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Delila saw it was the end of the shift. She took the mirror off the desktop and looked at her face and hair adjusting her hair a little. Her looks were stylish, and she had made it as a black woman in the corporate world. She made the money to have a good life style but something was missing. Things were just too mundane going to work, going home, repeat.

She did like dressing nice for work, and when off work. Her social life now consisted of her corporate life, and her husband.

She rather missed the dating life and chivalry of men trying to get her attention, and having clever pick up lines. Even her husband had become boring.

On this occasion she was about to board a bus on the way home when a strong wind gust blew up her skirt showing her white lace panties and ass. Suddenly she realized every man within a half block was looking toward her. It gave her confidence in her looks and sex appeal. She loved the momentary attention from men.

This one experience was rewarding enough to flare up the exhibitionist in her. The next day she wore high heels and black fishnet stockings that went all the way up to her crotch where she wore bright red panties open crotch showing her pussy lips. Her husband knew nothing about this of course, but she started flaunting her stuff every day. She noticed some men seemed to come back to the right spot regularly, by day or by night when she was out.

Delila experimented a little to see what clothes got the most attention. She tried white fishnet panties that contrasted and showed her dark pussy lips. She tried orange lace panties and found men to go out of their way to see up her skirt. She wore crotchless body stockings, and tried no panties at all. She wore a dress with a long slit up the side that showed her leg all the way to her thigh and at just the right time showed her pussy mound in panties. She wore sheer bras and panties that clearly showed her dark stand out nipples, and clit.

She wondered if the men got hard and if they jacked off or did something else to relieve the sex tension.

That evening while wondering about that, she teased her husband into getting hard. “Avory wet my finger for me.” She put her finger in his mouth and he watched as she sexily wetted her nipple with it. He was tantalized as she lightly stroked his cock while she tweaked her nipples, first one then the other. She took a drop of pre cum from his cock and wetted a nipple with it, then stuck it in his mouth to wet her finger more. Soon though, she took the pre-cum directly from his dick to his mouth.

As a reward she let him suck her tits, one by one.

She kept this up every night until one night she jacked his cum wad into her fingers, which she wetted her boobs with and let him lick her fingers, then her boobs. She was training him to like it. It gave her a feeling of power. He began eating his cum every night, developing a taste for it.

Delila developed a fantasy for Avory. She would point out the window to other black men and say, “Do you think your cum is better than his? Can you picture whether his cum is more creamy and white? Wouldn’t you like to trick him into letting you suck his cock so you can find out?” She pointed to various black men out of the window, and finally pointed out some Muslim men.

She pointed out the window to a Muslim man, “look at that caramel colored skin, wouldn’t you like to taste the creamy cum out of that one?” Delila kept that up getting her husband to imagine what they look like and what they taste like. They lived near a mosque and he began to seek Muslim men in the dark or in private.

Avory acted like a man of knowledge, (trained by Delila,) and began telling one Muslim man, “Cum is the source of life, is like the fountain of youth and helps you preserve your manhood and testosterone. It is vitality and you can receive it orally down the throat or anally in the rectum.”

Eating cum became Avory’s fetish and daily life.

At work Delila was taking the elevator from the top level and got in with a black business man. She bent over to pick up something and her short business skirt rode high on her ass showing her sheer lacy panties. She wiggled a little to stand back up. Looking at his crotch she noticed he already had a hard on.

“Oh did I do that? I’m sorry. Is it really hard?” She reached over and nudged his cock with her hand. “Ooo that is hot and hard. I bet it is beautiful.”

She hit the stop button and the elevator stopped between floors. She leaned against him and felt of his cock with her left hand. Rising to the top of his cock she found the fastener of his pants and unhooked it and the belt, unzipping him as her hand fell. Instantly her hand found the way to his bare cock, and she jacked him seductively illegal bahis and sensuously.

“Wet my finger baby,” she lifted a finger coated with pre-cum to his mouth. He couldn’t refuse, and he wet her finger, licking and twirling his tongue while getting a little taste of his own pre-cum. Keeping up the sexy talk, and hugging her warm tits to his body she continued to jack him until she had his cum in her hand and his pants were falling to the floor. “Close your eyes sweetheart, and open your mouth.” Deftly she delivered the cum to his mouth. He couldn’t object because her fingers were twirling in his mouth, and he felt and tasted the cum, until he had to swallow. “That was good Darling,” and she left at the next floor, while he desperately pulled his pants up trying not to show his ass, turning to the back to zip up.

The elevator operators through the video camera now had something recorded on him, if they ever needed it.

She did another black businessman the same way, and one day they both were riding the elevator together after hours. “I met this black lady in the elevator and you wouldn’t believe what she did,” said one.

“You know I had the same experience,” said the other. “She rubbed my cock like this,” and he drifted his hand over the other man’s cock. Rather than continue the conversation, he continued with his hand. The other man felt his hard cock, and soon both were unzipped and showing their stuff proudly. At about the same time they ejaculated in unison and both had cum in their hand, but brought it to their mouths, sampling each other at the same time.

Before parting ways, “Next time I want it straight from the pipe.”

“Me too bro,” offering to suck each other off in reciprocation.

Dating was too complicated and expensive, totally unreliable, so these men found it easier to hook up for blow jobs. Some were married, some were not.

Meanwhile Avory grew curious about what these Muslim men were really like. He took walks by the mosque, and down the back street behind the mosque. Finally he met one who was friendly and talkative. They greeted and chatted in small talk.

This one was wearing a white throbe. He could see through it in the right street light and he saw the outline of the man’s underwear which to him resembled women’s loose fit panties. “Is that comfortable?” he wanted to know.

The Muslim man answered, “yes, feel the material.”

Avory ran his hand along the man’s side feeling the material, almost like caressing. The man seemed moved by it, and let Avory continue while they talked. Avory had already seen the outline of the man’s underwear and now felt the waist band. “What do you wear under that thing?”

Simplistically the man answered by raising his throbe, like raising a dress, and exposed his silk underwear.

Avory was thrilled, “Is that silk?”


“I don’t believe it. Can I feel?”

“Go ahead.”

Avory reached under the hemline held up, and felt of the man’s underwear on the side of his buttocks. “That feels so smooth … and warm.” He rubbed the man’s ass cheek around the side and to the back until his hand reached the crack and fondled his crotch. Avory could feel the heat from his asshole through the material.

“Let me get a closer look.” They were in public outdoors but in a dark back street area. Avory got on his knees, and they both held the throbe dress over his head. What a thrill, he was in the man’s dress robe like in a tent. He clearly saw the out line of the man’s cock, and was rubbing around it. As if the man would not know it, Avory coaxed the cock hard, and let the underwear down releasing the cock. He let his breath tease the cock while he continued to feel the back side and start pulling down the underwear in the back. Soon he was licking and tonguing the head and he let the loose fitting underwear drop down to the man’s ankles. It was thrilling to have the power to make another man’s cock hard, and feel the closeness of his crotch and body.

It was Avory’s first time licking and sucking a cock, and he kept teasing and sucking it hard until the man came in his mouth while he held the man’s ass with his hands.

When Avory finished and swallowed, cleaning the cock as he did it, he stood up causing the man’s dress to rise with him, and he threw the clothing over the man’s head throwing the man down onto a bench like curb, drawing out his cock, and stuffing it into the Muslim man’s mouth before he could react because part of his clothing was covering his eyes. Avory said, “Suck it!”

Soon he felt licks, and gentle sucks on his cock head, then he stuffed the cock all the way to the back. “Suck it!” It was all such a turn on that it only took a minute before Avory exploded cum illegal bahis siteleri shots splashing into the back of the man’s mouth. “Taste it!” He watched as the man seemed to sample it and judge the goodness of it. “Now swallow.”

They both realized men of color could enjoy eating cum like anyone else. It was the nectar and source of life and vitality, besides it is said to be good for the teeth with minerals and calcium, and good for the mouth and throat tissues with vitamin E, and has protein. They had the right to suck cum like anyone else.

Sure enough the man swallowed, so began a strong friendship. But that was just the beginning, as soon they both learned the pleasure of anal sex, give and take.

One morning Delia got on the bus and as was becoming the norm, two voyeur men sat down in front of her in the opposing seat while her legs were slightly spread. She noticed they were both getting hard. “Hey,” she said to one, “see if his dick is harder than yours.” Soon they were both checking each other out and stroking. Softly she said in a sexy voice, “Why don’t you both collect a wad of cum in each other’s hand and show me how good you are at hand jobs?”

The suggestion worked, and they both had each other’s cock in hand jacking off each other. Almost in unison they both had a load of cum to show. Very sweetly she said, “See how good it tastes and tell me what you think.” Under her spell of beauty they tasted each other’s cum.

“It is good!” said the first one.

“Yes it is,” said the other.

Soon everyday men sat in front of her jacking for cum, and eating it up, swallowing down with sticky, slick smiles.

Meanwhile Avory made many Muslim friends, and shared DVD porn with cum eating and ass fucking. They reviewed the DVDs sharing them amongst themselves, and downloading videos from the DVD suggested websites. Soon their private Muslim meetings were turning into cum eating sessions. One Muslim raised the dress of another and saw Avory squatting there with a big cock in his mouth. Traditional bottles of olive oil for lube were on the tables. Later a special group divided out for those who love to sodomize black men. They use walkie talkies and video recordings to share the sounds of a reluctant black man’s first time anal. Many turned gay or bisexual and loved to suck cum.

One Muslim in the network says, “I never knew how much vitality this is, sucking cum, and ass fucking, with secret networks to get together.”

Avory is urged to try on a silk robe, gets naked in an airy dark room puts it on, then urged to try another but to close his eyes first, then finds himself under a robe with a naked Muslim body and a cock bumps his face, he licks, then sucks it. The man’s body bends over a table and Avory’s face is in his ass, but as he stands he grabs a bottle of olive oil and pours it into the crack. Soon he was fucking the man’s ass doggy style. An hour later Avory is discovered with a Muslim cock buried deep in his ass all the way to the hilt with expert twitches, thrusts, and twists.

Interracial men, Muslim and blacks are tempted by Delila and she jacks the strangers off through car windows with their pants pulled down, like, “here wet my finger. Wet my finger again,” then sticks cum covered fingers in their mouth.” She is irresistible, and desirable. They will do anything to get her attention to turn them on.

The whole sub group of the mosque starts sucking under each others dresses and fondling crotch and balls getting the thrill of warmth and closeness to one another. It was thrilling to them to have the natural power to make a man’s cock hard. One day in a suck session Avory points one to bend over a table in order to fondle his crotch and balls better. He feels the entire crotch, but greases his butt hole, and then anally fucks him while his throbe (dress) is lifted over his back.

Avory was invited into the network group for prayer and communal closeness. He went inside the mosque with his friend and saw a prayer counter about 4 feet wide running the width of the room with men in their throbe dresses kneeling in front of the counter in prayer. He thought he saw movement in under the garment of one. Avory was guided to a door found on either side of the room with a narrow hallway about 3 feet wide. There was a set of steps leading down 3 to 4 feet, and to his left he saw the 4 foot wide hallway that ran beneath the counter overhead. He saw several men across the length of it. As they traveled down it there were small window holes where one could see if anyone was in prayer overhead at that spot.

They came to one that was occupied and Avory was shown a panel that framed the window hole. Grabbing the handle he slid open the panel opening larged enough for canlı bahis siteleri him to stand in the opening under the man’s tent formed by his throbe dress. The man in prayer, whose garment formed a tent where he was kneeling, was naked beneath it. Avory was shocked. Apparently the air draft created by opening the panel stimulated the man into beginning to get hard. Avory’s guide friend whispered, “go ahead and check it out.”

Avory was standing face to crotch and he felt of the man’s cock. It twitched, grew and hardened as he felt of it. He brushed his hand over the man’s balls, and back across his crotch all the way back to his ass. He felt of the man’s butt cheeks, and felt the warmth of his ass crack all the way from top to bottom and let his fingers rub across his asshole. Moving a bit closer while he started caressing the balls, he took a lick at the cock. Letting his mouth engulf it, he started sucking on it slowly with kinky lust. He did not want to rush the experience but within a few minutes just as he was inserting his finger to the second knuckle in the asshole, the man came strongly in his mouth.

Gratefully, Avory licked it around his lips and let the cum melt in his mouth tonguing the flavor around the insides of his mouth and cheeks before swallowing and feeling the remaining coating slide down his throat.

When the man got up to leave Avory slid the panel closed and turned to the trough behind him where there was slowly running water, with bars of antibacterial soap on the side. He washed his hands and dried them on a towel hanging on a wire over the trough.

It was a unique and euphoric experience. Avory felt uplifted as he left, wondering if this went on 24 hours a day. As he left through the passage ways, he saw into a room that looked much like a bathhouse with some men laying over the edge of cushioned tables, and others behind them humping. Some of them were fastened in place with leather straps and BDSM loops. Some were being spanked or whipped on their naked asses. There were traditional bottles of olive oil stationed by the tables.

Avory’s guide felt of Avory’s hard cock and whispered in his ear. This one over here just came in. He is in his 20s and is an anal virgin. Avory’s guide took some pictures of the young man’s lovely ass, crotch, and asshole. Avory felt his guide friend’s cock rub against his thigh. They approached the young man and Avory felt of his firm bottom, fondled his balls, rubbed his crotch and ass crack. The young man twitched, arched his back, and clinched at the touching. His butt cheeks were firm and his ass crack was tight. At the urging of his friend, Avory took a bottle of olive oil and started spreading it on the ass, then in the crack and finally massaged some into the tight warm asshole. Taking his time, Avory had his own cock at the entrance and felt the man’s asshole wiggle on his cockhead. He massaged the butt cheeks, and spread the crack apart.

Lifting his cock he took another look at the tight asshole. It looked cute. Placing his cock there again he started to push in. The young man seemed to relax and moved his ass around as if to help the entry. When his cock head entered, Avory paused to let the young man adjust. It seemed like he pushed his asshole out as if to try and capture the dick playing at his entrance. He moved his asshole around playing with the cock head and gave slight humping motions as a preview. Avory slowly let his shaft sink in, and by this time the young man was using his asshole to play with the cock. Avory liked the erotic look of his throbbing cock shaft sliding in and out of the twisty playful asshole. Avory could not hold back for long and soon was breeding the young man with volleys of cum. The young man savored it and gently squeezed the cock with his asshole, and then relaxed.

His cock was still semi hard and still inside the young man’s ass all the way to the pubic hairs. His stomach was resting on the young man’s ass. From behind Avory felt his guide friend let his pants down and soon felt his hand squeezing his buns and running his hand up and down Avory’s ass crack and feeling his crotch and balls, sliding his hand all the way between his legs to the young man’s crotch and balls and feeling them, then feeling Avory’s cock at the young man’s perineum and ass hole entrance. Avory felt olive oil sliding down his crack and being massaged into his own asshole. Soon Avory felt a cockhead applied to his ass. The young man was getting double treated as when Avory was pumped and humped, the action fed into the young man as well through Avory’s cock.

Avory had a satisfying life now. Delila is thrilled everyday, with their lifestyle.

The videos of the private networking sessions were sent via internet to all the Muslim countries, and became very popular. The secret trough sessions were all recorded on hidden cameras that were only viewed by exclusive membership.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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