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Special thanks to Callie8 and alwaysupforu2004 for taking the time to read and edit my story. This is my very first story and there should be more to come! Enjoy!


Things change.

I met Travis when he took me to get my uniform. I had just been hired at the local police department and it was my first day. I was hardly 21 years old, the bare minimum age you can be hired as a cop, and lets just say, most aren’t hired that young. This job is one hell of a hard job, and takes a lot of maturity. Lets face it, most 20-somethings don’t have that level of maturity.

But, apparently, I proved all those who interviewed me that I was grown up, and here I am. It was like a sweet dream come true.

Travis was a cop too. Unlike me, this was his 15th year on the force. I learned a lot about him during that 45-minute car trip out north. I secretly admired his physical features first. He was tall, about 6’2″, with light brown hair cut military short. He was not skinny or scrawny by any means, and not at all over weight. He had this happy medium. A fullness of muscles, a bare minimum of fat. But his best feature of all was his eyes. It was like God took an emerald and aquamarine gemstone, molded them together, and decided that would be his eye color. I could gaze at them all day, they were absolutely breathtaking. And when the man smiled, it was crooked and flirtatious, and again, breathtaking.

I learned Travis was 36 years old and from the south. He didn’t so much tell me he was from the south. It was the accent that gave it away. His voice was lower than most men, with a strong taste of southern twang. I typically don’t like southern accents, but from him the inflection somehow made his words erotic.

What I learned most of all was that Travis was a flirt, however it was somehow a different flavor, if you could call it that. I’ve met men that are blatant when coming on to a woman, or maybe some had humor mixed in. But Travis was somehow subtle. His sexual remarks are ones that might not be sexual at all. What makes them sexual is the look that comes with the remarks. The look makes everything low, tighten. It’s a look I can’t describe, but women understand. It’s that look a man gives when you’ve sparked his interest, and he wants nothing more than to have you. It’s such an intense, sexual look the body automatically responds.

One day I had been standing in the break room watching TV while sipping on coffee. All my attention was on the small television set and to this day, I couldn’t remember why. I was about to leave the room when I felt a hand kneading on my shoulder. I almost told whoever was behind me to go jack off in the men’s locker room, when I noticed it was Travis. I froze. My entire body heated up as though someone turned the furnace to 100 degrees. A second hand slid up to my other shoulder and mimicked the other hand’s movement. In his eye was his look, and that small lopsided smile. I swallowed then, hard, and I swear he heard it.

Someone walked in and he broke away, walking towards the fridge. I just sat there at first confused. Was he flirting? Or was he just being his friendly self? He had never gone as far as touching me like that before, and I really couldn’t judge it. I risked a glance his way and saw he was looking at me too. He gave a small, private smile, and left. I knew then that it wasn’t innocent. Nothing he did from that point on was innocent.

And that had been just the beginning.

It wasn’t until after my academy training and towards the end of my field training that I became reacquainted with the man. Who knew Travis, out of all the trainers, would become my trainer. I was happily stuck with him for 5 weeks, as he drilled his knowledge, and personality, into me. During that time with him he became serious, and the moments he did flirt, it was almost too subtle to think much of it. Some men have that in their personality. But sometimes he gave me that look I saw the day he massaged my back. I knew then it wasn’t just his personality. He wanted me.

And frankly, I wanted him too.

As I became more comfortable with him I started to more or less tease him. It was like he opened up this part of me I didn’t know existed. I felt more dangerous somehow. I felt like some sort of seductress when I smiled at him, looked at him, and watched him respond to it. He liked it and I liked it. However, it was a secret, even from us. We never made sexual comments about us together, but the implication was always there. Neither of us acknowledged it to each other. It was like subconsciously we both knew bostancı escort what we were engaging in, and when we couldn’t do it. All flirting stopped in the presence of others. It became nothing but strictly professional, until we were alone.

There were a few set backs to us engaging in intimate activities. We never discussed it out loud, that would be inappropriate, but I knew. First of all, he was married. Very married. 3 kids. He never spoke much about his wife to me, but he mentioned kids once, and the ring gave away he was still married. Also, the fact that he was my supervisor and trainer set us a few steps back too. Lets just say that as opposed to a simple write up, we would be fired. Simple.

So, he unfortunately behaved himself during training. Our flirting never went past smiles, looks, innocent touching. Who knew such innocence would create such dark thoughts?

It wasn’t until after training, and a year into my career, that the good behavior broke.

We had been fighting for months after my training. I wasn’t even on the same shift as him. I couldn’t figure out why but it was like everything about him irritated me and vice versa. They were small things. Little things he said and little things I said that set each other off. Sometimes he would turn them into a way of teasing but other times, not so much. It wasn’t until my co-worker, and best friend Ryan, made a comment to me that took me by surprise.

We had been sitting in the park late at night, bored and on shift. Hey, we can’t always be fighting crime. I had been venting to him my frustration with Travis, when Ryan finally said, “You two fight like a married couple.”

I looked at him, surprised and offended. “We most certainly do not.”

“Yes you do. You are Travis’ work wife, and he is your work husband. You two fight just like me and my wife.” Ryan rolled his eyes at my, slightly faked, offensiveness.

“No we don’t. I think he just doesn’t like me.” I said, my voice not sounding so defensive as it had seconds ago.

“Bullshit. There’s so much sexual tension between you two I can barely breathe around you guys. It was bad enough during training, but it’s gotten worse.”

That got my attention. Alarmed, I asked, “Sexual tension? Did anybody else notice any sexual tension?”

He shrugged. “I doubt it. I’m just around you more. But seriously, the way you two look at each other, it’s there. You two are only fighting because you can’t have sex.”

Days after that conversation, Ryan and I switched shifts. We were now on the same crew as Travis. This made me nervous and I didn’t know why. Was Ryan right? Was there really sexual tension? I mean, I knew I wanted him sexually, and sometimes I was convinced Travis wanted it to. But it was something we never discussed and the flirting, I thought, was harmless.

About a month into being on the same crew as Travis, I decided to leave work early. Since Travis was the supervisor in charge, I decided to check in with him before leaving. My sergeant already knew, but this was only by courtesy. At least, that what I kept telling myself.

I walked into his office already changed out of uniform and into my normal clothes. Normal clothes for me were extremely girly. Being at work, I’m dressed more like a man frankly, and when I’m off work I like to look as feminine as I can. This outfit was more average than “dressed up”. I had on a pair of dark jeans, white heels, and a white button up blouse that had thin pink pinstripes on it. I especially liked this top because it was easy to change in and out of, and it was v-neck, which gave a conservative flash of cleavage.

He looked up at me and I shut the door behind me, by habit. “Hey Travis, I’m sure Sarge told you but I’m leavin’ early. I was wondering if you’ve approved my report or if there’s anything I need to do to it before I head out?”

There was a moment of silence as he looked at me, and he wasn’t looking at my face. His eyes flicked from my face down my body. I held my breath and let him, watching his eyes look at me. As I held my breath I felt goosebumps start to form along my body. I could feel my nipples harden as if he touched them. For a second I regretted wearing such a thin shirt. Finally when his gaze reached my eyes, he blushed slightly. That was something I’ve never seen. He turned towards his computer and brought up my report.

“Actually, there are some minor things to your narrative that needs fixing.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised. He could always find something wrong with my reports.

I ümraniye escort bayan strode across the room and stood behind him, probably closer than I needed to be, and peered over his shoulder at the computer. He spoke softly, his voice vibrating through my body as he pinpointed minor errors to my report.

“Well that can easily be fixed.” I stated, and reached over him to the keyboard and began fixing the errors he pointed out. As I did this, he turned to look up at me and became eye-leveled with my chest. He let out a hot breath that I felt directly on my cleavage and I glanced down at him. He turned and stood up, causing me to break away from the keyboard.

He stood, his body becoming so close to mine, and towered over me. I looked up at him, so far up at him. I realized then how much shorter I was and I suddenly felt small, in a good way. When my eyes reached his face I noticed that look of his, intensified by a thousand. My body automatically tightened and I felt myself become moist. I couldn’t breathe. His hand found its way to my waist, and he ever so slightly kneaded at it. I placed my hand on his chest and with his free hand, his left hand, placed it on top of mine.

My eyes were drawn then to his hand. I took note of his gold ring with small diamonds implanted on it. I looked back up at him and just as soon as I made that small movement, he roughly pulled my body close to his and kissed me.

The kiss was hard, needy, and felt so good. His hands moved to wrap around my waist and pressed me even more against him, against a very hard erection. Again, my body responded and I felt like I had become drenched. I opened my mouth to him and he responded by plunging his tongue deep into me. It was like he mimicked the act of sex just with his kiss, pressing his tongue in and out of me slowly. Promising of what more could come.

I drank in every bit of his kiss. I placed my hands on either side of his cheeks, feeling the roughness of a long hard day, and kissed him with the need I had deep down.

After what felt like hours, he pulled away, and stared at me. I looked back into his eyes, breathing heavy. I felt lightheaded and couldn’t think.

At first I didn’t even notice when he started unbuttoning my top. I looked down and suddenly, my very expensive white lace bra was exposed. As soon as the top was completely unbuttoned I let it fall off my shoulders and he took that opportunity to take my bra off too. I looked up to see his eyes were locked onto my chest, and shortly, his hands where there. Massaging, kneading, teasing. I closed my eyes and let a quiet moan escape my mouth.

His fingertips played with my hard nipples, gently, and then he’d give me a pinch of pain that turned into pleasure. He did this every so often and replaced his hands with his mouth, mimicking with his lips, tongue and teeth what his hands were just doing. My breathing had become hard and I couldn’t help but let out more breathy moans.

He kissed up across my chest, up and around my neck and back to my mouth. I fumbled for his duty belt. I knew he had 4 belt keepers holding his duty belt to his under belt. If I could get all those 4 off, I could get his belt off. I needed his belt off.

Finally, I unsnapped one, two, three, four belt keepers, and dropped them to the floor. Suddenly his hands left me and grabbed hold of either side of his belt as it almost fell from his waist. He backed away just enough from me to take the belt off properly and set it gingerly to the ground. Couldn’t let the gun go plowing to the ground. Even if it wouldn’t go off, it was still more important to him than sex. I understood that.

He set it down, along with his radio, and moved back toward me. The kiss this time was harder than his first kiss, which I didn’t realize was even possible. Travis led me to his desk, and without effort, picked me up and set me on it, not caring for his paperwork. I noticed that’s when he started fumbling with his pants, getting them undone, about to release what I needed deep inside me.

I helped him by undoing my own jeans, sliding them off of my waist. This caught his attention and he stopped what he was doing and just watched, silently. Thank God I had matched my underwear. My panties were also white laced and slightly see through. Before I could even take them off, his hands were there, in-between my legs on my most sensitive spot, massaging as he had everything else. The sensation of his hand rubbing the thin lace cloth against my very wet and sensitive center felt remarkable. I leaned back onto my elbows kartal escort on his desk and pressed myself against his hand. I wanted him to rub harder. I wanted him inside of me, any part, I didn’t care. He leaned in closer, hovering just above me, and looked at me with his sexy, crooked smile. His fingers kept massaging and the sound of my wet center became audible.

“So wet.” He breathed, his voice deep and raspy, reminding me whom I was about to have sex with.

“Yes.” And that was all we needed to say. He was never a man of many words. Action. He was definitely a man of action.

He moved my panties to the side and easily slid a finger up into me. That one movement almost made me cum. Instead of letting go, I moaned, louder than before. During half my moan, I felt his lips on mine again, kissing me silent.

Again, he plunged his tongue into me. Only this time he kissed slowly. Gliding his tongue in and out while fingering me in the same rhythm. He slipped a second finger in suddenly I couldn’t help but hump his hand in return.

He did this consistently, and as I was getting close, he slipped a finger into my ass. Using both his mouth on my lips and fingers in each of my holes, he sent me over the edge. I screamed my orgasm into his mouth. My body began humping his hand furiously, giving my entire self over to the overwhelming orgasm he gave me. Everything inside me pulsed and as soon as my body was recovering, I felt him.

I didn’t even know he had gotten his pants down. I vaguely remember him ripping my panties off. But what I felt was much larger, thicker than any of his fingers. He plunged his cock deep inside, filling me up with every long and thick inch. As soon as he was completely inside me he paused, eyes shut and let out a low moan, which vibrated through my entire body.

“Oh God Travis.” I moaned. He looked at me when I said his name and his eyes were on fire. He started fucking me slowly, watching my reaction. I closed my eyes and moved my body with his. For long moments we fucked just like that, him on top of me, on his desk, fucking slowly. With my eyes closed, I still saw him. I saw every moment we had been together. I felt again the feelings I had when he would unknowingly cause me to become wet. Now I could feel his big cock deep inside me as my pussy muscles clenched to him. He made me feel as though I were a virgin all over again. Aware of every movement from him, the slight pain of his large cock mixed in with the intense pleasure. No man fucked this good.

Then, just as suddenly as he had thrown me on his desk, he pulled my ass off of it, and started going harder, and harder. I watched his cock plunge in and out of me. The astounding visual sent me over the edge for a second time. I thought the first had been intense, but that was nothing compared to this. This orgasm came from somewhere incredibly deep inside of me. I could feel its intensity throughout my entire lower half and chest. I thought my body would explode.

I screamed out and this time he didn’t silence me. He fucked me harder, which kept my orgasm coming from that place deep inside. It overtook my whole body, and he kept pumping. For a second he shifted, holding onto both my legs and angled himself for deeper penetration. Instead of my orgasm subsiding, it came again just as hard as before. It caused another scream of pleasure, and again, he continued fucking me harder, and faster. My arms flung out, looking for something to grab, and knocked something, a lot of something, from the desk onto the ground. It caused a loud crashing sound, but I didn’t care. Nobody was at the station this late at night. They were all out on the streets.

Just as my orgasm began to subside, his began. He let out a moan, louder than any sound he’s made all night, and his rhythm became out of sync. Suddenly he pulled himself out of me, the emptiness almost unbearable when white cum began shooting across my mound, stomach and chest. His deep moans were long and continuos and vibrated along the length of my body.

I arched my back and took it, feeling the warm cum splash onto my chest. The sensation kept my arousal at its peak.

Eventually, his orgasm subsided and he lay against me, his arms draped around me. I held him, taking the advantage to touch along his back, down to his ass, to his thigh, savoring this moment. He chuckled, the sound making my body ache for him all over again, as though he hadn’t just finished fucking me.

I felt him kissing my neck, and then he sat up. He looked at me, silent for a moment, with soft eyes. His look was not of hunger, but of satisfaction. He touched my cheek and pulled away from me.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I first met you.”

“Me too.” My voice was quiet, drained.

He nodded with his crooked smile, leaned in and kissed me one last time.

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