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Lips circled my floating cock, an introducing to getting head underwater. Creating an irresistible sensation, discovering something truly new. The feeling of a stranger’s mouth going down my bare lengthening shaft was overwhelmingly sensual, forcing moans of pleasure. The very idea of oral sex like this had never occurred to me, adding to the delight getting sucked so openly without a condom. My normal caution has been weakening over the last few visits, so finally giving in to a willing cock sucker’s desire for my naked rod became part of the thrill.

We’d been making each other sluttier in the whirlpool for a while, kissing, side by side and face to face, rubbing cock to cock. Unusually, I was at the bathhouse around 7pm on a Thursday, after having drank a few beers while working in the yard during the day, and enjoying some organic smoke before arriving.

And just like my very first time here, a skilled stranger knew how to turn me on in a way never experienced before. When I’d first gone downstairs, the tub was full, with the central jet bubbling. I left my towel and bag on a lounge chair under the aquarium, then showered, soaping myself quite explicitly, leaning against the tiled half height divider while playing with my cock and touching my slippery hole.

This was the first indicator of just how horny the beer and smoking had left me. Normally, it takes some proper play with strangers to jack off like this in public, unable to stop touching my slippery cock. Rinsing thoroughly, I walked back to the hot tub, still erect. Not even bothering to walk up the steps, as clearly, there was no space, and no one seemed interested. Even in each other, from what could be seen or surmised.

Discouraged a bit, I picked up my towel from the lounger. Turning to go upstairs, the central water jet stopped – making me stop in turn, and watch a succession of naked men leave the now still whirlpool. Walking to the steps on the other side, I noticed one man had remained.

Before entering the water, I paused, letting him have a view of my extended cock. Sitting comfortably near him, we went quickly from our feet brushing each other to my foot gliding along his thigh to him sliding over. Making it easier for my foot to begin to play with his sack as he started stroking along my inner thigh. We were both jacking off, our touching becoming ever more intimate.

Surprisingly, he moved his head closer, his tongue quickly finding my neck. A low and unstoppable moan let him know just how good it felt, with louder moans following his touching along my shaft. With his hand sliding over mine, I reached out to begin stroking him. My body was responding much more forcefully than usual, and riding the wave was intoxicating – in part, of course, because of the state I already was in.

As we played with each other, I began to kiss his ear. Growing entwined, my left hand playing with a hardening nipple, his hand settled on my head, guiding my mouth inexorably towards his opened lips. Our tongues met, another wave of passion rising. Probing and tasting and gliding in slippery warmth, our desires reinforcing each other. The water made it easy to shift, my cock rubbing against his thigh as he spread his legs wide.

Our mouths remained merged as my hand brought our cocks together, my tongue driving deep. The whirlpool is my compromise in terms of indulging in bare cock sex, and till now, it has been a very good one. I cannot resist the temptation to go cock to cock with a horny stranger – condoms do add an extra level to sex, an interval or distance that is not always desirable.

The water jet restarting was a very minor distraction. Both of his hands reached for my nipples, tweaking them as our shafts slid against each other. By now, I was completely immersed in a sexual haze, as was he, of the sort found all too easily at the baths. A truth shared by all the longer term visitors, as we both seemed to be, with practiced talent at indulging in public male sex.

At some point, his hand replaced mine as our cocks remained in wonderful contact. His tongue went deep into my wanting mouth again and again, causing me to start to thrust against his cock, my cock head sliding down into his sack. We had become utterly abandoned, without ever getting too near to orgasm.

We shifted positions several times, one spread on the bench as the other floated or knelt between spread legs, or side by side, as the whirlpool cycled modes. Being the evening, the whirlpool was empty, with just a couple of short term visitors appearing over what was likely a fair stretch. At least one of whom I tried to get him involved, my stretched foot sliding along his leg, but he left after a couple of minutes.

Sitting with fully spread legs, kissing him with unwhetted lust, jacking our joined cocks in pulsing pleasure, the whirlpool fountain cycled to its central jet mode. His face screened mine from the splashing, the waves adding their own forceful motion to our pressed cocks. Intellectually, I knew that a fair amount of time had passed, but canlı bahis şirketleri the intensity made all contact feel endless, exploring mouths playing mutual games in twisting and slippery variations.

The speed of our getting so turned on together had been a delightful surprise, even it as rang the tiniest alarm bell. I have rarely visited a bathhouse in such a state, and rarely found a such a totally sexy partner. Mixing the two was fantastic, making it easy to shut the ringing down completely.

Our kissing had seemed unbroken, but now, he moved away, his head sinking lower into the again still water. He moved back, his hand gripping my cock. He sank slowly, and until I felt his mouth envelop my cock, had no actual idea of what he had planned to do. My head moved backwards as his tongue slid over my cockhead, a quick swirl of thoughts arising and then leaving, deciding to simply accept what was happening.

An easy decision, naturally, to get sucked by a horny stranger. He went longer and deeper than I’d imagined possible before coming back up to breathe. Still holding my cock, he took a couple of breaths before returning underwater. This time, I watched him take me deep into his mouth, saying things like “oh fuck yeah” and “naked cock sucking,” amused at the dim thought he couldn’t really hear me.

Coming up again, he moved forwards. Bending closer to kiss him, my tongue running over his lips and teeth, my hand holding our cocks together as we merged again, my legs wrapped around him. He went down on me a couple of more times, as the idea of sucking cock grew stronger. A thought impossible to stop as he kept going on me, my sluttiness growing in true bathhouse fashion, beyond any possible control.

After the fifth or sixth time he swallowed my cock, kissing between dives, it became time to return the favor. Giving in to the tempting thought of sucking my first bare cock, in a context where condoms and cum were not relevant. A context that had never been something I’d encountered, and was thus unprepared for. Or possibly too well prepared for, as my horny cock led me on.

He was sitting on the bench when I broke another extended kiss. The bench jets were active, making it easy to stretch my legs out to sink under the water, though the currents made the task of putting his cock in my mouth somewhat challenging. A challenge that ended as soon as my lips felt his cockhead slide past them, my teeth lightly brushing his skin as I took his shaft deeper. My breath seemed to last much longer than possible, wanting nothing but his cock.

The currents also managed to dislodge my glasses, and when they fell off, it was a trivial concern. I surfaced, took a couple of breaths, and went down again, his cock more familiar as I took it deeper. I let the seal of my lips leak, using suction to slowly fill my mouth with salty water before spraying it out as my cheeks contracted. Going down a third time, I found my glasses, and then stuffed his rod back into my willing mouth, my tongue swirling over his cockhead.

Coming up, he pulled me to his mouth, glasses still clutched in my hand. Our kissing remained as erotic as ever, two cocksuckers continuing their oral games. Soon, we were cock to cock, tongues playing. After a delightful interval, we shifted positions, and he went down on me again. This time, my hands ran over his head, lightly caressing his ears before going lower, feeling his lips against my shaft.

At some point, a finger began to press against my ass, causing me to moan loudly while opening my legs. He surfaced, and soon we resumed kissing, my hands played with his nipples. I have rarely been in such a completely sexual state, knowing a boundary had been crossed, without any resistance. And loving every bit of what I discovered on the other side.

Sucking a stranger underwater repeatedly, or being sucked, was something I’d never thought about, even as the reality occurred, as my ability to think had been replaced by purely sexual needs and desires. A rhythm developed, my lips on his, then his lips on my cock, ending with my lips on going down on him. We did this through several water jet cycles, a very relative measure of time.

I also discovered several variations on head in a whirlpool, such as getting sucked at water level, legs supported on his shoulders, watching his mouth bob over my bouncing cock. Or how salty the water was, from all the turned on men soaking in it, my mouth full of its animal taste before starting to go down on him.

He moved to the bench, ass above the water, resting his arms along the tiled top of the tub, knees on the bench. This was the first complete break of contact we’d had, for a far too hard to define period. I’ve had other men offer their ass to me in the jacuzzi, though I’d always remained passively disinterested. And only occasionally needing to make my disinterest more obvious. A condom was an absolute requirement, but though I’ve seen a couple of men ass fuck in the tub, to me, it was simply an inappropriate enough place to fuck canlı kaçak iddaa – or even cum, of course.

Reasonable objections having nothing to do with rimming my first man, a thought that slipped out of its normally secure slot in the list of things to avoid with strangers. A couple of previous objections were easily dealt with, especially after sucking and kissing him for so long. The water and previous fingering were more than sufficient for cleanliness, while the idea of someone seeing me just turned me on. And to be honest, it had been years since the last time my tongue explored someone’s willing ass.

Positioning myself, taking a fondling hand off my rigid length, I spread his cheeks before moving my tongue against his ring, with only a glimpse before tasting it. I’ve been rimmed several times, but this was my first time doing it to a man. It was an intriguingly active role, making him squirm helplessly against my liquid tongue, a role where thoughts of condoms or cumming were irrelevant.

The fact that I’d already sucked him underwater several times just added to the overwhelming conviction that it was the right time to rim him. Kneeling behind a stranger, hands on his ass cheeks, my tongue was intrigued by the incredible softness. My left hand slid down his thigh, and easily found his half erect rod. Rimming tends to have that effect, as the sensations are considerably more enthralling than merely being hard.

The extraordinary softness was entrancing, his hanging cock swinging as he began to move against my face, letting my tongue explore his desires. Unsurprisingly, there was no distinctive taste or smell after so long in the water. It wasn’t difficult to get him hard again, leading us to resume our passionate kissing. With the difference that he was now kissing the man that had sucked and rimmed him.

After a couple more extended make out and jacking sessions, he finally grew a bit less interested in staying in the water.

His first attempt at leaving was half-hearted, making it was simple to draw him back with kisses and caresses, leading to our cocks again sliding against each other. This is one of my favorite games with a turned on partner, prolonging their pleasure at my hands as far as possible. My tongue dominated his as he returned to his earlier passion.

After easily the third time of resuming our kissing and cocksucking, following my first attempt at underwater rimming, he positioned himself on the bench. He made his intentions clear by how he pulled my cock up. Putting my right leg up on the tiled seat made it possible for him to go down on me as I watched, head bent, left hand running along the side of his face and neck.

His hands went to my ass, fingers sliding along the crack, his pulling making it apparent that I should straddle him. Which I did, no longer caring that a camera was showing me getting sucked off by a man, my thrusts becoming deeper. Enjoying the magic of an open whirlpool blow job.

Being at the top of the bench added to a feeling of being in charge, spread hands curled around his head to match the rhythm of my moving hips. The sensations from my uncovered cock were incredible, pumping my shaft into his wanting mouth, taking almost all of my full length. I neared orgasm several times, restrained by the awareness that he might not want to, or could not, swallow all my hot cum. An undoubtedly full load, after so much charged sexual intimacy.

His mouth motion slowed, my cock no longer as demanding. Moving to his side, his mouth withdrew exquisitely slowly. He rose, and left unsteadily, my hand trailing along his ass. I soon followed him up the steps, turning towards the shower area. He kept going towards the stairs as I pressed the backlit shower button, followed by filling my hand with soap.

It took little time to return to stroking my delightfully slippery cock, an enjoyable interlude. With the lazy thought that thorough soaping was better then nothing after enjoying such an extended session of naked oral sex. Though part of me remained amused at the need for justification, returning to an obviously aroused state just aside the streaming water coming from above. As I had discovered on my very first visit, this bathhouse is a truly luxurious place, fully aware of the male desires its patrons indulge in.

The liquid soap is perfect, making me sink into a haze of pleasure. I saw he had paused, and turned to watch. But by that point, I’d already decided to finish showering, my cock still jutting.

He had just started to go back down the pair of steps when the water cut off, making it time to leave the showers, completely rinsed off. I went the other way, drying off next to the steam room entrance as he briefly stepped into the shower area, starting the water. Opening the door after putting away towel and glasses, I saw him toweling off.

The steam room was essentially empty, so after a few minutes in the wet heat, I left.

Upstairs was also essentially empty, though the porn in the theater area was enticing, canlı kaçak bahis showing an outdoor pair becoming an uninhibited threesome.

After a couple of solid hits from the bottle of rush, I decided to make a last round before leaving. On the final part of my upstairs circuit, I saw a man laying on his stomach in the middle booth of the row next to the darkroom. Pausing at the top of the spiral staircase, black bag in hand, it was easy to walk back. To see him still laying down in the same position, now taking the time to actually look at details. Including how his hair looked, making me realize that he was the man that had been in the whirlpool.

The decision to enter the booth was easy, putting my towel and bag on the platform as my left hand reached out to stroke along his inner thigh. Hearing him sigh, I closed the door, then removed the poppers from the bag. Shockingly aroused at the thought of how I wouldn’t be needing condoms for anything oral.

He moaned when my hand reached his half hard dick, turning his head upwards as he shifted position. His eyes opened as he reached back to find my cock, my hand already sliding towards his nipple.

We soon moved closer, mouths meeting again, playing with the other’s cock. The quarter hour or so pause changed nothing, soon sinking under each other’s male spell.

Shifting, he lay on his back, head near the left rear corner of the booth. I straddled him, pressing my cock against his, one hand sliding over our joined cocks, the other gliding over his nipple. Soon, his hand circled mine, moving it from his nipple, making it obvious I should move.

Of course, by now, I only needed to follow his directions to be further entranced by his talents. Kneeling over his face, my knees against the corner’s walls, it was impossible to move further. Feeling his tongue exploring my crack, it became clear that this was a perfect position, arms stretching up along each side of the corner as I moved my ass over his face. My cheek was turned against the wall, surrendering to the pleasure. The unyielding surface of the corner made the rimming feel like getting licked at a gloryhole, with its incredible focus of total lust, pressing against an unmoving surface, unable to stop.

My moaning only got louder when his hand began to play with my rod, moving it around, then downwards as I shifted. When his head moved a bit, the sensation of his lips moving along my cockhead was utterly erotic. That total sluts can find each other easily is a reason why bathhouse have always existed, as one of the better places to search. And this time, experiencing it just like I’d always fantasized – without any concerns, far beyond any rational thought.

I reached down, taking up the little brown bottle, hips still moving my cock past his sucking lips. Taking a deep hit, holding it in as long as possible, letting the poppers take control as his tongue slid luxuriously over my cock head. Obviously a man experienced in just how horny men get using poppers, stretching out the pleasure of that first hit, keeping me just underneath the threshhold of cumming, his tongue exploring my slit and underneath the glans before taking me fully into his yielding and well kissed mouth again.

There was a clear awareness that we would keep playing these games for a while, his mouth’s wet motion staying just below the crest of the sexual rush racing into my thrusting cock. A finger began to slide over my welcoming hole, still slippery from his tonguing, and only slowly probing upwards as I gasped for him to do my ass, pressing down as the words passed my lips.

He moved a bit, my cock leaving his mouth as his finger continued to move against my pulsing ass ring, asking for a hit.

Giving him the bottle, my left hand tightened along his shaft as he breathed in and out. Taking the open bottle back, I took another hit before closing the top one handed. My right hand soon found its way to my horny cock, settling my ass against his face, left hand stroking his erection in rhythm.

Finally exhaling, words tumbled out ‘fuck yeah .. lick my ass .. cock sucker .. rim me.’ Moving a bit, wanting ass sliding towards his willing face. His hands began to press against my ass cheeks, his tongue finding my hole easily. The thought that this was the first time I’d sucked and rimmed a stranger just made the sensations more intense.

Slowly, the rush receded, replaced by further temptations as we moved on the platform. Picking up the bottle, I took another deep hit before handing it, with cap, to him. I heard him breathe in several times as my head moved towards his cock, engulfing it, tongue tasting and twisting over his shaft. Hearing him gasp as my lips tightened with suction, soon feeling my own cock beginning to enter his liquid mouth, guided by his knowing fingers.

Effortlessly, starting sixty-nining with a man, finally giving in to the long held temptation, indulging in another first. Quickly discovering just how addictive it was to suck and be sucked, knowing that this was the reality of the late 70s gay sex. A fantasy becoming reality, and in ways I’d never imagined, taking him as deep as possible. Fingers straying over willing assholes, and becoming aware of just how natural being on our sides was for enhancing shared pleasures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32