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The name is Madeline O’Connell. I’m a six-foot-two, lean and athletic, blonde-haired and gray-eyed, forty-something Irishwoman living in a secluded mansion in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m a reclusive multi-millionaire heiress with an exquisite if somewhat secretive lifestyle. You see, I am quite cruel and have voracious sexual appetites. Being wealthy and powerful enables me to indulge my unique tastes with relative safety and impunity. It’s good to be me, folks. Having been educated at prestigious schools like Pine Manor College and Harvard University pretty much guaranteed me an upscale lifestyle. Thanks to my family money, I can do whatever I want. Life is terrific.

Sexual domination of others is my favorite thing to do. I love having power over others. It’s intoxicating. Currently, my favorite brand of submissive is the Black woman from the North American inner-city. I’ve had lots of fun with Hispanic women in the recent past. These days, I love to dominate Black women sexually. Simply put, I can’t get enough of them. I don’t know why. Take my submissive Gina Jean for example. She’s a five-foot-nine, busty and kind of plump, big-bottomed Black woman I met at a dyke bar in South Boston. She’s currently a business student at Emerson College. I have a thing for plump, dark-skinned chicks with big butts. I guess you could say that I was drawn to her. I approached her, disguising my lust and intense curiosity as mild interest.

At the bar, I bought her a few drinks and learned a bit more about her. My way of getting some answers to the questions that plagued me. What I found positively thrilled me. Gina Jean is in quite a bind, folks. This young lady is desperately trying to stay in school but her financial aid money is running out. It is a recession after all. How sad. Money’s tight, so what’s a plump Black dyke to do? Gina told me she tried her hand at online erotic modeling, and that’s how she really caught my attention. If she’s willing to expose herself for money, she might be down with my unique brand of fun.

I made this young Black woman an offer she couldn’t refuse. Entertaining me sexually in exchange for making some money. I pay her six hundred dollars a week to come to my house and play the role of my submissive slut. It’s a good arrangement. We’re both getting what we need. She needs some green to stay in school. I need a ghetto slut to dominate. I just love to dominate inner city chicks who have an attitude problem. Last month, I had tons of fun with my canlı bahis şirketleri Hispanic maid, Maria Fortes. She was a fifty-something Hispanic mama with big tits, wide hips and a big butt. I was paying her eight hundred dollars a week to clean my house. She caught my attention because she had a cute face, a deliciously plump body and a big ass. Unfortunately she was also sassy as hell. In time, I turned her into my own personal bitch.

Maria Fortes was something else. A very feisty Hispanic mama. She didn’t like rich white chicks like me. That’s a shame because I really, really like feisty Hispanic mamas. I think they’re hot. Why? Their cute faces, lovely tits, big chunky butts and tasty pussies are positively irresistible. My pussy gets wet the moment I think about them. The first thing I did was lure Maria into my sexy trap with the promise of money. I gave her eight hundred dollars to stay overnight one time, and after that night she was never the same. That night, I seduced Maria and got her in my bed. I had her licking my pussy like there was no tomorrow. Maria Fortes, the big-booty Hispanic mama who considered herself a deeply conservative Catholic was into licking pussy. What a surprise. Sometimes I wonder if there are any heterosexual conservatives left. I doubt it.

The moment Maria Fortes licked my pussy, she became addicted. It’s not her fault, really. My pussy is just that good. One lick is all it takes. By the time the night ended, she was professing her undying love and devotion to me. So I offered her to live with me for a time. She wouldn’t be my maid, merely my lover. And I would take care of her family financially. The naïve Maria was more than okay with that. We had our fun, then we had my kind of fun. I convinced my new so-called lover to try new things. Like the collar I made specially for her. I walked her around my house while she wore the collar and followed me on all fours. Maria was turning out to be so obedient. How wonderful.

I loved bending Maria Fortes over and giving her big ass a good spanking. Maria’s big butt jiggled while I spanked her. It was a wonderful thing to behold. In time, I did a lot more than that to her. I put Maria through all kinds of wonderful hell and she endured it as a way of proving her love for me. Maria licked my asshole and let me piss all over her face. She also let me finger her asshole and spank her tits with my leather belt. She let me tie her up and finger her pussy while repeatedly smacking her face. Yeah, there canlı kaçak iddaa was nothing my favorite big-booty Hispanic maid wouldn’t do for me. So when I decided to fuck her with my strap-on dildo one day, she was willing to give it a try just for me.

I put Maria Fortes on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. I got her nicely lubricated. Then I pressed my dildo against her asshole and pushed it inside. With a swift thrust, I went in. Maria groaned as I penetrated her asshole with my dildo. I gave her big butt a hard smack and told her to quit whining. Then I placed my hands upon those wide hips of hers and shoved the dildo deep into her asshole. Gritting her teeth, Maria endured what I was doing to her. Laughing, I began fucking her harder and faster. I’ve always wanted to butt-fuck a feisty Hispanic mama with my strap-on dildo. Those chicks got so much attitude. I wanted to fuck the sass out of Maria. And so I did. I fucked her ass until it became a gaping hole. Then I pulled the dildo out of her asshole and spat inside. Maria whined. I smacked her hard and told her to shut up. Admiring my handiwork, I smiled to myself. I am definitely the Mistress of this House.

Not long after I started fucking Maria’s ass regularly, I got tired of her. I fired her ass. Just for good measure, I sent her friends and family members videos I made of her submitting to me. A little parting gift, you know. I wonder how Maria’s family took the news. Not only was this deeply religious Hispanic woman a closet dyke but she was also the kind of sexually submissive slut who gets off on being dominated by a rich, bossy white woman. I would have loved to see the looks on her friends and family members faces when they saw the videos. I sent one to her husband Miguel, her sons Mario and Jose, and her daughter Linda. I also sent one to her longtime friends Isabel and Juanita, along with Padre Antonio, the head of her church. Am I good or what? I’m pretty sure Maria will remember me for all time.

That’s it for my adventures with Maria. I then went looking for some new plaything and that’s how I met Gina Jean. Folks, I simply love the power I have over Gina Jean. As a dominant lesbian, I’ve always loved the idea of sexually taming one of those rude, arrogant and downright vicious Black sluts from the inner city. They’re so raw and fearless. Taming one would require a lot of strength. And that’s more than okay by me. I love to put Gina on her knees and worship me for the dominant white goddess canlı kaçak bahis that I am. I love to order her around. It’s a thrill to command her to lick my pussy and clean my feet with her tongue. Like a lot of butch young women, Gina is fascinated by dominant mature women. And mature women don’t get any bossier than me.

Gina had a smart mouth on her like so many of these ghetto chicks. That’s why I love to smack her hard in the face, just to remind her who’s in charge. Gina is one of those young Black women who don’t submit too easily. First, I had to break her down. A lot of young Black chicks in the big city think they’re all that. I had to prove otherwise. Breaking Gina Jean down wasn’t easy. It required all of my strength as a dominant mistress. I told Gina that unless she submitted to me completely, her world would fall apart. She’d get thrown out of school, wind up homeless and jobless. Scared shitless, she agreed to do everything I said. And that’s how she became my own personal bitch. I smiled after she swore her fealty to me and ordered her to kneel before me and lick my pussy.

I made her lick my ass and kiss my feet. I put a collar around her neck and ordered her to refer to me as her Ivory Goddess. Gina Jean complied with my every order. One day, I put her on all fours, face down and fat ass up, and royally screwed her with my strap-on dildo. I lubed up her ass and shoved my dildo up her booty hole. To say that Gina Jean screamed would have been an understatement. The big Black woman squealed as she got butt-fucked by a dominant white chick wearing a thick strap-on dildo. I smacked Gina’s big butt, loving the way it jiggled as I fucked her. I grabbed a handful of her hair, and yanked her head back while slamming the dildo deep into her asshole. Gina howled as I fucked her. I laughed and berated her while fucking her ass. I told her she was just a ghetto slut and I made her my own personal bitch. I fucked her ass until she begged for mercy. It was so hot. You should have been there.

After this memorable experience, Gina Jean became completely submissive. I loved that transformation in her. As can be expected, I videotaped all of our sexual encounters and domination sessions. When I got tired of her, I sent some of the videos to her classmates and professors at her college and of course, her parents and close friends got their own copies. Another memorable experience for this mistress, folks. I just love the feisty women of the inner city. They’re so damn hot. Let’s see what’s on the agenda for today. I’ve dominated a sexy Black mama and a feisty Hispanic matron. I think I’m done for today. Tomorrow, I’m finding myself a sexy Asian lady or a Native American sweetheart. I hear wonderful things about them. What do you think?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32