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I got tired of overseas contracting so I decided to settle down…somewhat. I managed to get a cake job as a strength and conditioning coach for a division one college on the west coast. I hate spoiled college kids but the prime, naive pussy running around makes up for it. I was watching the rugby team practice and it took me back to my high school rugby days.

Before there was Becky and Tiffany, there was Aubrey. We were both 18 years old, but worlds apart. She was the oldest of 8 kids in her devoutly catholic family. I was an orphan and this was my second year in this school after getting bounced around orphanages and foster homes. I had a history of violence and I was naturally big and strong so I was a natural for the rugby team.

I first noticed Aubrey in homeroom but she was too busy reading or studying to pay me any attention. She was innocent, conservative, and always wore nerdy glasses. But she made the glasses look sexy as hell, even before that look was “a look”. She also always wore her sandy blonde hair in a pony tail. Our paths never crossed, but she was on the school newspaper and she was constantly assigned the rugby matches. The first match she covered she could pretend she was just there to get “just the facts” for the paper but I noticed she was watching me more than anything. She left immediately after the game.

After the second game she stuck around to get some quotes for the article and we spoke. She joined me on the bleachers as I changed out of my cleats and drank sports drink. I used my charm to make sure we chatted long after the interview was done. Soon it was dark and I started my 2 mile walk to the foster home. Aubrey showed pity on me and offered me a ride. So there we sat in her parents borrowed classic wood paneled station wagon. Rosary hanging from the rear view mirror.

Any doubt about her virginal status was erased when she calmly, but firmly informed me, “You were never in this car. My parents would KILL me if they found out I was in a car alone with a boy.”

“Well, I’ll be sure to wipe my sweat up when I leave so there is no remnant of me.”

She giggled. “You are pretty sweaty and smelly. Heck, you even have grass stains all over your body.”

I couldn’t help but notice she was looking me up and down. My rugby shorts were cut short and you could see an decent amount of my upper thigh. They almost look like 70’s style basketball shorts. My long sleeve jersey did nothing to hide my powerful stature.

I played it cool and was a perfect gentleman, saying “Thank you” and making a hasty exit when we arrived at my destination but still making sure to remove any evidence of my existence in the car.

At the third game, I noticed she was even cheering me on. After another interview, she offered me another ride home. It wasn’t until I was standing next to her at the car did I realize the difference in size. I’m 6’4, at that time only 225 lbs but that still big and powerful. She was only 5’1″ and 100 lbs. During this ride home I caught her trying to catch a glimpse of my powerful body as she drove but this time I swear her gaze stopped at the lump on my shorts.

“You should grow a beard.” She blurts out when she realizes she has been caught checking casino siteleri out what I am packing

“Excuse me?”

“You got pretty banged up today. If you grow a beard it might cover some of your scars.”

We get to my destination again and once again I am a gentleman and leave after I say “thank you”. But I notice she didn’t drive away right away. Instead she is checking out my marble like build as I walk up the sidewalk to the front door.

After the next game our now post match ritual of driving me home I break one tradition.

“Can I kiss you?”


“You heard me, you are beautiful. I want to kiss you.”

“Umm. I mean. Umm”

As she struggles to find her words, I lean in and kiss her. She is taken off guard at first but then relaxes and starts to enjoy herself. Soon we are passionately kissing. Tongues dancing in each others mouths. Her left hand holds my cheek. I want her to want more so I abruptly break our kiss, say good night and leave.

The next two games are road games so I’m not getting a ride home from her. That works to my advantage. I want her to long for my physical attention again.

The next game, after we arrive, I ask to kiss her again and she obliges. But I test the waters. I grab her tiny hips and muscle her onto straddling my lap. She doesn’t resist. Instead, I am convinced she can feel my massive cock through my rugby shorts and she starts to let nature take its course as she slowly starts to rise and lower her hips in a humping motion. Her hands still holding my face and I hold her hips. For someone that doesn’t work out she has an amazing, naturally sexy body. Tight ass, and nice large tits. I didn’t know how big though, she always kept them covered up and I didn’t want to scare her off. I kept my hands on her hips. The moment I realize she is two seconds away from cutting us off, I take the initiative.

I roll her off of me, “We need to slow down. Have a good night.” and I leave her dazed and confused.

The next game I notice a marked difference in Aubrey’s appearance. Typically she wears jeans that fit her, “just right” and a school spirit t-shirt. Tonight she is wearing a dark sundress with white buttons all the way down from her modest neckline to the hem, which goes down to her knees, and white tennis shoes with socks scrunched up at her ankles.

The game was delayed because of a freak thunderstorm So by the time the game was over it was later than usual and I am sweatier, and dirtier than usual.

Aubrey joins me on the bleachers for our post-match interview. But I have other plans.

“Not gonna lie, I can’t wait to kiss you.”

She shyly blushes, looks down and then leans in. I keep the kiss going, long and slow until I am certain she is comfortable. Then I make my move, I grab her hips and she resumes her position from the previous night, straddling me. But instead of my cock being separated from her virginal opening by denim, its just the cotton of her modest bikini cut panties.

The instant her now moist slit hits the hard bulge in my shorts she is startled and raises up, but nature takes over and she starts rising and falling against my cock. I hold her ass, rubbing gently at the edge slot oyna of her panties. She is holding and stroking my face.

I let my kisses trail from her mouth to her neck, then her breast line. She leans back and runs her hands through her hair. I release her ass and she nestles against my painfully hard cock. I slowly unbutton the top button of her dress, she doesn’t object, so I unbutton the next. Still no objection so I unbutton a third. She objects by focusing my attention on her mouth. That’s not before I start groping and squeezing at her pert small C cup tit. I find the steadily hardening nipple through her dress and bra and focus on heightening her arousal as much as possible.

I notice she will occasionally startle when she realizes her pussy is rooting against my cock so I grab her ass and pull her closer to me. Her breathing is past ragged. She sounds like she just sprinted the 40 yard dash.

“Oh fuck…” She says and forcefully breaks our kiss. She climbs off of me. “Come on. I need to get going. I’ll drive you home.”

I follow her to the car. Her hair is almost completely out of her pony tail and she keeps running her hands through her hair and she tries to catch her breath and clear her head.

She has been so flustered she didn’t notice her buttons were still unbuttoned. As we get to the car I spin her around, pin her against the car. It completely takes her breath away and she gasps. She wraps her arms around my neck but my hand manages to get between her bra and her naked tit. She feels my dirty, rough hands against her pure tit. She melts more.

She is pinned against the car and instinctively raises her leg as if to wrap it around my waist. My free hand dips down and starts unbuttoning buttons at the hem of her skirt until her leg is freed enough to wrap around my waist. I release her tit that is so hard it could cut glass and pick her up. My strength, pinning her against the car, is what keeps her elevated off the ground.

She has both legs wrapped around my waist as I untie my shorts. As soon as my ready cock springs free she releases her legs from around my waist and puts a couple of inches between us.

Her hands are on my chest, “We need to slow down. I need to be a virgin when I get married.”

I don’t listen to her. I kiss her neck as I open up the back door of the station wagon. I put a hand under each ass check and I lift her into the backseat. She sits on the seat. Before I climb in I pull my jersey off and she sees my swollen chiseled chest. See starts running her hand across my chest. As I climb into the car I start hovering over her and forcing her onto her back. Her mouth is focused on mouth and her hands are focused on my chest as I lower my shorts enough to free my cock.

I keep hovering forward until she is on her back. She keeps trying to raise up but my kisses keep pushing her onto her back. I take one of her hands and guide it to my cock. Her eyes open wildly, “Stroke it.” I tell her to try to reassure her. I run my hands up the sides of her smooth legs, hook the edge of her panties, and start to pull them down. She doesn’t raise her hips but she doesn’t stop me. Soon as they clear her hips the travel smoothly past her white tennis shoes. I drop canlı casino siteleri the panties in the floorboard.

She keeps her legs together. Until I gently grab her knee and spread her legs. I am now laying on top of the virgin, good girl, with nothing between us. She reaches foo my cock, not to stroke it, but rather to keep me from entering her. I gently grab bother her wrists and hold them above her head with one hand. My cock, the size of a summer sausage, is now being rubbed against her soaked lips.

“No, no, we can’t”

I don’t listen. I keep pushing the mushroom head into her lips.

“Really, my virginity.”

I respond by kissing her onto her back. I’ve got my cock nestled in. I start a couple slow strokes. Each stroke I get deeper. Soon I hit her maiden wall.

“PLEASE! EEEE!!” She squeals as I push through.

I couple more shoves and I am balls deep in her. I keep slow strokes until I can tell the pain has subsided. I start the long slow process of making the virgin filly cum. I pull back until only my mushroom head is being held inside of her by her tight lips. Then I shove as hard and far as possible. After a couple of strokes like this her “ouch’s” have turned into “ahh’s” and her hips are raising to meet mine. I feel her lock her legs around my waist. Inwardly I knew she was a closet whore. The sound of my balls smacking off of her innocent ass soon fills the car.

When I am satisfied she is fully involved I release her hands. I focus on freeing her tits. I release enough buttons and pull her bra down so I can suck, nibble and bite her nipples. She keeps running her hands up and down my strong back.

“The added stimulation to her nipples must have been the secret code needed to unlock her first orgasm because soon her hands are now reaching down to my muscular ass and squeezing it and coaxing me on.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Don’t stop, please don’t stop!!” She shrieks as she cums. I can feel her cunt quiver and pulse as she cums.

“My turn”. Those two words killed her buzz instantly. I see her eyes shoot open.

“NOT IN ME!!” In the oldest of 8, I’ve gotta be incredibly fertile.”

“No way I’m leaving this party now.”

I hold her hands above her head again to push as deep as possible. My cock is almost sore from hitting her cervix. Soon I feel the baby batter that has been brewing since the blue balls she left me with the first time we made out bubbling up. I push one last time. She feels the new sensation of a cock throbbing inside of her and my molten hot seed flood her womb. I collapse on top of her and stay there until I go limp.

“You should have pulled out. We shouldn’t have done that.” She says as she frantically looks for her panties as we get dressed.

She is a quiet zombie as she drives me to the home. She lets me kiss her cheek as I leave the car. Then again my parting words were cold, “That was fucking fantastic, we need to do that again.”

I guess she never found her panties. Because between her disheveled look, breaking curfew, and her mom finding the panties, her parents figured out she wasn’t pure anymore. They shipped her off to a girls school, I was forced to move schools in another state and that’s where I met Becky and Tiffany.

Not long after I snap back into the now I I see my next two targets, Cara and Brianna walking across the sports complex. They are snooty bitches and I have a plan for them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32