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Groping Breasts

A little disrupted from my joy, way too soon, my parents left Gabby and I here on vacation. I thought they’d wanted to spend at least some time with us, but I guess not. I’m growing up and am attending University now, and they’re growing much closer.

Just as I’d gotten out of the shower and was about to go off to bed, I hear a sudden knock at the door. It was a conversant knock, I knew who it was. I quickly grabbed my night gown and covered my naked body. Opening the door, I see Gabby standing there. She looked quite the same from our previous collection, 3 years ago when we were both merely 16. It seems we grew apart over the years.

“Well, hi! I didn’t know if you were going to make it or not. I’m so glad to see you, I miss you so much!” I say.

Walking in I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Gabby’s figure was of beautiful curves, black silky curls and a tent of yellow in skin tone. I As I hugged her, I could feel her breast pressed against mine, my head lay on her shoulder. And our hug…seemed to last for eternity.

“I’d do anything to see my beloved friend.” She says joyously.

“Unfortunately, my parents left way too early. They really miss you, they even left a present in the living room for you. We’ve gotta do some catching up on things, Gabs.”

“Oh, yeah, we should! But nothing too interesting has been going on in my life… at all. You?”

She replies.

“Aha,same with me, I guess. No boyfriend, a few friends and a couple of associates. That equals less drama; just my studies and that’s about it, haha.” I respond.

I then guide Gabby into my room. I could sense something staring canlı bahis şirketleri at me, but was not certain. Settling in, diving into my bed, we then continue our conversation to find it nimbly gravitating towards guys. “No way, haha. I think I’m slowly loosing interest in men ever since my previous relationship. I don’t know exactly what I want. Though, I’ve been slightly attracted to women lately.” She looks down and asks me. “What about you, miss Toryi-a?”

My head, laying on her warmed belly, moved upward applicable to my sight of her. I was surprised by what she’d just said. I then reply, “I really don’t know, either.”

I look into her eyes and say, “Honestly.”

An awkward silence overpasses us.

I then break the silence by tickling Gabby, and she returns it. “I know you’re ticklish, Tori!” She says to me, laughing hysterically. I then find myself on top of her, my short, legs wrapped around her waist. I looked down to soon discover that my pussy was being exposed to her, my night gown was up.

I jumped off apace, embarrassed I felt.

“I apologize, Gabby…for unintentionally exposing you know my….. pussy.”

As I was searching for my panties, Gabby starts to laugh.

“Wha-wha-what’s so funny?” I ask.

“Haha, you. You are way too cute, Toriya!”

“Well as I was answering the door, I forgot to put them on.” Ashamedly, I say.

“Well……I did kind of enjoy it. Gabby says.

I’d acknowledge what she was said, but was acting as if I had not a clue of what she’d just said. I attempted to put my panties on, quickly. But me being as maladroit and awkward as I am, canlı kaçak iddaa failed and fell onto the the carpet floor, stumbling over a rubber ducky.”Ouch.” I concluded.

“Oh Toriya! Are you okay, sweetie?” She says, holding in her laughs.

“Mhh-hmm. I’m very much okay, I believe! I- I just tripped over something, you know, as always.” I say uncertainly.

She then lifts me up to her level, although, my panties were still not fully on. My foot then tripped over her foot and I flop onto the bed, having Gabby land right on top of me. We exchange a couple of laughs. I found myself gazing into her eyes. My eyes lock with her eyes, and hers with mine. A shy smile suddenly comes across my face.

A calm touch on my head, Her hands I feel. “You are so precious!” She tells me, combing through my dark curls.

I feel a soft kiss on my cheek, and one against my other one. Gabby leaned in and bit my bottom lip, another time once more. She then kissed me, forcing her tongue inside of my mouth.


“Shhhh.” She tells me.

Her tongue danced, along with my tongue. The smell of her minty, warm breath against my mouth. “Am I making out with my best friend?” I thought.

But it was no concern to me anymore as I felt her lips kiss me once more. Kisses very small and subtle, kisses all over my small, gentle body.

Gabby then gravitated her way across my firm, rock hard nipples, designating her way down to my tummy and that little belly button. She dug her tongue into it, as if her motives were to tear it apart.

As she licked it, she glanced up at me. I smiled to give her my satisfaction. She canlı kaçak bahis swiftly moved toward my perplexed face and gave me a kiss.

Gliding her water-filled tongue from the bottom of my yearning mouth, to the smoothness of my tummy she ran my panties down my legs, and took them off.

“Ohhhweee!” She says.

I lay back, allowing her to have complete control over my body. She orders me to spreads my legs apart, displaying my pussy to her Gabby sticks her graceful fingers inside of her mouth, as I watch her dampen them. She wants to put four fingers Inside me. My eyes begin to amplify.

The tips of her finger slightly touched the opening of my hole, then she enters more and more length inside of me. My pulse increases, my body temperature elevates. She starts off slow and easy. Then suddenly increases her acceleration as she looks deep into my eyes.

“You like this baby, huh, yeah you like this?”

“Uh huh?!” I nod.

Faster and faster, deeper and deeper into it. I move along with the pace of her motion. Up and down on her hand. Alongside having her hand buried deep into my vagina, her face was buried deep down inside of my pussy.

“Mmmm, Tori…you taste so good!” She says.

She spanks my pussy a couple of times; louder and louder. Then applies forceful pressure to it; repeatedly causing me to scream. Gabby’s now discovered my clit. She looks up at me and smiles. Her mouth; all in it. Teasing it, sucking it hard and licking it, just as she wanted to before, but couldn’t find words to tell me. And just as I’d like to do to her.

Suddenly, an overwhelming feeling overrides me. Gabby’s making me cum, hard! I could not endure it much longer. I get up in relief of my exhaustion. And as I was just about to go down on Gabby, she abruptly forces me back down.

“No, not yet. This is all for you.”

She says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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