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It has become time to bring you the further iteration of my Big Boob adventures of my early twenties..

Just to recap on the story so far…”Occasionally we would suck the same breast together and I have to admit that I never done anything sexier in my life”. And that’s the catalyst for the following…

Let’s take off from there…

Relaxed on the couch and forgetting the time, the two of us released each breast simultaneously. We stared into each others eyes for a brief moment before locking into a kiss that lasted forever.

What was to come of this seemingly perfect arrangement?

What was she thinking and was it similar to what I had circling in my mind?

I was convinced that we were on the same page, but how could I be sure.

That’s when our sexual encounter evolved.

She said in no uncertain terms that my pants were no longer welcome and the sooner they were removed, the happier she would become.

“Oh, Okay”.

At first I was not convinced she knew what she was asking for, but I soon realised that things were getting much more involved. This girl was well and truly cognisant of her ultimate sexual goals and I was a part of her plans.

I slipped off my pants and withdrew my underwear. I was well and truly reclined on the couch with my crotch extended passed the edge of the cushions. Considering the amazing boob-play I had experienced prior to this, it was obvious to the both of us that I was hard as concrete and standing tall; at my full length. I expect that any man in my situation would follow suit.

My busty princess stood up, and decisively dropped to her knees between my open legs and looked longingly at my erect penis. Without taking her eyes of the head of my cock, she moved in towards the tip of my erection and gently glanced her partially open lips across the underside of my helmet.

The escort kartal most electric feeling overtook my whole body. Every slight movement of her lips sent shivers through my mind and the core of my sexual soul.

With pursed lips, she slowly moved her mouth over every inch of my urgent cock. She lightly suckled my smooth, shaved balls before engulfing my head in her mouth. While she softly moved her lips over my cock, she reached below her ample breasts and positioned them either side of my cock. My eyes were like dishes. As much as I wanted to interact, I was a slave to my own visions of astonishing beauty.

The hardest thing I had to deal with was not cumming. I can’t express the number of times I was ready to let everything “flow”, but the longer I held it back, the longer the excitement lasted and made me push my sexual boundaries.

This busty-babe of mine was the perfect companion to my anxiousness about cumming too soon. She knew exactly when her actions were too much for me, and she would pause her activities each time she detected I was losing control. What a girl!

During a pause in her oral onslaught, I reached forward and gently clasped each side of her face. I used the gesture to encourage her lips to mine, so we could engaged in a sensuous kiss. I wanted this experience to last for as long as possible, so i was in no rush to lose my load.

Once again she settled back into the corner of the couch, unashamedly caressing each of her breasts with a facial expression that perfectly described her enjoyment of the pleasures she’d given me and any pleasures to come.

I re-positioned myself so that I could easily accept one of her perfect nipples between my lips. I took my time to slowly encircle her areola with my tongue, before accepting her erect nipple into my mouth. She seemed to sink even further into the soft maltepe escort bayan couch as I pursued every last inch of her breast. I slowly dragged my tongue under her boobs to make sure I tasted every single millimetre of her supple flesh. I relished every taste and sensation. She would encourage me with subtle signs that I was maximising her pleasure, so I would dutifully adhere to her indications that I was giving her the experience she enjoyed the most.

After some time had passed, we decided it was time for a small breather. I figured she would be comfortable in one of my custom made Kimonos, so I retrieved one from my cupboard and offered it to her. She accepted it gracefully and when she put it on, she was a picture of unexceptional beauty. It was strange, but by adding a layer of clothing, she’d managed to accelerate her attractiveness.

We headed to the kitchen where we could relax in my breakfast-nook and enjoy another scotch.

We chatted inanely for a small period of time, but our heightened levels of sexual excitement soon came flooding back to consume the moment.

As we chatted, she nonchalantly manoeuvred one of her hands into the Kimono and proceeded to play with one of her boobs. It seemed surreal to be talking naturally and all the while the girl in front of me is almost unconsciously caressing her breast. She would later admit that she was prone to doing this. Sometimes she didn’t even realise that she was openly playing with her ample breasts until someone mentioned it to her (often, much to her embarrassment). With me however, it was more than welcome. At first I though she was doing it on purpose, but when I learnt she did it automatically (regardless of the situation), it just seemed to be so much sexier to me.

I often had relationships with women where it seemed as though such an act was a specially pendik escort bayan requested occasion or something that never happened. But with this girl, it was just natural. Just as though she was straight out of my fantasies. It’s no wonder I was so fixated on her. How often do you meet someone who meets your sexual fantasies without you having to mention those fantasies? Pretty rare.

Needless to say, it was impossible for me to hide my gaze and therefore hide my appreciation for what I was seeing. It didn’t go unnoticed. She had already made the quick discovery that I was infatuated with her attributes and she wasn’t afraid to give me all she had to offer. She even realised that her unconscious acts of self-gratification were placing me in a trance that i could not resist. The ball was well and truly in her court!

She removed her hands from under the Kimono and tilted her head down towards her chest. She proceeded to move the front of the Kimono apart, revealing her sumptuous boobs. It was like seeing them for the first time. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of her beautiful reveals. She immediately resumed running her fingers around her stiff nipples, all the while looking at me with the cheekiest grin.

She said, “do you like to role-play?” I uttered a response that was on the verge of showing too much excitement for the question.

“Who doesn’t? Did you have something in mind?”

She glanced back down at her breasts, following the movement of her fingers as they traced her delicious curves.

“I like to be watched as I play with myself. Would you like to watch me?”

Seriously? I don’t think there’s anyone alive who wouldn’t enjoy that. Not to mention that once again she’d hit on one of my fantasies. Who was this woman? It was like she’d read my mind! I was certain by this stage that I was dreaming, but in fact I was just a lucky man who’d stumbled upon his perfect match. Surely this never happens (and it hasn’t since), but this time around I was in the midst of my own version of sexual enlightenment.

What happens next is another tale of ‘boob passion’, but you’ll have to wait until it’s posted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32