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As you walk to your car two women pass you on the side walk. “Top o’the mornin’, ladies.” You smile as you greet them.

“Good morning to you.” One says as they pass. “You’re in a good mood on such a dreary day.”

You smile and wonder just what they would think if they knew what Jerry had been doing.

There was a slight drizzle and a chill in the air as clouds rolled in obscuring the sun that was so bright earlier. Fall was drawing to a close and winter would be starting in just days. “I hadn’t noticed…. it’s another beautiful day as far as I’m concerned.”

“I wish I had what you had for breakfast!” The second said.

You just smiled and opened your car door.

When you arrived home you parked your car and went out to the front yard to pick up some trash that some asshole had thrown from their car. “Why are some people such buttheads?” You wondered to no one in particular.

“Is everything ok at work?” Your wife asks when you sit down in your living room. You’ve made a habit of going in to the warehouse on Saturday mornings. It will make meeting Jerry easy. Even if she calls the warehouse you can say you went to the hardware store. If she calls your cell you left it in the car by mistake.

“Under control, dear.” You answer as you pick up the paper and pretend to read. You’re much more interested in planning what to do with Jerry. You like the idea of making a recording. You could shoot the video so you can be sure your face isn’t on it and he can keep it so he will be sure it’s safe. He just might go for that!

You wonder if you should make him get a butt plug or a dildo! Or both! What about nipple clamps? Eye shadow? A teddy? Stockings? A wig? The possibilities are endless. All your spare moments are spent daydreaming about the coming Saturday morning.

As you leave work Friday evening you pick up a few pairs of the vinyl gloves the mechanics use to keep their hands clean. Saturday morning you wake up before the alarm goes off. You go through the usual routine. Shit, shave and shower. You spend extra time on your butt just in case. Finally it’s eight o’clock and you are walking up to Jerry’s door. It opens before you can ring his bell. He’s wearing the knee length red slip with a lace hem that you ordered for him over his bra and panties. His slippers are red too; sandals with two inch heels. He walks confidently to the middle of the room as you close the door. “Do you like what you see?” He asks demurely as he slowly turns in a circle.

“Oh, Jerry!” You exclaim. “You look so, so sexy!” It’s not a lie really. The sandals give his legs a more feminine look and the slip hides some of the more manly features of his body. There is still that pot belly, of course, but with a little eye shadow and a wig he might pass for a well worn woman. You approach him and feel his butt. You brush his “clit” and squeeze a tit. “Have you been thinking about me, Jerry?”

“Constantly; it’s all I think about. Licking you, kissing you, sucking you, it’s a constant distraction.”

“That’s good, Jerry, what about showing me how far your “clit” can shoot? Have you been careful not to cum this week?”

“Oh yes. Whenever I get horny I take a cold shower and then do house work.” “Housework?” You think. “Hmmn. Maybe he needs one of those cotton house dresses the old ladies wear and those puffy slippers and a babushka!” You unbutton your shirt and toss it on the couch. Your shoes and socks and slacks and boxers join them as you waste no time getting naked. You continue to caress Jerry’s ass and tits. You press your cock against his buttocks and squeeze both his tits while breathing on his neck. You lick his ear and whisper. “Have you thought about giving me your cherry?”

He gasps. “No. No, not that.”

“Why canlı bahis şirketleri not, Jerry? Don’t you want to be more than just a cock sucker? Don’t you want to take all of my cock into your pussy and feel what it’s really like to be a woman, full of cock and squealing for more? Don’t you want to be used? Don’t you want to be a cunt?

“Maybe?” He’s not sure but you know he will be asking to be fucked before you’re through with him.

You push him to his knees and slap his face with your dick. “Suck it, slut.” You feel a strange sense of power! You are naked but you are standing.

Jerry takes you in his mouth without any hesitation. Your dick hardens quickly as he applies just the right amount of suction and it slides in and out of his mouth. “You should see yourself, Jerry. You look so happy sucking my dick. Would you like to see yourself, Jerry? Would you like to see what a great slut you are?”

Jerry mumbles something, you’re not sure what. The look on his face is unsure. “What if we make a video, Jerry? We can call it ‘The Life of a Slut.’ Every week we can record your adventures sucking my cock.”

Jerry knows this could be dangerous. In the wrong hands he could be ruined. He stops sucking. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

You step back and look at him. “I’m surprised, Jerry. Really. You are such a good cock sucker that I thought you would enjoy watching my cock go in and out of your mouth. Seeing for yourself just how much disappears. How much more there is for you to try to swallow. It would be something to watch when I’m away. Are you sure. Jerry?”

He doesn’t speak. He hesitates, then. “It would make me want to jack off when you’re not here. That’s not good!” You smile; you know a seed has been planted. You turn and walk to the back of his condo. Jerry gets off his knees and follows. You go through the kitchen past the island in the middle where you will test his cum shooting abilities later. The family room is dark. The dreary weather outside is not much better. This is perfect you think. What you and Jerry are doing in the shadows is hidden from prying eyes but it seems like you are on stage letting everyone who wants witness the animal pleasure you share. Jerry is behind you in the doorway to the kitchen. “Come here, Jerry, let me take a good look at you.” He comes halfway into the room. You circle him. You squeeze his butt. “Should you give me your cherry here?”

“No, please, I’m not ready for that.” His answer may be no but he’s telling you he will let you do it eventually.

You stand behind him and let your cock ride on the slip’s satin material covering his butt crack. With both hands you stroke his chest and stomach. “Your ass feels good, Jerry.” His silence lets you know he is thinking. You tongue his ear and breathe down his back. You mash his man boobs with both hands. You pull the thin straps of his slip and bra off his shoulders exposing both of them. You roll his nipples between your thumbs and fingers while biting his neck. One hand slides down to his crotch and you rub his “clit.” Jerry is almost panting.

“What am I going to do with you, Jerry? I know you are getting horny as hell but you don’t want me to fuck you.” You push him to his knees and offer your cock. He starts sucking feverishly. “Slow down, you cum hungry slut, you might give me blisters.” You push him away return to the living room and fall back into his recliner. It faces his wide screen TV so it must be his favorite chair, his “throne.” He follows and kneels between your legs. You lean back and throw your legs over the arms of his “throne.”

“Kiss my balls, Jerry. Lick them. Lick them like the bitch in heat you are.” He works on your balls with the skill and dedication of an artisan; you’ve opened canlı kaçak iddaa the door to a world he could only fantasize about a few weeks ago. You are going to take him down a path that will expose every ounce of sexual desire in his being. He will do things he doesn’t want to do right now. Every taboo breached will make the next one easier. “Kiss my ass, Jerry.”

He objects. “I don’t do rim jobs.”

“Did I ask you to give me a rim job? Lick and kiss my ass cheeks, slut.” Jerry kisses first one and then the other. He licks your balls and under your balls. He never quite makes contact with your asshole but he services every square inch around it. “One day, maybe sooner rather than later,” you think.

Your cock is telling you it needs Jerry’s mouth. You stand and make him crawl to the middle of the room. “Open wide, Jerry, I feel a big load just waiting to flood your mouth.”

Jerry’s lips quickly engulf your cock. He bobs and sucks just like all the cock suckers you’ve seen on the internet but he’s better. He’s yours! “Pull on my balls, Jerry.” Your voice is rasping. “Don’t let them draw up! Make me want to cum but don’t let me just yet.” Jerry has your balls in one hand; with the other he is squeezing your ass. With both hands on his head you are fucking his face. Your cock is on fire. “Lets go, slut, let me cum, let me cum now,” you command. The fire in your cock burns hotter; you drive your cock into his mouth. He gags and falls back. Cum pours from your cock. His face, his chest, his bra and slip catch each shot in turn. He looks up at you and smiles as he scoops up the cum and sucks it off his fingers.

“Was it good for you?” He asks knowing the answer.

“You know it was, now clean my cock so we can have some coffee.”

As Jerry prepares the coffee you go to the vanity off the kitchen. You soak a wash cloth in cold water and wipe off your face and arms. You haven’t expended this much energy having sex in years. Maybe that’s why your wife lost interest. But then again she isn’t as enthusiastic as Jerry. As you leave the vanity you spank Jerry’s ass on the way to the living room. “Are you ready for your show, Jerry?” He turns and smiles. “Well, Jerry, it’s your show. Let’s see what you’ve got!”

You take your seat in the easy chair by the fireplace. He hands you a mug of coffee and puts his on the hearth stone. He faces you and stares into your eyes. One hand is making slow circles on his “clit,” the other is pinching a tit. Some of your cum is still in his hair, some of it is still on his bra and slip. He pulls the bra’s clasp to one side and undoes it. He licks each spot of cum as he rubs his “clit” again. He tosses the bra aside and pulls the slip over his head and sucks the cum off it. His red bikini panties just barely cover his “clit” as it grows. You watch mesmerized, as a grown middle aged man stands before you and rubs his crotch with one hand and squeezes his tits with the other. He’s wearing red heeled sandals, panties and lipstick. You are surprised to find yourself thinking how sexy it is.

He steps closer and whispers, “Want to take my panties off?”

You don’t know what to do. Would this cross some sort of line? Would you loose some of your control? You lean forward. He places his hands on your shoulders as you pull down his panties. He takes them from you and using them like a sling waves his “clit” back and forth. It’s just inches from your face.

Jerry has those half closed bedroom eyes, his voice is raspy and uncertain but he asks, “Would you like to kiss my “clit?”

You fall back in shock. He laughs and says, “Nobody fucks me unless they kiss my “clit.” and, I like a lot of kissing!” His overt reference to turning the tables on you takes you by surprise. Would you do it? Could canlı kaçak bahis he turn you into a cock sucker too? He steps back and starts stroking his “clit.” “How are we going to measure how far this thing can shoot?”

You stand up and try to regain control. Jerry can see your cock is throbbing. Does he know his challenge is having an effect? You turn towards the kitchen before you fall to your knees and accept his challenge. “Let’s go to the kitchen counter.” The counter itself has two heights; regular for working with food and a lower level for using a stand mixer. When Jerry stands by the lower end in his heels his “clit” is about four inches above the counter. “This will do nicely, Jerry. Lean against the counter and get yourself hard. We need to establish a foul line.” Jerry’s “clit” is about five and a half inches long but you know it will get even bigger just before he shoots. You fold a dish towel and lay it down. “You have to shoot over the towel or it doesn’t count.”

Jerry slowly strokes his cock. Outside his backdoor and across the garden you see one of the two women you saw the week before. She’s trimming flowers. Jerry is jacking off. Would she be appalled if she knew? If she was like your wife she most certainly would be but maybe she’s more open minded. You focus on Jerry. There is tension in his face as he quickens his pace. Pre cum glistens on his cock head. He’s holding his breath. “Do it Jerry! Cum for me. Show me what you’ve got! Do it Jerry, do it now!” A rope of white arches toward the far end of the counter landing at least a foot and a half away. A second smaller rope only makes it about six inches on the towel and the rest just dribbles on to the counter top. You applaud. “Nice job, Jerry! I wonder if you can do better next week. You know what you have to do now don’t you Jerry? Lick it up! We can’t leave the kitchen in a mess.”

“I don’t do that. I don’t like to eat my own cum…..ever.”

“Yes you do slut! You drank it in your coffee last week, remember? You’ll it do now or our games end right now. I’ll get dressed and leave and never come back.” You grab his wrist and pull him around the end of he counter. Pulling his arm across your waist you put your other hand on his head and lean on his arm. You force his head toward his cum. He resists but slowly his lips are inches away from the cum he had just spurted on the counter. “You want to do this, Jerry. You know you do. Now start sucking up that nice creamy load you left on the counter.”

“Please, please don’t make me do this.” He is almost sobbing. You rub his shoulders, his back, you squeeze his butt cheeks.

“I know you don’t feel the excitement, Jerry. I’ve been there. I didn’t think I’d like it either, but my wife’s girlfriend Louise likes it when I eat her pussy after I’ve given her a good fucking. The first time I did it I thought I was going to puke. It’s not so bad now though. In fact, it’s kind’a sexy. Kind’a dirty. I’m her personal pussy slut. She’s a very proper lady at all times but in bed she knows how to make a man do almost anything. She is very clean too; I’ve gone around the world on her. I clean my cum off her legs and out of her pussy and ass. What do you think of that, Jerry? Have you ever licked a woman’s ass?

Jerry’s lips were almost in his cum. You could see his “clit” starting to grow firm again. He was thinking about your tongue in a woman’s ass and he was losing his inhibitions. You let go of his wrist and start rubbing his “clit”, he moans and starts sucking his own cum from the counter.

“That’s not so bad is it, Jerry? It’s like me and Louise’s ass! After I did it I liked it. You’re going to like it too, Jerry. Next week you will eat my ass.” He kept licking and didn’t say a word. “Don’t worry though, Jerry, I’ll make it nice and clean for you. I think Louise puts a little honey on her ass before I get there. Would that make it easier?” Jerry didn’t say a word; he was going to lick your ass, sooner or later. It was all just a matter of time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32