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They were as alike as peas in a pod, yet as different as night and day. They worked at the same bank, in the same small town. They were both divorced and each had a son to show for the effort. Neecie’s son was eight, and Nora’s was seven. Both struggled to make ends meet and often had to resort to legal means to collect the child support due.


Their differences were more pronounced. Neecie Parker was small-five-feet-two, and always dressed to the nines. Voluptuous for her size, her B-cup breasts were always the center of her outfit, displaying cleavage that sometimes pushed the bank’s dress code. Her African lineage had met with a lighter-skinned ancestor, so that her skin was a gorgeous light tan that shone in any light. Her makeup was always flawless, and she exuded a sultry air that left a man feeling like he only had to push one button and Neecie would give him the fucking of his life. Friends with everyone, she had been the Homecoming Queen at the local high school. Her husband had been a womanizer, even when they were dating, and she never regretted leaving him.

Nora O’Conner was quite the opposite. A shining example of her Irish heritage, she had pale skin, red hair, and green eyes. Somewhere along the line, a Scandinavian gene must have entered her DNA, because she was tall-five-feet-eight in her bare feet and had a perfect hourglass figure. 36DD breasts, coupled with well-rounded hips, and long shapely legs gave her an elegant, stately bearing that showed itself rarely. Baggy clothes, flat bottomed shoes, and an unflattering hairdo kept the secret of her sexy body hidden. Her husband had been a drunk, and she feared him.

Their differences aside, they had one more thing in common. They were good friends, often shopping or eating out together. What people in the small town did not know was that they were lovers. Knowing the repercussions of a Lesbian affair in a small town, they confined their lovemaking sessions to “shopping trips” out of town.

Finally, they had managed to schedule a four-day mini-vacation together from the bank. Picking Neecie up at her house well after eight o’clock, Nora was ready to get out of town for a much-needed break. She had packed plenty of clothes, even though they were going to a small cabin on a lake about three hours away. Neecie came out and threw an overnight bag into the back of the SUV and jumped in the passenger seat.

“That’s all you’re taking?” asked Nora, as she pulled back onto the highway.

“Yep. I don’t intend to wear a lot of clothes while I’m eating that pussy of yours,” answered Neecie, as she leaned over and kissed Nora fully and passionately. It was then that Nora realized what her friend was wearing. A stretchy white halter and shorts that went way beyond short, coupled with flip-flops, made up her outfit.

Smiling, Nora secretly approved, noticing that Neecie’s nipples were already trying to poke holes in the fabric of the halter. She felt a tingle in her loins, and concentrated on the road. When she looked back at Neecie, the bronze vixen had her shorts off and her thong pushed aside so that she could get her finger in her already freshly-shaved cunt. Sitting with both feet on the dash, she had her legs spread wide and her sexy aroma began filling the car.

“Damn Neecie! What if we get pulled over or something?” asked Nora, feigning concern.

“I’ll just let Mr. Trooper smell my finger and while I distract him, you can tie his hands, and we’ll get away-just like Thelma and Louise!” she replied, as she withdrew her finger from her pussy and placed it at Nora’s lips.

Nora inhaled Neecie’s scent and licked her finger like a lollipop. “You’re such a slut! Don’t you ever think of anything but sex?” asked Nora, as she sucked Neecie’s finger completely into her mouth.

“Not when we’re together away from work. You’re so damn sexy, I just can’t help myself-not that I want to!” said Neecie, as she reinserted her finger into her pussy, stroking lazily and humming to herself.

Neecie alone knew what a powerfully sexy body Nora possessed. Breasts that stood proudly on her chest were tipped with succulent, pink, extremely sensitive nipples. Nora’s waist was exceptionally small for her stature, and her hips curved gracefully into long legs that were muscular, yet sexy.

Their destination was a secluded lake near a mid-sized city. They had made no definite plans together, but Neecie had made some on her own. After leaving the four lane, they turned onto a gravel road, and finally arrived at the front door of the cabin. Neecie had dozed off and was still groggy when Nora parked and started to get out.

Together, they quickly unloaded the car and got everything put inside. The bedroom overlooked the lake, with a floor-to-ceiling window that extended across the room. After pulling back the curtains, they were enchanted by the view. A full moon illuminated the water, and Neecie took the opportunity to hug Nora, saying, “I’m so tired. Let’s get to bed and sleep late tomorrow.”

“Fine illegal bahis with me,” said Nora, as she began to unpack.

“Don’t worry about that. We have plenty of time.” said Neecie, as she stripped off her halter, shorts, and thong, and climbing onto the king-sized bed. By the time Nora had finished in the bathroom, Neecie was asleep.

Climbing in gently, Nora snuggled to her partner’s body and drifted off. When she awoke, the sun was streaming in the big window, flooding the room with a radiant, warming light. Getting up to close the curtain, Nora noticed Neecie’s absence. Looking out on the deck, she saw her lying on her back on a lounge chair, soaking up the morning sun. Not surprisingly, Neecie was completely nude.

Nora stepped outside and said quietly, “You think someone might see you? I mean, after all, we’re near a city,” said Nora as she bent down to deliver her first morning kiss.

“I booked this cabin specifically for its privacy. The only people that can see us will be on the lake and we can get inside if that becomes a problem,” answered Neecie, as she stood to embrace Nora’s still clothed body. “That said, I think you need to get naked!”

Pulling Nora’s baggy sleep pants down suddenly, she grabbed the hem of the matching top and yanked it up, exposing Nora’s body to the morning sun.

“Are you fucking crazy?” said Nora, as she began pulling her clothes back into place.

“Yep. Crazy about you,” replied Neecie, as she captured a succulent pink nipple in her lips and began giving it a loving, lingering, demanding kiss. Her hands roamed over Nora’s back and hips, squeezing, massaging, probing until Nora relaxed and began to breathe heavily.

“Don’t start what you don’t intend to finish, Girlfriend,” said Nora, as she held Neecie’s talented mouth to her breast.

“We might finish by Monday night,” laughed Neecie, as she switched nipples and began moving a hand between Nora’s thighs. “We need to get you wet,” she said as she knelt in front of Nora and pushed her legs apart gently.

The action caused Nora to bend her knees which thrust her pussy directly into contact with Neecie’s long tongue. “Oh, fuck, that feels good!” sighed Nora, as her lover began to work her magic. “I didn’t know morning sex could feel this good,” she exclaimed as Neecie slid her hands down to Nora’s thighs and pulled her ass forward.

It didn’t take long for Nora to grab Neecie’s head and push her face into her now steaming, slick cunt. Humping gently, she rode her first orgasm to completion and looked down at Neecie’s loving eyes. “What a way to start a vacation!” she said as she pulled Neecie up and kissed her. Their tongues dueled and Nora sucked in her own juices, only fueling her burning passion.

“Look, I’ve got a surprise for you, but I need to get you hot and ready first,” said Nora, as she explored the parts of Neecie’s voluptuous body she loved so well. Pulling her lover close and massaging her ass, Nora whispered, “I want to lick you from head to toe and then start over. Sit here on this table while I pull up a chair.”

Neecie slid onto the glass-topped table, squealing as the cold surface contacted her ass. “Damn! Look at my nipples!” she said. They had responded immediately to the temperature change and were sticking up and out further than usual. By now, Nora had her chair directly in front of Neecie’s pussy and wasted no time putting Neecie’s legs over her shoulders and getting her fingers in her lover’s honeypot. “You’re on your own with your nipples right now. I’ve got other business to attend to,” she said, as she slid first one and then two fingers into Neecie’s wet pussy.

Looking for and finding her partner’s bulbous clit, Nora used her thumb to massage the oversized pearl, making Neecie’s juices flow and causing her to slide over the table top. “Sit still bitch!” said Nora, as she crooked her finger to contact Neecie’s g-spot. Neecie screamed, and Nora continued her assault on her nerve center.

“I’m cumming!” shouted Neecie, as her world rocked for the first time that day. Nora held her hand still, and allowed her lover to calm down, then leaned in to lick the moisture from the still quivering pussy lips. Licking from bottom to top, she encountered Neecie’s clit once more, this time, kissing and licking it tenderly, as a lover should.

“Oh baby. You’re so good with your tongue. I could never get tired of being loved by you. You’ve got my number baby! Keep it right there!” said Neecie, breathlessly. She was very near the crest of an even larger orgasmic wave. Her hips were bucking against Nora’s face gently, making sure to keep her clit in contact with Nora’s talented tongue.

Suddenly, Nora jumped up and ran into the cabin. “What the fuck are you doing, you crazy bitch? I’m about to come and you leave me hanging!” screamed Neecie. Just as she was about to plunge her fingers into her steaming cunt, Nora returned and knelt between her legs, continuing to lick as if she had never left. Neecie illegal bahis siteleri quickly settled into her former rhythm, and regained her place on the climax train.

Nora licked and sucked for all she was worth, and when she felt Neecie’s hands on her head, she flattened her tongue and attacked her clit again. Every light in the universe exploded in Neecie’s head. She came like she had never come before. Her clit was on fire, and she couldn’t grind her hips into Nora’s face hard enough. Sliding one hand to her breasts, she pulled her nipple until she thought it would come off.

Still coming, she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Oh God Nora. What have you done to me? My pussy can’t take any more. No!No! Don’t move your tongue! Just hold it against my clit!” She was coming again as Nora held the pressure against Neecie’s sensitive clit and inhaled her musky aroma.

Realizing she was turned on, Nora slid a hand down to her pussy and gave herself a quick clit massage. Bringing herself to a quick climax, she finally crawled up Neecie’s stomach and on to her waiting mouth.

When their tongues met, Neecie realized what Nora had done to bring her to such an intense climax. “You sneaky hussy! When did you get your tongue pierced?” asked Neecie, as she stopped kissing and looked into Nora’s mouth, spying the silver ball atop to her tongue. “Oh, I love it! Kiss me and play with my tongue!” demanded Neecie. Nora obliged and soon the pair began their dance of passion again. Suddenly, Neecie broke their embrace, and said, “We’ve got to stop and get ready.”

“Ready for what?” asked Nora, pulling on Neecies’s nipples.

“We’ve got a spa appointment at noon,” said Neecie, as she got up and went inside. Going straight to the bathroom, she waited for Nora to shower with her. The two lusty friends lathered each other, washing each other’s hair, rubbed special spots, and finally dried each other off, laughing the entire time like two schoolgirls.

They dressed casually and left for the spa in the nearby city. Neecie was hesitant to tell Nora just what she had booked, but she smiled and kissed her lover when the questioning got too involved. Arriving at the spa’s location, Nora switched off the engine and turned to face Neecie. “OK bitch. What have you gotten me into?” she asked, feigning anger.

“We’re gonna get a massage, sweat in the steam room, get a pussy hair shave, and cool off in the hot tub,” replied Neecie, as she moved to get out of the car. Nora was OK with the spa treatment, but expressed her reservations about getting shaved.

Neecie reassured her by saying, “Look, they do this all the time. They’re not going to hurt you, and you can leave some if you want.”

Entering the spa, they were led to a dressing room, given towels, and directed to the massage area. After undressing, Neecie’s towel covered her petite body fairly well, but Nora had trouble keeping her titties and ass covered at the same time. Arriving at the massage tables, they were met by two lovely, scantily clad young women who introduced themselves as interns from the local community college.

The two tables were side by side, and after removing their towels, they lay on their stomachs as directed. Warm oil was applied to feet, calves, and thighs as the masseuses began their task in earnest. Neecie and Nora relaxed and let the interns have their way, enjoying the sensations created by strong, talented hands working out tensions. Hips, lower backs, shoulder blades and necks received their share of attention, as the girls worked their magic.

Having their clients turn over onto their backs, the interns showed they were innovative as well as very good. After applying oil to Neecie and Nora’s breasts, stomachs, and thighs, they used flat, warm stones to apply heat and pressure to the less sensitive areas. They then used more phallic-shaped stones on nipples, inner thighs, and pussies.

“Damn, that feel good!” said Neecie emphatically. “Do you girls ever get it on with your clients? I’m needing some serious massage down there,” she added, writhing her ass on the table, trying to engulf the stone with her cunt.

“No, we would be terminated, but we do private sessions,” explained one of the interns.

“That’s definitely a possibility,” moaned Nora, as she kissed Neecie’s hand that had found her breast and was performing its own massage.

“We’re about through here,” said the intern, “but I’m leaving my cell number if you want a special private session.”

Another assistant came in as the interns left and opened a cabinet on the wall. Introducing herself as Tracy, she took out a towel covered tray and sat it on a table near the ends of the massage tables. “Who wants what?” she asked, as she began preparing scissors and razors.

Neecie spoke up, saying, “I want a Brazilian wax. I don’t want her to kiss anything but skin when she eats me!”

Tracy, looking at the pair knowingly, began making preparations. Nora still wasn’t sold on the idea of canlı bahis siteleri pubic grooming, so she decided to wait. The assistant was busy getting the wax melted and told Neecie, “I need for you to lay back and spread your legs as wide as you can. I give a thorough wax job and I want my customers to be baby’s butt smooth. Maybe your ‘friend’ can test my work.”

Winking at Nora, she kept up a string of lively banter until she had finished. Neecie barely knew when the wax was removed, and Nora took the opportunity to massage warm lotion into Neecie’s newly bald skin. Applying gentle pressure, she soon had Neecie writhing on the table, and simply could not resist inserting first one and then two fingers into her lover’s hot cunt.

“Oh, you sneaky slut! I’m ready to explode and you’re toying with me. Get your tongue down there and suck my clit!” yelled Neecie, as she felt herself getting closer to orgasm.

The attendant cleared her throat, bringing the two lovers back to reality, and said, “You two are making my job extremely hard. I have to shave Nora’s bush, but you may have to help me. My knees are pretty weak right now.”

Nora still wasn’t sold on the idea, so she asked the attendant if she could save part of the red hair growing between her legs.

“Oh yes. I can leave you a ‘landing strip’ that really looks cool,” she said.

“OK. Let’s try that and see what it looks like,” said Nora, as she lay back on the table.

The attendant was efficient, and with Neecie’s help, soon had Nora a very sexy strip of hair from the top of her pussy lips and up about two inches. It was clipped thin enough so that you could see the skin beneath it, but thick enough to tickle Neecie’s nose, which she had buried in it as soon as the attendant stepped out of the way.

“I have to moisturize the area,” said the attendant. “Can’t you see I’m doing that? Here, feel how slick she is,” said Neecie, as she grabbed the attendant’s hand and placed it on Nora’s pussy lips. The attendant’s finger slid into Nora’s now gaping cunt, and she gasped.

Sliding another finger in, she slowly drew them out and then pushed them back in. “Damn girl, do it fast!” shouted Nora, as Neecie slipped a hand inside the attendant’s top and began rubbing her prominent nipples.

“Oh shit,” said the now-excited attendant. “You two are fabulous. I’m about to come and nobody’s touched my pussy yet! Uunnhh! I’m cumming! Oh, fuck!” She had increased her fingerfucking speed until Nora was about to explode.

“Fuck me, you horny bitch. I’m cumming too!” shouted Nora, as she exploded on the attendant’s hand. Neecie looked on with a smile on her face, knowing just how great Nora’s pussy was going to feel now that she was almost hairless. The attendant cleaned up and left, directing the two to the sauna.

Dropping their towels in unison, Neecie and Nora embraced as soon as they entered the steam filled cubicle. Perspiration soon covered their bodies and tits slid off each other, thighs were slick, and hands groping asses weren’t able to hold their prizes. It didn’t take long for the pair to look for the Jacuzzi so they could continue their play.

Finding it easily, they slid into the steaming water and soon were relaxing on one of the seats. Simply holding hands and enjoying the warm pulsing water, they made small talk until Neecie’s hormones took over again. She climbed onto Nora’s lap and lay her head on her shoulder, enjoying the skin contact. Nora’s breasts were floating in the water, and Neecie slid her hands under them, bringing the two sexy orbs together. She began to rub the nipples with her thumbs and soon had Nora breathing heavily.

Nora spread her legs so that Neecie was sitting between them and slipped her hand down to feel her lover’s cunt. Neecie had increased the pressure on Nora’s nipples, and they were hard as erasers, begging to be sucked. Neecie bent her head down and took a nipple between her lips as Nora slid her hand between the two wet bodies.

Inserting her middle finger in Neecie’s slick cunt, she immediately found the g-spot and rubbed it vigorously. Neecie stopped sucking and kissed Nora passionately. “Keep that up and we’ll set a record,” she said breathlessly. Nora kept up her ministrations to Neecie’s nerve center and in less than a minute, had a quivering, gasping sexy body sagging on her hand.

“Damn that was good!” said Neecie, when her breathing returned to normal. “Want me to do you now?”

“Nah, we’ll wait till later,” said Nora, as she hugged her lover. “Let’s get finished here and get something to eat.”

They exited the Jacuzzi and reentered the building. “I have two more requests,” said Neecie, as they dried each other off.

“Well, I guess you’re not going to get me in trouble, so what are they?” asked Nora, rubbing Neecie’s rubbery tits and enjoying watching them bounce back into position.

“Well, first, I want you to get a new hairdo, and then I want you to get a spray-on tan. You don’t know how sexy a tanned woman is to me. Do this and I swear I’ll make it worth your time,” replied Neecie as she pulled up her shorts and slipped into her t-shirt. “See, my nipples are getting ready!” Her inch-long nipples were trying to poke holes in the thin fabric.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32