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I’m here, sitting alone in sauna 6 of the local bath house with a towel wrapped around my waist and nothing else covering me. It is quite hot in here but also I’m nervous because this is my first time here. Part of me wants to leave but I feel frozen to the bench I’m sitting on.

Let me tell you how I got here. And, for that matter what “here” actually means. I’m a straight guy with a deep-seated interest in having sex with another man. Specifically, I’m here to checkout the place if anybody asks. But really I came here with high hopes that I’ll be on my knees sucking down a large cock and the cream that goes with it if I do the job right.

I heard about this place on the Internet. Guys post messages at my favorite cruising site all the time about coming here and easily meeting other like-minded guys for some homosexual and group fun.

It’s a little nerve-wracking to sit here and wonder what’s in store for me during my visit over the next eight hours. Eight hours is the amount of time this club lets members party at any one visit. Party is an interesting description. There is a workout room and lap pool so they can get away as a legitimate men only fitness facility. But then there are private rooms and hallway lockers because management encourages members and guests to wear towels only.

The door opens and I’m feeling my heart race. Two cajoling men walk-in and one sees me and says “oh excuse us, we thought this was empty.”

“Would you like for me to leave,” I offer.

The other man says “not in the least,” and he steps closer to me. I can feel his eyes travel over me and I try to sit up straight to make a good impression. He appears the elder of the two men and in my opinion his full head of dark hair and piercing blue eyes make him very attractive. I scan over his body too noting a sculpted physique above and below his towel.

“I’m Frank,” he says and extends a hand.

I shake hands with him and say “I’m, uh, Bob.” He smiles and I say “I’m nervous. It’s my first time here.”

“Hi Bob, I’m Jeff,” said the other guy. He looked twenty years younger than me, sporting a hard toned body and green eyes.

“You guys are really attractive,” I said.

“Thank you,” their replies came out practically in unison. “Are you a couple?”

They laughed and looked at each other, “we’re friends” said Jeff, “not a couple. His partner is on a business trip.”

“Do you mind if we sit with you Bob?” asked Frank as he moved to sit on the wooden bench on my left. I nodded and stammered out an affirmation but otherwise felt speechless. “Relax,” offered Jeff, “we’re just going to sit with you. We won’t do anything you don’t beg for,” they laughed. “But we hope you do beg for us,” said Frank and he winked at me when I looked at him.

Jeff sat down on one bench below us, in a space that put him between Frank and I. He sat facing us with one foot in the same areas as our’s and his other foot on his bench. With his leg up like that his towel loosened and I could see his inner thighs.

As I stared at his legs and wondered about what lay under the towel, I felt my own equipment rise.

“Tell us Bob, what have you heard about our club?” asked Frank.

I turned and saw Frank lean against the bench behind us. His towel was tented. “It’s for men only who enjoy the company of other men.”

“That’s what the ad says,” he laughed.

“I also heard that if a guy wants to suck cock, it’s discrete here,” I whispered.

Frank touched my left arm and said “is that what you came here for Bob? Do you want to suck cock?” he asked gently.


“Have you sucked cock before?” again his tone was gentle and I felt safe telling him the truth.

“No. I haven’t sucked a real cock before, but I’ve practiced on a dildo made from a porn actor’s big cock.”

“How big is it?” asked Jeff. His towel opened further as he shifted toward me and I could now see the prize that lay underneath. It was erect and pointing right at me.

“It’s eight and a half inches,” I said. “It’s life-like, with a hard crown ridge and veins running down the shaft.”

“Nice,” said Jeff and he smiled. “Sounds like you know it intimately,” said Frank. I looked at Frank and felt a rush of adrenalin spread over me. His acknowledgement of my secret activities was positive and I felt like this was going somewhere and they wanted to hear more. “I can deep-throat it with ease,” I said. “I love kissing illegal bahis it and sucking it and getting it wet with my mouth and then feeling it glide down my throat as I swallow it to the base. It’s a total rush,” I said.

“Wow,” said Frank. “I’d love to feel you do that to me.

“So would I,” followed Jeff.

Their acknowledgement of my admission fed my confidence and it was then that I decided that these were the men I wanted to blow first.

“How would we start? Do we need a room or just start here?”

Jeff dropped his towel and I took in the view, more to the point, the view of his large and hard cock. It was thicker and longer than mine and it pointed outward at a slight upward angle.

“I like feeling eager fingers unravel my towel and a warm wet mouth seize the prize I have between my legs,” said Frank. I looked over at Frank again. His towel was clearly bulging.

“I need to stand for a moment, I feel stiff and this bench is too hard on my ass.”

They didn’t seem to object and so I stood and stretched and my towel dropped as I reached above me and arched my back. It felt so good to stand again and to stretch my legs. Something else felt incredibly good all of a sudden. In a flash it seems Jeff couldn’t help himself and was now sucking my cock.

I looked down to see his lips seal along my shaft and then he moved his head move back and forth. I muttered “wow” as I felt at a loss for words. His eagerness took me by surprise. In all the time I spent mentally training for coming here, it never occurred to me that I would be sucked before I sucked.

I grew harder as Jeff’s head bobbed back and forth over my cock. He placed his hands on the back of my thighs and swallowed my cock to the base. The feeling was incredible and soon I couldn’t help myself. I put my hands on his head and started combing his short hair with my fingers. When he swallowed my whole cock to the base again, I throbbed in his throat and we moaned together. After that he withdrew and said to Frank, “Damn he tastes really good.”

Jeff resumed his mouth work on my dick and I looked at Frank and noticed his towel was still on. “I have a room,” he said, “would you two like to join me there?”

“Fuck yeah,” exclaimed Jeff. “What do you say Bob, do you want to take our fun private?”

“Yes. Yes I do,” I said as I looked at Jeff. He opened right up again and resumed his magnificent suck job. The attention he gave me had long since melted my fears and I was becoming quite comfortable with my surroundings and the two men I met only moments ago.

My wet cock throbbed in Jeff’s mouth as I turned to look at Frank. With a raised finger, I beckoned him to step closer to me. “His mouth feels incredible,” I whispered. “It’s making me feel super horny, super submissive all of a sudden.” Frank stepped closer and put his arm around my lower back and cupped my right ass cheek in his hand.

I don’t know if it was instinct or just pure lust but with Frank standing so close to me I just leaned in closer and planted a nice kiss on his lips. His mustache tickled my upper lip but I kept my lips in place as I felt his open up. I moaned as Frank’s tongue entered my mouth and I felt him gently explore me. With my hand pressed firmly on the back of Jeff’s head, I felt him take me deep again and in the process I ended Frank’s kiss.

“That was nice,” he said looking at me. We had eye contact and I nodded before saying, “I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to try.”

He leaned in closer and said “may I?” and I said “yes.” This time our tongues met just about the time our lips did and I let Frank lead the exploration again. As his tongue probed my mouth, I felt his towel rub against my left thigh as he put himself in position to hump my leg.

His hips gyrated slowly and I felt his bulging package rubbing against me. Frank was indeed humping my leg and I was growing even more excited considering what that might mean in the scheme of things.

What the scheme of things really was however I couldn’t really say at the moment. Except that one guy was sucking my cock and another was tonguing my mouth while holding onto my ass cheek.

With our mouths open and our tongues gently dancing, I moaned. Frank left my mouth and kissed along my cheek and jaw line to my neck. His mustache teased my skin and his wet lips soothed any itching I may have felt and so as Frank kissed my neck and Jeff sucked my cock, I illegal bahis siteleri fell into a comfort zone and just went with the flow. Besides, their attentive service felt incredible.

When Jeff started to work the underside of my crown with his tongue, the stimulation began to wake my own lust for cock sucking. My excitement grew as I realized my first experience to give oral was upon us and so as Frank paused kissing my neck I turned to face him and said “I want that prize between your legs in my mouth.”

My words brought an immediate smile to his lips and then he kissed me on the mouth again and I sucked on his tongue like a vacuum cleaner on high. When he’d had enough of that, he pushed gently against my chest and said “whoa, I think you’re ready.”

I turned to Jeff and said “hey, can you stop for a moment, I want to move down to the bottom bench and suck you guys off.”

“Sure said Jeff,” after he’d pulled away from my erection. The warm air kissed my wet cock as I held my hand out to Frank and we descended down the bleachers together. I sat on the bottom bench with my knees parted and waited for Frank to reach the floor and turn to face me. When he stood before me, I reached up to touch his towel and then I looked up at him.

My cock was rock hard and pointed upward. Jeff followed us down the small bleachers and sat behind me on the same bench. With his hard cock pressing against my back, he embraced me with his arms below mine, resting one hand on my cock and the other on my chest. The intimacy of the situation was incredible and I didn’t even know these men and yet I felt so safe with them that I didn’t think twice about this.

Then in unison, Jeff lightly stroked my cock with one hand and he lightly touched one nipple and then the other as he whispered in my ear “God damn, you’re a sexy man Bob, I can’t wait to have you too.”

“Thank you,” I said, “I really like what you are doing and I want you too.”

Then I looked up at Frank again and I opened my knees wider and beckoned him closer to me with a crooked finger. I reached to Frank’s towel and started to unravel it as I slowly licked my lips while gazing upward. “Your’s is the first real cock that I’m going to taste,” I said and then let the towel fall to his feet.

The size of Frank’s immense erection did not frighten me. It turned me on and I salivated as I stared at it. “It’s 10 inches,” he said, “feel free to take your time.”

“It’s beautiful,” I said as I reached out to him and grasped the monstrous cock at the base. Frank moaned when I touched him. His cock felt the same spongy hardness as mine only it was much longer and wider. With my thumb providing support to the underside of his cock I leaned in and kissed the head. His masculine scent met my nostrils and I audibly breathed him into me.

Jeff whispered “I’m so turned on. I love being with a guy when it’s his first time.”

“I feel really safe with you guys and I can tell I’m going to lose all my inhibitions with you today.”

Jeff laughed and then just as I grasped the middle of Frank’s enormous cock, Jeff cupped my face in his right hand and guided me to the left to face him. When our mouths were lined up, he kissed me on the lip and I opened right up for him. Frank’s cock throbbed in my hand as I felt Jeff’s tongue enter my mouth. Our jaws dropped in unison and our tongues danced to a hard rocking lustful rhythm. His actions fed my lust. The opportunity was becoming so much greater than merely sucking cock and I relished in the moment the three of us now shared.

“You guys are really hot to watch,” said Frank. I couldn’t help myself. Jeff’s kiss was fantastic and not only did I not want it to stop but when it did I wanted to offer to suck his cock first and to give him my virgin ass hole too.

I began humping Jeff’s left hand as he continued kissing me on the mouth. When his right hand firmly grasped the back of my head, he withdrew from our kiss and pushed me closer to Frank’s hard cock. Yes, I thought, this is exactly the way I needed it. I’m so glad I met them first.

My lips parted freely upon kissing Frank’s cock and I let Jeff gently pressure my head as I took Frank’s throbbing cock into my mouth. I paused when my lips reached the seam underneath Frank’s engorged crown because Jeff’s downward pressure also paused. The spongy head felt soft and firm inside my lips. It also gave my mouth a wonderful feeling of fullness canlı bahis siteleri that I had not felt with the porn star dildo I used at home. I swallowed my own saliva and relaxed my lips around Frank’s girthy cock head. In this moment I slipped my tongue past my lips and licked the underside of his cock. This moment was not lost on either man. Frank groaned and his cock throbbed in my mouth while Jeff whispered “you’re so beautiful, do you know that?” and then he gently pressured the back of my head again. “Take him down a little further Bob, yeah that’s it baby, give in to your desire and take him into your throat.”

Frank moaned again. His own hand reached for the back of my head and I felt Jeff’s hand slip away as more of Frank’s cock slid into my mouth. “Your warm mouth feels so good,” said Frank. He paused when the tip reached my throat. Somehow I managed to let the saliva pooling in my mouth wash over his cock head and shaft. Even though only seconds passed since taking him into me like this, I was breathing normally through my nostrils and I felt relaxed.

Jeff got off the bench and stepped behind Frank. Within seconds Frank was stepping up onto my bench and as he did so he pushed me backward a little until I was leaning against the bench behind me. The change was worth it as soon enough I felt Jeff kneeling between my legs and taking my cock into his wonderful mouth.

Frank’s position had immediate impact too as he gently pushed more of his cock into my mouth. The tip dropped into my throat and just kept going as I began to swallow.

Frank moaned as I took three quarters of his length into my throat without gagging. When I placed my hands on his thighs and pushed back gently he withdrew until the tip was just inside my lips. Then I looked up at him and lifted his cock upward and kissed his balls.

The hard part was dealing with Jeff’s mouth and his eagerness to suck me off. It was pretty clear to me even though he hadn’t said it yet that he intended to make me cum. He worked my cock into his throat and then pulled back to purse his lips tightly around my own crown and rub and suck harder and harder. I could feel an orgasm brewing in my balls and knew that eruption time was quickly closing in. I wasn’t sure whether to let him make me cum or to say something so I went with the honesty approach again and said “you’re going to make me cum.”

He stopped sucking and jacked his fist up and down my cock real fast to keep the friction going. “Good,” he said “I want your first cum with a man.”

“Oh my god,” I said and Jeff engulfed my cock again and pushed himself to the base as I let go the first ropes of semen. They shot out so quickly it felt like an explosion. The feeling was incredible, euphoric joy and all the niceties that go with it. I dropped my hold on Frank’s cock and said “I’m sorry Frank,” as I looked up into his eyes. He smiled back and said “It’s okay, just go with it.” Then he stepped off my bench and sat down next to me while I closed my eyes, placed both hands on Jeff’s head and thrust my first ever orgasm into another man’s mouth. I think I had six or seven hard spurts shoot out of me and then a couple mediums and then I felt him drain me with hard sucking.

When I finished cuming, my cock remained hard. As Jeff rose I saw cum on his lips and I kissed him straight-away. My first cum kiss: it was sexy and thrilling. This time, I took Jeff into my arms and as our sweaty bodies stood together I French kissed Jeff with a pent up fervor I had saved for years.

“If you two want to use my room, it’s okay with me. Your chemistry is hot and I don’t want to get in the way of that,” said Frank with remorse lining his voice.

“My inhibitions are gone. You guys took care of that together. Please stay with us Frank.”

“Yeah come on Frank be a sport,” said Jeff.

“Okay guys I’m still in. Let’s get out of here. I’m hot too.”

“Yes you are Frank,” I said as we headed out. The cool air collided with our bodies as we left Sauna 6 one by one. Many more guys were standing around that I remember seeing on my way in. I was amazed and turned on at the brashness exhibited by several guys who were getting sucked off in the main hallway. One guy even winked and blew me a kiss. When Frank saw that he said to the guy “piss off, he’s with us.”

I noticed others watching the three of us and I walked with my new gay friends. Being seen with them was a teaser, like foreplay and my cock loved it too. Frank lead the way to the room and Jeff put his arm around me as we walked down the hallway like a couple. I didn’t recognize anyone but was feeling so horny that I didn’t care either. It was a nice feeling to have for a change.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32