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A loving Aunt

“She’s your daughter for Christ sake Scott” Kaitlyn shouted down the phone,

“Don’t take the lords name in vein,” her brother replied in that brain washed way he spoke every time anyone dared to blaspheme.

“She’s done nothing wrong. She’s nineteen and an adult. Just because your fiction novel says something vague about homosexuality that’s more important than your own blood!?” Kaitlyn could feel her blood boil and silently curse his wife who turned her easy going brother to a fire and brimstone bible basher.

“I’m not having this fight with you again. Did you see the photos! She’s some vile pervert. I won’t stand for it under my roof,” he shouted back.

“All I see is your beautiful and creative daughter having fun with like minded people. She is not a nun and she’s not getting pregnant at sixteen.” Grinning at the childish dig and the silence from the other end of the line.

“Good job on slut shaming her by the way. Maybe I should tell everyone you and Dale not had any more kids is that since Kenzie was born you sleep in different bedrooms!” she screamed and slammed the phone down before he could reply.

She paused breathing deep, her neck veins visibly pulsing as anger flowed through her body. The sobs from her guest bedroom focused her mind and she rushed to comfort her nibbling.

With a soft knock she entered the spare room. Bedroom was a push as is housed a single bed and chest of drawers and that was a squeeze. Kenzie was curled in a small ball around a pillow. Her eyes red and puffy. Still wearing the latex school dress which caused the uproar to start with.

“Hi sweetie can I sit down,” Kaitlyn asked softly rubbing her bare leg.

“I am sorry Auntie Kait,” she girl muttered into the pillow.

“Don’t be stupid” she replied sitting down stroking the long dyed red hair. The girl turned around throwing her arms around her neck pushing close into her chest like she had done since she was small.

Kaitlyn hugged the girl squeezing her tight trying to ignore the tingling in her pussy as the stared down at her super hot niece squeezed into that short dress showing her legs and the odd peak of panties.

“I am horrible person,” she wailed her tears soaking through her aunts thin top. “I should just runaway.”

“Don’t talk that way or I will spank you” Kaitlyn tried to joke wincing of its bad taste.

“Like you know how to spank” Kenzie mumbled in reply.

“You might be surprised!”

Kenzie pulled up to look at her aunt. She was average height, blonde hair and with an athletic build from always being on the go rather than some mad exercise regime. Her eyes always had that mischievous tinkle and despite being niece and aunt there were only eight years apart in age.

“Don’t look so shocked young lady. I am not some old cat lady and it’s not the first time I have seen you in latex.”

Seconds ticked by as Kaitlyn shut her mouth her face red as Kenzie stared into her eyes, head cocked like a puzzled dog.

“I mean” the blonde stammered to backtrack but the girl wriggled free and dashed away.

“Kenzie come back,” she hurried after the girl worried she would runaway. Instead she was on her PC.

“Kenzie please don’t..” her words trailed off and heart lurched in her stomach as she watched picture after picture of her niece that was stored on her hard drive. None of which family member should see let alone keep.

“Kenzie I can explain. I saw your pic on a group and after that I followed to make sure you were ok and being safe.” Kaitlyn blurted out desperate to explain.

“Auntie it is ok” Kenzie turned to give her that evil mischievous grin. “But why keep all the sex ones?”

The blonde lady stood in stunned silence. Her body quivered in fear and something she never felt before.

“Also why the ones where I am the bottom? Not one where I was being the dominate one?” she pushed more.

Kaitlyn was not listening. The last failing strands telling her it was wrong were being snapped by the urges and fantasies held back for too long. Without a word she grabbed the little temptress by her hair and dragged her into her own bedroom.

“Oww that hurts. Let me go.” the girl moaned but she ignored her. She knew what the girl needed.

“Kenzie Adams” she said her voice firm like an old fashioned school madam.

“You should never go through your Aunts private stuff. if you are to live here there will be ground rules.”

“What!!” Kenzie replied her body trembling at the hopes of the depraved act that might follow.

Thoughts of all all the incest porn she read and masturbated too. “Do not, what me. Get over my knee young lady,” her voice trembling a little at the end betraying her need for the object of desire before her.

“Yes Auntie” the girl replied sweetly draping herself so the short skirt rose up showing the skimpy knickers she wore.

“My god girl. Is this what that bible thumping father taught you. Dressing like some common harlot.”

The mention of her rebellion made Kenzie shiver casino oyna in delight as she lay arching her back slightly to push the flimsy material taunt over her juicy backside. She opened her mouth to reply but sighed in disappointment as a gentle playful slap brushed her needy behind.

“Harder Auntie I been a bad girl” turning to smile in encouragement.

Kaitlyn was unsure what to do. One one hand she really wanted to make the girl squeal, but memories of playing with Kenzie as a child filled her with guilt. “I.. I cant” she whispered her pussy screaming in frustration. She leant back allowing the girl to slide off. Instead the girl lay there raising her bum scandalously higher. The see through material showing her smooth hairless flower pink and moist.

“Get off Kenzie”

“No I won’t we both need this”

“I said get off”

“Please please” the girl begged “We have always had this connection. I have always gone out my way to please you, let me do this for you too. I know you want to I can feel the heat and smell the beautiful aroma. Just one night! If doesn’t work its all my fault. I’ll change my ways and do anything you tell me. Please for one night let me be yours.”

“Kenzie” she tried to find the right words desperately ignoring the hunger to possess this beauty.

“Just one like when I broke the window.” the vulnerable girl pleaded.

The memory flooded back when Kenzie been throwing the ball for her dog. Despite multiple warnings she had hurled the ball straight through her window. Out of frustration she had pulled the eighteen year old over her lap and given her half a dozen slaps and made to stand in corner as she tidied up.

“That was different.”

“Please” the girl walled hugging her leg tightly.

“Fuck it” she thought to herself and raised her hand back and smacked into the bare flesh over her knee. Her hand remained feeling the heat rise from the skin the crack like a firework fading away. She heard the soft coo from Kenzie who relaxed, her body going slightly limp over her knee.

The hand print glowed red against the pale white skin. The sight stirred something deep. Almost a whisper in her ear to do it again. Biting her lip she let lose another crack. The prone girl let loose something akin to a moan of pleasure and a cry of pain mixed together.

The moment took Kaitlyn over. Like a possessed maniac she rained blow after blow covering the snow white skin with a collection of red hot hand prints. The feeling of power and control poured out. Kaitlyn felt her heart rate rise as she rained down blows over and over watching in a trace as the skin turned pink to red with over lapping hand prints. Kenzie moaned and mewed as the slaps got harder and harder until the girl was just a mess of raged breath and constant begging for more.

Kaitlyn gently traced the edge of the pattern she had made as an idea formed in the back of her mind. “Get that dress off!” she cried out.

The younger women rolled off, a glazed adoring look in her eyes as she stared at her aunt. Without breaking eye contact she unzipped the dress and slowly pushed the dress down, giving the blonde woman a teasing view of her naughty bra and panties. Kenzie turned around looking at her aunt from over her shoulder and wriggled her body in slow rhythmical way shimmying the skin tight outfit down and with a wiggle of her butt the dress fall to the floor.

“Now those obscene excuse for underwear. I thought you were a good little girl” Kaitlyn scolded

“Yes Kate”

“Would you call any of those skanks I seen you play with by their first name you common pussy licker.”

“No Ma’am. Please forgive me?”

Kaitlyn spotted the thin leather belt she used for work. She picked it up folding it in half swinging with all her might to crack on the girls thigh. The scream made her panties wet as Kaitlyn swung the belt five more times leaving matching welts on the moaning girls thighs.

An idea sparked from the dark part of her mind. With a surge of strength she tore the remain clothes to shreds leaving her niece in just her heels. Her teeth bit into the sensitive flesh at the base of her neck as she started to play with the hard nipples on the girls young perky breasts.

“Oh my sweet niece I want to taste you. Eat you and make you my lesbian lover.”

“Oh my god this is so …” her words cut off to a mew as a fingernail ran over her slit scratching her hood. Kenzie’s knees visibly shock as the finger wormed its way in gently teasing her. She reached around trying to undo her aunts pants to return the favour but were slapped away.

“My gorgeous pussy licker will have plenty of time later. For now we need to get your things.”

“My things auntie? Surely they can wait until after.”

“What did I say to you brat” Kaitlyn commanded pulling and twisting the girls nipples until she shrieked in pain

“I am sorry Ma’am cant this wait until after you know” the girl suddenly going red as the thought of what she asked.

“No must be done now. Put this on and slot oyna get in the car.” Throwing one of the t shirts she wore to bed.

“Ma’am?” Kenzie replied looking with big eyes.

“Trust your Auntie.” Kaitlyn said walking out the room.


Kaitlyn got in the car looking to see her niece desperately trying to keep the short t-shirt covering her naked pussy.

“So a little minx indoors, but go outside and you’re all shy”

“I’m in your car not a fetish club Auntie”

Kaitlyn slapped the bare thigh next to her,smiling to herself as the red imprint showed. “I thought you were a smarty pants?” she taunted.

“Sorry Ma’am. It’s just weird calling you that.”

“Well you called others that.”

“Yeah but they’re you know … not my dad’s sister”

“How about Countess?”

“Contessa is better” Kenzie replied with a dreamy look on her face,

“What’s the difference,”

“Nothing in meaning. One sounds like an old lady, the other a hot passionate woman” the girl replied a goofy grin lighting up her face.

“Ok, Contessa it is then.” She slapped the girl,s thigh again “Don’t forget it little girl.”

The girl rubbed her leg sticking out her tongue in reply. Kaitlyn made a mental note and pulled up to the red light.

“Pull up that top and play with yourself”

“Whatttt?… Contessa people might see.”

“My bad put your feet on the dash. Might give a trucker a nice eyeful.”

The younger woman could only stare opened mouthed. Her normally prudish Auntie had a wild side. Her stomach churned with a mix of fear, arousal, doubt and lust. The hem of her shirt was already damp from being bossed around by her Aunt!

With a whimper and pleading look she raised her legs and slid lower in the seat. Rather than laughing and ribbing her for being so gullible the older woman smiled, her eyes hungrily watching as the shirt slid up showing the bare pussy beneath, red like it was ashamed of the slick juices coating her pussy lips.

“Lift that shirt higher or ill make you ride naked!” Kaitlyn ordered desperately trying to mix driving with perving at her brother’s only child.

Kenzie felt the heat in her cheeks grow to match the steaming heat between her legs. She pushed up with her thighs praying no one would see her flash through the windscreen while she pulled the shirt free from under her and lifted it up to show the heart charm hanging from her belly button ring.

Kenzie closed her eyes hoping to hide from the world as her fingers teased herself. Ignoring her brain screaming at her to stop, her fingers gently separating her lips as her other hand lightly teased her clit. The heat grew and she felt eyes everywhere, watching her, driving her wild wishing she was blindfolded. At that thought another grew where Aunt Kait had blindfolded her walking her to the car on a leash as her own personal sex puppet she often fantasised about being made into. Her hand ground hard on her pussy every few strokes she would slap her snatch hearing the echoey sound of flesh on wet pussy driving her arousal mad. Under the shirt she imagined were weighted clamps tugging on her nipples still red from where Contessa’s teeth had bit and sucked them hard.

Bitting down on her tongue to stop herself screaming out loud as she rubbed harder and harder. In her daydream Contessa Kate was pushing her pussy into her willing mouth as she lapped furiously, her arms trapped by the thighs holding her head in place. She panted trying to push more fingers into her dripping cunt.

“We are her Kenzie” Kaitlyn called out


“FUCKING HELL WHAT WE DOING HERE!” Kenzie screamed practically diving into the foot well of the car when she realised she was home.

“Excuse me. No niece of mine will talk like that.” her aunt exclaimed as the younger of the two cowered in the foot well. “Come now we haven’t got all day.”

“Your joking right Aun.. Contessa. Dad already gonna kill me, now you bring me back like this” she wailed feeling tears well up.

With a snort the blonde simply undid her seat belt, got out the car and walked around to the passenger door. With little ceremony she reached in grabbing a handful of red hair and an earlobe. “Enough of this nonsense. Come on.” pulling the fighting little imp from the car and marching her through the open door.

Kenzie closed her eyes praying to awake from this nightmare. Seconds ticked by as she held her breath for the screaming and shouting, but there was only silence. The pressure on her hair and ear relaxed. The bang of the door closing made her squeak in fear, spinning around to see her beautiful Aunt standing there grinning like the Cheshire cat after a pint of the Hatters finest cream.

“I told my bigot of a brother to go pray for your soul for the afternoon while we get somethings for you to stay at mine until we sort this ‘mess’ out.”

Kenzie could only look jaw wide open not able to process what kinky demonic succubus had taken hold of her sweet Aunt who only the previous week had taken her to see canlı casino siteleri the latest Pixar film.

“Judging by that show in the car and how wide your mouth is you’re thinking of sucking a huge cock, or maybe my strap on.” she giggled taking the dumbstruck girl’s hand and leading her to her bedroom.

Kinky Aunt Kate

Being an only child and a little bit of a free spirit Scott had built her a massive extension for her room. Kaitlyn remembered helping out painting the baby blue walls and sitting to watch young Kenzie fuss over the massive mural she had painted on one wall.

The thicket of thorns surrounded Aurora’s bed as she slumbered. From the walls edge in she added roses in all colours and stages of flowering. It had been a summer of love for the girl and remained even all these years later.

Her bed was a four poster style from eBay that Kenzie had painstakingly and lovingly remade into a bed fit for the princesses she obsessed about. In the corner stood half a dozen dressmakers mannequins. Each dressed in a Lolita outfit either brought from Japan or made herself.

Kaitlyn loved this room it was her niece laid out for the world to see. Now she was going to find the secrets that had lay hidden behind the innocent facade.

“Ok you naughty minx let’s start with all your ‘evil satanic stuff'” .

Replying with a face the girl scampered into her walk in wardrobe and pulled out a suitcase hidden under a collection of clothes. With a grunt of effort she pulled the bag free and wheeled to the awaiting blonde. She span on her heels and stepped away.

“Where you going you little bitch” Kaitlyn called

“To get the other case Contessa”

“Other case? You have some serious explaining to do young lady”

“Just don’t get mad and blow it out of proportion. Ok!?”

“Kenzie what did you do?!” Kaitlyn whispered softly the Domme fading away to adult concern.

“I didnt whore myself out. You know I do the Princess thing and babysitting.”

“Don’t bullshit me.” Kaitlyn huffed in annoyance of the obvious lie. “I’m not mad i’m just worried you’re being careful.”

“Careful of what?” Kenzie asked absently as she fiddled with the combination lock. Then her face went a bright red as it dawned on her what her aunt meant.

“No, no, no” she stuttered all flustered “That anime convention I went to, was sorta more a kink one” her voice trailing off to a whisper.

“Go on” Kaitlyn growled her arms crossing her chest.

“Ok don’t get mad. I was talking to this guy about behind the scenes stuff. You know what happens when the actors are waiting for set up. When people being tied up is it super serious or what?. So the short version is we became good friends and chatted a lot. I didn’t lie about my age and nothing sleazy. But he invited me down for the convention to look around and speak to people. I said couldn’t afford it so he said to leave it with him and he would see what could be done.”

Kenzie shook her head at the disapproving glare. “I wasn’t born yesterday.” she sighed. “Anyways he came back and said if I want I could work as a booth babe. You know look hot, wear the stuff and be an advertiser for a friend of his that owns a kink shop. So I just agreed but rather than pay me I would take home some gear.”

“So no-one touched you.”

“No worse than a night in a club and that guy, his name is Matt by the way, was like worse than Dad. No going to shows without him and absolutely no volunteering.”

“They give you all these as well” Kaitlyn inquired as stared at the second case full of clothing.

Kenzie crawled to her aunt kneeling in front of her, head in her lap. “That I can’t talk about.”

“Kenzie” Kaitlyn replied in that mix of worry and annoyance parents do.

“Please there something about me I … I am still figuring out and I just can’t explain. Please trust me”

“I am always here for you. Just always be safe.”

“I feel very safe now” the girl purred as Kaitlyn absently stroked her hair soothingly.

Kenzie nudged a little closer resting her head against her Aunt’s muffin. She looked up but her aunt seemed to be deep in thought and just stroked her like she was a dog . A dirty idea crossed the temptress’ mind and she started to nuzzle her cheek rubbing the seam of the jeans onto the hidden clit beneath.

“Bad girl!”

“Contessa?” Kenzie said in a breathless and flirty way.

“You’re getting your dear Aunt all hot and bothered.”

The girl remained silent staring up with a massive grin across her face. Kaitlyn lovingly stared back, looking deep into the obviously horny slut’s eyes twinkling with mischievous energy. Keeping eye contact Kaitlyn could feel her heart race faster as she watched Kenzie slide the shirt up and over her head.

It was as much as Kaitlyn could stand. With a rush of animal lust and adrenaline she swept the girl up lifting her into a raw passionate kiss. The smaller girl clinched her limbs tightly kissing urgently. A tug of the red hair brought a soft oooh. then the slurping of tongues sliding and slapping together. Lips mashing together.

The two carried on the loving clinch as Kaitlyn carried the impish Kenzie to the bed. The pair giggled with delight as the naked tease was dropped on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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