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Glenn was an puny little cunt. He reminds me of a fuckin’ giraffe. He’s got this long fuckin’ neck and he’s always turning his head around, looking at everything like he’s scared of missing out on something. Only he knew that this time he wasn’t gonna miss out on nothing.

He stuck with Fab as much as he could, hoping Fab would protect him, but I could see it in his eyes that he knew his time was coming, jumping at every sudden noise, and hiding behind Fab whenever I walked by smiling at them real nice and friendly.

Fab had given up trying to talk to me by then. He just put on a brave face and waited for his turn, just like all fuckin’ death row cunts.

Weeks past and Glenn made sure he was never alone. It had been over three months now since the cunts had kidnapped me and my patience was finally starting to wear thin.

Most pussies would’ve let off their steam by now and given up, or at least lost their lust for revenge, but not me. I was fuckin’ angry til the end and wouldn’t be happy till each and every one of the mother-fuckers had suffered.

So finally I dropped Glenn a note, telling him to meet me in the hallway after the history class we shared. He knew there’d be heaps of other kids and teachers around, so he waited for me just outside the classroom door. It was so sweet seeing him standing there shaking so much.

“You’re lucky you waited,” I said to him, stepping in real close so no one else could hear me. Fab was waiting for him nearby, watching us closely, playing the protector like a fuckin’ mother hen. He didn’t come near though and I made sure I didn’t give the cunt reason to. I wanted to talk to Glenn alone.

Standing there so close to him, Glenn was vibrating like someone had shoved extra-strength batteries up his arse and I couldn’t help but smile. He whimpered, making some stupid fuckin’ noise, and then I saw his eyes widen and he let out a little gasp. I looked down and spotted a fuckin’ dark patch spreading down his legs. The faggot had wet himself – and I hadn’t even started! It was better than I could’ve hoped for!

“Hope you can swim,” I said, looking down at the puddle by his feet. I was grinning from ear to ear now, loving every minute of it.

“Here’s how it’s gonna be. You didn’t do much” I lied, “so I’m not gonna knock your head in unless you don’t do like I tell you. Okay?”

He nodded fast, too nervous to talk.

“Good.” I told him the same thing I said to his mates about breaking all his bones every time he got out of hospital if he didn’t do like I said. Finally, he swallowed hard and managed to promise he’d do whatever I wanted. Sweet!

I told him that one of the conditions was that he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone what I said to him – not even Fab – and if he did, then all bets were off and he’d be living in a sick bed the rest of his life. He agreed to keep it quiet, so I told him to meet me out the front after school, promising the shit that I wouldn’t clobber him despite how much I wanted to.

When he met me, I handed him a black plastic gun that I’d picked up at a toy store a few weeks earlier. I told him that he had to pretend to hold up a 24-hour supermarket. I knew the cunt couldn’t pull it off and would be arrested and thrown in the slammer overnight. Glenn was only sixteen, so he’d only have a record til he turned eighteen, but that would be nearly two years of hell for him.

The pussy freaked when I told him and said that he couldn’t do it. I reminded him what would happen if he backed out and told him a juvenile record would only fuckin’ stay with him til he was eighteen. If the cunt did manage to pull it off, I’d make him give the money back, so I told him that he could return the money the next day. I’m no fuckin’ thief and wasn’t interested in the loot – I just wanted him to do the job for the hell of it.

He did it alright, just like I told him to, and I watched from down the street on my bike as the cops screamed up to the place and hauled his sorry arse to jail. It was in all the papers the next day about the A-grade student pulling such a prank with a toy gun and I heard people talk about how he must have been on drugs or something. He was so fuckin’ scared of doing it that he hadn’t thought about how his fuckin’ ruined reputation would be around longer than his juvenile record. Sucker!

One more to go. Fab.

I wanted to take Fab down with my bare hands and do to him what he’d done to me. I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy ‘cause he still had the strength advantage, but I had the stamina and the fuckin’ güvenilir bahis drive and I knew that I’d whip his sorry arse one way or another.

Wrestling is one of my favourite fuckin’ ways of taking down all these faggots – you probably know that by now anyway. The good thing about wrestling is that it doesn’t leave any marks, and while I’m taking the fag down, I can make sure the fuckers feel my muscles pressing into their pissant fuckin’ bods as I crush them.

Fab knew it was his turn too and he came up to me the day after Glenn was arrested and told me to get it over with, so I told him to meet me in the school gym at 9 o’clock that night. I also told him not to wear anything he didn’t want ripped off his fuckin’ bod.

Our school was piss weak when it came to security and I could break into any room in the place so fuckin’ easy that it wasn’t worth the effort normally. But this time it had come in handy.

I got to the gym at 8.30 that night and set up some lights so we could see without turning the big one’s on and attracting attention. The windows were already blacked out ‘cause the school used the gym for their fuckin’ drama shows too, so that saved me the hassle of having to cover them up.

Fab arrived on time, like I knew he would. He was wearing shorts and a tank top, and I could see his biceps were all pumped, ready for the rumble. I was standing in the middle of the area I’d made up, stripped down to my shorts, when he arrived, and seeing me there, he ripped off his tank top and came over, walking fast like he was in a hurry. Fab has a fuckin’ hot bod, no bull – all solid from working out regularly, with a light coat of hair over his chest. Looking at him, you couldn’t tell he was a fag.

“Let’s get this over with,” he said and kept walking straight at me. I wasn’t expecting him to be so eager and he caught me off guard, grabbing me in a headlock and pushing me down to my knees.

I gasped, grabbing at his arm as his muscles pressed into the side of my head, but he held on tight, pushing me down further till I was pinned under his bod, still in the headlock.

“I don’t want to do this, Justin,” he said, “but enough is enough. If you want to take me down, fine. But I’m gonna make damn sure you feel it for the rest of your life.”

He squeezed tighter, determined not to let me go. He was sitting side on to me, his side against my chest, so I couldn’t kick up and knock him off. I swung my left hand up, trying to grab the cunt’s face and finally hooked it under his chin, pulling him back. He rolled over on top of me, but still held onto my head.

I wrapped my fingers around his throat and squeezed, pinching his adam’s apple and as he reached up to grab my hand, I twisted sideways, rolling him off me head-first, his legs flying up into the air as he went over.

Rolling out from under him, I jumped up to my feet and lunged, but Fab got up quickly too and caught me around the wristss, twisting my hands behind my back and pinning me into a bear hug. With muscles bulging, Fab lifted me off the ground, my chest pressing into his as my back arched.

I gritted my teeth, unable to move, Fab lifting me higher til my chest was in his face.

“Is this what you want?” he asked and started sucking hard on one of my nipples. I groaned, the pain mixing with the thrill of the unexpected move. He carried me over to a pillar, slamming me back against it and dropping me to my feet, twisting my arms from behind my back to pin them above my head against the column.

Holding me there, I could feel his chest hair tickling against me as I tried to wriggle free. Fab held tight though, pressing his hard body into mine and trying to kiss me.

“Is this what it’s all about, Justin? Is it? Do you want me to rape you, is that it? You knew you hadn’t recovered enough to match me. Is that why you wanted to face me this way again?”

He pressed his mouth against mine, but I refused to let his tongue in. Suddenly he pulled my arms apart, pushing them back on either side of the column. I gasped as the pressure built up in my shoulders and the cunt used that moment to force his way into my mouth. Our tongues fought like fuckin’ swords: me trying to push him out, him trying to push his way in.

My arms were pressed back as far as they could go, my chest stretched tight across Fab’s. He kissed me hard, full of passion like it was the only reason he’d shown up, and then he slipped his mouth down to suck on my throat. He worked his way down to my chest, twisting my arms around to move türkçe bahis down with him, but always pushing them as far back as fuckin’ possible.

The faggot let his tongue ride up and down over the grooves between each straining muscle on my torso, stopping to suck on my hard nipples each time he passed them. My cock was throbbing so hard, all I could think of was shoving it deep inside him til he begged for mercy.

He moved down lower to my stomach, riding the waves of my six-pack, but the fucker was down too low and off balance. I yanked one hand free and shoved him back. He fell on his arse and toppled onto his back, and I dropped on him like lightning with an elbow across his chest, knocking the wind out of him.

Hauling him to his feet, I grabbed the cunt in a reverse headlock and dropped, flipping him over 180 degrees, then swung around, digging my feet into his shoulders and hauling his arms back above his head as hard as he could.

Fab cried out, unable to move and I twisted his arms back and forth, draining the strength out of them while I had him pinned. I worked him over hard, still holding his wrists, eventually getting to my feet and hauling the faggot up, grabbing him in my own bear hug.

I felt him squirming, rubbing his solid chest into mine, his arms pinned behind his back. It felt so good to have such a muscled bod pinned against me, totally controlled by my power. I felt like a fuckin’ god!

“How does it feel, you fuckin’ faggot?” I asked him. “Do you like that?”

I pushed his arms further up his back til they were near breaking point and watched the cunt’s face contort with agony.

“Not so tough now, are you?” I said to him, bouncing his arms up and down to increase the pain.

“Stop!” he cried, just like that pussy he was, giving in to me already.

“I don’t stop til I’m ready.” I said back.

I pulled his hands around to the front of him, releasing the bear hug, then rammed him back, slamming him hard into the pillar. Holding him there with one hand, I swung my fist back and brought in crashing into the cunt’s stomach. He doubled over and would’ve fell to his knees if I wasn’t holding him up. Pulling him away from the column, I slammed him back into it, then yanked him forward again, grabbing the cunt and lifting him up and onto my shoulders.

Lying face up across my shoulders, Fab was like a fuckin’ rag doll as I jumped up and down, letting his back feel the pressure of every bounce. I held him there making him suffer for at least a full minute before letting him drop to the ground. He lay there groaning, rubbing the small of his back where it hurt most and I grinned in victory as I lifted him up and dropped him across my knee, face up again, working on his back some more.

The back-breaker made him cry out in pain again, and I put one hand across his throat holding him stretched out, the other clawing at his stomach. When I finally released him, he lay on the ground like a broken toy, his eyes shining with fuckin’ tears!

I hauled him to his feet by the hair, but suddenly the cunt let loose a punch that hit me in the gut. I doubled over, winded, and he wrapped an arm around my throat, twisting around so he was behind me and hauling me into a half nelson.

I gasped, clawing at his arm with my free hand, but suddenly he let go of my throat and hooked his arm under my free one, pulling it back so the half nelson turned into a full nelson.

I strained as he held me there, pulled back tightly, Fab trying to weaken my arms like I had done to him. I tried forcing my arms forward or down, every muscle near to bursting, but the cunt held me hard, determined as before not to let me go.

I dropped suddenly, lifting my feet off the ground a bit, my full body weight letting me slip down and out of his grip. I landed in a crouch and swung around, pulling the fucker’s legs out from under him and as he hit the ground, I flipped him over and stood above him, grabbing both legs and hauling them back like the letter ‘U’ fallen over.

He screamed this time, nice and loud, just like I wanted to hear and he began begging me to stop. The more the cunt begged, the tighter I held him, his back arched so much I could have snapped the mother-fucker’s spine if I wanted to.

He was going to suffer as much as I could make him!

Finally the faggot went quiet and when I looked down, he had passed out from the pain. I let him go and dragged him over to the pillar, tying his hands behind his back with the rope I’d brought with me.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri slapped him across the face a few times to wake him up, then pulled him up to his feet, leaning him against the column. He looked up at me dazed and I smirked at the sight of him.

“You disappointed me most of all, you little fuck,” I said to him. “I let you hang out with me, made you look cool, and look how you repaid me.” I slammed a fist into his gut then grabbed him by the hair, forcing him to look at me.

“Every punch you gave,” I said, “Every fuckin’ move you made, is coming back at you tenfold.”

I slammed another fist into stomach, then letting go of his hair, I used both fists to pound his chest like a machine gun.

“Do I want you to rape me?” I said when I’d finished. “What kind of a fucked-up faggot do you think I am? Like you? You think I’m a faggot like you? Is that it?….Answer me!” I back-handed him across the face.

“No,” he whispered, trying to talk.

“Good,” I said, “’cause I’m not like you. I’m not a faggot and anyone who says otherwise is gonna find out how much of a man I really am.”

I threw the cunt to the ground and tugged at his shorts, dropping them to his knees. He knew what was coming and tried to get up, but I kept him down and slapped his bare arse a few times, softening him up to take my cock.

“Justin, don’t,” he pleaded.

“Don’t?” I said. “Is that an order? Huh? Are you trying to tell me what to do, you cunt?” I pressed my rock-hard dick against his arse and pushed it in, the sweat from our fight keeping it moist enough to lubricate it.

The pussy began to cry as I dug deep inside him and the sound of him made me even hornier. I pumped away at him, grunting like an animal through clenched teeth as I felt the pressure build up inside me.

“You wanna fuck with me,” I said, “then I’m gonna fuck with you right back!”

Til now I hadn’t fucked Fab, only made him give me head jobs, and I could feel by how tight he was that he wasn’t used to being fucked up the arse. It made it all the more sweeter knowing that I was breaking the cunt’s virginity, just like they’d done to me when I was kidnapped.

I deliberately toyed with him, going gently and then suddenly thrusting hard and deep before going gently again. On his knees with his hands tied behind his back, the tough faggot showed his true colours, tears streaming down his cheeks, sobbing non-stop. In the end, all faggots are the same and Fab was proving that he wasn’t a man after all. He was easily broken and I was the hammer that had crushed him.

My cock was drying up without proper lube, so I shoved him forward, his face hitting the ground first, my cock breaking free from his arse. I walked over to the pillar and grabbed another length of cord and used it to whip him, asking him what it felt like, watching the welts start to swell on his back.

Then I took off my shoes, my feet all sweaty from the action and made the cunt peel off my socks with his teeth and suck my toes. I watched him gag doing it and in the end, made him lick all the way around both my feet, just for the hell of it.

It was while he was doing that, that I got my final inspiration. Grabbing the whipping cord, I tied one end to the rope holding his hands, bringing the length of it between his legs, wrapping it around his balls and cock, up and around his neck, and then over some gym equipment. It was the perfect set up – if he struggled or tried to move his hands, it would tighten the rope around his privates and as well as around his neck, choking him. The cunt could easily hang himself just by trying to break free!

“Tomorrow morning when school starts,” I said to him, “someone will find you here and let you free. Assuming you don’t do nothing stupid during the night, you’ll still be alive and won’t have hanged yourself….unless of course, you want to hang yourself – then feel free to try breaking free.”

“You can’t leave me like this!” he said.

“Watch me.” I said back to him. “And if you so much as look like you’re thinking of turning against me again, you cunt, then tonight will feel like a fuckin’ massage compared to what I’ll do to you next time. And I won’t give you a fighting chance either. Don’t you EVER fuck with me again.”

I turned around and walked out, leaving Fab strung up like one of those puppets on a string – what are they called? A marionette or something. I knew he wouldn’t hang himself. I made sure that the rope would loosen around his neck once he stopped struggling. I’m no fuckin’ killer, but he doesn’t know how far I would go, and that’s all that counts.

It would be the longest fuckin’ night of his life and with all six cunts paid back, I was about to get the best night’s sleep I’d had in a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32