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Standing at dockside, the wind warm in my face, the sun tanning it. Watching the boats motoring in and out of the slips on the left. On the right, two sailboats swag at anchor. People pass by and I keep looking at faces, hoping but knowing that you will be one of them any moment.

My bag light, your message was to pack light: two bathing suits, matching cover-ups, a sundress plus two sets of shorts and blouses. Feeling naughty, I left out any undergarments. The only weight to speak of in my bag coming from my make-up kit.

At the sound of laughter, I turn my head back up the boardwalk. A small group of women approach and I watch them at they stroll by and board the larger of the two sailboats. Eyes hidden behind sunglasses, my eyes follow them as one by one they move onto the boat’s deck.

The first on is blonde, perhaps early 40’s, comfortable in her movement over the gap separating the boat from the dock. Her body is tanned and she has the classic hourglass figure of large boobs and ass. Large but not fat crosses my mind as her shorts stretch tight in her gait.

Behind her, the woman is less sure, hesitant really. A bit younger although its difficult to be sure with her sunglasses and hat covering a good part of her facial features. Her lips full and bright with recently applied lipstick.

She hands her bag to the first woman and looks left and right for support prior to any attempt to bridge the tiny section of marina water. The blonde reaches over and they clasp hands. I see her pulled across and note the surprise on her face then in the “No wait!”

Her dark hair flying behind her as she reaches up, the hat held on only by luck. The remaining two women giggle at her as she flounders onto the boat and into the blonde’s arms.

Both of them then move easily together across, placing the bags in a pile. Five all together, four small and light overnight bags, the last more of a gym bag, appearing full and heavy as it lands on top of the others.

“Why did you do that? I wasn’t read…” the protest silenced as the blonde’s lips covered the dark-haired woman’s. Pushing away but not gaining any purchase, she stops fighting the kiss. And I blushing as I now notice the blonde’s eyes on me. Watching the watcher.

I turn away, deciding after being spied that my inner voyeur will have to wait for another day. A touch and I’m spun around. “See anything you like?”

Beet-red, my face burning. “I… I… fuck…”

Your lips turn up, “Yes, you will,” your hand taking mine and leading me towards the boat.

My bag bouncing, mind churning, what a turn of events?!? The blonde and her friend, held by an arm, now take their opportunity to examine me. And its me they focus on, seeming to ignore you. Grateful for my shades, wishing I could lessen the blood lighting up my face. I’m a nothing more than an extension of you as you pull me forward, onto the vessel.

The dark-haired woman apparently relieved that her discomfort was replaced by my own, now gives me a smile. Lips press to my ear, “She’s not for you, and I may not be either if you don’t kiss me now!”

Instinctively, I turn and kiss you. Forgetting the others, telling you that you caught me by surprise and to forgive me for even appearing to slight you in any way. Smiling, you laugh and pull me into your arms. In their strength and warmth, I’m reminded of how happy I am and whisper it to you over and over.

“Is this her?” The blonde’s voice is firm but curious.

You nod and squeeze my hand, “Tell them.”

I face them, “I’m Shelly, Judy’s bitch.” The blonde’s face erupts into a smile and now the dark-haired chick face darkens, not much but I catch it.

“I’m Cath and this is Jen…”

The blonde’s arm tightens about her friend who responds in a very soft, quiet voice, “Her bitch.”

We look at each other, for some reason there is tension between us broken when you ask, “Where are the others?”

“Damn, they can’t even wait for us to shove off can they?” Cath calls down into the lower region of the boat.

“We’ll be right there!” is followed by footsteps up the stairs and the other two guests appear one after the other. Cath points to the first, a brunette like me, smallish, thin, almost waif-like. This is Amy and behind her is Annie.

Annie smiles to us and wraps her arms round Amy’s waist. Annie has is also blonde but a platinum, clearly out of a bottle. “Nice to meet you”, all three of us say at once. And any remaining tension is gone as all six of us break into smiles and outright giggles.

Cath announces that since we’re all here, its time to go. She tells me to pile my stuff over with the others and starts towards the wheel and rudder controls. Amy and Annie immediately move about, casting lines and unfurling canvas, obviously not “their” first time aboard.

Jen looks at us and says, “We can either get out of the way or get yelled at.” and we follow her to the front of the vessel. Slipping into seats, she tells us that Cath will have us underway casino siteleri shortly.

Cath yells towards us, “Are you forgetting something?” and I look to you then Jen.

“She means the bags,” and you head back to move them.

Jen removes her glasses and I see that she is my age. I do the same, recognizing that she is curious about me too. “Have you been a bitch long?” said seriously but with a wry smile that brings an immediate smile to me.

“Not long enough,” and we both end up smiling broadly.

The trip out of the harbor takes little time and we are in open water. Wind strong, the boat cuts across the waves and we head towards a sandbar several miles from shore. Its surrounded by bright spots of whites, reds, golds, and other shades of the rainbow.

Approaching, I see that the colors are from the boats and sails that surround it. “Party island” and Cath hands frosty glasses of icely green to us. “Mmmmm, margarita’s are definitely THE boat drink!”

I feel but cannot see your eyes on me. Like the rest of us, your eyes are hidden by dark glass. You and Cath sit side by side as do I and Jen.

With the sound of the ocean, words within our small group are often lost, especially when you turn to speak to Cath or she to you. We have all long lost out tops, breasts open to the sun. You and I with tanlines, the others without.

Both of us transfixed by Jen’s left nipple pierced with a small gold ring. As we near the sandbar, Amy appears and asks where Cath wants Annie to head. Similar to Jen, her nipples are pierced, the rings glittering as the sun’s ray are reflected.

Cath leaves us and returns to guide the boat in. We find a location at the north end of the sandbar and drop anchor.

Amid the sounds of Cath organizing the fitting of the landing, we are soon gathered together in the front of the boat. I now have time to appraise Amy and Annie.

Amy, I’ve determined is a year older than me. Her hair cut short in a bob, she looks much younger. Annie tells me that she is 49, divorced and has been keeping Amy as her partner for several years.

Jen is two years younger than me. She is noncommittal on her relationship with Cath and I sense that she is hesitant to share much of herself. I do note that her tan is interrupted by a small circle around the finger traditional for a wedding band.

Cath, with a very distinct hint of pride, casually mentions that the three of you work together, explaining how you know them. The others are neighbors who, like her, love the ocean and the sailing life.

Small craft circle the sandbar and us. Greetings are exchanged and I notice that the area is definitely tops, and on some boats bottoms, optional. The fleet is mixed. Some all women, some all men, others a varying mixture. All well stocked and drinks flowing. The smell of weed flows on the open air at almost regular intervals.

After my second drink, I whisper to you that I need to pee. Cath overhears and tells you that you should pick your bunk while you show me the head and the rest of below decks.

We go down the steps and the sway of the boat becomes apparent to me. I hold onto your arm as you point out the head and the two berths.

“That is Cath’s room,” indicating a room filling the front of the vessel. A large bed is bolted to the floor and I think to myself that we could all fit in it if needed.

Another room to the rear of the boat has two beds, doubles at best and I see that one already has two bags on it. You toss your bag on the other and I follow suit.

Openly disappointed that we won’t have privacy when we go to bed. You kiss my cheek and squeeze of my ass, “Don’t worry about it…this trip I think will hold some surprises for you.”

Facing you, my arms slipping under yours and around your back. “Promise?” You don’t answer but your eyes do.

The next 15 minutes are spent in kissing and caressing. Out of sight of the others, I take full advantage of your undivided attention. Our breasts smashed as we kiss and suck at each other’s mouth. I think that perhaps you will take me now but each time I try to move you towards the bed you remain in place. Your eyes flashing but offering no words of explanation or encouragement.

Cath’s call brings us back up on deck. The sun setting, boats all around are lit up with lights. The scene magically.

I notice that Amy is missing and that Jen is standing at the rail at the very point of the boat. She’s now totally nude. Except for her head, she is hairless and totally tan. Her sunglasses are on but her hat now gone, leaving her long hair blowing to her right in the wind. Hands behind her, bracing her body so she moves as one with the boat as it bobs in the waves.

A finger in the back waistband of my suit, you pull down. “Time for these to go.” I stand motionless, Jen, Cath and Annie’s eyes on me as you remove my bottoms.

A smile is exchanged between Cath and Annie as Cath pats the seat next to her. “Go,” is the only word I hear from you slot oyna and my bare feet slap the deck as I go to her.

Sitting, I look back to you but find you gone. Cath offers up around round of drinks and we sip in silence, enjoying the sunset.

Time passes and we remain in our places as darkness falls. Now only the boat lights remain. Fixed as the circling boats have all found dockage, afraid of running into each other in the night. No words are exchanged and any attempt I make to speak is immediately hushed. The only sounds being the wind, the ocean and the boat riding the water.

Amy now appears carrying a tray of small skewers of fish and veggies along with a salad of fresh fruit. Like Jen and I, she is nude and bald. Both Cath and Annie take in long looks of her as they pick from the tray.

You return and I shoot you a smile. Your look telling me not to speak. We eat in silence, Cath feeding Jen after she has her own fill.

I now realize that Jen is not holding the rail, she is tied to it.

Amy cleans up after the meal while you join Cath and Annie on the long bench seat. Between the wind and the ocean, I can’t make our the conversation as the three of you talk. You share smiles and glances but otherwise remaining aloof from Jen and I. Amy has now returned and sits to my left. We all wait…

Finally, you stand and come to me. Your hand extends. I can’t hide my happiness as I take it and go with you.

You lead me down below deck. Your finger on your lips indicates I am to remain silent.

The lights on below decks and I see that the bags have been moved. The large bag is open in the corner of the room but the contents not visible.

You lead me into the room and kiss me softly on the lips. I want more but you push me back a step. “No questions.”

And you go to the bag. I was wrong, the bag isn’t just open, some of the contents have been removed. On both beds, I see coils of rope, a small pile of shapeless material and what looks to be beads or balls underneath. My attention on the items, I’m surprised when my face is covered by a hood. Its eyeless but there is an opening for my mouth so I can breath easily.

You whisper, “Do not say anything, be still as possible and enjoy.”

In the sudden darkness, my mind reels. My body responds and my nipples harden so much they hurt. You pull my hands behind me, crossing them at the wrist, before using rope to bind them.

Almost falling as you yank me backwards, the cold pole stopping my fall.

Hands, yours? Others?, help me into a sitting position on the stool at the foot of the post and I hear you secure the rope to the pole.

I can hear, but not well. I sense more than hear you leave. My ears pounding with the pulsating of the blood in my veins. It seems an eternity but gradually I can make out other noises.

At first, I think it is part of the creaking of the boat in the water, but then its nature becomes more distinct.

A whistling followed by soft cries or gasps. The whistling very high pitched, its ending not in a loud slap or dull clap but rather with a sharpness. Now there’s two series of whistling, two sharp endings and two cries.

I strain to hear but just as I start to believe that I’m really hearing it, the sound stops. Waves and wind seeking the inner confines and the refusal of the boat to yield to their demands now the only sounds.

Time passes and I close my eyes. Long past the point where imaginary flashes of light and images fill my stunted sight, I focus all my efforts on hearing.


No, just the boat swaying in the currant.

Wait, yes…definitely footsteps. Two, three, all five?

Not sure, my being my ears waiting for confirmation that you are returning to me. The sounds of feet on the stairs sure now. I listen, waiting for the darkness and silence to end. But it continues. I hear movement around me but no words, no return of light or sight.

“OUCH!” A nipple grasped and squeezed and pulled and twisted.

“Shut up Bitch!” Your voice clear.

I bite my lips to remain quiet. Both nipples treated roughly but I do not cry out.

“Why are her nipples not pierced?”

The question a challenge to you, not sure if by Annie or Cath but certainly directed to you.

“The bitch is mine to use, do what you will with your own but I will mark her when I decide too and not before!”

That quiets them but not the sounds of movement within the room. Shuffling feet out of the room. I believe I am alone again but another sound tells me I am not.

This time the air is cut by something familiar, larger. And the end is met with a loud clap.

A hand hitting an ass.

In anticipation, I wait and soon a second strike is heard. No sound after until the fourth blow, then a low moan.

I can tell that great effort was exerted in trying to refrain and muffle the sound but it was hopeless.

“…I told you….” and the blows are harder, angry, resulting in cries. Cries of canlı casino siteleri pain but also of pleasure.

Just as I think she will achieve orgasm, the blows end and I hear the sound of a body hitting the floor.

“Get up bitch.”

I make out sounds close by, undistinguishable but from memory I believe that its on the bed.

Another period of silence, or near silence. There is activity going on but I am unable to make it out. Minutes seem like hours.

I wonder if I’ve fallen asleep when suddenly light burns my vision. Blinking, eyes slowly adjusting, I make you out in front of me.

A dildo strapped around your waist, I think that you either want me to suck you or that you will take me now. I open my mouth to be safe only to hear you laugh and your fingers close on both cheeks.

“See how she is ready?”

I look up and see you looking back to the bed. Amy is prone on the hard bunk. She is on her side and I start to make out the redness of her freshly slapped ass. Strange lines of brilliant red stripes appear on her cheeks as well.

You bend down close to my face. “Soon baby… but not now… I wanted you to know…”

Cath and Annie come into my sight behind you. All of you nude now. Like you, Annie has a strap on about her waist. Cath rummages in the bag until she finds a large tube of lube.

As I watch, she quirts some on both dildo’s, spreading it over them as she smiles at me. Then she squirts more in her palm. You and Annie watch her now, she rubs her hands together and spreads the lube over the fronts and backs of her hands.

You ask her, “Will she be enough for you both?” and she nods. Cath and Annie leave the room and you turn back to me.

My eyes blinking, so used to darkness that I’m having trouble adjusting, and you give me a quick kiss before pulling the hood back down. This time you hook the sides over my ears and I feel your breath in one, “Listen carefully but quietly.”

Internally I am screaming but I remain a lifeless statute.

Your fingers pinch my left nipple as you step away. Pulling it out to it fullest limit. You don’t release it. It just can’t go any further and escapes your grip.

Now across the room, you tell Amy that she is free to speak now. At that, I hear her gasp for air as she allows her mouth to open and suck freely at the air.

“Take hold of it. Rub it on you. Mmmmm, that’s it. Show me how bad you want it.”

I can make out Amy’s moans and my mind is full of the vision of her trying to fuck herself on your dildo. Her small body moving under you. Crawling, climbing, doing anything she can to impale herself on you.

The room fills with the sound of fucking. I imagine you on top of her. Fucking her hard. Using her pussy, her cunt. Her mouth open finding your breast.

Sighs and moans louder now. Yours mixed with hers.

Bodies moving together, then shifting, rolling, moving. I make out Amy cries as she reaches orgasm while the pace of your pounding in her picks up.

There is a slowing and I wonder if she has satisfied you. Realizing my mistake hearing, “Suck it, take it all…”

Wet sounds of lips and mouth and tongue. She gags a couple of times causing you to laugh.

Suddenly, I feel her body over mine. She is hugging the post, her torso resting on top of my head as she steadies herself against it.

In my mind’s eye, what you are going to do is clear but you don’t leave it to chance. “Tell her…”

Amy’s voice comes in short bursts complying. “She…she’s fucking…my ass…” “Oh fuck, its so big…”

A series of slaps cuts the her off and I know that you are both fucking and slapping her as you approach your orgasm. Sharp thrusts push her against me and the post until I hear you groan out in pleasure.

Amy pulls up the lower front of the hood, enough to kiss me, and we share a deep French kiss. Tongues wild, I taste her pussy on her lips.

You pull her away and I’m left gasping in desire and lust.

Mouth still uncovered, I feel the hardness of the dildo at my lips. Opening, you push it in.

Tasting her ass and pussy on it, you feed it to me. Pulling back again, I hear you say something to Amy. Then she is in my lap, sitting facing me.

She kisses me again and again. I try to lift up and grind up against her but she lifts up not allowing me any release. I know now that you have only given her permission for my mouth and I concentrate on using it with hers.

Much too soon, you take her from me. Bringing her back to the bed with you. I hear you start to fuck her again and spend the next hour listening to you use her. Alternating between her pussy and ass and mouth.

My pussy is leaking but, unable to touch or rub it, I remain in a heightened state of arousal. At some point, exhaustion takes me and I pass out.

I awaken to the sound of you still using her, a weight in my lap. Moving my legs, I finally determine that it’s the dildo.

New wonders of what is taking place on the bed, straining again for any sign. You’re both quiet now, intent upon whatever you are doing.

“Do you like it?” Soon followed by, “Make a fist, like this….”

Instantly crazed again, wanting you, needing you, desiring you.

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