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Chapter 1 — Just Another Afternoon

Honest Jim sat at his desk, before him were splayed out a small mountain of papers. He had his head in his hands. The books were off. He had gone over his math a dozen times found dozens of errors but each time it was still off balance. After a few more minutes of intense study he slammed a big ham of a fist down on the table causing all the papers to jump. “I give up” he said to no one at all. Grabbing a cigarette from the pack in his shirt pocket Jim lit it up and propped his feet up on the table.

There was a football helmet on the cabinet over in the corner. He had played football way back in his youth. No one gave him all that much of a chance though as he was only 5’8″ Now he weighed about 230 pounds. Jim wasn’t fat though, he was stocky with big powerful arms and legs. On the top of his head was a disorganized mess of blond hair with a few grays mixed in here or there. He poked his stomach and sighed. He had a weight set downstairs that he used every day but …, he’d never be his 22 year old self again. Nope, in just a few weeks he’d turn 50. The big five-oh.

Getting out of his chair he wandered over to the window and looked down into the garage floor. Football had bought him the place. He wasn’t drafted by any pro teams but had managed to tryout and hang on throughout his first season. He only got on the field once. Early in the forth quarter late in the season he was sent out with the special teams to guard the punter. Unfortunately for him the other team was offsides giving his team a 1st down and that was his career. When the season ended he was cut. He took the money he made and bought this place. He had bought it from Honest John. John had given him a deal because he trusted him and hoped he’d live up to his integrity and Jim had. He’d fired about half of all the mechanics he’d hired due to shady business practices and people trusted him because of it. Business was good.

Down on the floor he watched his men work. Usually he’d be down there himself elbows deep into some old lady’s car but today was Monday and he was upstairs working on the paperwork. Sitting at the front door was his son James Junior. JJ, as they called him, looked a bit like Jim did back when he was young but the kid was way too skinny for a 25 years old. He was idly flipping through a magazine waiting for the next customer.

There was a sedan at the far wall with two pairs of legs sticking out from beneath it. One pair belonged to old Joe. Joe had been here when he bought the place. He stood about six and a half feet tall and had a head full hair of white hair. He was a hulking kind of guy but probably their most knowledgeable mechanic. Practically every one in town with a car made before 1950 came here to have Joe work on it. He had lost his wife about 10 years ago and had really thrown himself into his work since then. The other pair of legs belonged Michael. Mike was 18 and newly hired and Joe had taken him under his wing, trying to teach him all that he could. He was just as tall as Joe but with dark black skin and hair. Both were wearing their blue overalls though so he couldn’t tell one set of legs from the other.

Jack was pacing the floor with a phone in his hand talking animatedly. Jack was in his 30s and either twice or thrice divorced, he wasn’t exactly sure. He was a pretty average guy. Average size, average weight, average brown hair. Jack was a little too eager to please and Jim didn’t quite trust him but he knew air conditioners better then anyone else so he stayed.

Just under Jim’s window sat George. George was about 50 years old and was almost as big as Joe. He had been Jim’s first hire and now he was busying himself cleaning out an air pump. The old black man was one of the most gentle people he’d ever met. Never had a wife though, before he came to work for Jim he was a mechanic on the railroad. Of everyone there he was probably Jim’s best friend.

His last man was sweeping up. Things were always quiet on Monday and today was no different. Vincent was your stereotypical looking Italian. Tall, slender, swarthy and full of charm. Vince was about 36 years old with a wife and kid. Jim suspected he wasn’t exactly faithful to her but he figured it was Vince’s business. That was his crew.

A long piece of ash fell off the cigarette onto the window sill and Jim snuffed out the rest and went back to his desk. At the corner stood a few family photos. He took a sad look at his wife. She had died of a heroin overdose about 12 years ago. He was there with her and blamed himself for her death. Perhaps rightly so. Since then he’d been clean. Well, except for the tobacco but no drugs nor a drop of alcohol had passed his lips since then. Their kids had taken it hard. JJ had grown distant and began to get into trouble. He had dropped out of school and only gotten a GED at Jim’s insistence. Now it seemed he was just rolling along through life expecting to inherit this place. Not a great plan but Jim didn’t know what else to do with him. Nikki was very angry with him for the casino siteleri longest time. Since she started college she’d mellowed out a lot and things had returned to normal. She’s why he was slaving over the numbers. Even with her going to the university in town things were expensive and he wanted to make sure that she had all she need to graduate and get her business degree.

Although now he had learned of her closely kept secret and knew that she had other means to support herself and didn’t need his help anymore. Jim however had decided not to bring that up and intended to keep things as they were as long as she was happy. If she wanted to make her own mistakes then so be it. She’d be there soon to go over the books and correct all his errors as she had been for a few years now. Nikki would find them all as she always did. He always offered to pay her but she just took it as her good deed for her Dad.

Chapter 2 — An Unexpected Offer

Nikki pulled her car next to her dad’s garage and stepped out of it. She was dressed rather plainly but her beauty shown through. She had just thrown on a pair of blue jeans and an old t-shirt before she left for school that morning. A pair of tennis shoes, a scrunchy to hold her pony tail and a pair of fashionable sunglasses completed the arrangement. Nikki stood nearly six feet tall and was slender yet curvy. When she wanted to, she could wear shirts that made her C-cup breasts turn the head of every man and more then a few women as she walked down the street. Her features were dainty and feminine.

As she breezed into the garage she caught her reflection in a glass window leaning up against the wall, she looked good. It was her job to look good no matter what she wore. She called out to the men of the shop and flashed them her brilliant smile and revealed her blue eyes from behind the dark shades. They responded to her but in quite a different manner then the usual. Shrugging it off she walked up the metal steps to her father’s office and stepped into his office.

“Nikki!” he said pushing the books away from him. “I give up, she’s all yours.”

“Hey pop!” she said giving him a kiss on the cheek. She threw her backpack on the edge of the desk. “That’s what I’m here for. Well that and to see you. So, how’s work going.”

“A little slow. People don’t want to spend any money on their car with Christmas right around the corner.”

She sat in the extra chair and turned the books around. “Is that so?” she asked nonchalantly. Nikki took the pencil and began to scan his math. She made a scribble here and a scribble there. They chatted idly as she worked and 10 minutes later she closed it. “There you go. All square.”

“That’s my girl.” he beamed as he put the books in the side drawer of the desk. “So how’s school? Work? How the new place?”

“Well let’s see. Finals are coming up and I think I’ve got them all down. I’ve got my schedule for next semester and I get Tuesday and Thursday off so that’s great.” Nikki ticked off the last classes she’d be taking before graduation. “Working in the library is as boring as ever.” she lied. “Kara’s place is great. It’s only a few blocks from campus but in a quiet neighborhood. It’s a walk-up though, three flights so it’s a good workout. It’s just nice to be off campus. Fay was such a Jesus freak it’s nice to be living with Kara again, she’s just so nice and normal, ya know?”

Jim chuckled “I remember my roommate back when I was in college. He’d came from some place outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. I swear all he did was jerk off. It got so I was afraid to go in there. After that I wouldn’t mind someone a little fundamental.”

“Masturbation I can live with. Finding notes explaining why I’m going to hell I can do without. Kara and I had such a good time before. She showed me all the ropes in school. She knew people, got me into great parties and helped me to become fitter then I’ve ever been. Plus she was always able to help me study. She’s just such a good friend.”

“Well good for you. JJ and I are heading out to the batting cages this Saturday. Wanna come and hit a few out of the park? Maybe ride around in the go-karts afterwards?”

“Yeah sure. I was just going wash my car but she can wait. Alright, I have to rush home. I’ve got a paper due tomorrow I have to touch up. Maybe write 4 or 5 more pages. See ya Daddy.” She said kissing his cheek and floating out the door.

“Bye sweetie.” Jim said and followed her down the stairs and then made his way over to help George get the pump back together.

As Nikki was opening her car door Joe came trotting over to her with a small paper bag in his hand. “Ms. Nikki, can I talk to you for a second?” he queried. “If that’s alright.”

“Of course Joe. What is it?”

“Well the boys were … That is …” Joe began to blush and studied her car. “Would you … sign this?” and he passed her the bag.

Nikki felt a few butterflies in her stomach as it felt like a DVD in the bag and she knew what it had to be. She pulled it out carefully making sure slot oyna no one inside could see what it was. It was one of her latest DVDs and the first one that featured her on the cover. ‘Ruby Money’s First Gangbang’ and showed her squatting topless but with panties on and a dick in her mouth and one in each hand and nearly half a dozen others pointing at her. “Oh.”

“Yeah … I’m sorry but you look so pretty and …”

She softened a little as she saw how nervous he was and the actor within her took over. “Aw Joe, you like my videos huh?” and she patted his upper arm.

He scratched behind his ear and shrugged a bit. “Yeah. Vince gave that one to me.”

“He did, did he?” She took the permanent marker he had in his hand and signed it ‘To Big Joe with love, Ruby XOXOX’ and put it back in the bag. “Here you go.” Then a quick shadow crossed over her face. “My father doesn’t know, does he?”

“Well Vince …”

“He told! That fucker.”

“Don’t be mad at him Ms. Nikki. He was just trying to protect you.”

“Yeah right” she said sarcastically and she crossed her arms angrily. “Parading my video around the shop. Fuck!” and she heaved a huge sigh. “Well I gotta go Joe. I’ll see you next week.”

“Oh wait Miss.”

“What?” she asked tersely.

“Well the boys wanted me to ask you for something?”

“They want me to sign their videos too?” Nikki arched her eyebrows.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that what with Christmas coming your Pa has been closing off the books for the year and we’ve done a lot of cars lately and November was a pretty good month. You see…”

“Look I’m in a hurry, spit out.” she said impatiently.

“Well he gave us our bonuses and Vince had this idea that maybe we could do something together.”

“Do what?” she asked suspiciously.

“Do to us what you did to these guys” and he shook his paper wrapped treasure.

A flash of heat poured over her body “What?”

“We’ve got $5,000. Perhaps you could come over on Saturday when it’ll only be us here.” He studied the detail on her car’s hood carefully still avoiding eye contact. “For only an hour.” He stood there for a few seconds as her mind scrambled for a response. Then he turned towards the garage. “I’ll tell them you said no.”

As he neared the door she called out “Joe!” As he turned she continued “Let me think on it. I’ll let you know by Thursday.” Then without waiting to see what his reaction is she hopped in her car, started it up and backed out into the road. Joe just stood there watching her go.

Chapter 3: What to do?

“Five thousand dollars” she mouthed to herself as she relaxed on the couch at her new place. She really didn’t want to do what had been offered but that was a lot of money. It wasn’t the sex that was bothering her but the hooking. Not with strangers but with men she had known for years. It would be easier if they were strangers. Joe had been one of the first people to hold her after she was born. She’d played behind the garage with him thousands of times while growing up. It was weird but damn, the money was tempting.

When Kara came home a few minutes later with the Chinese take-out she promised she resolved to ask her advice. “Kara, I need your help. I know you don’t quite approve of what I do but … Well I’ve been offered $5,000 for just an hours work. Only this one isn’t something that I want to do.”

“Don’t do it.” Kara decided immediately. “You make enough from the normal stuff why do something you don’t want to do.”

“But it’s so much money.”

“Yeah, but money you don’t need. What do they want you to do in this video?”

“It’s … not a video?”

“Photo shoot?” Kara asked uncertainly?

“Not exactly.”

“So it’s just some guy paying you to fuck him?”

“Well … five guys.”

“An orgy? And you’re even considering this?”

“Well I know them and …”


“The guys at my Dad’s garage.”

“Ewww. Why are you even considering it?”

“Five thousand dollars” she said shaking her chopsticks at Kara. “Plus they’re nice guys. Well Joe is. And George. Mike seems nice too.”

“Oh dear Lord, you’ve decided. Haven’t you.”

Nikki looked a bit embarrassed. “So I make some old men happy and make some serious dough on the side. It’s nothing worse then anything else I’ve done.”

“If you say so.” Kara replied apprehensively and turned her attention to the TV.

“Oh don’t be like that.”

“Look, it’s your life. If you can live with it then I’ll accept it. Doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy about it but I certainly won’t crucify you for it.”

Nikki figured that was about the best she could have expected and together they watched their shows and ate their noodles.

Later that night as Kara was laying in bed in the darkness waiting for sleep when she heard Nikki talking through the wall.

“Hi Joe. I’ve thought about it and OK. I have one request though. Vince has to pay up an extra $500 for telling my Dad about what I do. And I’ll need it in cash before canlı casino siteleri hand, no IOU’s. OK, what time should I come over? One o’clock is fine. Alright. Make sure you’re all clean and dressed nicely. I do have standards you know. Make sure you have enough rubbers. OK, it’s a date. I’ll see you then.”

Kara shook her head but then briefly reflected on her actions not too long ago. Maybe she was being a bit of a hypocrite after what she’d done but she still thought what Nikki was doing was a mistake. Kara’s adventures in Europe however didn’t stir that same sense in her. Thinking about Europe though made her decide to give her fingers a little bit of an adventure before she fell asleep.

Chapter 4: Ruby comes alive

On Saturday when Nikki got up at 10am the house was already empty. Nikki had butterflies in her stomach and she ate only a small breakfast. When she emerged from the bathroom at 12:30 she was as slutted up as she had ever been. Her long blond hair was in pigtails coquettishly. Her make-up was applied with the knowledge of one who had spent literally days in front of a camera in the last 8 months. She wore no bra but a tight white button down shirt that she tied in front. Her cleavage was magnificent. Nikki slipped on a pair of white cotton panties and over them she wore short plaid skirt that only just barely hid from view the pure white mound from the eyes of anyone that might walk by her. A pair black thigh high stockings reached to mid thigh. At the end of her feet were a pair of shiny black high heeled platform shoes, with them she stood nearly 6’5″ but she rarely stood for long when she wore them. When she stepped out of the apartment and locked it she was fully Ruby Money.

At 1pm sharp she pulled next to the far side of the garage and parked her car. As soon as the engine died Ruby slipped on her shades and eased out of the car. Joe, Mike, George, Vince and Jack were all standing by the car door. Each was wearing a pear of slacks and a button down shirt. Their hair was neatly combed and they all seemed a bit nervous except for Vince. He slid on over to Ruby and offered her his arm. “Gentlemen” he informed them. “We have a lady present. Let’s show some manners. Right this way cutie.” and he led her into the darkness of the garage and the bay door shut behind them. They went to the back part where a mattress was laying on the floor and covered over with a blanket. It was lit only by a light hanging from the rafters above it, the rest of the garage was nearly pitch black in the middle of the day.

She let go of Vince’s arm and turned to face the five who now stood behind her. With an innocent smile she said “So boys, I hear you want a good time? I think you have something I need to make all your dreams come true.”

Joe stepped up and proffered her a huge roll of bills. “Here you go Ms. Nikki.”

“Call me Ruby.” she responded taking the roll. It seemed the right size so she slipped it into her tiny purse and placed it on a front seat sitting on a nearby bench. Then she moved over to Joe and placing her hand on his shoulder she lifted one leg off the ground like in the movies and began to kiss him. Instantly hands appeared to paw at her body. One of them quickly undid the knot in her shirt and slipped a hand under it to caress her now free breasts. There were hands on her ass, some coming from under neath and others moving in from the top. Then a hand lifted her skirt from the front and began to rub her bald pussy through the white panties. Joe didn’t do anything, he just seemed lost in the kiss, his hands resting carelessly on her hips. When she pulled away he muttered that she smelled like flowers.

“Aren’t you a naughty little schoolgirl” she heard Vince say from behind then he smacked her ass.

“Ooh!” and she pushed against Joe.

Joe put his hand on her face, “You’re so pretty.”

Ruby smiled brightly “Thank you.” Then taking a hold of his belt she pulled it from his pants and let it fall. She squatted down and as she undid his button and zipper she asked coyly “My, my. What do you have for me in here?” His pants fell to the floor and as she pulled down his pair of new briefs a massive cock popped out and brushed against her cheek. She grasped it firmly and gave it several strokes. “Wow! You oughta be in movies.” His dick was at least 9 inches long and real thick with a bush of gray hair at the base. Then holding him firmly she gently licked the tip looking straight into his eyes and this time he kept her gaze. She ran her tongue around the head and under the edge then up and down the shaft. Then Ruby the porn star took as much of his dick as her well trained mouth could take.

She reached out blindly and found two other pairs of pants standing beside her. Ruby motioned for them to take it out and shortly she was stroking two more cocks as she sucked on Joe’s massive dick. Someone was pulling up on her hips so she straightened her legs and quickly her skirt and panties were gone, slipped over her shoes and tossed carelessly aside but she continued to work the cocks in front of her occasionally sucking on the guys to her left and right. A warm and sure tongue pushed its way into her pussy from behind. She felt the hot air pouring out of the nostrils onto her sensitive bottom.

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