his prostate. I had almost all 8″ of the dildo inside of him. I twisted it at the base, and watched his dick ooze out pre cum in a steady stream. He was trying so hard not to make any noise, but I heard his breathing quicken, and little gasps escape.

“Shut up boy.”

“Yes, Ms. G.”

“Do you like this?”

“Yes, Ms. G.”

“You escort bursa don’t cum, until I tell you to cum, is that understood?”

“Yes, Ms. G.”

I continued twisting and turning the dildo, and then I pulled it out quickly, hearing a little squirt of juices, as his ass clamped shut. I got up and straddled him, sliding my pussy over his hard dick. I was so wet and thick, I almost came with him sliding into me. I rode him for a couple of minutes.

“Not yet. Not fucking yet.”


“Fuck what!? What did you say?”

“I’m sorry Ms. G. Sorry!”

I felt the familiar rise, and gushed my orgasm all over his dick, balls, and abs. I moaned loudly.

His mouth was gaping open, and his eyes were focused on my pussy. I slid off of him, and ordered him to stand up. He got up and I turned, and sat back on the sofa.

“You may cum.”

“Yes, Ms. G.”

I caught my breath, while this magnificent man masturbated himself to orgasm. He shot a thick load, all over my cocktail table, and even managed to get some on my shoes. I saw him hunched over, his body shuddering in relief.

“Stand up straight.”


He moaned and breathed loudly, still cumming.

“Ok, stop.”

He let go of his dick, as it spasmed on its own, little drops of cum falling freely. I watched his face, as he tried to keep from wincing. He was flushed, and sweaty, and I got a whiff of his scent. A musky, mannish, dirty, but stimulating scent. His perfect hair was matted to his forehead, and sweat was dripping from his face, down onto his perfect chest, and abs. I motioned for him to come closer, and he obeyed. He had a look of shame and relief, as he stood before me. I took his softening dick in my mouth, allowing the cum drops to coat my inner lips, and drip down the sides of my mouth. I stood up slowly, and leaned up to kiss him. He kissed back, and hesitated, as his cum entered his mouth. I wiped my lips all around his, making sure to get every drop on him.

“Lick it clean.”

He licked his lips, and mine, and I moved away, watching the disgusted look on his face. There he stood, sweaty, smelly, humiliated, with his own cum in his mouth. His dick was completely soft, and even smaller now, than it was when he first arrived at my door.

“You may leave.”

He looked stunned at first, and then softened his expression, and turned and walked away. His perfect ass, now sweaty, with the dark, matted hairs swirled all around his oily hole. He left moisture marks along the granite tiles, as he bent and slid on his briefs and pants, pulling his shirt on over his arms, and then his jacket. He quickly pulled his socks on, and laced up his oxfords. I watched as he tried to tuck his shirt in, and fix the collar. He turned slightly, and stopped himself, as he opened the door, and walked out.

I sat there, surrounded by the aroma of sex, cum, and my own lubrication. I think I wrecked that one. Damn.

Ms. G

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32