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Double Penetration

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-check. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes.


“Anyway, we’re in his car,” Anna Lynne chattered.

“Right there?” Terri asked.

“Right there, I mean, Takes me to Brick’s, won’t get the Supreme ’cause he hates mushrooms, got to get the five meat instead, then at the Sweet Oak, got to see this stupid ass shit he wants see, who cares what I want see, then we’re sitting right there, in his car,” Anna Lynne continued.

“In the parking lot?” Charlie clarified.

“Yeah, I mean, he drives around in back, but still,” Anna Lynne said, using her hands to describe where they were parked.

“And then?” Terri asked.

“Then, know how he’s got that big old lump in his jeans?” Ann Lynne asked, green eyes dancing.

“Uh huh,” Charlie agreed.

“Uh huh,” Terri agreed, brushing her shoulder length blonde hair back.

“Pulls it out,” Anna Lynne said, voice dropping to an excited whisper.

Charlie, Terri, and Anna Lynne all looked around, but they were largely ignored. The Texas sun shimmered and danced off of the asphalt parking lot of the Burns & Burns Supermarket.

“And it’s a sock!” Anna Lynne squealed. “It’s a fucking sock!”

“No!” Terri and Charlie both gasped.

“Swear, I’m lying I’m dying,” Anna Lynne said, right hand raised to heaven.

“What’d you do?” Charlie asked, flinging her ankle length carrot orange hair back.

“Laughed at him, got out of his car and walked around front,” Anna Lynne said. “I’m about call my daddy come get me, and that’s when I run into Colt.”

“Colt?” Charlie asked, tugging at the hem of her tee shirt.

“Girl! He is so cold!” Anna Lynne enthused.

“Shush, Skeeto, let her tell her story,” Terri rolled her eyes at Charlie.

“Anyway, I’m trying find my cell and this gorgeous guy walks up and says he’s there meet me and I’m all like what? You here meet me, what you mean?” Anna Lynne said, again, using her hands to ‘paint’ the picture.

“Just like that?” Terri asked.

“Uh huh, and he takes me over to Spoons, girl! He has got this pickup truck’s at least five feet off the ground and he helps me up into it and takes me to Spoons and has help me get out of it, and of course, since I was planning, you know, to do it, I’m in my skirt,” Anna Lynne continued her narrative.

“That pink one?” Charlie guessed.

“Skeeto, huh?” Terri shot the slender red head a look of disgust.

“Uh huh, and I get out, and it slides up and he’s looking right at my hoo-hoo, I mean, right at it and Colt, I mean, he is on it and he says, so you a real red head huh?” Anna Lynne giggled, pale freckled face becoming red as she recounted the embarrassing moment.

“Huh!” both Charlie and Terri gasped, then giggled as well.

“And in Spoons? Tells me, get whatever I want. Whatever I want,” Anna Lynne enthused, absently rubbing her right breast through her tee shirt.

The thin material of her tee shirt did not conceal her skimpy bikini top; the bright blue color was easily visible. Her 36 inch bikini bottom was a bright blue and black pattern, the closest bottom Anna Lynne could find to match her 38E top.

Anna Lynne paused in her narration to dig her beach towel out of the beach bag and wiped her lightly perspiring face. Charlie waved her hands impatiently, wanting Anna Lynne to go on with the story of how she lost her virginity.

“Large hot fudge,” Terri guessed, also impatient for Anna Lynne to continue.

“Then we get back in his truck, and I’m like where you taking me? ‘Cause he don’t even ask me where I’m going, just starts driving,” Anna Lynne said, shoving her towel back into her bag. “And he says told you, I’m going meet you.”

“Huh?” Charlie asked, freckled face wrinkled in confusion.

Terri shot Charlie a glare and used her towel to dab at her sweating face. She draped the towel over her left shoulder and looked at Anna Lynne.

“But you know, I’m thinking he’s saying he’s going meet me and I said, we done already met, at Sweet Oak and he grabs my hand, and puts it right on his junk and says uh huh, and now I’m going meat you. M. E. A. T,” Anna Lynne said, almost squealing.

“You making that up,” Charlie accused.

“Hey!” Anna Lynne suddenly squealed, looking over Charlie’s shoulder.

“Hmm,” a handsome man nodded, walking up to the three teenaged girls.

Charlie felt her white bikini bottom become sodden. The muscular man had a shaved head, light brown eyebrows over ice blue eyes, a nose that looked as if it had been broken a few times, and a square jaw.

His lips were in an easy smile. His lips looked so inviting, so kissable.

The white wife beater showed off his broad shoulders, his bulging biceps and large hands. His flesh was tanned a light golden brown.

His jeans looked snug and Charlie’s eyes glanced at the sizeable lump that the faded denim material hugged. She clamped bursa escort her thin thighs together.

“Colt, this is Terri; remember? I told you about her,” Anna Lynne said, hugging the handsome man.

“Hey,” Colt nodded.

“Hey,” Terri giggled, thrusting her chest out.

“And this is Skeeto,” Anna Lynne said, indicating Charlie with her head.

“Hey,” Colt said, smiling.

“Huh,” Charlie squeaked.

“Baby,” Anna Lynne started.

“Colt,” Colt corrected.

“Whatever,” Anna Lynne said, rubbing his muscled arm flirtatiously.

“No. Not whatever. Its colt,” the man said, voice hard.

“Um,” Anna Lynne said, clearly thrown off by his hard reaction.

“Anyway, Colt, you buy us some wine?” Terri asked, again thrusting her 34C breasts toward him.

“Buy you some wine? What? Y’all not old ’nuff buy it yourself?” Colt smiled, revealing straight white teeth.

“No,” Anna Lynne simpered, swiveling from one foot to the other.

“What time is it?” Charlie suddenly asked.

“Two, ten after two,” Colt said, glancing at his heavy wristwatch.

“Shit! Bye y’all, I got to go,” Charlie said, scampering toward an old Delta 88.

“Damn,” Colt said, watching Charlie’s small bikini clad bottom and thin legs piston away.

“Colt, you buy us some wine?” Anna Lynne asked again, rubbing her breasts against his arm, smiling up at him.

Colt pulled his attention away from Charlie and smiled down at Anna Lynne. She pursed her lips in a playful little pout.

“Please?” she whispered.

“What’s in it for me?” Colt asked.

“I’ll let you…” Anna Lynne suggested, trailing off as she glanced down at his crotch.

“Uh huh,” Colt said. “You?”

“Uh, me?” Terri asked, mouth dry.

“Yeah, you. Let me meat you?” Colt asked, hand grabbing his crotch.

Terri glanced nervously at a no longer smiling Anna Lynne. Anna Lynne had been singing the praises of this mysterious Colt since she climbed into the back seat of Charlie’s car. She’d bragged about this handsome stranger, an older man of twenty four that had put his mouth on her hoo-hoo and licked her to countless screaming orgasms, and then had shoved his monster boner into her, plucking her cherry, and squirting his goo into her.

At Oxbow Lake, they’d met up with other former school friends. They’d drifted off into their own little groups; Anna Lynne with the other cheerleaders, Terri with a few of the athletes and Charlie off by herself. Then, after they’d tired of sun and sand and sweat, Anna Lynne had suggested that they see if Colt would buy them some Cormican’s Grape.

Terri’s mouth immediately watered. Cormican’s Grape was a local wine that really packed a punch. Some claimed it had formaldehyde mixed in and that was where the kick came from.

Terri didn’t know if the formaldehyde rumor was true or not, she just knew she loved the feeling she got when the wine went down her throat and hit the pit of her gut. She loved the warmth that radiated outward to all of her extremities when she had enough Cormican’s Grape in her. She also liked Cormican’s Peach and Cormican’s Strawberry, but no one ever bought the Peach or the Strawberry. She wanted to try the Cormican’s Apple, but everyone else said it was nasty.

“I uh, I don’t think so,” Terri swallowed nervously, now looking at Colt’s easy smile.

“Hmm. Should have gone with uh, Speedo?” Colt said, shaking his head.

“Skeeto,” Anna Lynne said.

“Yeah, used to be ‘Mosquito Bites’ ’cause that’s all she’s got,” Terri said nastily, indicating her own chest.

“But now it’s just Skeeto,” Anna Lynne said, again rubbing her substantial chest against Colt.

“Uh huh, so, you remember what I said I was going do next time?” Colt asked, grabbing a handful of Anna Lynne’s buttock in his meaty paw.

“Nuh uh!” Anna Lynne squealed, then giggled.

“What?” Terri asked, a nervous smile playing across her lips.

“Said he was going…” Anna Lynne said, then cupped her hand over her friend’s ear. “…stick it up my butt.”

“Nuh uh!” Terri gasped, mouth open.

“So, drag me out here, waste my time?” Colt now demanded. “Huh? Like I ain’t got better shit be doing?”

“But Colt,” Anna Lynne whined.

“Shit, bye. Fucking kids,” Colt snapped and turned around. “Got better shit be doing.”

“Colt, come on, huh?” Anna Lynne now wheedled.

“Okay, I’ll let you,” Terri said.

Colt turned and stared at Anna Lynne. She glared at Terri, then shuffled nervously.

“Okay, yeah,” Anna Lynne finally agreed.

“I want the Apple,” Terri demanded.

“Okay,” Colt agreed, smiling.

“Apple? Ew!” Anna Lynne complained.

“What you want? I can buy more than one bottle, you know,” Colt said as they trooped toward the grocery store’s entrance.

“The grape,” Anna Lynne said.

They walked in, all three sighing as the air-conditioning hit their sweaty flesh. Terri’s eyes opened wide as she glanced at Colt’s back. Just over the collar of his tank top, she could see a cobra’s head, eyes red, tongue bursa escort bayan red, and fangs tinged in red. She glanced at Anna Lynne and saw that Anna Lynne was also staring at the tattoo on her new boyfriend’s back.

“Hmm, Cormican’s… Know where it’s at?” Colt asked as they walked up the beer and wine aisle.

“Right up here,” Terri said, skipping ahead.

Terri pointed to the white ceramic bottles. She scanned the labels looking for Apple.

“Grape, Strawberry, Peach. Peach? Who would drink peach?” Colt asked, reading the labels aloud. “Apple, here we go. And you wanted the grape, right?”

“Where’d you find that?” Terri asked, looking at the bottle of apple wine.

“Right there,” Colt said, pointing.

“Huh, right there,” Terri agreed.

“Blackberry? Any y’all like the blackberry?” Colt asked.

“Nah. Stee,” Anna Lynne declared.

“Ooh, that’s new!” Terri enthused.

Colt grabbed a bottle of the grape and a bottle of the blackberry. Terri again watched Colt’s threatening tattoo as they sauntered up the aisle toward the checkout counters.

“Three, ooh, party,” the African-American woman smiled as she rang up the three bottles of wine. “Sugar, I know you old enough, but I still got see that ID, hear?”

“Doing your job, just doing your job,” Colt smiled and pulled out his wallet.

“Uh huh, you know it,” the woman said, glanced at the ID and said the total for the three bottles of wine was six dollars and forty one cents.

“Hmm. Must be the good stuff,” Colt quipped and paid for the wine.

Anna Lynne had not been kidding; Colt’s truck did sit quite high. He assisted Anna Lynne into the passenger side, with much groping of her backside. Anna Lynne giggled and playfully complained. Terri attempted to climb up into the cab, not wanting this stranger groping her rear end, not in a parking lot where anyone might see, might report back to her dad that a shaved head, tattooed man had been inappropriate with her.

Finally, though, she had to accept his help. Anna Lynne was laughing too much to help pull Terri up.

To her surprise, though, Colt was almost gentle in his assistance. He only pinched her right buttock once.

“Where we going?” Terri thought to ask as Colt pulled out of the parking lot.

“Apartment, less you got someplace better,” Colt said.

“His apartment’s cool; it’s in that Woodland Square,” Anna Lynne enthused.

“Where? Oh! Oh, right behind the Sweet Oak Six,” Terri said.

The apartment itself was in a state of disarray. Colt first cleared off the couch so that Anna Lynne and Terri could sit. Then he brought the bags with the three wine bottles into the kitchen.

“All right, Anna Lynne, you want grape, right?” Colt said as he grabbed two plastic cups and filled them with ice.

“Uh huh,” Anna Lynne agreed.

“Terri? Apple? Or this blackberry stuff?” Colt called out.

“Um, Apple,” Terri called out.

“All right, here we go,” Colt said, returning to the living room. “Terri.”

“Thanks,” Terri said, taking the large plastic cup.

“Thanks,” Anna Lynne said, taking her cup.

Terri gulped down her wine. The tingle, the warmth was nearly immediate as the harsh tasting liquid coursed down her throat. She could feel the acrid liquid burning as it settled in her stomach. The warmth radiated, pulsed, coursed through her extremities, even into her pussy.

“Mm,” she moaned in pleasure and gulped another mouthful of the wine.

Colt removed his tank top and tossed it onto a wobbly recliner in the corner of the room. Terri’s eyes opened wide as she realized it would very soon be time to pay for the wine.

“Y’all are over eighteen, right?” Colt asked, using the toe of his left boot to work his right cowboy boot off.

“Yeah, graduated last week,” Anna Lynne said, sipping her wine.

Terri drained her wine as Colt kicked his right cowboy boot at the recliner. At the sound of the boot hitting the furniture, Anna Lynne looked up. Her own eyes widened as she saw Colt stripping out of his clothes.

“I uh, man, I get some more?” Anna Lynne asked, gulping down her wine.

“Kitchen right there,” Colt said, kicking his left cowboy boot to the recliner.

“Here, get me some more too,” Terri said, handing her plastic cup to Anna Lynne.

“Just going sit there?” Colt asked Terri as Anna Lynne got to shaky legs.

“I uh,” Terri stammered, wishing she had more wine in her system.

Terri slipped her flip flops off her feet, then reached up to tug on her sarong style wrap. She watched as Colt pulled his broad leather belt open. Terri then undid the clasp of her bikini top. Anna Lynne returned to the living room and handed one cup to Terri.

“I uh, you really, both of us?” Anna Lynne asked, fumbling with the hem of her short tee shirt.

Colt didn’t answer, just stared at her as he unzipped his snug jeans. Terri gulped a mouthful of her apple wine.

Terri let out a little squeak when Colt shoved jeans and briefs down, exposing his hairless crotch and semi-erect escort bursa cock and hairless balls. Colt kicked jeans and underwear at the chair.

Anna Lynne gulped some of her wine, goggling at the sight of the nude man. He was just over six feet tall, had a broad muscular chest, washboard abdomen, and muscular legs. When he’d brought her here last night, Anna Lynne had not noticed that his genitals were devoid of hair, that his entire body had been devoid of hair.

Terri gulped her wine, draining nearly half her cup. Then she wiggled out of her bikini bottom without standing up. She immediately crossed her legs, covering her dark brown bush from sight.

“Who’s going first?” Colt asked, now fisting his growing erection.

Terri looked from Colt’s hard, circumcised cock to Anna Lynne. Anna Lynne seemed frozen, hem of her tee shirt bunched up underneath her heavy breasts.

“I uh,” Terri stammered.

“Be right back,” Colt said.

He disappeared down a hall. Terri drained her cup and wondered if she had time to get another cup of wine before Colt returned.

“Learned this little trick in Stratton,” Colt said, returning with a bar of soap and a lethal looking knife.

“You was in Stratton?” Anna Lynne asked, eyes and mouth open in shock.

“Uh huh,” Colt said, using pocket knife to cut a small sliver of soap from the bar. “Where I got this tat.”

He turned and displayed the large cobra tattoo that went from just above his taut buttocks, to just above his left shoulder blade. The cobra was poised, ready to strike, bloody fangs extended.

“Terri, come see,” Colt ordered, nodding with his head.

Terri got to wobbly legs and approached the man. Fear slowed her steps, but fear of that knife, and the knowledge that Colt had been in Stratton, the local medium security prison in Lowridge, Texas did make Terri obey his command.

“Grab them ankles,” Colt smiled, swiveling around to stand behind Terri.

“I uh, okay,” Terri stammered, slowly bending at the waist.

Anna Lynne’s grimaced as Colt licked an end of the sliver of soap. She watched as he then grabbed Terri’s left hip in his powerful hand. Anna Lynne’s face twisted in disgust when Colt spat onto Terri’s anus.

“Ew!” Terri complained and almost stood when she heard Colt spit and felt Colt’s spittle strike her tightly clenched anus.

“Ugh!” Terri gulped as she suddenly felt the sliver of soap being jammed into her rectum.

Colt jammed the sliver of soap into the tightly clenched anus. He pushed the sliver into the clenched orifice, and followed the sliver into the girl’s hot opening with his index finger, ramming the sliver of soap home.

Terri jerked slightly at the odd sensation. She’d never had anything inserted into her rectum, had never even thought of inserting anything into her rectum. The intrusion was not an unpleasant one, though.

Looking over, Terri saw Anna Lynne’s large breasts, saw Anna Lynne’s large areolae, saw Anna Lynne’s tightly crinkled nipples sticking out. Anna Lynne wiggled out of her bikini bottom, exposing her sparse crop of carrot orange pubic hair, exposed the plump pubic mound and the deep furrow separating her pubic mound.

“Like that, huh?” Colt asked, noticing that Terri’s pale pink pussy lips poked out through her thick brown bush, slick with moisture.

He thrust the finger in and out of Terri’s upturned bottom a few times, then wiggled the finger around. Terri gasped and grunted, eyes fixed firmly on Anna Lynne’s pussy. Terri could see Anna Lynne’s inner lips beginning to plump up, peek out of the cleft.

Terri squeezed her rectal muscles around Colt’s thrusting finger, eyes glancing upward to Anna Lynne’s pretty face.

“Ugh! Shit!” Terri squeaked as Colt’s thumb mashed firmly against her fat clitoris.

Terri nearly fell forward, putting out her hands at the last moment. Falling forward, though, did dislodge Colt’s finger from her rectum.

Terri stayed in that position, back arched, hands on the floor, trying to catch her breath. There was a whirring, a buzzing in her ears. Terri wondered how much of the whirring and buzzing was from the alcohol, how much was from Colt’s finger in her rectum, how much was from looking at Anna Lynne’s cute little pussy, beautiful tits.

“Come here,” Colt ordered Anna Lynne.

“You, you ain’t going stick soap up my butt, huh?” Anna Lynne croaked, slowly approaching.

“Yeah I am,” Colt promised. “But first…”

Terri suddenly felt her guts begin to roil. She grimaced and clenched her rectum tight. But she did not move from her position.

“Terri, it starting work?” Colt asked as he grabbed Anna Lynne’s right breast in his hand.

“I uh, I uh huh,” Terri agreed, guts beginning to cramp.

“Bathroom’s first door on the right,” Colt said, pulling Anna Lynne to her knees.

Terri got to shaky legs. Another cramp rippled inside of her and she scurried to the bathroom.

Terri turned on the light, located the toilet, slammed the seat down and plopped down. Her face broke out in a cold sweat and she groaned in pain.

When she was sure she’d finally finished, Terri used the cheap toilet paper to clean herself. Touching her anus with the tissue caused a spasm and she groaned. For several long moments, she sat, shivering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32