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Natalia’s heart was racing. She tried her best to focus on her prayers, to close her eyes and hear the voice of the Lord. The chapel was the best place for it, where she always went every morning even though Mother Grace’s private masses weren’t happening since she traveled. Nevertheless, right now it was hard to stay focused on any prayers. In fact, it had been hard for days. She always woke up every morning with a fire, burning in her soul. As a result, Natalia’s mind had been constantly distracted, flooded with thoughts of an unspeakably sinful nature. Luscious thoughts about being with her fellow novices, about being taken to Mother Grace’s dungeon again and “disciplined” harder than ever. Never before she had been so tempted by her desires.

It was especially harder to focus on prayers right now, since Megan was kneeling right next to her. With her hourglass body and dark, perfect skin, Megan was definitely Natalia’s weak spot. Among all the novices, easily the one who moved her desires the most. Right now Natalia could even smell her perfume, feel the warmth emanating from Megan’s body. “Why did she have to kneel so close to me?” Natalia wondered. But it wasn’t fair to blame Megan, the novice couldn’t possibly know about Natalia’s sinful thoughts.

Or could she? As if reading Natalian’s mind, Megan’s hand touched her thigh over the habit. With a gasp, the brunette opened her eyes and looked down to make sure what she felt wasn’t just imagination. She confirmed, this was as real as it could be, Megan was really caressing her thigh! Their gazes locked on each other, there was an awkward silence before Megan finally whispered “I see you staring at me every chance you get. I wanted to let you know that I feel the same. I just… I just had to tell you.” Natalia swallowed dry, both their hearts felt like they were about to jump out through their mouth. Natalia slowly placed her hand over Megan’s, her body betraying her thoughts. “But this is wrong, we mustn’t… we shouldn’t… Mother Grace specifically said…”

Megan didn’t allow Natalia to finish her sentence. At this point she understood very well the weight of her actions, after all she was the one who had just put herself on the line. “Mother Grace is nowhere to be found! It’s been over a week, and all I feel is… lust consuming me like never before. She left us to fend for ourselves!” Megan’s words shocked Natalia, but she was right. They were being patient, but waiting was harder than ever. The truth was that Megan merely said out loud what was also in Natalia’s mind. It was almost painful to ignore her desires, to exercise discipline like Mother Grace had taught them. She had found that it was much easier to behave accordingly when she knew Mother Grace was going to take them to the dungeon and give them the treatment they deserved. But now there were no guarantees, no solution in sight could quench her thirst for sex, except for Megan. “We shouldn’t…” Natalia’s voice came out faint and unconvincing, breathing beginning to accelerate. Her words betrayed her body’s desires.

With a frustrated sigh Megan replied. “Listen, we can confess our sins to Mother Grace together when she is back. She will probably take us to the dungeon and put us back in the path of righteousness. Together”. Natalia shook her head. “That’s not how it works!” Silence reigned in the chapel for several seconds, but Natalia could not move her hand from Megan’s. Within less than a minute the novice simply looked at Megan and nodded, the corner of her eye caught a smile on Megan’s lips. “Come to my chambers in five minutes.” Megan blessed herself and stood up, walking out of the chapel. Five minutes later Natalia followed.

Standing discreetly behind a concrete column across the yard, Sister Beth let out a grin of satisfaction as she saw the two novices leaving the chapel towards the sleeping quarters. The chapel’s holy water had been anything but holy for over a week now. All of the novices were still completely oblivious to it, touching it every morning when they went for their prayers, loyal to the schedule even with Mother Grace’s absence. Megan and Natalia were the proof that it was working as intended. Kristanna’s plan for causing chaos within Mother Grace’s circle of novices was working perfectly.

Meanwhile, Beth had been practically running the school on her own in the past days. Getting herself used to the routine was becoming less of a burden. She managed to free up a lot of her time to follow the redhead’s bidding. Soon she would be able to lure them all into the dungeon and fulfil her Angel’s desire. She could barely wait to give the news to Kristanna.

Even during the day, Sister Beth managed to sneak to the dungeons at the old mines, where Kristanna was staying. Beth bowed to the redhead in front of her, sitting at the desk that used to belong to Grace. The nun stood in the dungeon’s office room, the heavy iron door closed behind her. She noticed Kristanna’s molten horns and tail were gone somehow. The student leaned over the desk, her blood bahis firmaları red hair hung over several old scrolls and books. She seemed to be reading attentively, pretty much ignoring Sister Beth’s presence. The nun waited patiently, she knew better than to disturb her angel.

Without any rush, Kristanna closed the book and lifted her head to greet Beth, leaning back on the comfortable chair. Her huge, perky breasts and rosy nipples immediately displayed, a small drop of milk almost escaped from the tip of the right nipple. The student didn’t even allow Beth to speak. “Gosh! I really wish I had found these journals from Father Graham earlier! I found out a lot about myself reading these, you know?” Sister Beth remained silent, it seemed like Kristanna still had more to say.

“His warnings are quite enlightening! He says to be watchful of cambions as they can easily “hide their demonic traits”, looking completely human. So I tried to focus and do that. Voi-la! No horns, no tail, normal eyes!” Sister Beth nodded with a big smile “That’s excellent news my angel!” Kristanna giggled and continued to explain. “Only problem is that the more horny I get the harder it is to keep the appearances. But it’s better than nothing, you know. I thought I was stuck with those for life!” Sister Beth couldn’t help but notice how fulfilled and happy Kristanna sounded, never she had seen her angel like this before. “I’m glad to hear it, my angel! My heart warms at the sight of your satisfaction!”

Kristanna’s voice came out with a mix of discomfort and hesitation as she spoke her next sentence. “Sister Beth… I mean, this is not very important and all but… you do know I’m not REALLY an angel, right? In fact, pretty much the opposite…” Beth lowered her head in submission, her expression becoming more serious and tense as she thought about her answer. “I… honestly don’t care what labels you have. I truly believe what we are doing is divine. Others may not understand or disagree, but our seeds turn all these women into better versions of themselves, we are blessing them with the privilege to share in our light! YOUR light! This is as divine as it gets for me. Of course Father Graham couldn’t see it, no one could! I don’t care what some old book says you are, you will always be my angel!” The redhead heard all of that with some relief in her heart. Sister Beth didn’t seem to be that crazy after all. “Of course… if that’s the case then it’s fine I guess…”

As Kristanna adjusted herself on the chair, Sister Beth could swear she heard something from underneath the desk, but she dismissed focusing on what the redhead had to say. “Where was I? Oh yeah, the information on the diaries. I was looking for anything explaining how I made you… you know, like me. Father Graham calls people like you “Vassals”. Apparently, Succubi as well as Cambions can create Vassals. As long as both of them are willing it’s a matter of focus and intention, like my horns disappearing. So I guess both of us wished for this at some point, and then I came inside you… a lot. It says here the Vassal’s soul has to be severely taken by the succubus before being turned.” Beth heard every word with care, nodding with both devotion and excitement.

“But what about Valery, Sister Denise, Lilly, Aisha and Rebecca? They are not like me and they have some marks on their foreheads…” Kristanna nodded, anticipating that question. “Ah yeah, and the mark on the forehead. That’s called a “Brand”. It seems that after a certain amount of corruption, both of us are able to brand the souls of our servants with a personal symbol. It is a visual representation of the succubus they are being influenced by the most. It fades in a few months if they stop… you know, consuming our… fluids. He says here their bodies also reverse slowly to normal. No more big tits and…nnnf… excuse me a second.”

Pulling back and lowering her head, Kristanna looked under the desk and began to talk to someone underneath. “You can go deeper, Lilly. Reeeally open that throat until it’s down in your stomach… yeah, like that. Massage it with your throat, gooood nurse.” Beth swallowed dry, doing her best to remain calm but feeling her blood boiling with lust already. “My angel, I feel privileged to share in your knowledge and to be in your presence.” Kristanna nodded slowly, she couldn’t help but wonder why did Sister Beth have to be so intense. Adjusting her hips and pushing them forward, she felt her cock sliding deep into Lilly’s throat before she continued talking. “Right… so, tell me Sister Beth, how is it going with the novices?” Beth recomposed herself, containing her carnal desires as best as she could. “All according to plan, my angel. Megan and Natalia already gave in to their temptations as you anticipated, they are in Megan’s room right now trying to “relieve their tensions”. I believe I can bring both of them to the dungeon today so you can take them in front of Mother Grace.”

The redhead nodded, Lilly’s sucking under the desk intensified causing Kristanna to close kaçak iddaa her eyes and grab the edges of the desk for a few seconds before responding with a slightly accelerated breathing. “About that. I think this whole “impregnating all the novices in front of Mother Grace” thing is gonna be too boring and repetitive. I was thinking of a faster and more dramatic way to do it.” Beth looked puzzled, but at the same time excited. Was her angel about to allow her to fuck novices too? That would certainly speed things up, after all, Kristanna spent over twenty-four hours non stop focusing on a single novice. “If you don’t mind me asking, what faster way, my angel?” Kristanna lifted a finger telling the nun to wait a second. She closed her eyes again and moaned, jerking her hips softly, thrusting it forward while still sitting on the chair. “Hmm… just a sec… ahh fuck… I can’t…” And as she moaned a final time her eyes opened wide, shining bright, pupils elongated as a lizard’s. She felt the horns sprouting from her head revealing themselves. The redhead looked at a clock on the desk. “Ah fuck, ten and a half minutes of blowjob before I couldn’t hold it anymore. Good job getting the horns out of me again little nurse! Keep going.”

Sister Beth was amazed by Kristanna’s self control, how she methodically tested her abilities. So young but yet so cunning and smart. Each day she passed beside the redhead was increasingly fascinating. The suckling noises resumed under the desk, louder now as Kristanna continued. “So, about the faster way. I’ve been looking at these old scrolls Father Graham had. I noticed some of them were not his diaries, but in fact some artistic relics. This stuff is really old, he must have recovered during his life and kept it here. I honestly don’t think he knew what those scrolls were since they are all in demonic.” Kristanna pulled up a scroll from the bottom of the pile on her desk and showed it to Sister Beth. “This is how we’re gonna do it!”

Beth saw a bunch of demonic symbols and a few fading illustrations. She had no idea what that was on the old scroll and her face showed it. Kristanna was puzzled, she looked at the scroll, then back towards Beth. “Oh I see, you can’t read this.” She caressed one of her own horns in confusion before continuing. “I assumed you’d be able to read it like me. I never studies this language before but it all just makes sense to me somehow. I guess it’s not a Vassals thing… Anyway, this is a ritual called “The Carnal Baptism”. There is a ceremony, some words have to be said etc. It should affect multiple people at one time. The only problem is that it requires three people to perform, and they all have to be either Succubi or Vassals.”

Sister Beth didn’t like where this was going, she tried her best to hide her discomfort. “So… you want to create more Vassals, my angel?” Beth’s’ voice was sad, the jealousy couldn’t be more obvious. Kristanna shrugged. “Well, guess I’ll just have to try. I have the perfect candidate already. Sister Denise seems to have taken a liking to her new self and has been very excited to “experiment”. I think we should pay her a visit at the infirmary.” Sister Beth hesitated a bit, she pouted at the news. But she would not dare go against Kristanna. “So you want to go to the infirmary?” Kristanna nodded a couple times. “I can hide my demon traits now, I don’t see why I should be stuck here. That means you have to get me some clothes, my uniform doesn’t fit anymore. Why don’t you get me a habit, I always wanted to wear one of those!”

Beth nodded, her blood boiling with desire as the sounds of the blowjob got louder and Kristanna didn’t make any effort to hide it anymore. The redhead took her hands under the table, holding Lilly’s head and moving it up and down on her cock. She saw the girl’s distended jaw around the obscene girth of her member, the mess on her face from precum and saliva, foaming around her mouth. Beth bowed and opened the iron door behind her, leaving Kristanna alone to fuck Lilly’s face. As the nun closed the door she heard screams and grunts of pleasure. Followed by loud gurgling noises and splashes of thick liquid showering over wood and stone. Beth only imagined the delicious mess inside the office right now, her cock throbbing hard under her habit.

As the taint around the nun’s eyes revealed itself and her irises turned bright white she looked to her left at the back of the dungeon, seeing Mother Grace restrained and gagged inside one of the cages. The Mother Superior was wearing nothing but a harness of leather straps, she sat in the cold cage and stared into the floor until she noticed Beth looking at her. As their eyes connected fear took over Mother Grace, she could barely recognize what Sister Beth had become. Backing away against the opposite end of her cage she whimpered under her ball gag. Without saying a word Beth slowly raised a finger to her lips. “Shhhh”.


“And this was the biggest one you had?” Kristanna asked as she adjusted the black nun habit over her body, kaçak bahis looking in the mirror. Behind her in the reflection was Sister Beth nodding. “Yes, my angel. It’s the biggest one I could find.” Kristanna shrugged as the habit felt tight around her chest and hips. At least it was long enough, reaching down to her calves which made it possible to conceal her cock and balls inside the pantyhose if she was careful. “I suppose it’s gonna have to do. Did you talk to Aisha?” Beth nodded in response. “I will go pick her up.” The nun said as she left the room.

They were not at the office by the dungeon, this was actually Mother Grace’s main office in the school, which now Sister Beth had been using to run everything. It was right after dinner and the curfew was in effect, but Beth had the authority to bring students to her office whenever she pleased. Kristanna just sat on the desk adjusting the veil on her head, sliding the last strings of hair underneath it while she waited. In less than five minutes, Sister Beth opened the door and Aisha entered, the nun closed the door and waited outside.

“Oh damn girl, you’re one of the nuns now?” Aisha joked upon seeing her friend with the habit and veil. “I missed you!” Kristanna said as she bent down to hug Aisha’s much shorter self. She felt calm and at home. With all that she had gone through it was easy to forget that Kristanna was just a teenager until a bit over a month ago. Aisha was perhaps her only close friend in this place, someone who actually saw her as a friend and not just a big cock and a pair of tits, or as an object to worship. “Missed you too, bae! What’s up with that habit? Sister Beth told us you were fine but “handling things”, what the hell happened?”

Kristanna leaned back on the desk again, sitting casually as she spoke. “The habit is basically the only thing that fits me in this place, unlike that uniform you’re wearing which seems like it’s going to burst.” Aisha looked down at her ass and hips almost tearing apart the skirt and shrugged as Kristanna continued. “Well, a lot happened… I got abducted by Mother Grace, she has a dungeon by the old mines she often used to “play” with her novices. I know, super kinky right? Anyway, I managed to escape, got the jump on Mother Grace and her goon of a guard. Then I managed to go through my full transformation into a Cambion… ” Aisha was following the reasoning until “Cambion” was mentioned. “Wait, Camb… what?” Kristanna let out a sigh, clearly not interested in sharing demonic knowledge right now.

“It’s a long story, but basically I’m half-demon, daughter of a succubus and a human. I read a lot on the diaries of Father Graham and I can catch you up later.” Aisha raised her eyebrows at the tale. “You’re gonna have to, for sure!” The girl had accepted Kristanna was something beyond human a long time ago, but straight-up daughter of a demon seemed like a lot. “Damn… and how exactly did you “go through your full transformation” again? You look the same to me, just a bit… taller.” The redhead averted her gaze from Aisha’s eyes, it was as if for the first time she faced what she had done, telling Aisha somehow made it official.

“Well… I consumed Jeana’s soul… you know the big black the security guard that worked with Mother Grace? I fucked her and… drained her. But not like you and the others, I just took in everything I could this time. I actually feel her inside me all the time since then… it’s very strange, but I guess I’m a killer now…” The sadness in the redhead’s voice was evident, Kristanna seemed depressed, ready to receive the judgement and fear from Aisha. Deserved and understandable at this point. After all, she had sex with someone and caused them to turn to ash. Even Kristanna knew that was pretty fucked up. Reason why the silence coming from Aisha was causing anxiety, why didn’t she say something?

Kristanna raised her eyes to look at her friend and try to gauge any reaction. The hispanic girl suddenly charged towards Kristanna and gave her a tight hug. “You’re not a murderer, you’re my friend.” Kristanna hugged her back, confused for a moment, and then relieved. In the back of her mind the redhead still had a bit of worry though. She didn’t even feel bad for having killed Jeana in the first place, which already freaked her out. Wasn’t she supposed to feel something? And on top of it now her best friend was also saying murder was ok. She couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to be a normal thing in her life from now on. If Aisha was truly being forgiving, or simply so corrupted by cum that she couldn’t tell right from wrong anymore.

Aisha pulled back from the hug and looked Kristanna in the eye. “Should me and the girls be worried though? I mean, you’re not gonna consume our souls too, right?” Kristanna shook her head. “You don’t have to worry, I have to REALLY want to drain someone’s soul, it’s not that easy… I guess i just lost control with Jeana, I didn’t really know what was gonna happen if I let go of any restraint. But since then I’ve been ok!” Aisha let out the breath she was holding. “Alright, good. In that case, I have something I want to tell you.” Kristanna paid full attention as the hispanic girl paced around in front of her nervously.

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