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In my last story, it was all true. This is how I’d love my next birthday to turn out.


The monthly bi party at Club Fantasy falls on my birthday this year. I plan to make the most of this rare coincidence. You never really know who will show up, so I am hoping all my favorites make it. As usual, I’m one of the first to arrive. I grab a bite to eat and put my clothes in a locker. Now I’m waiting for the other guests.

I’m surprised to see Jack and Diane among the first to arrive. Just seeing her there gets my dick to harden a little. She asks me if I’m going to perform for her and I just show her a shit-eating grin. She says she’ll see me later and they go off. As more people arrive, I make my way to the group room and stake out a spot that lets me see the porn on the TV, but also easy access if any play breaks out.

Paul comes in after a bit. He is a regular and has a nice, long cock at about 8″. He is really into T-girlz, but doesn’t mind a guy sucking him. I’m in his usual spot, so I make it up for him by giving him a little blow job. After a few minutes, he stops me and goes to jump in the spa. I’ll finish him later.

Next, I see Mike and Wendy. It’s been a while since they’ve been to this party. We chat for a bit, and when I mention that it’s my birthday, Wendy takes charge and marches us into one of the private rooms. We start out with a triangle suck session, changing back and forth. Then Wendy and I double team Mike. She knows just how to keep him on the edge, but doesn’t let him cum yet. We switch up and they do the same to me. Damn, she knows her stuff! After a bit, Wendy tells me to lay down on the bed, so I do. She climbs on top of me in a 69 position and we start pleasuring each other. Mike slips in behind her, and I reach up to help him position his cock at the entrance to her sweet pussy. Since they are a married couple, they don’t need to use a condom. So as I’m licking her pussy and clit, I’m also licking at his cock and balls. Occasionally, he’ll let his cock slip from her pussy and land on my lips. So I’ll suck it a little, and put it back in. After the foreplay and with all the stimulation of her pussy and my tongue, it doesn’t take Mike long. He lets out a long groan, and pulls his cock almost all the way out, leaving just his head in Wendy’s pussy. I can see his balls contract and his cock pulse as he cums in her pussy. As he finally lets his cock fall from her pussy, it drops down and just sits perfectly into my mouth. So I clean him of both their juices and he backs away. I look up and see his cum just starting to ooze out. I reach my tongue up and get my first taste of cream pie. Feeling me eating Mike’s cum from her pussy pushes Wendy over the edge and she starts her orgasm. That makes her push all his cum right into my mouth. After we calm down, she asks if I want them to finish me off. The night is young, so I say no. She says the offer stands if I am ready later.

I get something to drink and eat a little fruit, then head back to the group room. I see a couple I’ve seen a few times. They are probably early to mid forties, and both quite attractive. She is blond, about 5’6″ and just nicely proportioned. She likes to suck guys with other guys, so she is just what I’m looking for tonight. She is standing at the edge of the middle bed, leaning over and sucking on a 7″ cock. I go climb on the bed, and get a nice look. She looks up at me and motions me closer with her finger, then güvenilir bahis takes the cock out of her mouth and points it at me. I take the hint and crawl over and slip this nice dick in my mouth. We take turns sucking on the head and shaft. When he says he is ready to cum, she starts encouraging him and grabs his cock and starts jacking him off into my mouth. She asks me if I want him to cum and I nod without taking my mouth off him. So now he has my mouth and her hand on his dick and she is telling him she wants him to cum. It takes about 30 seconds of this when he starts spurting in my mouth.

While we were taking care of this guy, her husband came up behind her and started fucking her. As the guy we just finished gets off the bed, hubby pulls out and she spins and kneels down. I lean forward and his 8″ dick is sliding into her mouth just inches from my face. She takes his dick and puts it into my mouth and he groans. She asks me if I’m okay with him shooting on my face and I just nod. She takes him back in her mouth and then, just before he starts cumming, she takes it out and jacks him of onto both our faces. He cums a ton and I feel like I’m in a porno. She turns to me and we kiss and lick each other clean. I look up and Diane is smiling at me. All I can do is smile back.

As I come out of the restroom, Diane is there. She has me sit with her and her boyfriend to talk for a bit. She tells me she liked my little show with the blond, and I tell her I was glad she got to see it. Now her boyfriend talks for the first time since I’ve seen them. He tells me that they have an offer for me, but I have to promise to keep it a secret. I say ok, so he continues. He says that he isn’t gay or bi, and only comes to this party to look after Diane, who gets so turned on watching guys. Here is what they want: Jack doesn’t want to have to do anything to me, but he does want to let Diane actually play tonight, not just watch. So we will go to a private room and have a 3-some. She will be in charge, but we can all say no without any problem. I almost get to the room before he finishes telling me what we are doing.

As we close the door to the room, Diane tells me to drop my towel, then start undressing Jack. I sit on the edge of the bed as he stands in front of me. I unbuckle his belt as he takes off his shirt. I glance up and Diane is standing behind him, rubbing his shoulders and whispering in his ear. As I unbutton his 501s, I notice his dick is starting to get a little hard down in his pants. I take it as a good sign that I can actually see the outline of is dick in his jeans. I’m a little surprised that he is going commando, and as I pull his pants down, his dick bounces up and hits me in the chin. Wow! He is hung! He has to be at least 10″ and he isn’t even hard yet. Fortunately, he isn’t super thick, but very long. No wonder he can keep such a hot girlfriend.

Diane asks him if he’d like a blow job. He just nods his head. I don’t wait for her to tell me before I get started. He moans, and I know I’m doing a good job. Since I know this is the first time he’s ever been sucked by a guy, I try to make sure he doesn’t ever think twice about letting it happen again. I guess I was really getting into it, because the next time I look up, Diane is naked and next to me. She grabs me by the shoulder and pulls me back, so I end up laying down on the bed. She climbs over me and sits her pussy down on my face and takes my place sucking on Jack’s huge türkçe bahis cock. I’ve never seen her naked before, and she looks even better than she does with clothes on. Her pussy is completely shaved – probably done before coming out tonight because there isn’t any trace of stubble. Her pussy is also creamy. That’s the only way I can describe it – creamy – and sweet. I concentrate on her clit and I’m getting all that sweet cream I can as I hear her slobbering on Jacks big dick. I bring her to an orgasm, which makes her release a small wave of cream and I drink it all up.

She gets off me and tells Jack to take my spot. She climbs on top of him cowgirl and starts riding him. She has me come stand next to them and takes my throbbing cock into her mouth. This is the first time anyone else has touched it since Wendy and Mike at the start of the evening. It feels soo good, but I tell her that it won’t take much for me to cum. So she pulls off and tells me to just watch for a little. I do and am just amazed at what she can do with her body. I’m not into anal sex, giving or receiving, but if she were to ask me, I’d do it for her. Just as I’m getting kind of hypnotized watching them fuck, Diane tells me to come closer again. She has me kneel on the bed instead of stand next to it, and bends down to suck my cock again. This time, she says something to Jack that I can’t hear. He doesn’t say anything, but just kind of looks at her. Then she does something I never would have expected. She takes my dick out of her mouth and bends it down to Jack. He opens his lips just a little, and she puts it in his mouth. He doesn’t really know what to do, but after a few seconds he starts to move his head and is sucking his first cock.

Diane almost squeaked she was so excited – her straight boyfriend was sucking my dick as she was fucking his. And I was so horny by this time, he might taste my cum really soon, too. But no, just then she changed thing up again. I stood up, and she spun on his dick to the reverse cowgirl position. I knew without her saying, so I got between their legs and started licking her pussy as she rode his cock. It seemed like only a couple of minutes, but in reality it was almost a half hour like this. Diane asked me if I was ready, and definitely was. She climbed off Jack, turned around and met me at his dick. I was sucking him as deep as I could and she was stroking the rest of his 12″. “I’m cumming!” he groaned, and I pulled my mouth off him. I know she wanted to see this, so I just pulled back a little and opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. For the second time tonight, I felt like I was in a porno as spurt after spurt shot out of his dick and into my mouth and on my tongue. Diane leaned over and gave me a huge hug and a wet sloppy kiss. Jack looked almost passed out, but opened his eyes and said to me, “Remember, you promised not to tell what happened in here.” I nod as I walk out of the room.

Just as I get out of the door to that room, I see Al & Lucy going into a different room with a half dozen guys. I follow them and give Lucy a big kiss. I think she can taste Jack’s cum in the kiss. Without me saying anything, she knows what I want tonight. If you read my last story, you’ll know that Lucy is up for almost anything and only has a couple of rules. She shimmies out of her dress and the guys gather around. She starts sucking different guys and one of them rubbers up and starts fucking her. She tells everyone to be ready to güvenilir bahis siteleri cum on her face or tits, not to waste any loads in the condoms. I just sit on the bed next to her, occasionally sucking a cock and generally just sticking close to her. As each guy comes, she will either direct his dick at her tits and have me lick them clean, or pull me in close to her face and have the guy shoot on our faces. When Al fucked her and was ready to cum, he just came up and stuck his dick in my mouth. In the course of about 40 minutes, I must have shared the cum of 8 or 9 guys with Lucy. I need a little break.

After a pit stop and couple glasses of water, I go back out to the group room. Paul is in his spot, and a cute T-girl with a big dick is sucking on him. I climb on the bed and offer her my cock, too. She does a good job with her double suck, but I’m not quite ready to be done. I crawl down and take her dick in my mouth. I don’t think she expected that, but quickly shifts her position to give me better access. After just a couple of minutes of going up and down on her thick shaft, her head swells in my mouth and she starts cumming. It wasn’t a big blast or a lot of shots, but a long, steady ooze of cum from her tip onto my tongue. And she had maybe the sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted. After she is finished, she gets up and says she has to pee. That leaves Paul with his dick hard and alone, so I move in and take up where she left off. I don’t know if he was that close, or the fact she stopped suddenly, but he only took a few seconds before he was shooting, too. This is turning into quite a night!

I lean back as Paul heads back to the spa and suddenly Mike and Wendy are there. Wendy asks how my birthday is going and Mike starts stroking me. I tell her it’s going great. She tells me they are about to make it even better as Mike rolls a condom down my cock. She climbs on top of me and starts riding me as Mike climbs up and offers me his cock. I’m always impressed with guys who can cum twice in one night, and Mike is showing no sign that he can’t do that. But as I’m basically being double teamed by this great couple, Wendy leans over and tells me that I’m not going to get another cum shot from Mike. When they came to their first Bi Night Party, he was completely straight. But he slowly explored more and more, going from letting another guy suck him, to touching another guy, to once even letting a guy fuck his ass. But one thing that he had never done, is tasting another man’s cum. Tonight he came here to do that, and when they discovered it was my birthday, decided I was the guy. So before I cum, I have to tell them so she can get off me and take off the condom so he can take his first cumshot. Hearing that almost made me cum right there, but I held back, then suddenly my mouth is being filled by Mike again, with no warning. I guess the anticipation put him over the top. I start moaning as the cum hits my throat, and Wendy asks if I’m ready. I just gargle out a “Mmmm,Hmmm!” and she jumped off me and got the condom off just in time. Mike gets his face within 6″ of my dick when I start the strongest orgasm I’ve had in probably 20 years. The first shot hits his cheek and across his lips. The next one almost went up his nose. Then he quickly sucked my tip in his mouth and just held it there as I blast another 4 or 5 shots until I finished cumming.

Shortly after that, the host comes by saying it is closing time. I ask if I have enough time to take a quick shower and he says okay. That wakes me up enough to get me home before I fall into a deep sleep for the next 10 hours.

Well, that’s my birthday fantasy. We’ll see how close to reality it ends up being.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32