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Celeste woke without an irritating alarm clock each and every day. She threw the heavy down filled comforter and sheer velveteen sheets back off her frame as she stretched her long arms and legs way out on the surface of her heated waterbed. She groaned and moaned softly as she felt her body loosen in that awakening gesture. Celeste wiped the sleep out of her eyes desperately pulling herself out of bed. She had a couple hours before she had to head off to work. She ran her own business, but chose to work the afternoons and evenings so she could have the night to herself. The night was her solace. And she indulged in herself each and every one of them.

Celeste had lived a year or two alone after Andrea passed away. Andrea had succumbed to leukemia several years ago. At first, she had lived entirely alone and isolated from the scary world. In the ensuing years — while she could never embrace commitment again — she sought out a person to share a home with just so someone else would be around. Loneliness can destroy a person from within, if you allow it, and years ago she found Gaye. Gaye was fifteen years older than Celeste, and the mother of her best friend that had moved away to get married a few years earlier, so it was an easy match.

Gaye worked days. Celeste worked nights. But they passed each other once in a while and saw each other on weekends of course. Gaye was Celly’s night light. That’s what Gaye called Celeste. Celly. It made Celeste smile inwardly each time it fell of the tongue of Gaye.

Celeste marched down the stairs to the kitchen. The coffee maker, like always, was ready to percolate with a simple push of the button. Her breakfast of a bowl of dry cereal, a croissant, and the already filled coffee goddess was ready and waiting for her. On a little scrap of paper on the tiled counter, written in pink ink, was:

Have a great day Celly. Hope you take me up on the movie on the weekend. We really need to let our hair down and let the wind run through it.

Love Landlady Gaye.

While we each owned half the home together for many years, Celeste always read Gaye’s notes and smiled at her reference to herself as a landlady. The reason? A dark one.

In the years since Andrea passed away, Celeste had sought out anonymous intimacy and excitement on the internet, bereft of commitment or disheartening failings in love, and had refused to pursue traditional affections. She relegated herself to cyberspace each and every night. Chatting, writing, and surfing the labyrinthine intellectual content of the burgeoning social and popular culture of the world — harnessed in uncountable microchips. Celeste had inadvertently discovered a darker side of humanity. And she had explored her interest further for several years.

She had discovered the embarrassing and enrapturing world of spanking. Her interests had unraveled each and every day since. Her fantasies had grown from simple curiosity to wanton lust for more than her weary heart could handle. Until this very moment, she had yet to succumb to her yearnings for a more active role in the lifestyle. She had not let her fantasies invade her private life.

She had, for more than a year, resisted that vexing temptation by spanking herself. Each and every morning. Gaye was at work by that time, so after enjoying her prepared breakfast (and a lingering reading on her secluded patio of content she had printed from story sites scattered over the internet), she would return to her room.

Just like always, Celeste returned to her bedroom. She removed her babydoll nightgown, climbed back up on her waterbed, peered into the mirror on the headboard, reached under the pillow for her maple hairbrush, placed it beside her right hip, and reached to her bum to give it a little massage. After a few minutes of letting the blood flow to her pale white cheeks, she would slap herself silly with her ever moving hands (followed soon with her brush).

Her routine was interrupted today, however, for she did not realize her room mate had returned home. Gaye had got to work only to find the hydro was out on her whole block. She was given the day off with compensation and had come home to enjoy her morning with her favorite partner in fun. Coming home quietly, she heard peculiar noises upstairs. Tip toeing up the carpeted staircase, she approached Celeste’s room. As she neared the door it became increasingly apparent what was going on. Gaye’s mind raced and wondered if she should just excuse herself and leave without causing a scene. She wondered if the embarrassment of getting caught in the act would ruin their friendship. She wondered if she could even remain silent. But her legs wouldn’t cooperate with her. Her eyes were affixed to Celeste. And she was grinning widely.

She moved right to the door frame. Clearing her throat.

Celeste froze like a dear in the headlights of a car on a rural stretch of road. Looking up into the mirror, seeing her long time friend, she knew she was caught in the act.

Celeste casino şirketleri turned over and reached for the sheets and comforter on her waterbed concealing her lithe, nude body. She pulled the soft linen right up to her neck and looked upon Gaye with a confused and awkward expression on her face. There was a fierce warming in the cheeks of her face as she gazed upon her long time friend and caregiver. She was awash with embarrassment and bereft of any confidence to utter a single word of explanation. Besides, there was simply no suitable explanation or excuse for her behavior. She had been caught in the act — red handed so to speak. Gaye knew what Celeste had been doing to herself. She knew in her heart that Celeste was likely doing this to herself for a very long time. She knew Celeste required this of herself, but was without a clue on the rationale for such an unconventional release.

Gaye wandered step by step into the room. With an innocent, thoughtful, and understanding look on her face, she approached the bed frame. Taking off her stiletto heels at the foot of the bed, one by one, she looked upon Celeste covering herself up in her waterbed. She saw the embarrassment in her eyes and her cheeks. She paid witness to what she imagined would be going through her willful mind. Gaye didn’t speak a word and climbed up onto the bed to Celeste’s left. She felt the waves of the bed ebb and flow as she slowly crawled up beside Celeste.

Motioning Celeste to turn over to her side, Gaye climbed up behind her pressing her body against Celeste’s over top of the comforter and sheets. Cradling Celeste with her left arm — placing her arm up and around her and running her fingertips through her hair — she felt a sudden closeness previously unfounded in their relationship.

Gaye was the first to speak.

Gaye — “Hush, Celly, and don’t say a word. Not that I expect you to get a word out right now. This is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m sorry I came home so soon to find out this little secret of yours.”

Celeste — “But why are you home, Gaye?”

Gaye — “A transformer got knocked out on the block at work and won’t be repaired until later today. I was sent home with pay and I decided to come home and spend the morning with my favorite room mate before she went to work.”

Celeste — “And you came home to find me like this. I’m sorry you had to find out this way, Gaye. You must be as embarrassed as I am right now. I’ve always tried to keep this a secret from you.”

Gaye — “You’ve fared well in concealing this from me, Celly. But you realize I would have understood your needs even if you had divulged this tidbit of information even years ago. You don’t think I’m an insensitive, intolerant bitch do you?”

Celeste — “Of course not, Gaye! Quite on the contrary. But I thought this would be even a smidge too much for even you to accept.”

Gaye — “Hush, Celly. This changes nothing between us, okie dokie? Promise me you understand that.”

Celeste — “I’m relieved to hear that, Gaye. I promise to hide this even more carefully in the future. I will never expose you to this shameful practice again.”

Gaye — “Celly. First of all, it’s not shameful or anything you should pay a second thought to. You must have your reasons for doing it. Secondly, if you ever want to talk about it, or just a shoulder to cry on, you realize I’ll be there for you ready and waiting to confide and be confided with.”

Celeste — “I’m not sure I could look you in the eye with any seriousness and actually confess to you. I don’t think I ever could adequately explain why this drives me so crazy.”

Gaye — “Why does it, Celly? Tell me if you want. I’m waiting with baited breath.”

Celeste — “The fantasies running through my head came from the internet. After playing around there, my own surprises came to fruition. Unique little fantasies careened through my brain, Gaye. When I’m spanking myself, I imagine myself surrounded in those fantasies. My whole body shakes with desire. I feel embarrassed. Naughty. Entirely helpless. Completely surrendered to that fantasy. In this case, surrendering to myself.”

Gaye — “Have you ever surrendered yourself to those fantasies with someone else?”

Celeste — “Heavens no! I don’t think I could actually ever share this with anyone. I don’t think I could ever trust someone that much.”

Gaye — “Do you trust me?”

Celeste – *Pauses with crushing silence*

Gaye — “Celly, do you trust me?”

Celeste — “Of course I do, Gaye. But I couldn’t ask you for that. It’s not your ‘thing’.”

Gaye — “How, pray tell, could you possibly know what is or is not my ‘thing’ Celly. You presume too much.”

Celeste — “Is it?”

Gaye — “Not yet. Nor do I think you are ready to give in to our little wanderlust into any of your fantasies. But I tell you what. Maybe I’ve been neglecting my closest friend a bit too much. Let’s spend more of our free time together for the next casino firmaları while and see if this will comfortably be bridged in time to satisfy your lingering desires. But I will ask this of you. While we go out and have a little fun reacquainting ourselves together, I want you to refrain from your ….self indulgence. Can you do that for me?”

Celeste — “Yes, of course I can Gaye. I don’t do this every day you realize.”

Gaye – *Giggles* “I sincerely hope you don’t. It would be a shame to mar that cute little bum I just saw.”

Celeste turned around giving Gaye a strong embrace. Gaye leaned in giving Celeste a kiss on the cheek. She climbed off the waterbed uneasily, putting her shoes back on, and retreated back downstairs. Over the next couple of weeks, Celeste and Gaye spent an inordinate amount of time together. They visited a museum, an art gallery, an eclectic coffee house, a live jazz bar, a beach, and a walking trail together. Hand in hand…..heart to heart…..they continued their discourse about their impending years together. Celeste felt more and more comfortable discussing with her closest friend all her lustful cravings. Gaye nodded and listened intently as she waited for the penultimate moment when Celeste would finally ask for what she truly warranted. That day had to come soon, Gaye secretly hoped, and in truth — so did Celly.

The next few days passed by with a turtle’s pace. Celeste ran her own business and worked long and stressful hours in the evenings. Every evening, after the rest of her employees went home to spend time with their family and friends, to have dinner with their children, or to enjoy the recreation in store for them….Celeste remained to hold down the fort. Nobody else wanted to work evenings, so she reluctantly took the ownership of that responsibility for herself, and stayed until 10:30 or 11. Thank goodness she had met a young woman last year that didn’t mind working graveyards and that she possessed problem solving skills preventing, or at least reducing, calls to Celeste in the wee hours of the sleepless morning.

For many years now, in the midst of her duties to her own livelihood…..Celeste would allow herself a little recreation. She’d surf the internet (usually the seamier corners), write, read, or do whatever she fancied. After her talk with Gaye, Celeste’s passions had been boiling over. She very nearly on the very next night, when she returned home well past 11PM, knocked on Gaye’s bedroom door to plead her to take her over her knee right then and there. It took all her mental fortitude to resist what likely would have been entirely the wrong decision.

She had to commit some time and thinking to this. Standing at Gaye’s bedroom door, she turned on her heels and went to her own room. Coming into her dark room, her expressive face was troubled and her body trembling, she climbed on top of her waterbed. Her jeans and sweater still on her body, she climbed on top of the covers. Huddled up with her legs almost to her chest, she sobbed herself off to sleep. How could she want to succumb to Gaye’s benevolent whims so much and yet not allow herself, in the heat of the moment, to give in to her once and for all. Would she ever let herself even with Gaye’s encouragement? It did feel like charity. Was she really that desperate? And would it forever change their friendship they had fostered for many years?

The next morning she woke up with a cold sweat. She couldn’t remember her dream which was not uncommon as she usually only remembered fragments of them and those surreal visions usually diminished in mere hours of her awakening. Celeste went downstairs and found her breakfast ready and a note on piece of paper by the coffee goddess.


I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight after work. Hurry home. And you better get lots of sleep tonight. You’re in for a full weekend. We’re driving down to the Big Smoke (Toronto for you non Canadians) to that art exposition at the museum you’ve been talking about for weeks. I bought the tickets already so no backing out! And I’ve reserved two rooms at the Harbor Castle for us. I know how much you’ve always wanted to stay there.

And Rachel is going to meet us in Toronto. She wants to take us to a little coffee house and a jazz bar she knows about. You like jazz, don’t you? It’ll be nice to see Rachel again, won’t it?

I miss you Celly…and I can’t wait to see you. Enjoy your breakfast and your day sweetie.

Love Landlady Gaye.

PS. Check your email.

Gaye sure couldn’t conceal her excitement. She certainly was using her embarrassing discovery to bring Celeste closer to her. Celeste welcomed it, of course, and not for the obvious reason. She still wasn’t sure if she should ever bring it up again. Celeste wasn’t one for change. Her sock drawer probably looked the same today as it did twenty years ago.

She sat back at her kitchen chair, eating her delicious breakfast, and thought about seeing her best friend again. güvenilir casino Rachel was Gaye’s only daughter and Celeste’s best friend for many years. She didn’t get to see her much any more since she got married and moved to Aurora. Rachel and Celeste had been…..close. Close was an euphemism for affectionate. Rachel was a professional photographer by vocation. Rachel had twisted Celeste’s rubber arm many years ago and had taken a slew of photographs, in various states of undress, and given her the portfolio as a birthday present. Another time, they had both ended up at a strip club. In Canada, one can get away with a lot more than you might think. Especially if you are a woman. It seems that strip club owners welcome female customers as they draw in oodles of paying men customers. Celeste, believe it or not, was a magnet for attention. She might admit she was a bit of a tease, a bit of a drama queen, and maybe just a smidge vain. Let us just say that women that decide to tip the dancing ladies tend to end up virtually as naked as the dancers that are getting paid. They tend to be asked for a lot of lapdances too. The night got a little steamy when both Rachel and Celeste ended up in a dark back room with no less than three busty, beautiful exotic dancers. What a night!

What Gaye didn’t know about Celeste and her only daughter’s friendship was that it had become this heated, that her daughter had any interest in the fairer sex, that her favorite room mate enjoyed the exclusive romantic company of women, or that this sordid fling had continued once in a while since Rachel’s wedding. Celeste had met Eric and Rachel from university. While they were still only dating and courting, Eric actually welcomed Rachel’s insistence to spend some “quality time” with her best friend. So they came to an agreement. Whenever Celeste needed a little female companionship, all she had to do was call up her best friend and tell her “it’s time”. She would tell Eric “it’s time”….and it would be “time”. This proved to be a frequent occurrence for the first few years. In the last year, Celeste only had called twice and the last call was virtually six months ago. She was a little pent up. She wondered if it was “time” again. The trouble was Gaye would be ever present over the course of this weekend so Celeste presumed she would be denied the fruits of her loins.

Celeste went upstairs to her spacious shower, kept her promise not to — you know what, and drove off to work planning out in her head how the weekend might go. She couldn’t concentrate on work all day long. By supper time, she remembered the post script on Gaye’s note. Opening up her internet browser, she brought up her email client. Inside, she found a few harmless chain emails from friends, plenty of spam, and the target of her curiosities. Gaye’s email contained links to no less than twenty websites specializing and highlighting the benefits of spanking in one’s sexuality.

Lost in a whirlwind of phone calls and real “work”, she spent the remaining hours of toil multi tasking. She was constantly returning to Gaye’s painstakingly detailed research into Celeste’s secret yearnings.

By quitting time, she drove home to find Gaye already in bed. Again, she passed by Gaye’s room. Today, it proved easier to walk by her door and up to her own bedroom. She fell off to slumber, counting sheep to sooth her savage beast, and woke up the next morning with a renewed vigor.

Stretching out in her bed, she wiped the sleep from her eyes. Getting up, she wandered downstairs to find Gaye cooking breakfast. Full breakfast, and Celeste’s favorite meal of the day, was prepared and ready. She came into the kitchen quietly to watch Gaye slaving at the oven, her back to her room mate, and saw that she was wearing an apron. Gaye appeared so maternal like that and Celeste’s desires started to erupt inside of her once more. Biting her lip, she wandered further into the room making sure Gaye heard her come in.

Sitting down to their delicious meal, they planned out their weekend together. Gaye, of course, had no idea what was running through Celeste’s filthy mind. When Gaye recalled a phone call from Rachel this morning, she told Celeste that Rachel asked if she could stay with them for the weekend. Celeste’s ears perked up knowing which hotel room Rachel would choose.

Maybe it was time. Giggles.

After their breakfast, they both showered (separately — keep your minds out of the gutter….leave that to me) and dressed (also in separate rooms — keep with the keeping out of the gutter!). They decided to hop into Celeste’s Corvette Stingray and put the top down. Letting their hair down, they drove down the freeway, stopping at a Timmy’s (Tim Horton’s coffee for you non-Canadians), and within an hour were down in the Big Smoke. They found parking in the adjoining garage to the gallery exposition. As Celeste got out of the car, Gaye took her hand as they walked towards the elevator. It was a strangely comforting gesture that put a big smile on Celeste’s face. Gaye’s too.

As the elevator elevated, Celeste felt her pulse quickening. She felt a twinge of heat between her thighs. She felt the pressure mounting inside of herself. And the weekend was just beginning!

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