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Back in 1973 I was a nineteen-year old English University student learning about bondage and discipline. I’d spent the night with Gary, an older man who’d shown me how to suck and fuck for the first time.

“Hey, wakey-wakey, it’s nine o’clock already and my cock can’t wait any longer. Roll over so I can get the cuffs back on.”

I was groggy and disoriented, but the sight of his cock woke me up instantly. He cuffed my wrists and rolled me over onto my back, then dragged me across the mattress until my head hung backwards over the edge. His insistent cock went right to the back of my throat and his balls slapped my face, and then surprised me by leaning over my body to suck my cock.

To judge by the sound of his moaning he was really enjoying having my dick in his mouth, which seemed to make him forget how I was placed underneath him. I found it hard to breathe with his dick down my throat, my arms cuffed beneath me and his weight resting on my torso. There was nothing I could do other than gurgle loudly and skitter my legs madly across the mattress each time I felt like I was choking.

Thankfully, he would always pull out long enough for me to gulp down a few breaths before his dick went back in, and after a while I was relaxed enough to enjoy yet another first; I’d sucked cock and been fucked and now my own dick was getting sucked!

Soon neither of us could hold back any longer; first an orgasm worked it’s way up through my overloaded systems and triggered one of his in response. He swallowed my cum and left his dick in my throat; lying upside down as I was meant my throat got clogged with his jism, which cut off my air supply and made me pass out for a few seconds.

When I came around, I lay drawing in giant breaths, feeling pleased and amazed that he’d just sucked my dick! I could see him grinning at me from my upside-down viewpoint.

“Nice cock baby, it looks good and tastes even better. I’m sorry about choking you, but I was so randy I couldn’t stop myself. I’ll take those cuffs off again, so you can use the bathroom while I get on with breakfast.”

After we polished off a giant breakfast we sat around for the rest of the morning without bothering to put our clothes back on, talking and listening to the radio. After lunch he got the cuffs and the silk ties that he’d used before and spent the next couple of hours tying me up in various ways, getting me to suck his dick or sucking mine.

This went on until about four in the afternoon, when he had me lying hog-tied on my back on the couch with his knees on my chest and his groin in my face, seemingly on the verge of cumming. But we were interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing. He climbed off me and picked it up, had a short conversation out of my hearing then sat back down on the couch to explain.

“That was Malcolm calling, he’s the bloke who owns this house. He was supposed to spend the weekend in London, but his friend’s come down with a bad cold, so he’ll be back here a couple of hours. He wanted to know if I’d like to come up for a drink when he gets home.

“Bill and I have known him for years, through our mutual interest in bondage and discipline. I didn’t tell him about you, because I wanted to ask you first if you wanted to check with you first. You’re the kind of submissive boy he loves playing with, but I should warn you he can get quite intense, more than me or Bill.

“The two of us have had a fun time and this is all new to you, so I’ll understand if you want to call it a day and let me pop you home. But if you stay around I guarrantee you a very interesting evening. So, what do you want to do?”

This friend of his sounded equally frightening and arousing and so far this had been a fantasy weekend which I didn’t want it to end!. I told him yes immediately and emphatically. He responded by untying me and putting his clothes on before handing me my own jeans and shirt.

“Here, get dressed and we’ll just relax until Malcolm gets here; we’d better be fresh for this evening’s activities, not worn out with playing around.”

For the next couple of hours he read a book while I snoozed on the couch, wondering about the stranger I was about to meet. I’d actually dozed off until Gary shook me awake at six o’clock and told me to follow him up the back stairs leading up to the the main floor of the house.

Once up there I stood nervously next to him while he introduced me to a distinguished looking, older man who greeted us. He looked to be in his early fifties, a couple of inches shorter than me with a trim body, a full head of fair hair, a pair of brown eyes, a prominent nose and a large chin. He was wearing a smart blue blazer, dark trousers, along with a dazzling white shirt and regimental tie.

He stood looking me over while Gary apologized for bringing an overnight guest into his house. He looked so forbidding that I was glad to see a grin break across his face.

“Oh, don’t be silly, Gary. I told you to treat the basement as your own home güvenilir bahis while you’re were here. You can invite anyone you like, but especially a smart young man like this. You’ve had him here since last night? Come on in and give me all the gory details of what you’ve done to him while I make us all a drink.”

He brought the drinks over to us and fired questions at Gary while I sat in embarrassed silence, nervously sipping my drink. Gary told him about my punishment sessions with Bill and how Bill had “lent” me to him for his last weekend in England before going abroad. By the time Gary finished describing our evening and day together I was blushing hot as Malcolm stared directly at me.

“OK, son, so far I can see that you’re tall and slim and blue eyed; get those clothes off so I can see the rest.”

Twenty four hours before I would have been shocked to the core if a stranger had told me to get naked, but now I had no hesitation in standing up to peel off my shirt and pull down my jeans, He grinned approvingly at my lack of underwear and signalled me to turn around for the back view. By the time I turned back around my cock had already sprung to attention.

“Not bad looking and a decent little cock on him. I’m glad my friend in town caught that cold; this boy is just what the doctor ordered. When you’ve finished your drink, Gary, take him to the bathroom. If he hasn’t got fucked since last night he won’t be clean, and you know how much I hate messy surprises.”

Gary downed his drink in a hurry and beckoned me to follow him to the bathroom, where I was told to kneel down in the empty tub with my face flat against the bottom of the tub and my ass sticking up in the air. He got a tube of Vaseline from the bathroom cupboard and just like the night before, inserted a greasy finger in my hole. But after lubricating and loosening me, a second finger didn’t follow; instead I felt something thin and hard going into me, followed a few moments later by a flood of warm water into my guts.

I felt like I would burst but when I tried to raise myself up, he pressed down firmly on my back with both hands, making me stay down while my stomach and bowels gurgled and cramped. The minute he let go I jumped to my feet and ran over to the toilet for a noisy explosion!

I didn’t resist as he filled and emptied me twice more; the whole process was humiliating but also highly arousing, and my cock stayed hard throughout. When Malcolm came to check on our progress and heard I was clean as a whistle, he told Gary about the next item on the to-do list.

“That silly little bit of hair around his cock really has to go, don’t you think? He’ll look more boyish without it, plus it’ll make his dick stand more. You’d like that, now wouldn’t you son?”

This was all going much too fast, but I nodded yes, almost without thinking. I didn’t want to upset him and anyway, no one other than these guys had ever seen me naked. I didn’t play sports, so there were no locker rooms to worry about and obviously I didn’t have to worry about girl or boy friends finding out before it grew back. He turned to Gary before I could change my mind.

“Hold him while I get the razor.”

Gary stepped around behind me and put his arms around my chest in a bear hug. I shut my eyes, held my breath and tried to keep from jerking involuntarily while Malcolm brushed shaving soap all over my groin then scraped away at my private parts with a straight razor. When he finished and Gary let me go, I opened my eyes to see a taller version of my pre-puberty self stare back at me in the mirror. However my hairless cock, rather than looking bigger as Malcolm predicted, had shrivelled up in fright!

Malcom draped his arm over my shoulder and stared at our reflection with a smug grin on his face, enjoying the obvious contrast between a distinguished looking, well-dressed mature man and a blushing, naked, hairless boy with an acorn-sized penis. Then he snapped the cuffs on my wrists and ordered me to go kneel in the corner.

He told me to lean back against the wall keeping my legs as wide apart as possible, which enabled him to slip his foot under my balls and bounce them gently up and down on the toe of his shoe. The worried look on my face made him grin evilly at me.

“If you’ve ever been kicked down there you’ll know how much it hurts, eh? Well, if I come back and you’ve moved away from this exact position, I won’t be just bouncing them. Understand?”

“Yes, sir, I promise I won’t move, sir.”

He walked out of the room after telling Gary to clean himself out too. When Gary saw my surprise he explained what was going on.

“I met Malcolm when I wasn’t much older than you. I’m a big tough-looking bruiser; other blokes were either frightened off or just assumed I was a top who was going to fuck them. Malcolm saw me for what I was and gave me what I needed. If youi do the same as me and just follow his orders, we’ll have a good fucking time, I promise.”

I wasn’t sure how serious türkçe bahis Malcolm was about kicking me in the balls, but just in case I staye exactly where I was while Gary cleaned himself out. Once he finished he knelt down and waited next to me until Malcolm ordered us back to the living room. He sat down on the couch, beckoned me over to him, put his hand between my legs and grabbed hold of my balls. He squeezed really hard, and chuckled when he saw my cock twitch in response.

“That’s a big pair of balls there and your prick likes having them manhandled. We’re going to have lots of fun with you tonight, you naughty boy.”

He wound a long, thin piece of cord around my ball sac, tying it off so tightly that the veins stood out and the skin started to turn blue. Then he tapped them with the back f his hand, softly at first then harder and harder until it was almost unbearable. However I was so excited that I just ignored the pain, while my cock seemed to like it; it bobbed around leaking precum after each of his blows.

“Well, well, the boy loves having his balls worked on, that’s obvious, but what about his nipples?”

I was so excited by what Malcolm was doing to me that I’d forgotten that Gary was still in the room until I heard him speak behind me!

“Oh, he loves having ’em worked. Last night, all I had to do was twist hard enough and his hole opened right up and sucked me in like a vacuum.”

Hearing that, Malcolm twisted one hard, making me gasp with pain, while continuing to manipulate my stiff dick and kiss me fiercely, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I shut my eyes, revelling in the excitement until he suddenly ended the kiss and slapped me hard across the face. He sounded pleased when he sw that his blow had brought tears to my eyes.

“You were enjoying yourself far too much my lad, and that hungry dick of yours was getting too close for comfort. I don’t want you popping off before we’ve all had our fun. Come on Gary, help me get him ready.”

Five minutes later they had my torso draped over the coffee table, with arms and legs stretched wide apart. My wrists were tied to the table’s front legs and my knees roped to the back ones, with tied-up purple balls, stiff cock and asshole all open to viewing. Once I was helpless Malcom turned his attention to Gary, putting the cuffs on him and ordering him to kneel down in the corner.

Malcolm got a wooden tool box from his bedroom and picked out a leather crop from it before dragging his armchair around till it was immediately behind me and beginning to tap my backside with the tip of the crop. It was a surprisingly light touch, especially compared to the harsh strokes of Bill’s cane, and I relaxed, thinking I’d have no trouble tolerating it.

But he aimed at the exact same spot every time, gradually getting more and more painful. His aim was unerring, and soon enough the pain became intense; by the time he took pity on me and turned to the other cheek, the first spot hurt like hell.

He did the same with one spot after another until until it felt like my whole bum was burning and he had me sobbing like a baby. But still I was massively turned on, a fact that became obvious when he put his hand down between my legs to feel my fully erect cock. He laughed out loud and called over to Gary.

“I can see why Bill used him; he’s crying like a baby and his ass is a mass of bruises but his cock’s stiff as a poker. And you look as excited as he is just watching him. Come and give him a reward for good behaviour!”

Gary scuttled across the room until he was kneeling directly in front of me, with his cock right in my face. I opened wide but Malcolm only let me suck him for a minute or so before poking him in the chest and ordering him to back off.

Gary sighed in frustration, but obeyed and Malcolm started up again with the crop, concentrating on the back of my thighs and occasionally smacking my bound-up balls, producing muffled screams from me and sympathetic winces from Gary.

He ended the intense barrage with a few excruciating strokes aimed at my bum crack and asshole, and then stood up and told Gary to come around behind me and lick my arse!

He began with the cheeks and thighs still red and still smarting from the beating, rying to soothe my pain, soon his tongue dug into the crack between my cheeks and lapped around my hole. That was exciting enough, but then he pushed his tongue into me, making me totally lose control. I began whimpering ecstatically. He’d reduced me to a quivering wreck, a mass of excited nerve endings, and it was almost a relief to hear Malcom tell him to pull away; I was so excited I couldn’t have stood much more.

But this was no rest break; Gary was told to replace his mouth with his cock and fuck me. He shuffled up close and I could feel his stiff cock stabbing at my backside as he tried to insert it in my hole without the use of his hands to guide him. With his wrists cuffed behind him and his cock bouncing up and down in his excitement, güvenilir bahis siteleri it was difficult for him to find my hole and get inside me. There were a few failed attempts, but he persevered, and got closer and closer, until suddenly the head of his dick found the target. Greasy with sweat and precum, it slid easily into the sloppy wet hole that his tongue had prepared.

Once inside he fell into a steady rhythm, trying to avoid falling out and having to find the hole again. Malcolm pulled his chair around to the side to get a good view of the two of us, kneeling at his feet, naked, sweaty and in bondage, fucking and being fucked at his direction. After watching us for a while he got up from the chair and picked up the crop again. But I wasn’t the victim this time; it was Gary’s arse that he aimed for. The pain must have turned him on as much as it did me, since he never stopped fucking me for a moment.

Having got Gary all worked up, Malcolm dropped the cane and came up with a s small brown bottle, containing something I’d never heard of before, called “poppers”. He unscrewed the top of the bottle and held it up against Gary’s nose, making him fuck even harder, rougher and faster, if that was possible. Then he gave me a snort; I felt like the top of my head had blown off; I actually saw stars and my whole body jerked in response!

My sphincter muscles tensed up and squeezed Gary’s dick like a vise, which pushed him over the edge and seconds later he was screaming in my ear and flooding my guts with cum. We lay together in a sweaty pile, exhausted and motionless, while his cock slowly softened inside me.

We were tired at that moment, but Malcolm didn’t think our evening was over. He opened his sex-tool-box, got something out, ordered Gary to pull his dick out of my arse and to scoot out of the way. Suddenly I felt something being weird being pushed into me, which got wider and wider until my arseslips closed over it, keeping it inside me. While he took off Gary’s cuffs he explained to me what it was.

“That’s called a butt plug, my lad. It’s to keep that hole of yours closed up until we want it open for business again.”

He untied me and let Gary and I relax together on the rug in front of the fire, with him on his back, with his arms around me, and me sprawled on top of him with my head resting on his big furry chest. Malcolm sat in his armchair above us, with a snifter of brandy in his hand, resting his feet on my bruised bum.

Gary had just had an orgasm so his cock was understandably and visibly deflated, but that didn’t apply to mine. Lying there in a sexy man’s arms with a butt plug nudging my prostate, I was horny as a goat. I kept fidgeting, letting my hands wander all over his body while my tongue licked the salty sweat off his chest. Eventually he pushed my hands away and whispered NO, and at the same moment Malcolm slapped me hard on the bum and told me to behave or he’d lock me in a closet until I calmed down.

That made me keep still, snuggled happily up against Gary’s big warm body while he dozed, until Malcolm decided we’d had enough rest. He told Gary to extend his arms above his head and cuffed his wrists to the chair legs, then roped his ankles together before turning to me and tying my wrists together behind my back. He shoved my face into Gary’s armpit and gave me my orders.

“All right, get working your tongue all over that stinky, sweaty body until it’s clean as a whistle. Just licking, no kissing and definitely no cock sucking.”

He was right about Gary’s body being stinky and sweaty, which was something I’d loved that about him ever since I’d smelt him the night before. I started eagerly on his pungently aromatic armpit, then closed my eyes and licked my way obsessively down his body, savouring his maleness.

By the time I got down to the toes, Malcolm must have thought I’d done a good enough job that he rewarded me by allowing me to suck Gary’s cock, which was sticking up stiff as a poker, ready to pop at any moment. Malcolm only let me work on it for a short time, since he could see how close Gary was, before pulling me off him. My disappointment disappeared when I saw Malcolm taking his clothes off, revealing a firm, well-defined body for a man of his age with a long, thick penis handing down between his legs.

The only erect penises I’d seen before this were mine and Gary’s, so I was no expert; but Malcolm’s seemed extra-ordinary! It was longer than Gary’s and looked to be almost twice as thick. Alarm bells rang in my head at the sight of it; getting my mouth around it would be hard enough, no way was it going up my ass!

i didn’t have to worry about the latter for a while since I got told to sit on Gary’s chest with my knees either side of him on the floor. I hurried to do so and once I was settled he fastened a pair of clover leaf tit clamps on me with a chain between them, before shoving the poppers bottle under my nose.

He felt around behind me and pulled the butt plug out, then told me to sit back down on Gary’s dick. It sounded difficult to do, but turned out to be quite easy; my hands were tied behind my back, so they were already in the right position to grab it and hold it steady while I eased myself down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32