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The phone was ringing. ‘Who would dare to call me at 8:30 on a Saturday morning?’ was my first thought as I reached for the cordless phone.

“Hey Steph, what’s happening?” I yawned as I picked up the phone, thinking caller ID is a beautiful thing.

“The band has a gig tonight and our backup singer is out with the ‘flu.” Stephanie said, a hint of panic in her voice. “Can you fill in for her?”

“I dunno…” I said hesitantly. I had been begging for this chance for nearly a year now, but I did already have plans. “I was supposed to go out with Rob tonight.”

“Bring him along.” Stephanie nearly shouted, her panic becoming more evident.

“What’s in it for me?” I asked, getting down to business. “I mean, I have been asking you for months now to let me be your backup singer and you kept putting me off. So, give me an incentive here. I am a little hurt by the fact that you wouldn’t have called me for this unless it was an emergency.”

“I know, I know. I am sorry. And yes, it is an emergency.” Stephanie sighed. “Look, we have been having problems with Mandy anyway, and we were going to fire her after tonight’s gig. So, do this for me, and you can have the backup position permanently.”

“And I get to sing lead on at least three songs each gig?” I asked.

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes.” Stephanie laughed. “I know you can sing, we’ve jammed together before. And the band has been practicing a couple of songs just for you anyway. So, will you do it?”

“They’ve been practicing?” I asked suspiciously. “Why would they do that?”

“If you really want to know, we were planning on offering you this job even before Mandy got so unreliable. We just had to wait for the timing to be right.” I heard John asking anxiously what was going on in the background. “Are you going to take the job or what?”

“Yeah, I’ll do it.” I grinned. “Like there was ever any doubt.”

“That’s why I love you, Karen!” Stephanie laughed. “We are playing at Roundhouse tonight. I’ll send James to pick you up at 5:00; we start setup at 6:00 and the first set starts at 9:00. Wear that black lace frilly shirt, ok?”

“Bossy bossy.” I laughed. “Yes ma’am!”

I rolled over and looked at the clock again. 8:45. I was too excited now to sleep. I flipped the covers back and swung my legs out of bed, shivering at the cold. Just the thought of finally getting to perform with ‘Just Another Cover Band’ was getting me excited. Always something of an exhibitionist, performing on stage aroused me no end. Even playing at being a star at karaoke would get me going.

I stood up and stretched my back, yawning and considering what to do. My clit was as awake as I was at this point, and screaming for attention. I went to my toy drawer and rooted around until I found what I was looking for. Grinning, I pulled out my newest vibrator. It was a scary-looking implement: purple and white with beads that rotated in the center and a shaft that thrust up and down and an attachment at the base that wiggled back and forth to stimulate my clit. Grabbing a smaller dildo and some nipple clamps too, I slid the drawer shut with my hip.

I dove back into bed and held the vibrator between my breasts to warm it some while I slowly stroked my clit with my other hand. I placed the nipple clamps and the small dildo on the headboard, along with some Astroglide.

Rob and I had been in the midst of a make-out session on the floor of my apartment last night when he got paged to go in to work. I had been left frustrated and panting as Rob dashed out the door to his car. I had halfheartedly gotten myself off last night, but clearly I wasn’t satisfied, if the responsiveness of my clit and the sheer volume of wetness in my slit was any indication.

I slid the head of my toy down my body and up and down my wet slit, gasping as the smooth end slid over and around my throbbing clit. My hips began to squirm involuntarily as I stimulated myself. Not wanting to cum too fast, I slid the toy around in my wetness then slowly shoved it into my cunt.

My pussy lips stretched to welcome this invasion, grasping at the shaft as it entered me. I moaned at the sensation and slid the toy in further until it was most of the way in. I wrapped my legs around a pillow, wedging it against the base of the toy and then turned the beads and the thrusting controls on to low. I moaned again as the casino siteleri toy began to move inside me, feeling almost alive, but moving in a way that no man’s cock ever could.

My hips began to move in rhythm with the toy, fucking it. I could feel my pussy getting wetter, my juices leaking out around the base of the plastic phallus and I increased the speed of the toy’s movements.

My clit was throbbing and so I turned the clit stimulator on as well, leaving the control set at its lowest speed. The slight vibration against my clit sent another gush of wetness onto the toy. I threw my head back, squeezing my eyes tightly shut, reveling in the sensations as my over stimulated pussy contracted around the thrusting toy.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck…” A stream of obscenities flowed from my mouth, but I barely noticed, so intent was I on the sensations building in my cunt.

I was writhing on the bed, my hand gripping the toy’s speed control and I knew I just had to cum. Gasping, I turned all of the controls to high and screamed as the toy went into overdrive. The triple sensations being produced by the vibrator ripped through my body and I came, screaming and hips bucking. My pussy muscles grasped at the toy, and the rotating beads intensified my orgasm. It felt as if my head was going to explode from the intensity of my orgasm.

In the throes of cumming, I had lost my hold on the toy’s controller. Gasping, as the toy continued to fuck me, I groped around for the control. It was nowhere that I could find easily as my hips continued to buck and my cunt continued to contract around the rapidly thrusting shaft. I felt another orgasm building and I wrapped my legs tighter around the pillow, forcing the clit stimulator into even closer contact with that sensitive nub.

“Yesssssss…” I screamed as I came again, fucking wildly on the toy.

My hand found the controller just as my second orgasm began to subside. I turned the toy’s controls to low to give myself a chance to recover. I lay on my bed, panting and drenched in sweat as the tireless vibrator continued to thrust away inside me. I threw the covers off and my nipples stiffened in the cold air as the sweat on my skin cooled.

Gasping, I worked my way up onto my knees, still gripping the pillow between my thighs, and then sank down onto the pillow, hard, driving the vibrator still further into my dripping snatch. I turned the controls back up and began to ride the toy. I dropped the controller again and pinched and pulled at my nipples as I fucked the vibrator hard.

Remembering my other toys, I reached over and grabbed the nipple clamps. Clipping them onto my diamond-hard nipples, I gasped at the sensation. The slight ridges on the clamps bit into my sensitive flesh, stimulating me further. I grabbed the dildo and quickly lubed it up, then placed the head of it at my nether hole. With my other hand I turned the vibrator controls down again and then slid the dildo into my anus. I slid the dildo in as far as I could and then sat back slightly on the pillow, wedging the dildo into my ass.

The feeling of being doubly penetrated was intense and I again turned the vibrator’s controls up to high. I screamed gutturally as I came again, writhing and bucking on the toys buried deep inside me. Panting, I collapsed onto the bed and the toys slid out of me as the pillow slipped from between my legs.

I pulled the nipple clamps off just as before I drifted back to sleep.

I woke again at noon, the sun shining in my bedroom window. Grinning, I jumped from the bed and quickly cleaned my toys, replacing them in their drawer. I took a long hot shower then grabbed a cheese sandwich and an apple for lunch. I was just finishing my apple when the phone rang again. It was Rob.

“Hiya babe!” I said gaily. “I hope you didn’t have to work too late last night.”

“I got home about 4:00am.” He said, sounding rather surly about it. “But I am not on call tonight, so we can finish what we started.”

“First you have to come to Just Another Cover Band’s show at the Roundhouse with me.” I giggled.

“Sounds good. I always like to see them play.” Rob said, laughing at my mischievous tone. “But I thought they weren’t playing tonight because Mandy is ill?”

“Well, they have a new backup singer.” I giggled.

“They do?” Rob asked, feigning confusion.

“Did slot oyna Steph already call you?” I demanded.

“Yeah, she called me awhile ago.” he admitted. “It is great that they are finally giving you a chance.”

“I am really excited about it!” I grinned to myself. “So you’ll come to the show?” I asked.

“Of course!” Rob exclaimed. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The rest of the afternoon went quickly as I took a long hot bath, shaving the various parts of me that needed to be shaved and all that other girly stuff. At 5:00 I heard the van’s horn outside my apartment and I ran downstairs to greet James.

“Hey Karen.” James grinned, looking me over approvingly. I was wearing the black lace peasant shirt, as requested with a black satin bra on underneath, a black miniskirt and some strappy sandals with heels. “Lookin’ good.” James commented as he put the van in gear.

“Thanks.” I giggled.

The ride to The Roundhouse was uneventful. As we walked into the bar, I was struck by how empty it was, how quiet without all the patrons and the band. It seemed almost peaceful. James and I began pulling equipment from the back of the van as the other band members started arriving. We set up quickly and then sat at a table to have a couple of drinks and some food while we went over the set list.

I glanced at the set list and found I had the first song in the second set. I’d be singing “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks. I love that song, and it struck me that making me a part of the band had been some time in the planning. I grinned at my new band mates and we went to warm up.

Rob came in to the bar just as we finished our warm up and sat down at a table near the stage. I went over and kissed him to say hello. He laughed and pulled me down onto his lap. We talked for a bit and then it was time to start the show. Stephanie and I bounded onto the stage from opposite ends and launched immediately into our disco medley.

The bar patrons whooped and hollered and danced and drank throughout the night, cheering loudly after each song and after each set too. And after each song I found myself getting more and more aroused, feeling the eyes of everyone in the bar on us. A couple of times I caught some good lookin’ cowboy eyeing me from the side of the stage and I would feel a throb in my cunt as I saw the hunger in his eyes.

I surprised myself by belting out “Bitch” to a near-packed house, singing for all I was worth. The girls in the bar loved it, some of them even coming up near the stage to dance together.

Finally, 1:30 rolled around and we played our last song. We took our applause then jumped off the stage to mingle with the crowd, drink a bit and relax before we began the task of breaking down our equipment. I found myself standing at the bar alone, drinking a bottle of beer and trying to stop grinning. I had done it! I was in a band. Ever since I was a child, this was all I had ever wanted.

The cowboy who had been standing at the side of the stage most of the night strode up and tipped his hat to me. I grinned and said hello.

“Hi there darlin'” were the first words out of his mouth, and I stifled a laugh. Living in north Texas, there were plenty of cowboys around, even in bars that did not feature country music. “I’m Gary.”

“I’m Karen.” I grinned, extending my hand. Gary gallantly kissed my hand just as Rob walked up. “And this is my boyfriend Rob.” Gary stood up quickly, extending his hand to Rob.

“You got a mighty purty girlfriend here, Rob.” Gary smiled engagingly. Rob shook his hand and then dropped his arm around my shoulders possessively.

“I do, don’t I?” Rob smiled.

Gary quickly took his leave after that and I leaned into Rob’s comfortingly strong body. I looked up at him adoringly and drew his head down to where I could whisper in his ear.

“I am so horny!” I whispered. “I wish you could fuck me right here on the bar!”

Rob simply grinned and kissed me, tugging me out the door. He pulled me over to James’ van and opened the back door. The carpeted interior looked inviting and I eagerly followed him inside.

I quickly skinned out of my panties, but left my skirt on as I turned around, presenting my uplifted rear to Rob. He groaned and unzipped his pants, pulling his hard cock from his briefs and moving up behind me.

Rob slid his cock around in the canlı casino siteleri wetness gathered in my slit then shoved his cock into me with one strong thrust. I groaned and Rob began to move quickly, fucking me hard and fast. It felt divine. My pussy was soaking wet and my clit felt hard as a rock where Rob’s balls slapped against me. Just as I was getting close to orgasm, the van’s back door flew open.

I gasped in surprise and looked back over my shoulder to find James grinning in at us. He hopped up into the van and slammed the door behind him.

“I was wondering where you two disappeared to.” James laughed, slipping out of his jeans. He moved in front of me, his cock already stiffening. I slurped his penis into my mouth as Rob began to pump away at my cunt again.

James moaned as I worked the head of his dick with my tongue, quickly bringing him to full erection. The pre-cum leaking out of James’ cockhead tasted good and I lapped it up eagerly. He grunted and shoved his cock further into my face as Rob slammed into me from behind and soon I found myself deep-throating James. Both men grunted and moaned as they fucked me, and I soon lost myself to everything but the sensation of having two cocks inside me.

Too soon I heard James groan that he was cumming as his cock began to spurt into my throat. Rob began to fuck me faster as I licked James clean. I moaned as I felt Rob’s balls slapping hard against my clit and I began to push back at him. His penis was so hard that I could feel the ridge of his cockhead sliding along my passage. I moaned as I felt the first waves of my orgasm wash over me.

“Yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me!” I cried, cumming hard. James reached under me and pinched and twisted my nipples as I came, causing me to cum even harder. I felt Rob begin to spurt as my pussy clenched around him, and then the back door of the van opened again.

John and Stephanie climbed quickly into the van and shut the door. John stripped off his pants and then removed Stephanie’s panties for her. They leaned against the back door of the van, watching as Rob pumped into me a few more times, then moved forward as Rob slipped from inside me.

Rob and James moved further up into the van, and John slid behind me as Stephanie positioned her pussy directly in front of my face. I dove eagerly into Steph’s dripping snatch, licking at a slit that was at least as wet and excited as mine. She tasted divine, like salt water taffy. I lapped and sucked at her pussy lips as her husband thrust his cock into my eager snatch.

John rapidly fucked into me, sending me climbing toward another orgasm as I nibbled and flicked Steph’s clit. Stephanie moaned and spread her legs wider, tilting her hips to give me better access.

“Mmmmmm.” Was all I could say as I hungrily lapped at Stephanie’s wet cunt. I slid a finger into her tunnel and felt her pussy muscles clamp down on me. I began to slowly finger fuck her as I sucked harder on her clit. She screamed and her thighs wrapped tightly around my head as she came.

As Stephanie relaxed a bit, freeing my head from her vise-like grip, John began to pump into me faster and harder. I leaned up, sitting back on my haunches and John slid slightly forward so he could fuck upward into me. Stephanie, Rob and James all crawled toward me as I leaned against John, my head back on his shoulder.

Stephanie began sucking on my right nipple, John on my left nipple and Rob began licking my clit. The combination of sensations made my head spin. I relaxed completely, losing myself in a haze of feeling. I could feel an orgasm approaching and I moaned, unable to do much more than feel what was happening.

John suddenly picked up the pace, thrusting into me hard and fast. He moaned loudly into my ear.

“God, Karen, your pussy is so tight!” John gasped. “I’m gonna cum!”

I felt his cock begin to spasm inside me, and his throbbing sent me over the edge. I moaned and began to pant, feeling wave after wave of bliss washing through me. Stephanie released my nipple and sat up further, kissing me passionately and catching my screams in her mouth.

John thrust into me a few more times, groaning with each hard thrust. Finally, spent, he wrapped his arms around me and lowered me to the floor of the van. I lay there gasping as Stephanie came over to me and snuggled up next to my body, kissing me lightly.

“I think you’re the best addition to the band yet.” James sighed, leaning against one of the van’s seats.

We laughed and lay there a few minutes more before we dressed and headed out to pack up our equipment.

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