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My neighbor has been coming over almost daily since I moved in, not long ago. He’s quite handy with tools and I love to cook for him. He’s very easy on the eyes and quite talented in lots of ways.

I’m always happy to see him, not surprising really.

This weekend he helped me build my new bed. The first thing he noticed once we put it together and put fresh linens on it I that the top of the mattress is level with the tops of his thighs.

It didn’t take much encouragement for me to lose my clothes and scamper onto the bed.

He stood next to it, let his jeans fall to the floor and pulled his shirt over his head as I scooted to the edge, wrapping my legs around his waist.

He looked down at me, smiling, and asked “see anything you want, Em?”

“Just you,” my quick reply.

He looked down on me, his eyes traveling all over me as I leaned back, languidly.

He said, “you look wonderful, babe,” as he reached over, grabbed a pillow to put under my ass, squeezing and massaging my breasts as I groaned in delight.

I scooted closer to him, lifting my pussy, ready to take his cock. I’ve been ready for him all day, my pussy throbbing as I watched him work.

His hands rose to my nipples, rolling them between his fingers, pinching them lightly, as I kept arching toward him, and my legs drew him closer. I tilted my pelvis up and down to tease his cock. My hand reached for it and rubbed it over my slit, my clit, ready to have him impale me.

He asked, “think you will get my cock so easily?”

I answer simply “Yes! It’s so hard, and I’m so ready!”

He leaned forward, moving his cock back, as he kissed my face and ran his hands down to my breasts.

My heels dug into his ass to draw him closer.

He still resisted, “what makes you think you’ll get me so soon, babe?”

I saw his cock; it’s hard as steel, pointing straight at me.

When he asked me whether I want it, I didn’t even bursa escort answer, I just grabbed it, and placed it on the opening of my pussy.

He leaned over me and pushed it all the way in, as I drew him closer with my legs. I sighed with relief when he told me, “come on baby, clench on it now!”

My legs pulled him in deeper and my pussy tightened around him, so he could barely move back out, thrusting so hard, so deep, his pounding so sweet.

Then he was like a piston, with starting with short strokes, pulling almost all the way out, then back in, each stroke becoming deeper, and impossibly longer and harder. He kept me right at that edge, his cock coated in my rich juices, and though he tells me how beautiful it looked, I barely registered anything.

I could hardly breathe as he asked me to bear down on it even harder as he drilled deeper, until suddenly he stopped moving completely.

He looked down at me, smiling, waiting for us to be in the same place. Only when he sees me totally there does he start to push in deeper, squeezing my breasts while he massaged my clit. He drove in and out relentlessly, throbbing urgently.

“I want it to be mine, baby,” he told me. I gasped that it already was, closing my legs even tighter and clinging to his chest with my arms.

There was no part of him far from me as he moved his face closer to mine, kissing me as he rammed ever deeper into me.

He paused again; I looked up at him, pleading for him not to stop. He held me tighter as his pace quickened. My arms moved more tightly around his shoulders, squeezing him into me with every limb. He moaned, asking me to grab him harder still as I clench, grip, relax, and clench some more, pulling him in deeper as I started to quiver, throbbing over his cock as he kept rubbing my clit.

My breathing was ragged as I clenched my legs even more tightly around him, and he whispered what I so wanted to hear: “I am going to fill your bursa escort bayan pussy with cum, baby”

I grab his ass to hold him in, begging him, “please, baby! Now!”

My legs trembled as his cock jerked inside me, pulsating steadily, trying to keep him in longer, milking him, but he would have none of it. He slid his cock out, and knelt at the edge of the bed, sliding his face to my pussy, licking the cum, moaning as his tongue lapped gently and my legs moved over his shoulders.

He kept licking between my lips and up to my clit. He was so gentle, so sensitive, still I could barely take it. He was delightfully tender as he spread me wider, flicking his tongue over me, barely even grazing my clit, breathing onto it, almost resting as he lightly lapped it from side to side, so gently.

I was still in bliss; knew he wanted more.

I crawled onto my knees, moving more deeply into the bed to make room for him to climb up behind me.

I looked back at him, coyly, biting my lip.

“Baby, you keep wiggling that ass at me like that, and I’ll forget all about being a gentleman.”

It’s hard to appear innocent when you’re naked and on your knees, but I gave it my best shot.

He raised himself up, his cock rock hard, leaning over me and whispering, “are you sure, honey, but you haven’t ever . . . “


“Yes, sweetie,”

“While you were working so hard today, I got us some presents. Open the drawer of the nightstand.” “No honey, other side!”

He reached over me, and I wiggled underneath him. I cleverly put my purchases on other side of the bed knowing he’d then have to reach over me and I could tease him some more. I’d bought not one, but three different bottles of personal lubricants, a variety pack of condoms (pleasures for her, him, flavors, colors), and a starter pack of graduated toys.

I was quite full of myself, working the innocent part as much as possible given I was naked, escort bursa full of cum, and propositioning a man sporting a beautiful erection. He asked me what I wanted him to do.

Like a little minx, I wiggled my ass some more and whispered, as innocently as possible, “Honey, I don’t know. I’m sure you’ll think of something?”

He smiled as he opened the first bottle. “Hmmm, maybe I’ll pour some of this on that ass you’ve been shaking.”

He rubbed it in. It felt so nice as he kneaded my cheeks and played with my ass. He pushed one finger in gently, starting to stretch me. As I moaned in delight, he added a second, stretching me still more. He added a third and could go deeper now, and did as his other hand gently played with my pussy.

He pulled out his fingers to lean in closer, resting his cock against my ass.

He told me to relax and pulled me over him slowly, gently, as his other hand kept sliding up and down my slit, teasing my clit.

He asked me to push a bit, until he slid in, all the way, and I could feel his balls against my ass.

He tugged on my hips as I pushed back and forth, clenching my ass around him as though it were my pussy. Quickly, he took over, grabbing my hair as I writhed over his cock, pushing deeper as he went faster. I bucked toward him, rocking my ass over his cock, taking it all in. His balls slapped against my cheeks, the sound driving me wild.

He reached around to rub my clit, now a bit less gently, as I kept getting thoroughly, totally, deeply fucked. His balls tightened and I was so ready as he pushed in harder, deeper, and faster, over and over again until he erupted in my ass, his cock pulsing, my thighs shaking powerfully, deeply.

He held me tight, wrapped himself around me, kissing the back of my neck with his cock still in my ass. As he eased out, cum started to drip down my thighs. He slid down next to me, pulling me around and draped his hands across me as he kissed the cum from my ass and licked my thighs clean.

I was totally spent as he climbed back up next to me, pulling the covers over us. Sighing, I realized how I happy I was to have found such a great neighbor, handy in so many ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32