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Bobby had dropped off the CD he’d done up for her, along with two additional copies. She had chased him away however, though he’d been hoping for more. She wanted to be alone when she looked at the photos they’d taken, and map out her strategy as she did. Becky spent most of the night thinking about what she was going to do and say. It was complicated, but come morning, even as tired as she was, she was reasonably confident she could pull this off. Her revenge would indeed be sweet against everyone. Feeling even more betrayed now than ever, she wanted Grace, her father, and especially Mellissa to feel the humiliation that she had felt all these years, and especially lately. She had located Grace’s phone number amongst her school things, waiting until a reasonable hour before calling her. She didn’t want Grace to become suspicious for one thing, suddenly receiving a call from the daughter of the man who had been with her the evening before.

Becky waited until noon before dialing her number.


“Miss Woodruff? Hi…this is Becky, I was wondering if I could come over later and discuss something with you.”

Becky could tell by Grace’s tone of voice that she was caught by surprise by the call, which she’d been expecting, although prepared for it.

“What is it you wish to discuss Becky?” Grace asked somewhat nervously.

“Well I know that you graduated from State University right? And since I’m planning on going back to school in the fall, that’s one of the places I’m considering. So I was thinking that I could perhaps come over and talk to you about it, find out a bit more about the campus and curriculum, so I can make an informed decision about where I would like to go.”

Almost immediately Grace’s demeanor changed as she responded. “Yes of course! I’d be delighted to do that!” She said, the smile in her tone of voice clearly evident now. “I even think I’ve still got a few brochures laying about that we can look at together,” she added. “How’s one o’clock sound?”

“Sounds perfect. See you then,” Becky finished hanging up. “Picture perfect,” she laughed looking at the CD she had in her hand that she’d be taking over with her.

Her father as usual had gone out to golf with his buddies, so she didn’t have to worry about dealing with him. And though he usually returned around one in the afternoon, she’d have already left by then, leaving a note for him on the table. With luck, and if this worked out the way she hoped that it would, she’d have plenty of time to enjoy herself, and what’s more, she’d enjoy the unexpected aftermath of all this even more later on. She sat smugly on her bed, smiling to herself before heading off to take a shower and prepare herself for this. Including what she had decided to do prior to heading over there.

She sat down on the toilet and shaved her pussy.


Becky arrived promptly at one o’clock, Grace greeting her at the door and inviting her in. As she’d expected, Grace directed her to her work room where Becky had in fact spent most of her time whenever she’d been there before. It was where Grace’s computer was. Becky had also purposely dressed a bit more casual than usual, interested in seeing what Grace’s response might be to that, though it would certainly make things easier for her too, when the time came. Wearing a simple tee shirt, with no bra, though obvious, wasn’t so totally outlandish that it would actually suggest anything. But the moment Grace had answered the door, her eyes had indeed been drawn to Becky’s chest, especially the way her breasts seemed molded beneath it, along with the outline of her thick fat nipples. She had smiled at that, purposely brushing past Grace as she held open the door, ensuring that her chest had in fact caressed the woman’s arm as she stepped into her home.

“I found those brochures,” Grace said walking over to a nearby table, though Becky quickly headed her off.

“Cool, and I brought something I wanted to show you as well,” she said holding up the CD. “You mind if I use your computer?” She asked. “There’s some stuff on here I thought we could look at, and discuss together if you don’t mind.”

Becky had used Grace’s computer before when she’d input some files for her in the past, so she was of course certainly familiar with it. Grace had even given her, her own log-on and screen name to use, though maintaining her own personal files separately.

“Ok if I use my own log-on?” She asked, to which Grace nodded yes, no doubt curious about the CD. Becky inserted the disc, and then began downloading the files. “Should only take a moment or two for this to load up,” she smiled. “Here, why don’t you sit so we can look at these when they finally come up,” she stated, pulling over an extra chair, though continuing to stand next to Grace as she sat down in her own chair.

“What did you bring to show me?” Grace asked, once more feeling a little nervous and apprehensive, especially with Becky standing there next to her the way she was. Her breast actually pressing, and resting against her illegal bahis shoulder as Becky stood behind, leaning forward. “Is she actually trying to seduce me?” Grace wondered silently.

“You’ll see,” Becky smiled sweetly. “I’m really interested in this particular subject, so was hoping you’d be willing to give me some additional instruction in it.” Once again that seemed to put Grace at ease as the file just then finished loading. A folder appeared on her desk top. “Click on that, and open it,” she smiled again as Grace moved the mouse over to it, doing just that. The moment she did, a whole slew of photos suddenly appeared. Even then, it took her a moment to realize what they were as she suddenly looked up, her mouth open…staring at Becky.

“What the hell is this?” She asked indignantly.

“What do you think it is?” Becky responded in kind, purposely reaching over to maximize the first photo. “Something I thought you should see, so we can talk about it,” she added as the first obscene image suddenly filled the entire screen. The first photo showing all three of them standing together naked, just before they got busy on the floor.

“Where did you get these? And who…”

“Never mind that,” Becky said scrolling to the next one, which was obviously far more explicit. “You should probably take a look at the rest of these first, and then we’ll have that little talk.”

Grace sat in stunned silence, looking at the photos until she had scrolled through each and every last one of them. Each one seemingly more decadent than the one before, ending with the one of herself, laying there in the midst of an obvious orgasm.

“That one’s my favorite,” Becky announced looking at it, smiling wickedly. “Very hot.”

“What do you want Becky?” Grace asked, an edge of anger coming forth in her tone of voice. “Do you want money? What? You know I can’t…”

“No, I don’t want money, I don’t need your money,” she said cutting the woman off. “What I want, is for that cunt’s mother to quit dating my father,” she began explaining. Grace knew she was referring to Jessica of course as she continued. “And you’re going to help me do that, you’re going to help me humiliate her, the way she humiliated me.”

“I certainly will not!” Grace spat, almost standing, though Becky had been expecting that as well, placing her hand down on the woman’s shoulder, pushing her down in her seat again. “Oh yes you will, because if you don’t…I’ll make sure every member of the school board has a copy of this CD downloaded on their computers in an instant. You see, you forget, I’ve copied your entire address file. So one simple touch of the key…will send this file to everyone in the school. So yes you will help me do that, or you’ll suffer the consequences.”

“But your own father’s on there too! He’d be hurt as well by this!” She tried desperately saying.

“Do I look like I care?” Becky said staring back at her. “He’s as much to blame for all this as you are. I mean look Grace, look at the three of you there together. Daddy’s got his dick buried in the cunt of the woman who’s busy eating yours. You think that doesn’t humiliate me, seeing this?” Grace looked like she was on the verge of collapse.

“What is it you want me to do?” She asked resigned, defeated, which is exactly what Becky had been hoping for.

“Your part is actually easy, and might even be fun if you try and look at it that way,” she began to explain. “It’s not you that I’m actually after. I’m sorry to even have to be using you like this, but you have betrayed me in a way as well, so unfortunately, you’ve got no say in the matter but to do what I ask. If you do, then I’ll make sure you get every copy I’ve made of this, and I’ll give you the erase code key for the files that are now in your computer. Once you’ve done what I’ve asked, you’ll be free and clear, and no one will ever know. Except for Jessica’s mom of course. But I’ll leave that between the two of you to resolve amongst yourselves. Won’t make any difference to me what the two of you do after that, so long as she agrees to no longer see, or have anything to do with my father.”

“Why didn’t you just go directly to her?” Grace asked, almost wishing.

“Because it’ll be far more fun this way, that’s why. And besides, you can’t get off entirely scot-free either you know. You need to suffer a little bit for your own involvement in this. Just consider yourself lucky, that when it’s all over and done, all you’ll have to deal with is Mellissa, and not the entire school board.” Now Grace really was resigned, it was obvious that Becky had spent a great deal of time considering all this. And as much as she wasn’t looking forward to what was coming, it was far better than losing her entire career over it either. She might have to eventually consider moving away, but at least she could do that, get a fresh start someplace else as long as she wasn’t exposed here.

“What do you want me to do?”

Becky smiled, sitting back in her chair. “Like I said, you have the easy part really. In a few illegal bahis siteleri minutes here, you’re going to call Mellissa and tell her to come over, that you have a nice surprise for her, something she’ll enjoy. Once she gets here, you’ll get her into bed, start fooling around, and that’s when I come in. I’m the surprise. After all, she hasn’t met me, has no idea who I am. You introduce me as one of your current lovers, or whatever story you’d care to make up, just as long as she buys it. Then the two of you together, will pleasure me. Obviously, I’ll be recording all that as well, secretly. And then after we’re done here today, I’ll have the same little chat with her that I’ve had with you. Once I’ve gotten her assurance that she will never again have anything to do with my father, I’ll send you the other CD’s I have stashed away, along with the camera I’ve used for all this. You two can then do with it whatever you like after that. I’ll no longer care. So…what do you say? You ready to call Mellissa and invite her over, or should I just, say…press this button?” Becky reached, as though she might, but Grace immediately stayed her hand, calling out.

“NO! Don’t! OK! OK! Whatever you want! I’ll call her!”


“Yes…now,” Grace sat, almost crying as she did, her entire world seemingly collapsing around her.

“OK, get it together Grace,” Becky admonished her. “We don’t want or need you looking all puffy-eyed now do we? Oh yes, and one more thing. I’d damn well better enjoy myself, which means you damn well better do a pretty good job of getting me off here once Mellissa comes over. I don’t want her suspecting anything until I’ve had a chance to sit down and talk to her, probably tomorrow. This will be after all, my first ever lesbian experience, and I’d kind of like it to be a good one. Understood?”

Grace nodded her head, totally resigned to all this, as much as she hated it.

“Then let me hear you say it.”

“I understand.”

Becky began removing her clothing.

“What are you doing? I haven’t even called her yet!”

“I know, but we might as well get in the mood shouldn’t we? First? Come on…I want to hear how you’re looking forward to licking my pussy. Come on, say it. Let me hear you say it.”

“I’m looking forward to licking your pussy.”

Becky frowned, glaring at her. “You’d better do better than that, especially after Mellissa gets here. You’re forgetting, I saw how you really are, last night. And you sure as hell didn’t sound like this then.” Becky didn’t bother mentioning she hadn’t actually been able to hear her, she figured she’d just let Grace wonder about that one. “So you’d better get with it, hell…like I said, you might actually end up enjoying this if you let yourself. But either way, I damn sure as hell better, or the deals off!”

Grace just looked at her, both furious and frightened, but she honestly saw no way out of this.

“So, you want to try it again?”

“I’m looking forward…to eating your…cunt!”

“That’s better!” Becky laughed. “Now…get undressed, and then call Mellissa. After that, you can eat my cunt for a while, while we’re waiting for her to get here.”


Becky stood behind Grace listening to her as she talked to Mellissa on the phone, playing with her exposed breasts. As much as she hated it, fearful and afraid, she was even more mad at herself, her own body for responding to Becky’s playful touch. Her nipples hard now, betraying her as Becky coaxed them into hard little points, teasing them, rolling them around between her fingers.

“She’s on her way,” Grace said hanging up, only then standing forcing Becky’s hands away from her, if even only for a moment. It was a small fleeing victory. “Should be here in about twenty minutes.”

“Good, plenty of time for you to lick my cunt for a bit,” Becky said walking towards the bed. “Obviously you enjoy doing that. I watched you, remember? So I’d better enjoy what you do to me now too,” she warned. “Or like I said, the deals off. I have every intention of enjoying this…enjoying the both of you, and watching you with her as well. So she’d better not suspect anything, get my drift?”

Though tight lipped, and fuming inside, Grace knew that Becky still had her over a barrel. “Yes. I get your drift,” she replied less than enthusiastic, though crawling up into the bed as Becky lay back spreading her legs, inviting her to take a nice close look at her very recently shaved cunt.

“You like? I shaved it just for you…this morning,” she told her.

In a very strange way, Grace actually felt sorry for Becky. She’d had enough contact and conversations with the young woman in the past, to know what she had gone through. The fact that she had indeed suffered horribly, not only at the hands of her own mother, and to some extent, her father made no excuse for all this of course. And that she even slightly understood her resentment towards Mellissa, because of Jessica, and what she had done to her. And the fact it was this very same woman canlı bahis siteleri who was now seeing, and dating her dad. “Dating hell…fucking him, and then what we did,” she told herself remembering the night before, and the collection of damaging photos that were now hanging above her head as a form of blackmail. Grace was as upset with herself as she was with Becky, for allowing herself to get involved like this. But involved she now was, and with no other choice but to go along with Becky’s carefully planned out scheme. She knew her relationship with Mellissa would now be over, once and for all. Like it or not. And even if she was lucky enough to get away without anyone else finding out about any of this, she also knew her time at the local high school had come to an end as well. She sure as hell wouldn’t be returning there next year, like it or not.

“Regardless of what you think Becky, you are a beautiful, and yes sexy young woman. I know you don’t think that, believe that, but you are.” Grace was being honest with her here, perhaps hoping to change her mind about this before it was too late. “But…you are ugly on the inside, but only because you’re making yourself so. There’s really no good reason for you to be doing this. I already told you once before, you are pretty, as long as you believe that, believe in yourself. It really doesn’t matter what others may think or believe, as long as you realize that.”

For the briefest of moments, Becky almost felt guilty for doing this, but her anger and frustration quickly resurfaced. “Shut the fuck up,” she said instead. “I’m not here for you to preach to me about how I feel or don’t feel. I’m here to set the record straight, to teach a few people a lesson, and let them feel what I’ve had to feel and put up with. Now, unless you want to have your own life fucked up, you’ll shut up and do what I told you to do.”

Grace already felt like her own life WAS fucked up…now anyway. And then giving up any hope whatsoever of changing Becky’s mind, she leaned forward and allowed the flat of her tongue to slowly slither up the very wet sloppy split of the young woman’s cunt. If nothing else, maybe she could reach Becky that way. Maybe…she could actually pleasure her into changing her mind about this, before it really was too late.


Hearing the doorbell, Becky quickly stepped into the bathroom to wait as Grace went downstairs to answer the door. She stood listening, but couldn’t quite hear what was being said, though she honestly didn’t worry too much about Grace giving her up, not with the threat she still held over the woman’s head. She certainly wouldn’t be THAT stupid. Moments later she could hear the two of them coming back up, even laughing a little as they did, telling her that so far at least, Grace was doing exactly what she’d been told to do. She stepped back into the bathroom, listening as they came into the room.

“So what’s going on?” Mellissa asked curiously.

“I told you, it’s a surprise, a nice…but naughty, fun surprise.”

“What? Is William here too? Is he hiding someplace?” Mellissa asked, looking about as though maybe in fact he was. Inside the bathroom, Becky cringed, hearing her father’s name, though so too had Grace when Mellissa had mentioned him.

“No, he isn’t,” she quickly said. “Now, are you going to let me surprise you or not?”

“Ok, ok…what do you want me to do?”

“Take off your clothes, and then get into bed and put this on,” she said handing Mellissa the blindfold Becky had brought along, and told her to use on her.

“You’ll see soon enough,” she assured her once again, as Becky stood listening to the sound of Mellissa removing her clothing, and then climbing on up…and into the bed.

“Ok, I’m ready. Surprise me.” She stated. And then right on cue, Becky walked out of the bathroom now climbing up into the bed with the two of them, settling quickly and easily down between the woman’s legs. She even chuckled, the obscene thought that she was actually about to lick the pussy of the woman who had so recently had her own father’s dick inside it, was almost too vulgar for words. But it would make the eventual humiliation, once that was found out, all the sweeter when she did. Becky licked. Licking her first ever pussy, and surprisingly found it not at all repugnant, nor gross. She licked her again, hearing Mellissa sigh, though only for a moment as sudden realization dawned on her…Grace was sitting next to her on the bed! Someone else…was licking her pussy!

Mellissa reached up, tearing her blindfold off. “What the hell? Grace? Who is this?” She asked looking wild-eyed, though Grace quickly knelt down, kissing and re-assuring her.

“Remember that I had told you I had met someone that I might be interested in, after you informed me, or rather asked me how I might feel if you started seeing and dating William? Well this is her…this is…Amber,” Grace said glancing over towards Becky, though this part they certainly hadn’t discussed as yet. She was winging it here, flying by the seat of her pants, and hoping that Becky would go along with it, and that Mellissa might in fact, buy off on it. Mellissa seemed to mellow out some shortly after that, though still startled to find a completely strange woman down between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32