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Catherine Young was a distraction. A very welcome, very tempting distraction. Regina watched her enter the conference room and hid her smile behind her coffee cup. The petite woman would undoubtedly try to go unnoticed during the meeting, but the flash of red that clung to her hips made her stand out amongst the sea of grey and black suits. Of course, Regina had always found it easy to spot Cat in a crowd. Her ash blonde hair, warm eyes, and noticeable curves gave her a girl-next-door look that led some of her coworkers to underestimate her. Regina knew better. She knew that underlying Cat’s demure, eager-to-please temperament was a sharp, competent mind.

As if sensing she was being watched, Cat looked up to meet Regina’s gaze and held it for a moment before turning away. There was just enough boldness in her eyes to tell Regina that she wasn’t quite as passive as she seemed to be, despite what her body language might suggest. That wasn’t much of a surprise. Regina had already noted a hint of resistance in her. Although she’d worn the skirt, it wasn’t exactly red, per se, but rather a deep burgundy – a shade dark enough to carry the slightest intimation of brown. There was no doubt that Cat’s choice was deliberate and that hers was a calculated sort of obedience. Cat had worn the skirt. She had even waited for Regina to come for her rather than seek her out. But she would not mindlessly submit.

Regina realized she was staring and turned her focus on the stack of pamphlets on the table. Rick waved at the screen behind him as he explained to the sales department why the pamphlets would be useless unless they swapped the generic color scheme for something bolder. She probably should have at least tried to pay more attention to her partner, but she already knew the ins and outs of his argument. Besides, he needed more experience taking the lead on large projects like this one.

The remainder of the meeting passed in a blur of stolen glances and feigned interest. Regina swallowed her impatience and tried to remember that Cat was as good as hers. Unfortunately, her thoughts inevitably took an even more distracting turn and she found herself wondering what sorts of sounds Cat made in bed. Was she a screamer? Would she moan softly, or cry out in short, sharp yelps? Maybe she made those throaty whimpers that sometimes rose into a desperate whine. Regina smoothed a crease in her slacks. Yes, whimpering would be very nice.

Regina’s mind meandered deeper down a path that was most definitely not safe for work. By the time the meeting concluded, Regina was almost hoping Cat would stay behind so she could fuck her right there in the conference room.


Chairs slid back and thunked together as most of the room stood and shuffled out the door. Cat cast a glance at Regina when she reached the door, hesitating for a moment before turning to the left – away from the bathroom. Regina finished off the last of her coffee as Cat disappeared from view. She waited until the room was empty, then reached for her phone. She had a reservation to make.


Regina fanned herself with the quarterly report. The evening canlı bahis şirketleri sun cast long shadows across her office and created a dramatic backdrop, but it also made the room uncomfortably warm. Rather than draw the blinds, she chose to let the sunlight spill in and instead shed her blazer. It was growing late and the building was already half empty. She could afford to relax a little. She draped her blazer across the back of the old leather couch that dominated the far corner of her office. It wasn’t quite her style, but neither were the decanter and glasses that sat on a nearby accent table. They had belonged to the office’s previous occupant and Regina decided to keep them when she discovered how quickly potential clients relaxed and let down their guard after having a drink or two.

A persistent beeping caught her attention and she paused to check the clock. Two minutes to six. Punctual. Regina answered her phone with a smile. “Yes?”

“Ms. Stark, your six o’clock is here.”

“Thank you, Maria. Please tell her to come in. We might be a while, so don’t worry about waiting around,” she said.

“Sure thing, Ms. Stark.”

Regina plucked a glass from the table and reached for the decanter. The door to her office cracked open as the first drops of amber liquid splashed into the glass. “Would you like a drink, Ms. Young?” she asked without turning around.

The muffled sound of hesitant footsteps stopped and the door swung shut. Regina could almost hear Cat debating with herself. Should she project more confidence and take the drink right away? Maybe that would make her seem too eager. What if she politely refused Regina’s offer? Would that backfire on her? Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe she shouldn’t have worn the skirt…

“I’d like that. Thank you.”

Regina smiled and turned to hand the glass to Cat before pouring another for herself. She used the opportunity to get a better reading on on the other woman as she reached for the drink. The blonde shifted her weight from one foot to the other, though there was no sign she wanted to leave. Her back and shoulders remained upright and straight even as her head tilted shyly downward. The hands that took the glass was steady despite the nervous energy that rolled off of her in waves. Cat was anxious and perhaps even a little scared. But she had also come of her own free will and if the flush creeping up her pale cheeks was any indication, Cat wanted to see what Regina would do. Warmth rose within her and Regina worried for a moment that her own excitement might get the best of her. She would have to be careful and not let herself get carried away.

Cat studied the drink in her hands. Suddenly, she looked up at Regina and asked, “Why am I here, Ms. Stark?”

Regina laughed. “If you really need to ask that, then perhaps you shouldn’t be here.” The look of alarm on Cat’s face made Regina’s chest constrict. She was right. Cat didn’t want to leave. She wanted to be here. She wanted this. Regina stepped forward and slowly lowered her mouth to Cat’s, giving her one last chance to pull away. She almost sighed with relief when Cat canlı kaçak iddaa relaxed and leaned into her. She kept the kiss brief and shallow, then pulled away with a grin. “I think we can dispense with the formalities, by the way. You can call me Regina.”


“Not Catherine?” Regina prodded.

Cat tucked a loose piece of hair behind her ear. “Just Cat. Catherine sounds too… stuffy.”

“Cat it is, then.” Regina resisted the urge to play with that stray piece of hair. “Just so we’re clear, Cat, this will not have any affect on your career. You can leave whenever you want. But,” she began as she studied Cat’s face and trailed her fingers down her sides, “there will be no favors. No promotions.”

Cat shuddered at the light touch. “No favors,” she repeated with a nod.

Regina grasped her hips and studied her face. “I’m not in the habit of bribing women to let me fuck them,” she murmured. “Do you want to be fucked, Cat?”

“Yes,” came the breathless reply.

“Good.” Regina took Cat’s drink and moved to sit down on the couch. She waved at one of the padded leather chairs angled towards her desk. “Grab a seat,” she said.

Cat glanced at the chair, then back at her. After a moment, she crossed the small room and dragged one of the chairs over to the couch. She stopped a few feet from the couch and Regina gave a nod of approval to let her know she was close enough. Wordlessly, she sat down and folded her hands in her lap.

“I think there’s something we should discuss,” said Regina.

“What’s that?”

“When I caught you in the bathroom, you said you were thinking of me.” Regina swirled her drink and leaned back to relax into the couch. “I’d like to know what you imagined.”

Cat’s hands flew to her face. “Oh my god.”

“Remember, I like honesty.”

Cat slowly let her hands fall to her lap once more. “I… I imagined you touching me.” She squirmed in her seat.

“Where?” Regina asked.

Cat ran a hand up to cup a firm breast. “Here. And here,” she said, sliding her free hand down to the top of her skirt.

Regina grinned. “I’m sure there were fewer clothes in the way. I’m going to need a more accurate demonstration.”


“Take off your blouse.” Regina waited for the blouse to hit the floor, then added, “Hike up your skirt.”

Cat hesitated but did as she was told once she realized what Regina wanted. “Like this?”

Regina hummed. “You’ve been wanting to be seen like this, haven’t you?”

“Like what?” asked Cat. She bit the inside of her cheek and avoided Regina’s hungry stare.

“You wanted to get caught, didn’t you?”

“No.” The protest left her mouth on reflex. Cat paused and shrank back in her seat at Regina’s murmur of disapproval. Then, finally: “Yes.”

Ice clinked as Regina finished off her drink. She let Cat’s admission hang in the air between them and watched her over the rim of her empty glass. Regina studied the way her skirt bunched around her waist and noted the damp spot on her panties. “White panties?” she said with a raised eyebrow. She gave Cat a barely canlı kaçak bahis concealed smile. “How… innocent.” The answering blush almost made her laugh. Regina swirled the ice in her glass and crossed her legs. “Touch yourself,” she instructed.

A pale hand slowly disappeared behind plain white fabric and began to move in a smooth, practiced rhythm. Cat closed her eyes and her movements sped up. Regina schooled her features and fought the urge to reach out and grab Cat as wetness pooled between her own thighs.

“Imagine it’s me touching you,” she ordered, forcing her voice to remain as impassive as possible. Cat didn’t answer, but the subtle shift in her breathing was all the acknowledgement Regina needed. She swallowed and ran her fingertips through the condensation on her glass. “Imagine my mouth on you. Imagine my tongue and lips on your cunt.”

“Oh shit.”

“Are you going to come, Cat?” All she got was a nod. Regina leaned forward. “Say it out loud, Cat. Are you going to come for me?”

“Yes,” she rasped.

“Good. Do it. Imagine me licking you until I make you come.”

Regina watched with satisfaction as Cat’s hand worked furiously and her hips began to lift from the chair. Suddenly, Cat’s body bowed slightly and a series of small tremors wrung a soft whimper from her throat. The sight of the blonde trembling with lips slightly parted and eyes slammed shut was almost too much for Regina. She took in the delicate flush that painted the tops of Cat’s breasts and listened to the sound of ragged breathing slowly coming under control. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips as Cat pulled her glistening fingers from her panties. Regina tore her eyes away from them long enough to realize that Cat was watching – no, studying her. Even though Regina remained in control, Cat was very much aware of the effect she had on her.

Regina cleared her throat and placed her glass on the side table. “That was rather fast, Cat.” She leaned back into her seat and let an accusatory tone creep into her voice. “It’s almost like you prepared for this little meeting of ours. I trust you didn’t stop by the bathroom on your way here, and I certainly hope you don’t expect to get off so easily in the future.”

“No. I mean, no to the bathroom. I… had a lot of material to draw from,” Cat replied shyly as she plucked at her skirt.

A smirk tugged at the corners of Regina’s mouth. “No doubt you did,” she said. Regina rose from her seat and picked up Cat’s discarded blouse. As she handed it to her, she glanced meaningfully at the clock. “It’s getting late, Cat. I’m sure you’re usually on your way home by now.”

Cat took the hint and shrugged on her blouse without meeting Regina’s eyes. Wordlessly, she stood and attempted to smooth the wrinkles from her skirt. Probably because she didn’t want to look like she’d just come for her boss, Regina thought wryly. Cat wavered, unsure whether she should simply leave or wait for further instruction. Regina decided to spare her the discomfort.

“The Meritage Restaurant,” she said dismissively. “Friday evening. Seven o’clock sharp.”

Cat toyed with the hem of her blouse. “The Meritage? The one at the hotel on the harbor?”

Regina nodded and closed the distance between them. “That’s the one.” She leaned in, letting her mouth ghost across Cat’s jaw. “And Cat?”


“Don’t be late.”

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