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Author’s note: I am an Irish woman in my forties, and I write (in UK English) from that perspective. I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

My sincere thanks to my special friend. I hope I didn’t get you into trouble.


NOTE TO THE READER: This is a story about reluctance, rather than non-consent, though it could easily be interrupted as non consent/ rape. In real life, No means No. Also, the lack of condoms in this story is poetic license, but definitely not one to ignore in real life.

When picturing this scenario please note that a bus driver is on the right in Ireland!


“Oh GOD, I’m horny,” I thought as I closed my laptop. I had woken at 4.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I thought a little masterbation might help, so I turned on the laptop to look at some porn. It just made me worse. I was reminded of an old joke: What’s the difference between light and hard…you can sleep with the light on but not with a hard on.

I looked at the clock, it was 6.40am now. I didn’t have to get up until 7.30. Glancing at my husband, sound asleep and snoring loudly, the idea of waking him for sex seemed a bit cruel. Maybe a good run would burn off my desire.

I hauled my ass out of bed and pulled on my running gear. It had actually been a good ten days since I went for a run. Realistically, at forty two years of age, I don’t exactly run. It is more of a high impact walk, but I can get 5km done in about forty minutes. There are no records being broken, but it is enough to keep me in reasonable shape. I chose not to wear panties, as the running tights would be going straight into the wash afterwards anyway. BIG MISTAKE!!

As I started my run I noticed that the seam on my running tights started to rub me in the most delicious way. My clit was still protruding from my earlier arousal, so as I ran the seam on the tights just rubbed away at it. I tried to concentrate on the music on my headphones, but my mind kept wandering to various sexual fantasies. I think I was even running faster than usual, just to enhance the rub! Nice as it was, there was no way it would actually get me off.

As the meters ticked past, my mind wandered to Dan. A couple of weeks ago, my two girlfriends and I were on a night out when the local football team came into the pub. Evidently they had won a match and were celebrating. My two girlfriends and I are all married and older than the footballers. At a guess, the oldest footballer was about thirty five, but most were in their late twenties. Us 40-something “girls” just admired the view, but didn’t interact with the guys. At the end of the night, when the pub closed we all congregated on the street.

I don’t know why, but Irish tend to loiter at the doors of a pub after closing! So there we were, three middle aged women surrounded by twenty-something/ thirty-something fit guys. For obvious reasons, we were all a little reluctant to go straight home! The chatting turned to banter and began to include the footballers. One guy, Dan, cornered me in a nearby doorway. His hands were either side of my head, blocking me in. He asked me for a kiss, but I refused and let him know I was married. As I looked into his handsome face, my hands were on his chest, pushing him away. I wasn’t exactly trapped, as I could duck under his arms. The feeling of his rock hard muscular chest was keeping me there though. Oh my God, he was like a wall of muscle. YUMMY!! The whole experience only lasted a few moments, as my friends came to the “rescue” and we left.

Now, as I jogged along the rural roads, I was fantasizing about what I would have liked to have done with that footballer.

My running route took me through my small town and out to a rural narrow road, past the soccer pitch. There was seldom any traffic on this road, which is why I liked to run on it. It began to rain heavily as I got as far as the soccer pitch. I was only about half way through my route, and soaked through. As it is Ireland, I was used to running in the rain, but I cannot say that I liked it. Despite my exertions, I was starting to get cold as the rain was seeping through my light running jacket.

A small Toyota mini bus went past me and surprised me by stopping. The side door slid opened and who should stick his head out? Dan! His handsome face had a big cheeky grin as he looked back at me. I popped out my headphones so that I could hear him.

“Get into the bus, ya mad thing,” he grinned a friendly order. “You are soaking wet. We will give you a lift home.”

I chuckled to myself at his choice of words. I was definitely soaking wet, and not just on the outside! Seeing him now didn’t improve matters.

“It’s okay,” I answered. “I am on a run, so I will get myself home.”

I noticed the minibus had 4 or 5 guys inside. I recognised some of them from that night in the pub. I was breathless from the run so I rested my hand on the side of the bus. Dan grabbed my wrist and yanked me into the warm dry bus.

“HEY!” I protested as Dan pulled me down on the seat beside him.

“Look, you are freezing cold and soaking bahis firmaları wet.” Dan said. “I have a towel in my kit bag.”

He went rummaging for it as someone closed the door and the bus pulled off.

“Are you guys training at this hour of the morning?” I asked.

“Yeah, we do cardio three mornings a week together” said the guy behind Dan. “It’s just too wet this morning, so we called it off.”

“Here’s the towel,” said Dan. “Take off that jacket, it’s making the whole seat wet,” he said as he pulled on my zip.

“Hang on there,” I said, grabbing his hand to stop him opening my jacket.

I had just a white cropped top run bra underneath and I wasn’t going to just strip off infront of all these guys.

“Don’t be such an idiot,” he said. “You will get your death of cold if you stay in that jacket. Not to mention that the towel will be useless.”

He pulled my hands off my zip and encircled both my hands in one of his. With his other hand he lowered my zip.

“Dan, don’t,” I protested uselessly.

“OH…nice!” Dan exclaimed when my bra came into view.

The rain had gone through my light jacket and the white run bra was soaked through and translucent. My nipples were sticking out, like two pebbles, due to the cold and my previous arousal. The dark pink areola clearly visible through the sodden fabric.

“Show me!” The guy behind leaned forward between us. “Mmmmmmmmm”

Dan removed my jacket and dropped it on the floor of the bus with a wet slap. The driver was looking at me in the rear view mirror and the guy beside him had turned around.

“Fuck…look at the nips on that!” the driver’s partner exclaimed. “Aren’t you Kym, from the bar a couple of weeks ago?”

“Em…yeah,” I answered, shamed that he recognised me. “Dan, can I have that towel now?”

My face was burning red, despite being so cold and I wanted to cover up. I couldn’t believe that so many guys could see me like this. But there were other feelings that were confusing me. These guys actually liked my body! I was flattered and part of me enjoyed their lecherous stares. I had worn a bikini in public many times, and shown off more of my body, but this was different. The guys were ogling me and appreciating me. Although I was mostly clothed, I had never felt so exposed. Like all women, I have my own body hang-ups, so to hear the appreciative comments was strangely nice, but I was shamed at the same time. It was so confusing.

Dan reached over and draped his towel around my shoulders. It smelled masculine and of him. I was so grateful to the warmth, comfort and relative protection of the towel. As Dan pulled the towel around my shoulders he closed it around me by grasping the edges together in one of his hands. He then pulled me towards him.

“Any chance of that kiss now?” he whispered to me.

“You know I am married.” I said. I put my hand on his chest to push him away.

Oh hell, that chest. It was bloody fantastic. Pronounced pecks to go with the bulging biceps. He wasn’t exactly totally gym honed as he had a little paunch too. That only seem to add to his attraction though. Beneath my fingers, and through the thin fabric of his tee-shirt I could feel chest hair. As he was dark haired, I figured that there was a nice dusting of chest hair too. Just how I liked it. Holy shit, he was gorgeous! But, I pulled back against Dan to try to avoid his approaching lips. Dan ignored my protests and pulled me closer for a kiss. He still had one hand on the towel and the other had gone behind my head to pull me in, preventing me from escaping.

Before I knew what was happening his lips were on mine. My mouth opened to let his tongue in. I could not help it. I wanted to kiss him so badly since I saw him first a couple of weeks ago. I had even been fantasizing about him, several times. After a few moments, I gave myself into the kiss without any more protest. His tongue darted and explored my mouth sending jolts of passion through my body. Soft warm lips enveloped mine and he smelt vaguely of citrus mixed with pine. His hand moved from the back of my head and onto my left breast. He pinched my nipple sending shock waves of desire straight to my clit. I had one hand on his chest while the other went to his upper thigh. I wanted to move it to his cock. Was he as turned on as I was?

Just then a few of the guys started to cheer, shouting lewd comments of encouragement to Dan. This brought me to my senses and I pulled my head away from Dan while I pushed his chest away. He was immovable and just chortled at my efforts.

“You know that if you struggle like that it just turns me on more?” he said to me. “I just want anything I can’t have.”

I thought that this was a strange thing to say. Up until now he had been charming, if a little persistent.

“You are a good looking guy,” I said. “You could have any of the young girls in the town. What are you doing with an old married crone like me?”

“Kym babe, you are not an old cone! I don’t want young inexperienced girls. They seldom know what they are doing. The young girls around kaçak iddaa here only do vanilla sex, at best. I want a woman, an older woman, with experience. One who really knows how to handle a man.” He pulled me into him for another kiss, but I turned my head away to prevent him getting my lips.

“You can turn away, if you want,” he said. “There are plenty of other parts I can kiss.”

He started on my neck. Kissing and nibbling. He released the towel from his grip and started to move down. My two arms were trapped between our bodies, blocking my breasts and futilely trying to push him off me. He grabbed my two wrists and pushed my arms back against the seat behind me, exposing my bra and chest again. The guy behind was looking over the seat and the driver’s mate had turned around in his seat. I could see the driver’s eyes in the rear view mirror.

“Dan, stop, please,” I whispered halfheartedly. He was now nibbling on my nipple through my bra. God help me, but it felt wonderful. With the other guys watching, it made the whole scenario extremely errotic.

I had had many fantasies in the past about group sex and bukaki was a favourite search term of mine. My pussy clenched and I longed to have something up there to actually squeeze.

Suddenly, the bus pulled over and stopped in a secluded overgrown farm gateway off the road. The driver turned around and said,

“Fuck, I can’t drive with a hard on and I want to watch this show!”

I squirmed under Dan’s mouth. His hands were still pinning down my arms.

“No, drive me home! PLEASE!” I begged looking at the driver. He ignored me.

“Greg! Hold her arms!” Dan ordered the guy behind me. Greg took my two wrists from Dan. I struggled to get my arms free, but Greg was just as strong as Dan. He lifted my hands up and held them behind my head. He was half standing behind me. The bus height meant that he had to stoop over me. I looked up to see him and my head pressed against his crotch. I could feel his erection through his baggy sweat pants pushing against the back of my head. He was looking down at my chest and actually rubbed the crotch of his sweat pants against me. Dan’s hands, now free from holding my wrists, went to my bra and lifted it up, allowing my breasts to escape underneath. He immediately feasted on one. Greg brought my two hands together into one of his large fists. With his spare hand he reached down to fondle my other breast. He rubbed his cock against the back of my head again. I could see the two guys in the front seats. They had both turned around now and were sitting on the dash board with erect cocks in their hands, jogging pants pushed down their thighs.

“Just watch, for now lads,” Dan said. “I want to be first.”

By now, major alarm bells were ringing in my head. This was getting out of hand. I was in a bus with four guys I didn’t know and nobody knows where I am.

The sensible part of my brain immediately thought “First??? What did that mean?? Was Dan going to take this further and then let his friends have a turn with me? Oh shit! What have I got myself into?”

The slutty part of my brain thought “Oh fuck yeah! I want to try and satisfy these four guys. I want to be covered in cum and fucked in every hole.”

I had a very slutty brain that I tried to keep under control by writing erotica. That slut inside me started to grow and dominate the sensible part. She turned off those alarm bells and turned them into cheers of joy!

I had never experienced sex with more than one partner before and it was definitely on my bucket list. Although my fantasies were usually me with a couple or another woman with my husband and I. I would never get an opportunity like this again.

(This story was first published to by HottieHousewife. The author has not given permission for it to be published anywhere else.)

“Lie down”, Dan ordered me. Greg let go of my wrists and Dan pushed me down on the bench seat of the mini bus. It was just about long enough for my back, but my legs were off the end, my knees bent and my feet on the floor. I loved the way he was in command. Pushing me, ordering me to do whatever he wanted. I decided to pretend that I wasn’t such a slut in so much need of a good fucking. I would play the reluctant housewife for them.

“Please, don’t do this. I am married”, I whimpered.

Dan leaned over me placing a hand either side of my head.

“Shhhh, babe. You will enjoy this. I am a really good ride!”

He lay on me and began to kiss me again. His tongue probing into my mouth. I pretended to resist again, while my body told a different story and reacted to his. I pressed my pubic bone against his hard on. He moved down my body and began kissing my breasts again, rolling my nipples with his tongue. There were jolts of electricity going straight to my clit. He came off my breasts and moved away. There was a whole gamut of feelings and emotions racing through me. I was incredibly turned on, a little horrified and scared, flattered, exposed, but happy to be on display for all these hot men. The two front seat guys were still stroking kaçak bahis their cocks. Greg in the back seat had now joined them. The smell of sex filled the minibus and the windows were steaming up. The sight of all the young cocks around me was intoxicating. I wanted all of them.

Suddenly, Dan gripped the waistband of my running pants and yanked them down.

“Oh God, no. Please don’t”, I cried my pretend protests. My hands went to my pussy to try to cover myself.

“Greg, grab her hands again.”

My hands were yanked upward roughly and held firm against the minibus window behind my head. The running pants were now down at my ankles, while my cropped bra top was pulled up over my breasts. I was now totally on display for all the men. I had no real choice as Greg held down my hands and Dan pinned me down to the seat.

I squirmed and wriggled as Dan got down between my legs. I was anticipating his first touch of my pussy. Dying for him to lick, stroke, probe. He put his hands under my ass and lifted my pussy to his mouth. He gently kissed my outer lips, his breath hot on me. His kiss was soft and maddeningly teasing. I just needed to cum and I wanted him to fuck me quickly. But what he was doing now felt almost like sensual foreplay. It was unhurried and maddenly slow. Dan brought his fingers to my pussy and very gently stroked my outer lips. The combination of his kisses and touch was amazing. It felt so good. My right leg opened wider to give him better access. My left leg was restricted by the back of the seat.

“mmmm, babe, your pussy is all wet for me already”, Dan growled.

“Wow, look at her shaved pussy. That slut needs a good fucking”, said the driver.

The Driver leaned over the seat and grabbed my right breast. My nipples seem to have a direct connection to my clit as any form of breast stimulation sends jolts straight down.

Dan was lapping at my pussy, his tongue now probing my inner folds and clit. Teasing me in the most delicious way. Holy hell, this man could lick pussy! Greg grabbed the other breast and started tweaking and pulling and squeezing. The combination of both my breasts being stimulated at the same time as my clit was new, intense and powerful. I was starting to squirm and grind against Dan’s talented mouth. I was biting my lip trying to stifle my moans of enjoyment.

I heard the bus door open and close, but I couldn’t see who came in. Then I noticed that the driver’s mate was now beside Greg. He was standing in a stooped posture as the bus restricted him. His jogging pants were pulled down to his thighs and he was slowly stroking a big fat cock.

Dan put his right hand on my pussy and began to rapidly rub my clit. He suddenly forced two fingers inside me and continued to move them in and out. I just couldn’t help it. I had an orgasm building. The gently pussy stroking, combined with breast tweaking all while looking at three men stroking lovely hard cocks. This was too much and a wave of orgasm crashed over me. I began trembling and shaking as the orgasm started. I was wiggling against Greg’s grip on my hands and trying to stifle my groans, but a few escaped.

“Haha, the slut is cumming for us”, said the driver in triumph.

I bucked wildly as I pushed against Dan’s talented fingers. I bit my lip hard, but still whimpered out my orgasm. The men cheered for me and I was mortified with embarrassment that I had cum in these circumstances.

“I told you that you would enjoy it babe! Now, I think you are ready for me.”, Dan said as he lowered his jogging bottoms.

I watched as his large engorged cock sprang out. Dan pulled me down the seat so that my bottom was off it. His hands went to my hips and he lifted me up onto his cock. I pretended to squirm away in protest, but he still managed to slide his cock into me. His fat mushroom head parting my lips and filling me. His thrusting was urgent and fast and he was only concerned with his own release. I was getting uncomfortable, and my arms, still pinned by Greg, were aching. After a few minutes, Dan suddenly withdrew and lowered me down. He then yanked me roughly into a sitting position and grabbed my ponytail behind my head. As he was in a standing crouch, his cock was at my eye level.

“You are going to give me the best blow job of my life, babe”, Dan said while gently rubbing the side of my face with his hand. Then he grabbed my face hard and sneered

“..or else I will tell your husband and friends how you flagged down our bus and begged us to fuck you.”

My hair hurt where he was pulling my ponytail. I was willing and helpless at the same time. I had to open my mouth for him. He seemed to tease himself at first by rubbing the head of his cock around my lips. I could taste and smell my own pussy off him. His cock was completely bare of hair. Finally, he pushed his cock into my mouth and started rocking back and forth, thrusting it into and out of my mouth. I grabbed his shaft with both of my hands. Partly, to help stop him from pushing too far into my throat and partly to help enhance the feelings for him. I pumped his shaft furiously while making rapid tongue movements around the head of his cock. Slurping as much of him into me as possible. I was making gagging noises and drooling all down his shaft. I had to swallow hard a few times to stop gagging.

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