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I want to give a big thanks (again) to Zaxxon for allowing me to use his characters and for all of his great advice and ideas. Enjoy!


A light snowstorm had been going on all morning as Sarah pulled her car into the teacher’s parking lot of Westville High. She shut the car off and pulled on her white wool beanie over her shoulder length blonde hair along with a scarf around her neck. She quickly got out of her car into the chilly air and jogged towards the school to get back in from the cold. Even though she had on a puffy white winter coat on, her huge 36DD tits could be seen bouncing underneath the thick clothes. “God its cold outside!” she exclaimed as she burst in through the front doors.

The heated hallways quickly warmed her as she headed towards the school office to get any announcements or messages that might be in her box, so she took off her hat, scarf, and gloves before she unzipped her coat. Underneath she had on a red sweatshirt that was vaulting out from her impressive chest.

“Hi Sarah.” Emily Williams said as Sarah came into the office. Emily was the new school secretary, and also one of the sexiest women in the school. Her long black curly hair hung over her shoulders and looked perfect with the white turtleneck she was wearing. Emily was also famous on campus for being one of the “Big Tit” faculty members. Her immense 40E breasts caused the tight fabric of her turtleneck to vault out in front of her.

“Hey Emily. It is so cold outside!” Sarah replied to her friend as she unconsciously shivered from the thought of the storm outside.

“Tell me about it. It took me twenty minutes just to start my car.” Emily turned back to her work as she continued talking.

“I hate cold weather. I can’t wait for spring to get here.” Sarah began to go through the messages left in her box when the school’s principal came into the room from her office.

“Ah, Miss Stevens, I’m glad you got to work on time.” Ms. Schwartz greeted the busty gym teacher as she opened the door to her office. “I need to speak with you a moment so please come into my office.” she instructed before she turned back towards her own office.

Sarah hung her head when she heard her boss say “I need to speak with you…” “What could it be now!” she thought to herself as she angrily stuffed the papers she had been reading back into her message box and turned towards Principal Schwartz’s office. Emily gave her a sympathetic smile as Sarah walked past her desk.

“Yes Ms. Schwartz? Is anything wrong?” Sarah asked as calmly as she could as she entered the room and looked at the stacked principal. One of the things that still intimidated Sarah was the fact that the principal’s breasts were immense, easily bigger than any other woman in the school.

Principal Schwartz sat down on her desk and opened a file lying to the side. Her long blond hair was done up in the typical bun she always had it in. A small pair of glasses accentuated her blue eyes and made her look very intelligent. They’d make her look attractive except she usually had a small scowl on her face. Her white blouse was staining so hard to contain her huge breasts that the buttons were stretched to their limit and looked like they were about to shoot off and fly across the room. She usually wore long skirts to work but today she was wearing a pair of formal black slacks that hugged her curvy hips and ass very nicely but hid the skin of her smooth athletic legs from view.

“No Sarah, don’t worry, nothing is wrong. In fact I have some good news for you.” She said as she examined the papers in the folder and motioned for Sarah to take the chair in front of her desk, “Please sit down.”

“Ok…” Sarah stretched the word out as she sat down. She wasn’t used to getting any good news. “What’s up?”

“Well, I’ve been planning some after school programs for the upcoming holiday vacation period. I was trying to think of something that the students would want to do and could afford.” The busty principal pulled out a small brochure from the stack of papers and handed it to Sarah. Sarah took the pamphlet and looked at it. On the cover was a young man snowboarding down a powdery hill. “I was going through your résumé the other day,” Ms. Swartz continued, “And I noticed that you’re quite the expert skier. You were the best in all of your classes through college.”

Sarah handed the brochure back to her boss with a questioning look. “I don’t understand what is it you want to do.”

“Well, I’d like to offer a skiing trip to the students. The resort isn’t to far away and it’s reasonably priced. We’d have the students pay a small fee and get their parents to sign some legal forms and that’s it.” The principal stood up, causing her huge tits to bounce a little, and walked over to the corner of her desk so she was closer to Sarah. “The one thing we do need is have some of the faculty there and maybe some of the parents come along to supervise everything. I’d like you to come so we can offer the casino oyna students some basic skiing classes. After seeing the amazing job you did with those students in the swimming program I’m confident you could do this.”

Sarah blushed when she thought back to those so called ‘swimming lessons’. “This happens to me all the time! I get all this extra work thrown at me and I get nothing for it!” she thought to herself.

Ms. Schwartz saw Sarah’s expression and smiled, “Now I know you’ve had extra work dumped on you before but this is different. You’ll be paid in addition to your vacation pay, the school will be closed for winter break anyways, and all of your expenses for the trip will be covered by the school.”

Sarah’s eyebrows rose when she heard that. “Extra pay and covered traveling expenses to a ski resort?” she thought to herself again. “Hmmm, well…” she said as she looked at the pamphlet again, “Sure why not. I wasn’t planning on doing anything for the holidays this year anyways and I could use the extra money.”

“Excellent. I’ll let you know about all the details in a couple of days.” Replied the principal. “Could you also ask Nurse Brown if she might be available as well? I’d like her to come along so we have some medical staff to make the parents feel safer.”

Sarah stood up and pushed her chair back against the desk. “Sure I’ll ask her. I’m heading in that direction anyways. Just let me know how it goes.”

* * *

Sarah left the office after saying goodbye to Emily again and headed towards the room of her friend Cindy Brown, the school’s nurse. She opened the door and was about to announce herself but stopped when she heard a passionate moan and squeaky bed springs coming from behind the curtain to the sick bed. Sarah quickly went inside and locked the door behind her. “Jeez Cindy, next time lock the door!” Sarah thought. She soon smiled to herself though when she heard her friend moan again. Sarah crept over towards the bed and peeked between the closed curtains.

Cindy was on her knees naked and straddling one of the schools seniors. Her tanned skin was sweaty and glistening in the florescent light above the bed. Her long brown hair was draped over her shoulders but she still had her nurse’s hat on. Her eyes were closed and her head was leaning forward as she worked her hips in large circles while resting her hands on her lover’s stomach.

The senior stared up at her huge 36DD tits with wide-eyed fascination as he squeezed her trim waist and pumped his hips up to slide his hard cock into her. He couldn’t believe his luck as he fucked her athletic body happily.

Cindy opened her eyes and smiled at him as she slammed down on top of him. “Mmmm, it’s a good thing you came in to check that ankle.” She said as she ground her hips into his pelvis. Reaching up she cupped both of her large round breasts and lifted a stiff dark nipple up to her mouth and licked it teasingly.

Her lover smiled back up at her and reached around to squeeze her firm ass. “N-Nurse Brown I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed as he squeezed her ass and forced her to grind against him harder.

She breathed in through her teeth as her clit grinded against his pelvis. “Huh…..oh god…..c-cum in me!” she said as she dropped her hands to either side of his head and bounced her ass up and down his slick cock faster. Her huge round tits dangled in the students face as she moaned in pleasure.

The senior quickly took one of Cindy’s dangling nipples in his mouth and sucked happily as he squeezed her tight round ass in his hands. He soon felt his cock expand and he exploded inside the sexy school nurse. He lifted his hips completely off the bed as he bottomed out in her and squirted his thick white cum deep inside.

Both were breathing hard as they recovered from their orgasms. Cindy rose back up on her knees and lifted herself off of the teenager’s spent cock. “You’d better get back to gym class.” She said as she reached down and slid her thong back over her curvy hips, “And tell coach Hicks that you should stay off that foot as much as possible.” She next slipped on her skirt before she pulled her top back on and began to button it up. She left the top four buttons undone, leaving her ample cleavage visible. “In fact. I think you should come back tomorrow so I can check on it again.” Cindy winked at him as he quickly put his pants on and his shirt.

“I’ll definitely be back tomorrow. Thanks again nurse Brown.” He said as he headed out of the office. Strangely he didn’t walk with a limp.

Cindy blew a strand of hair out of her face and sat down at her desk wearily. She soon turned and wrote a note on a yellow pad of paper saying that she had an ‘appointment’ tomorrow morning.

“I can’t believe you!”

Cindy jumped from the voice and turned to see her friend Sarah hiding in her supply closet with her hands on her hips and a small grin on her face.

“What?” Cindy said innocently with a smile of her own, “He needed a thorough physical.”

“Yeah slot oyna I bet he did.” Sarah said as she came out of the closet and closed it behind her. She had taken off her coat so all she was wearing were her sweatshirt and sweatpants. The clothes did nothing to hide her curvy athletic figure. “Well next time make sure to lock the door! I can just imagine what would happen if Ms. Schwartz came in.”

“Oh shit.” Cindy said wide eyed as she covered her mouth, “I can’t believe I forgot that!”

“Yeah, well next time, be careful.” Sarah took the chair next to her friend and sat down, “Anyway, I didn’t come here to watch you have fun.” Cindy smiled at the joke while she looked back at her friend. “Ms. Schwartz is planning a skiing program for holiday break. She wants both of us to come along to assist with everything. She’s willing to pay us in addition to our holiday pay and all of our traveling expenses will be covered so I think we should do it. She wants me to teach some skiing classes and she wants you there for medical emergencies to make the parents feel safer. Interested?”

“Wow, that is quite the opportunity she’s giving us. Additional pay plus a free stay at a skiing resort.” Cindy pressed a finger to her plump lips as she thought it over. “Sure, sign me up. I’d love to go.”

“Thanks, Cindy. I was hopping you’d come. I’ll go let the boss know. She’ll probably make an announcement after school today.”

* * *

The school day ended normally and the students began to file out into the halls. The intercoms turned on with a small crackle of static as the school principle made the announcement about the skiing program being offered to the senior class and that the students who were interested should come down to the office and collect the proper forms to sign up.

Several students, mostly boys, came down and got the paper work that they needed to take to their parents.

“Hey mom.” Mike Williams greeted his mother Emily, the school’s secretary, as he came into the office.

Emily looked up and smiled at her son warmly. “Hi sweetie. How was school?” She was standing at one of the filing cabinets and organizing some papers.

Mike’s gave slowly crept up his mother’s smooth athletic legs to her wonderfully soft heart shaped ass clad in a light brown skirt. Her slim waist led up her sexy back to her slender neck. Her long black curly hair flowed down her shoulders and down to the middle of her back. Even though she was facing away from him he could still see the sides of her enormous breasts as they stretched out her white cotton turtleneck. Mike looked around the office to see that they were alone before he walked up and grabbed his mother’s ass in his hands.

Emily gasped and jumped as her butt was squeezed tightly. “Mike! Stop! Someone might see us.” She whispered to him harshly as she blushed and looked around.

“Don’t worry, no one’s here.” He reached up and squeezed as much as he could of his mothers huge tits. He could feel her small nipples become stiff under her shirt and bra. “So when are you going to be home?” he asked smugly as he looked at his hands groping his mother’s chest.

Emily leaned back against the cabinet as she enjoyed her son’s hands on her chest. She quickly realized where they were and she reached up and gently pulled her sons hands off of her breasts, although regrettably. “Keep doing that and we won’t even make it home.” She said as she smiled at her son. “I’m almost done. I’ll be home in less then an hour. Why don’t you go get things ready for us?” She said suggestively as she raised one of her legs and rubbed her thigh against Mike’s crotch.

Mike’s knees weakened as he imagined what waited for him at home. “I’ll head home right now.” He said excitedly as he stepped back and smiled at his mom. “I’ll see you in an hour!” He turned and left the office with a huge grin on his face.

Emily smiled and rolled her eyes back as she bit her lower lip. She shook her head and turned back to her work with a new urgency.

After a few minutes Emily finished with her last bit of papers. She got her coat off of the back of her chair and her purse and was about to head out when she heard Principal Schwartz.

“Emily before you go can you come in here a sec? I need to speak with you a moment.”

* * *

The Smith family lived in your typical suburbs. Quiet and boring, nothing ever happened in their community. At least nothing ‘outside’ the walls of the Smith’s home. Inside was a matter entirely different.

Loud moans filled the rooms of every house, as did the sounds of slapping flesh. Bobby Smith had graduated from Westville High last year and was now going to Westville University. Because of this he didn’t have to move out of his parents’ home which saved him some money, plus it had its added benefits, one of which Bobby was taking advantage of right now.

Bobby Smith had broken both of his arms a while ago. During that time he was stuck with his arms at weird angles due to canlı casino siteleri the casts. With a lot of practice he was able to undo his pants ok but one thing that he couldn’t do was jerk off. Here he was, a boy of eighteen in his sexual prime, and unable to get any kind of release. But that soon changed when he went to his gym class. He sat there watching all of the firm bodies of the girls in his class in their tight shorts and t-shirts as they ran around exercising. But most of his attention was fixed on his curvy gym teacher, Miss Stevens. He loved watching her huge tits bounce around in her sports bra with her whistle nuzzled in her cleavage. The shorts she always wore were incredibly short and just stopped over her ass and completely revealed her unbelievably sexy legs.

After the class was finished Bobby was stuck in the middle of the gym with a hard on like he couldn’t believe tenting his shorts. But that’s when the best moments of his life started. When Sarah noticed her student’s predicament she took him to her office and gave him the greatest hand job he’d ever had. This sexual escapade led to the school nurse who gave him a good tittie fucking. This continued for a while until Bobby had the most amazing sexual experience of his life. With his encounters between his busty gym teacher and nurse, Bobby’s ‘condition’ became worse. Nurse Brown told him to ask his mother for assistance while he was at home.

Bobby’s mom was one of the hottest moms in town, a regular Milf. Her body was just as firm and supple as the teenage girls at his school. She had brown hair that just barely went over her cheeks and framed her beautiful face perfectly. But her breasts were absolutely amazing. She was easily as big as both his gym teacher and school nurse, perhaps even more so. When Bobby brought home the note from the nurse his mother was at first shocked and bewildered. Soon after however, she had removed the towel she was wearing to reveal her incredible body in all of its naked glory. After a few moments Mrs. Betty Smith had her own son’s cock between her large firm tits and she brought him to an amazing climax.

Bobby continued to get sexual release from his mother for the rest of the time he was in the casts until the day after he had them removed he got to fuck her for the first time. Ever since then both mother and son had been going at it regularly. They had to be careful because both his mother and father were still together but they still found their moments. One of those moments was happening right now.

Betty smiled to herself as she kneeled in front of her son and enveloped his cock between her huge firm tits. Bobby groaned as he looked down to see his shaft enveloped and disappear into his mother’s swelling cleavage as he humped her chest, which caused loud slapping noises to fill the house. Her large brown nipples poked into his thighs as she pressed her chest against him and began to slide her breasts up and down her son’s cock.

Betty cooed as she looked up at Bobby’s face and continue to squash her breasts around him and lift her body up and down as she tittie fucked him. “Do you like sliding your cock between my tits?” she asked.

Bobby groaned as he looked down at his mother. He still couldn’t believe what they were doing but he looked forward to it everyday. “Oh mom! I love fucking your tits! They feel so good!” he gasped as he watched the head of his cock pop in and out repeatedly.

“Think you’re hard enough to try something else?” Bobby’s mom asked playfully.

He smiled and looked down at her as he pumped his hips against her chest causing her tits to jiggle delightfully. “I’m always ready!”

Betty released her son’s cock from the valley of her tits and crawled on her hands and knees to the head of the bed. She lifted her firm bubble butt in the air teasingly at him as she laid her head down on the pillows.

Bobby quickly got on the bed behind his mother and squeezed both of her fleshy ass cheeks in his hands. He reached one hand down to run his fingers over his mother’s pussy to find that it was already very warm and wet. He saddled up behind her and lined his cock up to her steaming love box and rubbed her with the head of his shaft.

“Oooo don’t tease me!” She exclaimed as she jumped at the taboo contact and gripped the sheets in her hands. Her breasts were squashed beneath her and stuck out from her sides.

Bobby nuzzled his head in and quickly gripped his mother around her trim waist before sliding his full length into her. “Oh yeah!” he moaned as he looked down to see his mother’s ass squashed against his pelvis. The excitement soon built up and Bobby quickly began to saw his rock hard cock in and out of his mother’s snatch.

“Oh!….Yes!…..Fuck mommy!” Betty encouraged her son as she was stretched open. Her cunt made wet sucking noises around her son’s cock and the room filled with the sound of slapping flesh.

Bobby squeezed his mother’s ass in his hands as he continued to pound into her mercilessly. His balls swung with each powerful thrust and smacked up against her clit. “Oh God mom! You feel so good!” Bobby ran his hands up and down his mother’s sexy back as he continued to fuck her cunt, “I love fucking you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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