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Two of the last three visits involved the further indulgence of a pleasure originally experienced after my first girlfriend read about rimming in the Gay Joy Of Sex. My first visit to the baths also involved getting deliciously rimmed in the darkroom, anchored to his skilled tongue, at times while going down on a third man. Surrendering myself to an ass licker, a man who pulled me over his face after running his hand inside and up my wrapped towel, touching my growing cock as he subtly played on a true weakness as he turned me on. Nonetheless, rimming remained uncommon over the following few years.

The bathhouse seemingly has its own cycle, as different situations seem to repeat for a while, then become a background variation again. Often with new elements, some of which could be considered delightfully depraved. Such as no longer using condoms when enjoying oral sex with willing partners, unable to resist the feel of a man’s mouth surrounding my willing cock. Or doing a hit of rush before going down on a man’s enticingly naked cock, swallowing it as deep as possible. I have become utterly devoted to 69ing with men since giving up even pretending to use condoms before getting or giving head.

However, during those last couple of times in paradise, it wasn’t just cock sucking going on during the visit. In each of those heavenly visits, I not only found a willing and talented ass licker, I did the same to their hot and willing holes. Rimming has had an appeal to me since first reading about it, undoubtedly in some of those later 70s Penthouse Forum ‘contributions,’ which sometimes contained bi scenes too. Growing a bit older, the presence of an apparently secret world of gay sex became more apparent, including buying and jacking off to gay hardcore porn, mesmerized by what turned on men could do with each other.

Things that I do now, decades after those first enticing glimpses of uninhibited sex between men. The baths are truly a mecca for those interested in the wide variety of sex that men freely enjoy with each other when the opportunity exists. An opportunity that requires little more than visiting a bathhouse, particularly if the first visit opens the visitor’s eyes to the joys found in a gay sauna. Not every single visit will provide perfect satisfaction, but the chance of it coming more than close enough seems to be very, very good in my experience.

In the past half year, many of these more recent visits take 3 or 4 hours, much of that time spent directly getting off with other men, for more than a 1/2 or even 3/4 hour at a single stretch in the darkroom. Yet even within such spans, a half hour of mutual rimming stands out as the very peak of slutty decadent pleasure. One clearly favored by a number of men, not just myself, when the chance to indulge in it is found. I’m remain something of a tease in a way, fingering a man while sucking him being something now done quite often and easily, to the obvious delight of the man I’m going down on. Yet not starting to even consider rimming him until he starts doing it to me first.

But by the time a man has started rimming me, lost in the sexual fog that swirls through the bathhouse, enveloping so many willing partners, the desire to do the same to him grows ever stronger, overcoming any inhibitions about such sex. Particularly knowing just how good a hit of poppers will feel when beginning to ass lick a stranger, both of us too slutty to stop as the pleasure grows overwhelmingly intense, soft wet tongues sliding and probing over grinding assholes.

Experiencing the sort of sex that was described in glimpses after graduating high school, a world of stoned group sex where strangers licked each other’s asses, men doing things with each other in an orgy of irresistible freedom. Now understanding why so many men throughout history became devoted bathhouse visitors, appreciating the chance to enjoy a space where male sex is the main focus.

Rimming has always appealed to me as the purest type of gay sex, the sort of thing that was talked about as if men couldn’t stop themselves if another man did it to them. Which is gloriously true, even if the process of discovery can takes years.

Gradually, my level of acceptable caution has changed, but till now, no cock has cum in my mouth, something likely to remain at least somewhat constant into the future. Nonetheless, circumstances can arise, ones of truly slutty delights, and one takes a very small step forward along a tricky road.

The first visit with rimming had been fairly typical, starting with me sitting in a porn booth after finishing my customary beer at the counter. A couple of men cruised by, one chatting then departing, the next showing more physical interest. He came in after a quick glance confirmed that I knew he was playing with his cock. My cock was already canlı bahis şirketleri hard, and his grew rapidly, particularly after starting to touch his thighs and balls. Soon, we were indulging in mutual cock play, both rigid. He approached and took my cock in his mouth. It was gentle, slow, and inexorable, making me grow hornier.

After his liquid mouth started to go up and down on my wanting shaft, I began moaning about taking pictures. He made no response at all, continuing to go down on me deliciously. My mind was fully fogged, and it took a while to even decide the camera was too far away to reach, utterly lacking any desire to stop the sex that was so thoroughly captivating, needing to do nothing but let it a stranger suck me.

Finally, we shifted positions so I could finally could go down on him, enjoying his wonderful cock to the point that he almost came a couple of times. He left soon afterwards, clearly not wanting to cum so soon in the day, it being less than three quarters of an hour since the bathhouse had opened. Leaving the booth, a bit unsteady and still quite hard, I went to the darkroom.

And was soon again being sucked by another stranger, pumping his cock in rhythm to my thrusting hips. The next period of time was filled with the sort of rotating extended group sex that is so good, where it becomes essentially impossible to keep track of how many different men have go down on you – 3? 4 maybe? 5? 6 is probably too high, at least since entering, that is.

As the patterns shifted, growing and shrinking, I became increasingly focused on a single man, one of the newest people to enter the darkroom as the number of remaining men dwindled. Till now, much like in the booth with the camera, I had been too turned on to deal with poppers. Yet, as we settled next to each other, laying on our sides, his mouth sucking me so good as a hand rubbed over my chest, his cock temptingly near, I made the effort to find the brown bottle.

Taking a long hit before going down on his cock, fairly confident in being to ride the wave without cumming, already feeling the horniness spread from my center,surrendering completely to the pleasure of his cock sliding into my wanting mouth, becoming his slutty cocksucker. Lightly touching his ass after the first few seconds, his moans muffled like mine as we sucked each other, mutually indulging in pure gay sex. Using poppers while being sucked creates a feeling of immense size, a cock’s pleasure growing ever larger while time stops except for the overwhelming physical awareness of filling a mouth that seems to be expanding inexorably while surrounding me in infinite sensation.

What I have learned at the bathhouse is that the pleasure doubles when another cock is involved, in a way that never happened while 69ing with my first girlfriend, burying my tongue in her pussy. She was the first person I shared poppered sex with, truly wonderful, addictive, primal poppered sex. Yet it was only after starting to go down on men as they did the same to me that the true magic of poppers was uncovered.

In some unexplainable but delightful way, using poppers while 69ing a man is like having two cocks that merge into a single connected rod of enormous sexual power and size. Taking him deeper, almost fully deep throating him, amazed at how skillfully his tongue slid around and under my flared cock ridge, slowly enough to keep me just on the edge of cumming. We continued this way for a seeming extended period, both of us enjoying the opportunity to play with another slut.

After a while, he rolled over to lay on his back, soon followed by pulling me over, hands guiding my hips to straddle his face. Knees spread on the platform, face above his rigid tool, I took it in my mouth again, brown bottle ready, already anticipating what was likely to occur as my stiff cock left his wet mouth. Sighing luxuriously as his lips began kissing the very top of my inner thighs. Sighs that turned into moans with my lips going down his cock, unable to keep from moving my hips, making my willing ass available, taking a deep hit as his tongue began to bathe my hot hole.

Cock sucking and rimming are distinct, yet somehow intimately related, at least in terms of just how irresistible it is to have a stranger perform them, particularly when doing the same to him. I could not stop from moving wantonly against his wet tongue, deep throating him as a hand pushed down on my head, turning into a complete sex slave, getting my ass licked while going down on his velvet stiffness completely, taking his full length. Lips starting to slide decadently along his shaft, up and down while maintaining suction, stopping just underneath his cockhead before reversing direction. After several times, feeling his cock swell in my mouth, his hand stilled my motion.

I knew he canlı kaçak iddaa was on the edge of orgasm, and left him there, particularly as it made it so much easier to keep having my ass rimmed so perfectly. In my view, there is no reason to cum quickly at the baths, even if it occasionally happens. Though it is also true that after almost cumming multiple times, it is difficult to get or remain hard, at least without some enthusiastic help.

The sensation of endless frozen orgasm overwhelmed me, poppers and rimming tongue floating me ever further into pure paradise. Straddling a stranger’s face while jacking off, my cock stroking adding to the sensations of having an asslicker bury his tongue between my spread cheeks,.

After a bit, my lips staying in place, he grasped my cock, sticking its length back into his mouth, increasing my own horniness. Opening the bottle and doing another hit, I moved my face down, tongue trailing over his tight sack. After closing the bottle, my hands went to his ass cheeks, opening them as I began tonguing between his legs, feeling his delightful reaction along my cock, inspiring me to rim him like a hot ass slut, probing deeper along his yielding soft skin, sensing how it tightened and loosened in rhythm with his mouth..

We continued this way for a while, sucking and rimming each other, remaining temptingly close to cumming. He stopped me several times, starting to moan about how I wanted to make him cum – which was not actually true. Playing like this need not end in anyone’s orgasm as far as I’m concerned, especially when the pleasure of being rimmed is so unstoppably intense.

However, it was apparent that the temptation had grown too great for him to control himself any longer. Having just done another hit of rush, and taking his cock deep again, I felt his cock swell and pulse. The first two jets of cum were quite small, and breathing out, I went down on his hole again, my hand jacking his slippery wet cumming cock, rimming his spasming ass, spreading his semen over it, as he moaned helplessly, cum splashing over his body. Finally drained, ass no longer quivering, he moved forward underneath me, now able to sit up.

“That was so fucking good – you got what you wanted, didn’t you?” I said nothing, pretty much totally wiped out myself after such a wonderful session of rimming, though also amused at his misperception. Finally, I left, noting that this visit had lasted 1 and 1/2 hours of pretty much pure sex for over an hour, split into two sessions, with the first quarter of an hour spent drinking a cold beer.

The visit after the next provided a broadly similar opportunity, if not with such a delightfully straightforward concentration of sex. The amount of sex and the length of a bathhouse visit are not precisely related, apart from the chance of having sex with strangers increasing over time. Counterbalanced by the strange reality that some days, like Saturdays, seem to often have a decline in sex happening as the number of men grows.

Which can lead to a certain fruitless passing of time, something that still occasionally marks a visit, particularly those on Fridays or Saturdays. One of the most mysterious aspects of this phenomenon, and a sign it is occurring, is a growing number of men hanging around outside of empty cabins, often for what seems to be an extended period. I have never actually noticed those men doing anything but stand around while the cabins remain empty.

But on a slower paced visit, one not involving one of those days, when a schedule is involved it is a bit more difficult deciding whether to curtail a visit. The desire to wait until the very last moment to leave, hoping to get off, always exists, that being the fundamental reason to visit the baths, shared by pretty much who has ever returned after the first time. Obviously, the problem with this approach is if something fantastic occurs, you will likely end up running late, without being aware of how much time is passing.

In my experience, having a steamroom is what makes a gay sauna worthwhile for cruising, as it offers a reliable, if somewhat time limited, way to meet other horny men. The problem of heat does exist, even if it is possible to remain inside as long as a half hour when getting off. This is not bad, even if the darkroom or a booth offer considerably longer periods to comfortably get off with other men – though it has also happened that I become incredibly hot and sweaty in a booth, if not quite to the level of a steambath.

Intending to leave around 5pm, and starting around 4:30pm, my wandering brought no opportunities. I had enjoyed some mutual jacking off in the porn room, a nice period of cock sucking in the darkroom, and a bit of early contact in the steamroom, but in general, this visit had not been particularly memorable. Admittedly, canlı kaçak bahis those standards have changed considerably over the years, with this certainly not yet turning into a disappointing visit, as can still occur. Nonetheless, at 4:50pm, after firmly deciding to visit the steamroom a final time, and if nothing was happening, to leave then.

Entering the steam room with nothing but poppers and a condom, I saw one man sitting, but from the number of towels outside, several other men were likely in the back section. Entering through the closer corridor, I encountered two men just at the curve to the left. It took only a few seconds of my touching one, then the other, to be pulled closer, my cock already being touched, causing it to grow quickly. Looking around, there was other pair to the left, and what seemed to be a threesome a bit further away, one man apparently on his knees.

As sometimes occurs, I had entered an enticing sexual wonderland, stepping into its magic without needing to do anything but indulge in its pleasures. Ones of I have now spent years learning and practicing. Reaching down between them, I brought their cocks together, enjoying their reaction to one of the ultimate male sensations as they moaned. I played with their joined cocks, stroking as I held them together, making both of the rigid, then circling their cockheads as one of them began kissing me, his mouth having more than a hint of cum in it as my tongue explored deeper.

The steamy atmosphere, along with having two cocks in front of me, led to a wicked idea growing into reality, squatting and doing a hit of rush before taking both cocks into my mouth. I have rarely been so directly slutty as this, starting to blow two hard cocks at the same time, sliding them against each other in my mouth while holding on to the shafts. Breathing out, knowing that all of us were helpless to resist our primal desires, knowing that anyone who walked in right now would see me sucking two strangers off, my cock rigid.

After spending a heavenly time coating their cocks in slippery wetness, I rose, sliding my cock over theirs as we began to kiss, licking necks and ears, fingers playing with nipples. It became too much for the man to my left, who simply left for whatever reason. The remaining stranger bent down, taking my cock into his mouth, causing me to moan about how good it felt to be sucked by a man, hearing the sounds of sexy sucking around me. The blow job b3became so skillful that I abandoned the idea of doing another hit, as my ability to resist pumping his mouth full of cum afterwards would not be equal to the task.

He straightened, kissing me sloppily while placing his cock along mine, jerking both of us into a mindless state before stepping backwards, causing me to helplessly follow as he backed up to the rear bench, then sat down. I put my right foot up and leaned in, sighing as he returned to going down on me, his liquid mouth creating a paradise as it enveloped my cockhead. His intentions became clearer as he turned, then laid down on the bench. My foot had remained between the wall and his stretched out body, creating a gap that turned out to be big enough to place my leg along his body.

A position that allowed me to place my ass over his face, presenting him an opportunity to lick between my legs, one he was clearly waiting for. Feeling his tongue begin to touch my sensitive hole, I opened the bottle of poppers. Though the back of the steamroom is dim, not all of it is truly dark, particularly the area we occupied. Meaning that as he begin to rim me, the awareness of putting on public display to anyone just how much I love having my ass licked just added to my turned on state.

After a glorious interval, my face sank near his cock, and doing another hit, I took him into my mouth, as he did the same to me. By now, I had become a total slut, making my desire obvious by moving my ass over his face, slippery cock out of his mouth. This time when doing a hit as he bathed my hole with his softly questing tongue, his cock was still in my mouth.

Closing the bottle, I let my tongue slide over his balls, feeling his reaction as he rimmed me, getting into position to put my tongue on his hole. As the poppers filled me, the connection between tongues and asses and saliva coated cocks sliding over sweat soaked skin was overwhelming, the sense of being in public as I rimmed a stranger in the steambath filling me with kinky excitement.

We kept alternating where tongues and mouths and cocks went until my left leg simply could not longer support me without shaking. This position was not quite perfect, lacking any chance to shift. Knowing that this opportunity was drawing to its natural end, I did a last hit, pushing my ass down on his face while pushing my tongue against his quivering and yielding hole.

Finally, nearing the stage of no longer being able to count on my leg, I moved away, then sat on the bench. He joined me, and we were soon playing with each other’s cocks and nipples while kissing, two rimmers joining in mutual bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32