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I drove home that night in a dream. My pussy was sore, my arse even worse, but even then I could have took another fucking. With every turn, every foot on the break I felt his glorious hot, white cum squirt out of my arse. By the time I got home my skirt was sodden with his juice, my car sear stained and damp. I mentally reminded myself to buy a car air freshener, all I could smell was horny sex. As fantastic as that was to my sense of smell, a traffic policeman might not be so impressed should I be stopped.

I got out of the car and limped into the house. I stripped off the minute I was inside and after a quick taste of the wet patch on my skirt and panties; I threw them in the washing machine. Sperm has to ability to bleach certain fabrics and I didn’t want to ruin my favourite skirt. I might be a naughty girl but I like to look after my clothes.

That night all I could think of was Jack. I loved sex, nothing felt better, but also I needed it — and often. The fact that Jack was such a great lover just made me even more of a nymphomaniac. I have scared off more than one man in the past with my ‘unreasonable requests’. One even said I was intimidating, so to find a man on a wave- length was a real find, he made me feel innocent and girlish – fuck! That in itself is so horny to me. I hate feeling dominant to men, to me it’s unnatural, I want to feel like a woman, and for me that means a submissive role.

I drank a bottle of wine, took a shower and made something to eat for dinner. The food went unnoticed, the wine somewhat more enjoyable. As I drank I remembered the days events and felt my pussy twitch and start to get wet. I groaned as I removed another pair of clean briefs, the second of the day. Being around Jack, even thinking about him got my pussy juicy.

I sat back on the sofa and slipped my hand between my legs. As I touched myself, a gush a clear fluid trickled down my legs. I moaned and stroked myself faster, making little circles on my clitoris. My mind filled with the events of the day, of watching the video of Jack’s big beautiful cock ramming into my arse, seeing his hands spreading my cheeks to give him a better view, ripping my knickers to one side — not even taking them off. Of him cumming — fucking deep, hard, violently, oh fuck!!! I came again, shuddering, tremors of desire ripped through me.

My poor clitoris was battered, worn out, sensitive beyond belief, but happy. I sank back into the cushions and sucked my fingers clean; I thought I could still taste some of Jack’s sperm — yum!

As bursa escort I sat and finished the wine I thought of the throwaway comment Jack had made that day. ‘Can I pee on you?’ He asked with a laugh.

He didn’t pursue it so maybe he was joking. But what if he was serious? I had never done that before, it had never really crossed my mind one way or the other. Not much freaks me out, I’m up for most things consenting adults do. The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. Plus, with Jack I needed to push the boundaries little by little.

A few weeks passed by, we had sex many times, in many situations and positions. It was always completely amazing. One day after throwing a few shots of absinthe down we started to get a little wild. We were both slightly drunk, very horny and feeling naughty. We had looked at porn, masturbated each other, fucked hard and both cum once. The day was still young and I knew we would fuck again, the way we both loved — up the arse.

By four we were too horny and wasted to carry on. Luckily, this day most shops close half day so we locked up retired to my office. I straddled his lap and put my arms around his neck, kissing and licking his chest. I pulled off his shirt and ran my fingers over his bronzed torso, kissing and licking my way over his tattoos, teeth tugging on his nipple ring. My juicy pussy ground against his hard-on, skirt around my upper thighs. With a sigh I pulled my vest top over my head and threw it to one side. Jack unfastened my bra allowing my breasts to spring free and one by one sucked on my nipples, giving each one equal attention until I squealed.

My pussy was on fire, I needed to be fucked — and fucked hard. Jacks cock was always ram rod ready, hard and hot, God how I needed him in me. How I needed his fantastic maleness ramming my wet hole, pummelling my arse till it hurt. I knew he wouldn’t disappoint.

We pushed the chairs out of the way and I got down on all fours for him. He spread my arse cheeks wide and licked my most sensitive parts clean of juice, lapping on my clit and up to my arse hole. With his fingers he rubbed some of my cum and rubbed it into my bottom, lubricating me in readiness for his cock. I almost purred and pushed my arse towards him, willing him to penetrate me. With a groan he pushed his thumb into my waiting hole and fucked me in slow spiral movements, the warmth of my rectum sucking him in willingly, begging for more.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. I slowly rocked my arse backwards and forwards onto his hand, bursa escort bayan my pussy getting wetter by the minute, also wanting his naughty attention. But his other hand was busy tweaking my nipples, pulling on the tender pink flesh. I started to fantasise that another man was there too, I wanted to suck on cock while Jack fucked my arse and fingered my pussy, the other man playing with my breasts as I took him in my mouth. I had to control myself and cast the thought from my mind, I didn’t want to cum too soon.

I was horny as hell. Although I wanted to prolong the act, I needed his cock, I had to feel it hurt me, sting and split me, feel his hot cum erupt in my bowels. I whimpered a little, pushed my arse harder on his hand. Jack took his cue, knew how desperate I was and rubbed the slippery wet head of his cock in my pussy and arse hole. I dropped my head to the floor, raising my bottom for him, exposing myself — wet and glistening, ready and willing.

Holding his cock, Jack pushed the head into my pulsing arse. We never used lubrication, just our own spit and juice. I liked it that way, I wanted to feel how big and hard he was in me. And anyway, he was dripping so much pre-cum, who needed it! I gave a little squeal as he entered, my hips bucking involuntarily away. Jack grabbed my pelvis and pulled me on, slowly pushing down the length of his hard-on until he was all the way in.

My sphincter relaxed now and I gasped in relief, it felt so fucking good. And now all the way in Jack started to fuck me hard and rhythmically, pounding me with his perfect cock. One hand pushed my head into the carpet, the other finger fucked my hot, wet pussy. I rocked back and to on his cock controlling the speed and the depth, taking it fast then slow, shallow then down to the balls. Gradually building up the speed until I was fucking my arse furiously on his cock while he masturbated my pussy.

The office was hot, the skin was coming off my knees and elbows, my arse hole felt like it was ripping in two, and Jack still kept fucking me hard. ‘Oh my God!’ I screamed. ‘Fuck — ing — hell!!’ I Gasped. ‘Fuck me really deep!’

I was screaming and laughing, squealing and whimpering. I hoped nobody outside the store could hear me, but I couldn’t stop crying out — very loudly. I was past the point of caring though and if someone had walked in the office at that moment I don’t honestly think I would have stopped. Underneath the screaming was the ever present, rhythmic sound of squelching pussy and arse getting the pounding of all poundings, escort bursa the delicious aroma of sex in the air.

With a groan, Jack came hard in my arse. I could feel the hot sperm shoot into my bowels, his cock throb and pulsate as it shot its wonderful load into my ravished, raw bottom. I collapsed totally exhausted onto the floor, arse still in the air. Jack separated my buttocks to see his cum seeping from my hole and gently rubbed it in. He kissed my cheeks lovingly then give me a playful slap before dropping back himself totally spent. We kissed each other and laughed before trying to stand on shaky legs.

We cleaned up and spent fifteen minutes or so cuddling and chatting in the dim confines of the office. As good as I felt, I still felt slightly naughty, I didn’t want the day to end. I stood up and went to walk from the room. ‘Where are you going?’ Jack smiled grabbing my hand.

‘I got to pee.’ I smiled back trying to shake free his grip.

‘Can I come with you?’ He asked laughingly.

‘What for?’ I laughed back.

‘I want to watch you.’ He grinned cheekily.

I thought for a second, ‘Yes ok.’ I grinned back.

Together we raced hand in hand into the toilet, we were laughing and to be honest I felt a little horny at the thought. I pulled up my skirt and squatted on the toilet seat, Jack kissed me passionately and started to rub gently on my pussy. ‘Are you sure about this?’ I asked nervously.

‘Yes, go on.’ He said kissing me again.

‘Really, really sure?’ I asked looking for his expression. I was worried I’d pee on him and he’d freak out and say he was joking.

‘Really, really sure. Please darling?’ He replied still stroking my wet pussy.

‘Ok,’ I said. ‘If you’re sure.’

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him as he massaged my clit and pussy, I relaxed my muscles and after a little while and a touch of shy bladder, I managed to express a little pee onto his waiting hand. Jack gasped and rubbed me gently under the flow of urine, smearing the hot wet fluid onto my sensitive areas all the time kissing me and pushing his tongue into my mouth.

If you’ve never tried it — maybe you should. I was surprised just how good it felt. It was such an intimate thing to do with someone, a total trust thing, probably one of the most private things you can do with another human being, and yet so fucking naughty! I’ve probably never felt closer to anyone as I did then.

I apologised for the pathetic amount of pee my bashful bladder had managed to produce. Promised I would try harder next time, but for now we were both satisfied and happy. I drove home like most nights we made love, in a total state of awe for this amazing guy. Who knows what tomorrow would bring?

Love Veronicaxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32