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Standing together my lips touch the top of your head, feeling the soft curls of your beautiful dark hair. Your curls tickle my nose as the smell of your hair engulfs my senses. My hand moves up your back and my fingers lightly touch the muscles at the top of your neck, thumb and forefinger moving up the back of your head I hold you to me.

Your body surrenders to my touch, I feel you relax and you softly melt into my body; fully feeling you, so satisfying so comfortable, like being wrapped in a blanket of you. Your aroma, your warmth, your essence, a surrender that is so deep so true it can not be easily described, only experienced and experience I do.

Not wanting to move, not wanting to cause the slightest ripple in this calm, this perfection that surrounds us we hold each other, breath with each other. Our fingers lightly playing, yours at my back mine at the back of your neck your head against my chest. You detect the slight movement of me stiffening, becoming aroused and you press closer to me wanting to feel the effect you have on me. This effect I can not help and have long given up fighting, I’ve surrendered as well… long ago.

It amazes me this effect you have on me, the immense feeling of all my senses being completely and wholly overwhelmed drives a desire to become not just a part of you but to be one, to be us. I so enjoy the feel of your skin on my finger tips the feel of your touch on my skin and oh… the feel of your body against mine is nearly too much and at the same time not enough.

My hands drop from your neck down your back to your ass and I pick you up, cupping the cheeks of your butt in my palms, your arms wrap around my neck. Your lips, those sweet tender lips, touch mine with angelic lightness, a delicacy so delicious. Wanting more I kiss your lower lip, taking it between mine, feeling its fullness, pulling softly. Your tongue reaches out and touches my upper lip, inviting yourself in… an invitation I can not refuse.

Open mouths, tongues exploring your lips pressing against mine, your legs wrapped sensuously around my waist I can feel your heat against me. Holding my neck with one hand you pull me to you intensifying the kiss, this succulent kiss. Your free hand reaches down between us; through the slight gap between us you take hold of my shaft through my trousers. The feel of you holding me, squeezing me ignites my passion and my tongue drives deeply into your mouth. You respond by pressing harder against my lips my tongue exploring your throat.

My hands cupping your cheeks pulling you tighter to me traps your arm between us. I pull you tighter feeling your legs tighten as your pussy comes in contact with your arm pinned between us as you stroke me and you moan in my mouth, so deep so sensuous your body pressed to mine. Our mouths literally fucking each other has me so hot I feel precum escaping my cock as it spasms in response to your moans.

Breaking our kiss I let you down gently to your feet, my hands slipping up your tank top enjoying the feel of your skin on my palms. I slowly turn you around and you support yourself with your hands on the back of the large chair. Pressing my pelvis against your ass it feels so good to push against you. Pulling the few wisps of hair that are not captured by your bun I begin kissing the back of your neck. First just behind your bursa escort ear then moving slowly around along your hair line to the top of your neck, softly trading gentle bites with light kisses, you taste absolutely delicious. Again your essence overwhelms me. I can’t get over how much your taste, your aroma; you so completely take me over.

Reaching down I take hold of the hem of your tank and pull it up sliding my hands along your sides as you raise your arms. Up and over your bra and past your head I let the tank fall to the floor. Standing behind you my hands fall to your shoulders and lightly massage then trace both sides of your neck from your hairline to your shoulders, down over your shoulders to your elbows then to your sides. Reaching around I cup both breasts in my palms through your bra and you inhale deeply as I pull you close to me pressing my hard cock against your ass…mmmmmm you feel so good.

As I kiss your neck I reach down and unbutton your capris then pull the tiny zipper down. I then begin kissing your neck slowly descending past the nape to the center of your back along your back bone, my hands pulling your pants down past your panties as my kisses travel down your spine.

You return to leaning against the chair as I kneel behind you, placing long kisses to the small of your back, around and over the top of each ass cheek, my hands playing up and down your legs as I kiss each cheek all over and down to where they meet your legs. My hands move up and kneed your cheeks spreading you open as I continue kissing just above the crack of your ass. I hear you breathing heavy, moaning as I kiss your butt and I feel you pushing back against my face moving with your sensations, gyrating as if slowly dancing against my lips.

My fingers slip inside the legs of your panties, both hands, and I spread your legs a little then move up towards your pussy. I can feel your heat and my head is swimming with your scent, I can tell you want to fuck me. My thumbs spread your ass just slightly and run just along the outside of your labia and I feel your legs buckle as my touch gently runs along your slit. Still inside your panties my hands move around to the front and tease your freshly shaved pubic mound. I begin to slowly pull them down, my hands in front and using my teeth to drag them over your ass… and down. They fall to your ankles and you step out of them… your bare ass now just an inch from my face. I look up and you have arched your back and turned your head to watch me.

Taking hold of your hips I help hold you steady and start kissing back up your back taking my time just above your butt. Standing, I kiss past your shoulder blades to your shoulders and lightly bite at the muscles of your neck, my hard cock stretching the fabric of my trousers attempts to slide between your ass cheeks. The material getting tight immediately makes me realize how much precum I have released; my underwear is soaked at the head of my cock.

You reach back and take hold of the base of my cock as you push your ass against me, then whisper in my ear that your pussy is absolutely throbbing. This revelation almost makes me cum in my pants as I suck on your neck. I start kissing back down your back but your grip tightens on my cock preventing me from dropping lower.

I tell you, “I need your pussy on my mouth, my tongue bursa escort bayan inside you.”

With a sigh you release my cock and I continue down your back helping you to rest more comfortably over the back of the chair. On my knees again behind you I take a cheek in each palm and spread you open. The sight of your ass and pussy glistening just inches from my face has my cock flexing. Gently, ever so slightly, I touch my tongue to your labia, running up one side almost to your ass then back down the other. My fingers working your ass cheeks, massaging you causing your pussy lips to open then close. Your pussy is so wet it makes sloppy liquid sounds that are so intensely erotic.

I can’t keep from you any longer and run my tongue inside your slit pressing between your nether lips and taste your juices. Oh my god your nectar is delicious and I run my tongue up and inside your juicy pussy, pressing deeper I begin to slowly tongue fuck you as you rock back to meet me.

I look up and see you are again watching over your shoulder as I continue to penetrate your pink wet hole with my tongue. Pushing in deep my nose teases your asshole and you’re meeting my thrusts with every bounce, rhythmically fucking my face. My hands spreading your ass cheeks giving me deeper access to your pleasures. Running my tongue lightly around your tight little star a deep moan escapes your throat as I feel your ass cheeks flex in my palms. The thought of this special pleasure I’m giving you causes my cock to flex as well.

With a fee hand I reach down to my own trousers and loose my belt, unbutton, unzip and pull them down along with my underwear releasing my pulsing cock from its confines. I touch the tip and realize it is soaked and slippery with my precum. Following a few strokes as I lick your ass I bring my slick fingers up and begin to circle your asshole with my own juices. Moving my tongue back to your pussy I continue to lick and suck on your pussy lips, pulling and tugging at one side then the other; my fingers slipping around and just barely penetrating your tight little asshole. The sexy wet noises are so intensely sensual; your sex is beginning to trickle from your pussy.

I lean in closer, pressing my face between your legs, my tongue moves out against the inside of your thigh and I lick your honey from your leg, following the trickle all the way up to your soaked and slippery pussy. My tongue delves in deep, so deep my nose slips between your pussy lips, I feel you all over my face making my cock so hard it actually hurts. My tongue against your clitoris, nose buried between your labia rocking left and right I feel the entrance to your pussy pass my nose and feel you push back against my face with each pass, wanting me, needing me inside you.

Reluctantly I leave your wonderful pussy and rise up from my knees behind you, my cock pulsing with desire, the need to be entirely with you. Taking hold of my shaft I notice a large drop of clear slippery precum at the head. I place the tip right at the entrance of your tight little star and rub the fluid around and over your asshole making you incredibly slippery; my cock could easily slip right inside. Your moaning spurs me on as you rock back against me. My fingers on the cheeks of your butt spreading you open, my thumbs pressing down on the topside of my cock I begin to rock escort bursa with you causing the sensitive underside of my cock to glide up and back over your asshole… your hot sexy asshole… I can feel your body heat against my cock and it causes more precum to escape and lubricate you.

“Fuck my ass,” I hear you moan, “… please fuck my ass,” you beg.

I’ve never wanted to please anyone so deeply, never wanted more to comply to a lover’s request as I do now and when you move your hands back to take hold of each of your butt cheeks causing you to completely relax over the back of the chair, to completely surrender your ass to me, such a gift… you giving me your desires is such an incredible treasure… and you spread your cheeks apart and moan, “pleeeeeeeeeease.”

I place the head of my swollen cock at the entrance to your ass and slowly push towards you. Watching, my cockhead spreads you open and my shaft easily follows as I disappear inside you. The heat of your ass is incredible, the tightness unreal and I feel you begin to contract around my cock. My god your ass is fucking my cock, squeezing me tight as you push against me, then releasing as you pull away, just enough so the ridge of my cockhead appears then you squeeze tight again and I sink deeply inside you.

We quickly pick up the rhythm and begin rocking with each other. Looking down I watch intently as my cock slips easily in and out of your tight little ass. I feel my balls slapping against your pussy and know you feel it too because you begin moaning each time they slap against you. My hands on your hips I pull you hard to me with each thrust my cock plunging deep inside you.

You miss a beat, then another. I realize your hand has slipped underneath you and your pinching your clit as we fuck. Your little button slipping from between your fingers as you repeatedly pinch your clitoris. I feel you shudder… your ass begins to spasm in little flutters around my cock, clenching, releasing then clinching again I realize you’re cumming. You gasp and throw yourself hard against me and I feel the wetness flood between us as you release your fluids with your orgasm.

Your juices are warm and heady and feeling you cum so intensely brings on my own orgasm and I feel the first load shoot up from my balls, pulsing up my shaft and exploding deep inside your ass, the second load follows with equal force… then a third. I can’t believe how much I’m cumming; full load after full load filling your ass. You begin to subside from your orgasm even as you feel my cock pulsing and twitching inside you. which releases me somewhat and again I can move. Looking down I see my cum soaked cock pulling out of your ass, and then slipping back inside. I feel your entire body relaxing as I slowly roll us around the side of the chair.

We somehow manage to stay together, my semi-hard but very thick cock still inside you we plop down in the chair, you on my lap your legs between mine. My fingers trail up and down your body our sweat mingling between us your back to my chest the top of your head just below my chin. Looking down over your shoulder I watch as my fingers trace up from your mound past your belly button, up your tummy to your wonderful breasts. Gently caressing the soft curves at the bottom of each breast you sigh and relax even deeper against me. Lightly, so very lightly I run my fingers over each nipple at the same time and feel you tighten around me as you respond.

I’ve never enjoyed giving pleasure more, never received such pleasure in being this close… this is bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32