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It was 1984, I was fresh out of bootcamp and stationed in Long Beach California. I had picked a school to go to, but as circumstances would have it, I got booted from the school and sent directly to the fleet. I was 18 at the time. Slim build, short brown hair and stood about 5”9. I also had an attitude. Not a bad attitude, but I was basically a street smart kid and could see things coming before they did. At least most of the time.

Before bootcamp I had fucked a good many girls maybe 10 or so by then and like all young men, I was constantly horny. I don’t consider myself gay in the least, but I admit that I’ve beat my dick off thinking about being fucked in the ass or fucking another guy before. Then again, I’ve beat off thinking about every kind of scenario you could imagine. Once years ago, I let a boy suck my dick. I was suppose to give him a blow job after I came, but I felt dirty after I blew my load in his mouth and ran away.

Before I came though, I wanted to suck his dick and I wanted fucked. I masturbated to that scene many times. Often my fantasies involved me being either submissive or dominant depending on my mood at the moment. Back to the story. I arrived at my new home, a ship called the USS Raven. It was a rescue ship and was only about a 100 feet long. Small compared to battleships, cruisers and carriers. It had 90 enlisted men, me included and 6 officers.

When I arrived on board, I was shown my bunk and told that I’d be spending the next 3 months in the mess, washing dishes and whatever else needs done. It sucked, but every new enlisted guy has to serve in that position. The ship had just been through a major overhaul and we were not going to go to sea for at least 3 months. I settled in quickly and made new friends easily. During the time we were docked, we were on what they called tropical hours. Which meant basically, you report to the ship at 9 am and get off at 1 PM. It was ideal for the party life.

The Captain of ship was Mr. Silver. Now, if you haven’t been in the Navy or any military branch it goes like this. Officers and enlisted people are different. Enlisted guys had to salute these officer assholes and call them sir, all because they went to college. In my opinion, officers think they are better than enlisted men, because they are educated. This didn’t bother me to much unless the officer was an asshole. I’ve met very few officers who weren’t assholes though.

Now Captain Silver was a short fellow about 5”7 or 8. I’d guess he was in his mid 30’s. Clean cut like all officers with a solid muscular body. I thought he was cocky. Rumor had it that he wanted to be in charge of a nuclear sub. It went with his personality if it was true, a power hungry asshole officer. Instead of a big warship though, he commanded this little rescue boat. I think he was bitter about it. The Captain liked to have these crew outings to build morale. He would plan events and expect the whole crew, enlisted and officers to show up and participate in whatever event he had planned.

Some of them were fun, especially the ones that had beer involved, but most were boring to me. He would have sporting tournaments and everyone would compete. Not everyone casino siteleri did, but if you didn’t compete, you were kind of labeled. We had a few chronic non-players, but most of the crew got into it. We had softball games, track races, basketball, volleyball things like that. Captain Silver was a fierce competitor too. He was always so cocky, but he always won or whatever team he played on won. Sometimes I wondered if the other officers planned it this way just to keep in his good graces.

Three or four months passed and our tropical hours came to an end. We would go to sea all day and dock in the harbor. We were testing the new equipment and a bunch of other bullshit. Basically it was boring as hell, scenic, but boring. It was Friday and we had docked in the Harbor for the weekend. I thought this was stupid as hell because you could see the fucking shore and all the people having a good time but no not us.

Right after dinner was served that Friday night, the Captain came over the loud speaker, saying that there was going to be a chess tournament in the mess deck at 1900 hour and all players should sign up. I’ve always been a good game player and chess was in my realm of expertise, so I signed up. I ended up winning all my matches and it came down to me, Captain Silver and the other 4 officers. I knocked out two officers and Captain Silver knocked out the other two. The enlisted men there were really rooting for me to win since chess was an intellectual game and I just busted these officers.

Actually they sucked at chess and I made them look dumb. All eyes were on me as I sat down with the Captain to start our match. He was good, but I could tell I was better soon after we started playing. The game took a little over an hour before I checkmated the Captain. He was a gracious loser, but he knew that he lost face, big time.

The next weekend we were in port, but I had weekend duty so I was stuck staying on the boat anyway. Saturday came and right after dinner, the Captain announced that there was going to be a backgammon game in the mess at 1900 hours. Now backgammon is really one of my favorite games. It has skill and luck and is great for gambling, which I am maybe too fond of. I signed up and proceeded to play. There wasn’t as many spectators as the chess match, I think only 20 people even knew how to play. I breezed through all my matches and found myself once again sitting across from Captain Silver.

He was real cocky tonight saying how I got lucky last week and a bunch of other trash talk. He said to make things even more interesting we should make a side wager. We agreed to play for a dollar a point. Now in backgammon playing for one dollar could cost you 192 dollars. It would be rare but it could happen. He started out by winning the first three games, just loving the fact that he was ahead. Then my luck changed and I won the next 5 straight and the tournament, plus 15 of his dollars. He was pissed and said he couldn’t believe my luck. He did say that I was the best player he ever went up against and that he’d like to play me more sometime. I loved it and was the big hero again.

Monday came and we went to sea. We didn’t have a destination, we slot oyna were just going out to sea. We were to be gone for a few weeks, just so we could get our sea legs. We had been at sea for five days and let me tell you, it was fucking boring. The worst part about being at sea in the Navy, is that there is no alcohol allowed on board, plus no women. I would have given my left testicle for a drink or a good buzz. Captain Silver came into the mess hall where I was washing dishes and asked me if I wanted to play some backgammon later.

I said sure thing and he told me to come to his cabin at 2000 hours and we would play, but that I was gonna get my ass kicked this time. I laughed and said I’d be there. To fully understand the mentality of this situation, you have to know that enlisted men don’t socialize with officers and this was very unusual, but I thought I could suck up a little to get easy work assignments and maybe win some money. Hell I’m a likable guy and this looked like an opportunity to score some points with the Captain.

I knocked on his cabin door at 2000 hours sharp. I’ve never been in it before, but it was much better than what my enlisted fellows and I had for bunks. It was the best cabin on the ship. We started playing for a dollar a point again. The game went back and forth, I’d win some he’d win some. I was up dollar wise, but only by maybe 5 bucks. I noticed the top of a bottle of whiskey he had semi hidden by his bed.

I was feeling comfortable with my relationship with the Captain by now and when he raised the bet, I said instead of me winning money on this bet, how about if I win, I get a shot of that booze for every dollar instead. He smiled and said no problem sailor, but this is between you and I. One of the perks of being a Captain I guess, who could get him in trouble anyway. I won and he poured me three shots. He drank some too. He drank many shots after that first one. We played for awhile, maybe two or three hours more and I for one had a real good buzz on. I could tell the Captain was getting fucked up too.

Being a captain, means you are the most powerful man on the boat, the king. It is dizzying the effect power has on people, both the one in power and the ones under control of that power. I had drank all of my winnings and owed the Captain six dollars when all was said and done. I won more games, but drank the winnings up right away. The Captain folded the board up and started to get up to leave when Captain Silver said in a mean tone, Did I dismiss you? No sir, I replied and stood there stunned that he would treat me this way after playing with him for three hours. I thought we kind of bonded or something. He stood up, came to me and put his hands on my shoulders. His grip tightened and at once I knew how strong he was.

He then forced me to my knees and said that he knew I wanted to suck his dick. I was in a daze. I admit that I had warm fuzzy feelings while being in his presence, but that was the booze and the power he had, nothing more. He pulled down his pants and his semi erect penis was in front of me. He had a thick nine inch man fucker hidden in his trousers. He commanded me to suck his cock as he applied more pressure to my canlı casino siteleri shoulders and pulled my face toward his stiffening dick. The whole thing took me by surprise, but I found myself becoming turned on at being forced to suck a man’s cock meat.

What choice did I have anyway. My lips parted and I took his thick cockhead into my mouth and gently started to suck his man meat. His member throbbed and grew quickly in my cock sucking mouth. I sucked him hard for a few minutes then he withdrew from my mouth. He pulled me over to the bunk and he sat on the edge of it. Then he grabbed my head with one hand and his massive pole with the other and told me to kiss and lick it. I complied and kissed the swollen head lovingly and then ran my tongue up and down the shaft. He ordered me to lick his ballsack, which I did, licking his heavy sac and then taking one nut into my mouth than the other.

He pulled my head back and aimed his rock hard cock at my mouth and pulled me down onto his blood engorged shaft. Before I had been doing all the work, but now he was brutally fucking my cock sucking mouth. He rammed his giant prick into my mouth as far as it would go, causing me to gag. He would hold it there, buried deep in my throat then he would pull out and ram it back in again.

This went on for a little while then he tensed, pulled my head down over his huge weapon and starting pumping his molten hot sperm into my throat. I could feel the cum spewing out of his pulsing prick, shot after shot blew into my accepting mouth. When he had finished unloading his jizz in my mouth he pulled his glistening penis from my mouth and ordered me to stand at attention. He reached out grabbed my crotch. My dick was rock hard, I don’t know why, but I was turned on from being forced to suck his cock. Looks like you got a little problem sailor, he said.

I knew you would be a great cocksucker and that you got off on blowing guys, he taunted me. You will be my personal assistant from now on. He stood up and pulled his pants back up, straightened himself up and said follow me. We went out onto the deck, it was pitch black. We walked to the aft end of the ship where nobody was and he told me the way things were going to be from now on. I was to be his personal slave, if I told anybody about this he would have my ass.

When he said that he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me over the side of the ship, saying that he would hate to lose a sailor out here, but things happen, do I understand. Yes sir, I replied. On the bright side sailor, you’ll be rewarded for your service to me. Now get some sleep and I’ll send for you tomorrow to give you your new assignment.

I went back to my bunk, several of the men were still up and I got chided for being the Captain’s boy. They didn’t know shit and I explained how I won many games but ended up losing six bucks. As I lay in my bunk that night I kept running over the events that took place. My cock grew hard and I had to relieve myself. I secretly jerked off, slowly, thinking about sucking his magnificent cock and fantasizing about if he would fuck my virgin asshole with his giant pole.

I shot a huge wad of cum out onto my stomach and hand. I had no place to wipe it so I slowly brought my cum drenched hand up to my mouth and tasted my own cum for the first time. I cleaned my cum up and fell asleep with my dick still hard, wondering what turn my life had just taken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32