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I felt the bed shift when he got in behind me. I was lying on my stomach with one knee drawn up a bit. My thin white tee was moist with perspiration and I’d put on the smallest pair of black cotton panties I owned after my shower. God it was hot. When he snuggled up behind me, his skin against mine, I was a heartbeat away from asking him to just leave me alone. He pressed up against me, I opened my mouth to say it and he whispered against my neck, “My girl looks hot.”

I was, and his breath was hotter still. Nonetheless, I felt goose bumps raise on my arms and the backs of my thighs. Just like that, my mind went from,” leave me alone” to “please don’t stop”.

I felt my body react to him in ways that it hadn’t in months. Maybe years. I’d been stressed lately. I have a lot going on at work. My boss recently moved into another position and I’ve been contemplating making a bid for his job. I’m worried about what the economy is doing to our mortgage . We have a kiddo who needs braces and another that wants guitar lessons. I love him, but time with my husband has been just about the last thing on mind.

But the way he said it. “My girl looks hot.” It wasn’t a compliment. It was a statement of fact. Record highs in Portland and trust me, very few North Westerners plan for heat. He was stating the obvious, but the possessiveness in his voice raised those goose bumps. I’ve always been his honey, his sweetie, his baby, but tonight, I’m his girl.

He rubs the goose bumps from the back of my thigh and I feel a tiny spasm in my pussy.

“Are you too hot baby?” The only sound I can make is strangled, halfway between a whimper and a moan. He drags his hand slowly up the back of my thigh, over the swell of my ass, to the small of my back. He stops, his hand slightly illegal bahis splayed over the patch of bare skin between the band of my panties and the hem of my tight white t-shirt. His fingers curve gently around my side, the tips of his fingers barely reaching my stomach.

“I know I shouldn’t,” he whispers against my neck. I have a split second to wonder what the hell he’s talking about before he finishes, “but Daddy can’t help it.”

I resister that he’s just called himself Daddy, then so many things happen at once. I gasp. My nipples tighten. My pussy floods. I feel that tiny spasm again.

I’m not sure when it happened, but some time ago, I started fantasizing about my Daddy. No, not my father. That’s disgusting. My Daddy, the man who wants what’s best for me. Even if what’s best for me is a good hard spanking. A man who’ll teach me, who’ll nurture me. Make me his girl, then his bad girl, his slut, his whore. A man who will praise my good behavior with his cock. Who’ll teach me bad behavior with it too.

I asked my husband to be my Daddy once. He was so disgusted. I never got to explain my Daddy to him. I rolled over and lay there in my shame until he fell asleep. Then I rubbed my aching pussy, dreaming of a Daddy who’d use my shame to fuck me. After that night, I never said it out loud again. But it was never far from my mind.

But back to right now. Right now, my Daddy is pulling me tighter against his body. His hand snakes up against the swell of my breast. He finds my nipple through my T shirt and I moan as he teases it lightly.

“Can Daddy touch you here?” He asks as he twists my nipple. “Is it ok?” I make a guttural sound that he takes as agreement. I feel his fingers snake under my T and brush the fullness of my breast. I can’t help illegal bahis siteleri it. I know it’s slutty, but my ass grinds against his cock and I can tell he’s hard. His hands cup my breast and he encourages me.

“Is that a yes? Daddy can tell, you know.” He releases my captive nipple and his hand slides down my abdomen toward my panties.

“Do you know how I know? I can tell from your pussy.” He cups my pussy through my panties.

“Oh, I think you do like it when Daddy touches you. Don’t you?”

I barely manage, “yes.”

“Daddy wants his girl to come. Will you come for Daddy?”

“Yes,” I gasp. I’m practically coming already.

“But you have to come my way. Can you do that? Can you do that for your Daddy?”

I’m gasping and panting and he takes that for yes. He suddenly pulls his hand from my pussy. I feel abandoned. He pushes my upper body away from him. I’m desperate for him to be touching me. He snakes his right arm underneath me, and uses it to push me back against his chest. He cradles me there, my back to his chest and he whispers in my ear.

“Daddy’s going to make you come. You’re such a good girl. Daddy wants to make his good girl feel special.”

While he talks to me, he’s settling me against the front of his body. I can feel his rigid cock nestled in the cleft of my ass through my panties. His right hand his squeezing and pinching my nipples as his left creeps back toward my pussy. I expect him to slide his fingers under the band, but he doesn’t. Instead, he settles his hand over my mound and gently probes my slit until he has his finger against my clit, using the cotton fabric to tease my sensitive nub. He grinds against my ass while tweaking my nipples and endlessly smoothing my cotton panties against my canlı bahis siteleri bud.

I’m drenched. I fuck myself against his hand as my pussy grows hotter and hotter. I can feel

Daddy’s cock pulsing against my bottom and I shimmy against it, aching to feel it inside me, stretching me wide. The thought of my Daddy’s cock in me is more than I can take. I pump against his finger frantically now and quickly explode. My whole body tightens and my empty cunt clenches against the cock I wish were filling me.

I’m panting as my body stills. I’m already dreaming of climbing on Daddy’s cock when I feel his teeth against the nape of my neck.

“Daddy’s not done with you, baby.” With that, he bites. Not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to make me want whatever he wants. He tenses the finger that’s still knuckle deep in my slit and my whole body tenses with it.

“Daddy likes that.” He pushes my button again. It’s almost more than I can take. It makes me gasp and my hips jerk, trapped between his cock and his finger.

“Oh baby, Daddy does like that.” He frigs my clit relentlessly and I’m powerless to stop the movements of my body. My hips push back and my thighs tighten around his hand. He continues to stroke me and through the haze of almost painful pleasure, I feel his cock pumping against my ass. His finger moves faster, driving the motion of my hips. He bites down hard on the back of my neck, triggering a second, blinding orgasm. When I regain my senses, the hand on my pussy is still. He’s lightly teasing my nipples and whispering what a good girl I am–hinting at many more chances to make my Daddy happy. Promising to show me things I’ve only dreamt of.

I’m drifting off as he strokes my hip and thigh. When he thinks I’ve nodded off, he roles away from me. As soon as he moves, I feel the slick, wet spot on the back of my panties. I’m mostly asleep when he reaches over and smears his creamy come into the skin of my lower back. As I drift away, I hear him say, “You are Daddy’s good girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32