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Tommy looked up, suddenly aware of a presence in front of him. He was still strapped to the slender punishment frame, although the young nurses had finished liberally applying unguents and liquids to his bottom and legs.

Somehow, his tight confinement to the frame had seemed to give him comfort, some stability perhaps. He had seemed to be able to relax as the gentle hands of the nurses had thoroughly covered every inch of his tortured flesh. They had been careful in their handling of him… and although still in terrible pain, he was able to contain the hurt and compartmentalise it within his anguished realisation, that for the time being, it was over.

Now as he looked forward and focussed, he saw that the Prison Governor and Miss Hope were standing in front of him. He could also see, that standing to the side of them, was Mrs Varna.

Governor Sumalie looked kindly at him as she spoke. Her voice was soft and gentle.

“Tommy, are you fully aware of your surroundings and who we are?”

Tommy was surprised that his voice was steady as he answered her. “Yes, erm, Ma’am.”

Atikah knew that the boy had probably heard her warders address her as such and realised that the boy was indeed fully lucid.

“Well Tommy, you are due to be released from the frame in another few minutes. But I want to ask you a question. It is important for you to fully understand it. Miss Hope will make sure that you are not pressured into giving an answer immediately, if you feel that you would like some time to consider it. Do you understand me?”

Tommy looked at her kindly expression and then towards Miss Hope and Mrs Varna. He could see that they were both looking at him intently.

“Yes erm… Ma’am. I understand.” He could feel a sudden surge of self-pity well up inside him as he looked at the concerned expressions on their faces. He quickly quelled his emotions as the Governor spoke again.

“Mrs Varna has a custodial order for you to be held for one week. But she has offered you a choice of where you will be held.

If you are to be held here at the prison, I am afraid that you will be confined to a cell for, more or less, the whole period of your confinement.

However, Mrs Varna has offered that you may be confined at her house, where she will take care of your wounds and feed and house you for the custodial period. Miss Hope, your solicitor, has heard the terms and will advise you quickly before you need to answer.”

Tommy looked towards Miss Hope, his face blushing in embarrassment at the thought of what she had done to him while he was being lashed with the strap.

Miss Hope was now dressed in a white cotton tunic. Her hair was pulled back into a neat chignon and her face looked freshly made up. He could see that her legs were bare below the short hem of the tunic as she moved to stand nearer to him. She briefly placed her hand upon his cheek as she addressed him.

“Tommy, listen to me. Mrs Varna has assured me that if you accept her offer of custody within her household. This will take the form of a house arrest. She will have your wounds taken care of and she will assure your wellbeing. You will also be able to move around her house and grounds when you are sufficiently recovered. On Tuesday, one week today, you will be returned here for the administration of the second half of your punishment.

I am advising you to accept her offer. She has arranged with my office that I can visit you each day… and if you have any problems, that you will be able to voice them to me in private. Once you have made your decision, you will under the authority of Mrs Varna until you are returned here.

She has assured me that she does not wish you any harm… erm…” Francis blushed as she voiced the dichotomy… “other than the completion of your punishment.

Your car had been garaged here at the prison, along with your personal belongings, which will be returned to you after you have completed your punishment.”

She touched his cheek again as she saw that his face had become bright red each time that she had mentioned his further punishment.

“The only proviso is that you will be obedient and accept your treatment. You would have to accept the very same thing of course, should you wish to remain in your cell here at the prison.

You can have the ten minutes before you are released to make up your mind.”

Tommy was suddenly far more aware of his nakedness as they moved away from him and out of the tiled punishment room.

It seemed such an odd state of affairs to him, as he thought of what had been said. Mrs Varna was to have him wickedly and painfully strapped and yet she was to look after him and care for him while he awaited his corporal punishment.

He could not imagine what it would be like to be cared for by Mrs Varna, although he knew that he did not relish the thought of being held in his cell for a whole week. He decided that any prospect of avoiding that would be preferable.


It was casino şirketleri three hours later that he was aware of the crunching sound of soft gravel under the tyres of the prison van as it entered the large private grounds of Mrs Varna’s home.

He was laid, full length and face down, upon a hospital gurney. The wheels of the gurney had been folded underneath as it had been slid it into the back of the van. He was naked, save for a sheet, which had been placed over his calves. His thighs and bottom had been left with no covering.

A metal grill separated the driver and her companion from the rear of the van. The guards had not spoken to him during the half-hour journey to the home of Mrs Varna.

As the van stopped, he was aware of the rear doors being opened and the sound of the sprung legs of gurney extending. Tommy had been laid, with his head placed to the side, upon a firm pillow. He had not been restrained and his arms were laid to each side of his naked body.

He was aware of several female voices as the gurney was wheeled into a cool interior. He could see the ornate opulence of a tastefully furnished room, its windows covered with jalousies as the gurney was trundled on through several doorways into what Tommy thought was a cool shaded bedroom.

One of the prison guards came into his view as the gurney was pushed against the side of a narrow bed. He looked at her and suddenly blushed as he realised that it was the girl that had administered his beating.

Mika Tan, smiled at him as she realised that the boy was embarrassed by her presence. Her voice was cool, but slightly amused as she spoke to him. “Just try and kneel up and shuffle over onto the bed.”

Tommy knelt and turned his head to his left. The bed was at the same height as the gurney. The bed was standing freely in the centre of the room. It was a deep oblong of firm mattress. It was probably seven feet long, but barely three feet wide. A single white sheet covered the bed with a slim pillow at the far end. There was no headboard or visible frame supporting the mattress other than a monolithic block, which held the bed at its height of three feet. The block was well recessed beneath the mattress.

He could see that the room was finished in an extremely modern style. The walls were made up of smooth, white built-in wardrobes; the recessed opening mechanisms gave no hint as to what lay behind.

There was a wide opening to his right, which led to a white tiled bathroom corridor. Tommy could not see beyond the entrance to the bathroom as the corridor turned sharply to the right.

He blushed as he suddenly realised that his penis and testicles were on view to the guards while he knelt and shuffled off the gurney onto the cool sheet of the bed.

“Please lay back down and stay where you are until someone comes to attend to you. Do you need to go to the toilet?”

“Erm… no, erm Miss.”

Tommy muttered in his embarrassment as he lay down upon sheet. The smooth cotton, at once, reminded him of his nakedness as he tried to make sure that his penis lay under his tummy rather than be exposed between his legs. He tried to be as subtle as possible, hoping that the guards would not see him, as scooped his penis upwards with the palm of his hand, laying flat in the same instance. He winced as he placed his legs as close together as he dare without rubbing the tender flesh between his thighs.

He was aware of the knowing look of the young girl. She bent her head close to him and smiled. “Are you comfortable now?”

Tommy blushed and closed his eyes in confusion as Mika Tan placed her hand gently upon his shoulder.

“Place your arms at you sides. You wouldn’t want Mrs Varna catching you playing with yourself, especially after all that you have been through, now would you?”

Tommy blushed profusely in utter embarrassment as the girl gently slid her hand down his back and touched the tender flesh of his bottom. Her fingers were gentle, causing him embarrassment rather than hurt, as she felt the ridges upon his flesh.

He shivered as he felt both of her hands slip between the walls of undamaged flesh between the cheeks of his bottom. He felt her stretch the flesh apart as she spoke nonchalantly to him.

“You are quite clear of marks between your cheeks.”

Her delicate fingers delved deeper as he shuddered in an acute manifestation of embarrassment.

“Yes you are quite clear. Let’s hope that Mrs Varna is able to get your little bottom ready for your next session. I shall be administering your punishment, so I would try and make sure that you do everything she asks to make sure that your chubby little bottom is all better. Or would you like me to kiss it better for you. Little boys always seemed to like it when Mummy kisses it better.”

Tommy could hardy draw breath such was his shame as the young prison guard, bent forward and gently kissed his bottom. He could not help trying to raise his head from the slender pillow to look at her as casino firmalari she stood beside the bed.

“There, did that make it better, little bare Tommy! I should think that you will be showing your striped little bottom and legs for quite a while.”

Mika stood up and smiled at her friend. “Bye Tommy, I’ll see you again next week. Now, don’t forget what I have said. Don’t you dare touch that little Willy of yours… you are in enough trouble already!”

She could see that the boy was blushing from head to foot as she reluctantly beckoned to the other guard and they wheeled the gurney out of the room.

Tommy lay quietly. His embarrassment was profound as he shivered at his thoughts of the past few hours. To have to face another punishment of such pain and intensity was beyond his comprehension.

His buttocks and legs seemed so delicate, that the thought of them even being touched made him shiver in dread. Yet, he had survived it. If he could endure the same thing again, it would be over. He would be free of this dreadful mess. He lay


Funnily, he did not think about the indignity of the innocent being punished. Instead he thought of the incredible sensations that had been wrung from his young body; as first, he had been made to ejaculate by the young doctor, aided by the young nurses and the prison governor – and then, even through the pain of his strapping, his sexual feelings had been profoundly plundered.

His semen had been extracted and wrenched from his body in an exquisite and torturous explosion of emotion. He could visualise the pretty face of the young and demure solicitor as she had looked into his eyes, monitoring his facial expression as she deftly brought him to a climax.


Aini and Aisah were both naked. Their young and petite bodies glistened from the steam that pervaded the mansion-sized bathroom. Their mistress stood in the sunken bath, her legs spread apart as their delicate hands and slender fingers busied themselves between her legs. Her lush body was bathed in a patina of elegant oils, which the girls were applying sensuously and methodically to her smooth golden-sienna skin.

Shareema, looked at her two maids with a sense of pleasure and pride. She had chosen them carefully and expertly from the many young girls whom she had exhaustively interviewed.

Both Aini and Aisah had proved to be completely natural and willing consorts to her demanding and exciting sexual and sensuous needs. It would be true to say that, over the four years that they had served Shareema Varna, they had grown to love and cherish her. She had been generous and kind and had taken them from the austerity of their somewhat impoverished existence to a luxurious and fulfilling lifestyle.

Both girls worked hard within the Varna household. They had become adept at catering to the varied visitors and sophisticated friends of the Varna family and had become the perfect housemaids.

The girls’ other attributes and skills were a well-kept secret between them and Shareema Varna. Fortunately, Mr Varna spent so much of his time away from the household, that Shareema was able to enjoy the clandestine pleasures of her two maids to the full.

Aini and Aisah had become expert and inventive in the many sexual proclivities that they enjoyed, almost on a daily basis, with Shareema. Nothing seemed to shock them and they seemed delighted to experiment and explore.

Before they had been required to bathe and oil Shareema’s lustrous body, she had had them both bend over. In turn, she had penetrated their tiny bottoms, her fingers pushing deep within them. She had ignored their gasps as she used two fingers to penetrate their tiny sphincters. Their musical giggles of laughter delighted her as she had instructed them.

“Now take note of exactly where my fingertips are. This is where you will find a boy’s prostate gland. Feel how I press and stroke inside you. Well that is what you will be doing… as well as lots of other things. Now which one of you wants to be first over my knees to have their bottom spanked?”

Both girls raised their voices giggling and laughing as they helped Shareema from the bath.

“Me please Madam!”

“No… no, it was Aini last time, this time it is my turn.” Aisah was giggling deliciously as she protested.

Shareema could not help smiling as she pulled up an ornate hard-backed chair from the dressing table. She slipped her hand between Aisah’s legs and, lifting her up, placed her petite young body face down across her beautifully toned thighs.

“You know that you going to be in tears before very long don’t you Aisah!”

“Oh yes Madam. Aini will have to comfort me Madam!”

Sahreema smiled as she reached out her hand towards Aini and took the proffered hairbrush.


Tommy awoke. He had not realised how tired he had become with the rigours and emotional turmoil of his punishment. He opened his eyes and could see that a small table güvenilir casino had been placed to his right. There was a water jug and glass upon the surface. He raised himself upon his elbows and poured water into the glass. He drank steadily, realising that the water had been flavoured with lemon.

He replaced the glass and rested his head upon his hands as he wondered what was to happen to him. He presumed that his movements had been heard as footsteps approached the room.

He looked around as two pretty Malay girls approached his bed. They were both dressed in short simple white tunics. Their legs were bare almost to the hip. Tommy felt himself blush when the girls smiled at him. He realised that they had noticed him staring at their pretty legs.

Both of the girls were carrying bolsters. One of the bolsters was round and about a foot in diameter. It was covered in a white cotton cloth. The second girl was carrying a triangular bolster. It was about two feet from the foot of the broad base to the rounded top. She stood it on the floor and spoke to him. Her voice was soft and gentle.

“We are here to start your treatment. Will you please kneel up on the bed?” Tommy realised that they spoke perfect English. For some reason this seemed to embarrass him even more.

Tommy blushed, but obeyed her. It was probably his period of inactivity that had prompted his sudden alacrity. He tried to keep his legs together as he raised his naked body to a kneeling position. His head hung down towards the pillow as he tried to hide his embarrassment. He could feel the round bolster being slipped under him.

“Please lie back down.” He obeyed feeling the firm bolster supporting his hips, keeping his bottom raised into the air. He shivered as he felt the first gentle touch of their hands upon his body.

Each girl had taken a hold of his ankles and he felt them move his legs until they were spread as wide as the bed would allow. He was acutely aware that his penis and testicles were hanging down between his legs to the rear of the bolster and that they would be clearly visible to the young girls.

He could feel his face burning as the girls moved to the bathroom corridor and disappeared from his view.

It was several moments later that they returned. One was carrying a tray filled with jars and tubes. The other girl was wheeling a small trolley, which was similarly filled with jars as well as a bowl and a pile of cloths.

Aini and Aisah moved to the rear of the bed. They were able to observe him at their leisure as they moved out of his view. They spoke to each other in Malay as they began to open several of the jars.

“He is quite beautiful isn’t he.” Aini spoke to her friend as she looked over the naked boy. His skin is perfect and his face and body are beautiful.”

Aisah smiled at Aini. “I like boys that are timid. Did you see how deeply he blushed when he saw us? Look at his nice long penis… and see how swollen his testes are. His bottom and legs look so sore, we will have to be very gentle with him.”

Aini giggled as she spoke. “Madam says that we can make his penis stiff, but he is not allowed to cum. We will really have to be careful with him: he doesn’t look very experienced at all, does he. In fact, he looks quite innocent.”

Aini spoke to Tommy in English; she felt him shiver as she placed her hand upon the small of his back.

“We are going to put a light spray of liquid on your bottom and your legs, before we begin to erm… touch you. It has a mild topical anaesthetic in it, which will make you more comfortable. I am just going to cover your penis and testicles so that we don’t get any of it on you just there.”

She could see the boy blush again as he tried to turn his head to look at them.

“Stretch your arms forward and lay still while we treat you. You have to be a good boy. Mrs Varna has instructed that you should obey us.”

Tommy suddenly shivered as he felt a delicate fingers wrap around the shaft of his penis. His body quaked abruptly in embarrassment as he felt his testicles being lifted. He blushed profusely as his penis and testicles were pulled back and wrapped in a soft cloth.

The girls sounded quite nonchalant as they went about their task. “There, bare Tommy, you are all nicely wrapped up.”

Tommy blushed once more as he felt a light spray of liquid begin to fall upon his skin. Initially it seemed to sting his flesh and then abruptly he felt some of the smarting of his skin magically disappear. He did not feel the second layer of liquid being sprayed upon his legs and bottom although he could hear the sound of the atomiser as girls covered every inch of his welted flesh.

The next sensation was one of absolute bliss. He could feel his flesh being carefully massaged. Hands seemed to be everywhere as his legs and bottom were firmly impregnated with healing oils and ointments.

Tommy could hear the girls giggling and talking in Malay as the kneading of his bottom and legs became firmer and deeper. He blushed to a bright red, as suddenly their hands smoothed a wide path between the cheeks of his bottom. They started from the small of his back and seemed to plunge one after the other, deep into the crevice between the cheeks of his tender buttocks.

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