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Ricky returned from his cigarette break to find the rest of his coworkers in the mail room running around in a big hurry. He looked at his watch, it was nearing 6pm, he was on his cigarette break for nearly 20 minutes. He easily joined in and started putting things away in order to pretend that he’s been working the whole time hoping that the supervisor wouldn’t notice that he was gone too long.

“RICKY!! Get over here!!”

Ricky rolled back his eyes and muttered some profanity. He turned around to find his supervisor standing in the middle of the room, crossing his arms with a big scowl on his face.

“You’ve been gone for twenty minutes,” he said.

“I know sir, I—”

“Shut up!” the Supervisor interrupted. “You’re treading on thin ice, mister. You better shape up and work harder or you’re out of here. You’re not even done all your deliveries.”

He pointed to the other side of the room where a package was left on a shelf.

“Oh, sorry sir, I’ll get it done right away.”

“Get it done quickly so you could clock out and get the hell out of here.”

“Yes sir,” Ricky said as he turned away.

He picked up the package and left the mail room. As soon as he got on the elevator he started smiling. His plan was working perfectly, he pretended to forget about the package and take a longer cigarette break in order to deliver the package a little late.

He got off on the 29th floor and walked past all the empty cubicles. There were a few people left on the floor, but they were getting ready to leave anyway. He made his way to the main office and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” a female voice asked.

“I have a package here for a Ms. Donna Weathers.”

“Just a minute,” she answered.

Ricky looked around, the last few people in the office have just got on the elevator and the whole floor was completely empty.

“Come in,” the woman in the office yelled.

Ricky walked in and locked the door behind him. Donna was sitting at her desk talking on canlı bahis şirketleri the phone and doing some paperwork at the same time. She made a gesture to Ricky about the windows that looked out into the floor. He closed the window shades and walked up to Donna’s desk while taking off his shoes and pants.

“Ok, Jake, I got it,” she said to the man on the phone. “Don’t worry; it will be done the first thing tomorrow morning. Ok… yes… thank you… goodbye.”

She hung up the phone and stood up. She walked around to the front of her desk while unbuttoning he blouse. She was about a few inches shorter than Ricky, had short blonde hair and green eyes.

“I was worried I wasn’t going to see you today,” she said.

“I had to play it cool, just like you wanted,” he said.

Donna didn’t want anybody in the office to know that she was doing one of the workers from the mail delivery room. It would’ve humiliated her and she would’ve lost all respect from the other executives in the building. Normally Ricky would’ve been insulted by all of this, but if it meant that he can get a piece of one of the hottest executives in the building once a month he was willing to sacrifice his dignity.

Ricky stood in front of her wearing only his mailroom shirt and boxers while Donna was taking off her blouse and skirt and was now only wearing black high heel shoes, white panties, and a white lacy bra that pushed up her 38D tits. She got down on her knees and removed Ricky’s boxers and his erect cock flew right into her face. She started stroking his cock in her hands while looking up at him. She put his balls in his mouth and started playing around with his testicles with her tongue. Ricky looked down at her with a big smile; he had his hand on her head, grabbing a chunk of her hair. Donna removed Ricky’s balls from her mouth and started licking the shaft of his penis, lathering it up until it was dripping with her saliva. She then started flicking her tongue on the tip of the penis to tease him. Ricky had enough canlı kaçak iddaa of her games and forced his cock into her mouth. Her head started bobbing back and forth; her lips were perfectly sealed around the shaft as his cock was being pumped into her warm little mouth. She deep throated him a few times and made a gagging noise ever time.

Ricky removed his cock from her mouth and she stood up. She grabbed his neck and pulled him closer to her and they started kissing with intense passion. Ricky reached around her body and unclasped her bra and removed it to expose her large tits. He made her get on her desk and lay on her back. He got on top of her and started playing with her tits. He loved big tits, and Donna’s were the perfect pair for him. They were perfectly rounded with large areolas. He squeezed and bit them, and smothered his face between them. He sucked on the nipples that seemed to stimulate something in Donna and made her more aroused as she was making loud moaning sounds.

“Oh yes!” she said. “Please don’t stop! Keep sucking on my big titties.”

Ricky sucked on her tits a few minutes longer to make her happy then got off of her. He turned her around and made her bend over the desk. He pulled down her panties to reveal her tight, round ass. He gave it a couple of smacks and gave it nice hard grab. He made Donna spread her legs apart to get a better access to enter her. He spread her butt cheeks apart to look at her wet pussy and the little asshole above it. He guided his cock to the lips of her pussy and slowly shoved it all in. Donna gasped as she felt Ricky’s large cock being shoved into her tight pussy. He held her by the shoulders as he started pumping his cock into her with fast, hard thrusts.

“YES, YES!!” Donna was yelling. “HARDER, HARDER!! YES, YES!! GIVE IT TO ME GOOD. OH YES, OH YES!!.

Ricky kept going and going, using every ounce of strength she had to fuck her as hard as he can. Sweat was pouring down from his forehead, and he can hear how fast his own heart was canlı kaçak bahis going. Finally he stopped and pulled his cock out of her pussy.

“What are you doing?” Donna asked.

“Shut up,” he replied. “I’m not done yet.”

He moved his cock up to her asshole and very slowly pushed it in. Her ass was much tighter than her pussy, and felt a lot hotter for some reason. Luckily, when he fucked her pussy, her juices lubricated his cock to give it easier to enter her ass. Donna was a little stunned at first, but then started to enjoy the feeling. Ricky gave started to pump his cock in and out of her ass, very slowly at first to get her used to it, then as he went on he went faster and faster. Donna, who had very little experience with anal sex, was enjoying this new sensation and began moaning louder than ever before.

“You like that you little corporate slut?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“You want me to go harder?”


“Beg me to give it to you harder.”

“Oh, please, I beg you, fuck my little ass harder.”

He did as she asked and just started pounding his cock into her ass. He was grabbing both of her butt cheeks as he was giving it to her has hard and fast as he could. He got a look at her face when she looked back at him; she looked like she was in serious pain but at the same time enjoyed the pain. The sensation was getting to him as well; he can feel himself slowly lose control of his cock and knew he was going to blow any second now. Donna somehow knew it was going to happen and told him to just shoot his cum up her ass. He kept going, trying to make it last as long as it can. But after a few minutes he couldn’t hold it any longer and just shot his cum straight into her ass.

He pulled himself out of her and she stood back up. They both got dressed and Donna sat back down in her chair and pulled out some paperwork from her desk.

“So that was pretty awesome,” Ricky said trying to make small talk.

“Ricky, do you want to keep fucking me once a month?” Donna asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Then from now on when we finish fucking just get dressed and get the hell out of here.”

“Ok then,” he said.

He walked out the door and went back down the elevator.


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