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This is a continuation to the first 4 parts of this series. I suggest you read them first.

Thank you for your feedback so far. I look forward to hear how you like this one. I’ve written more than one page this time!


Heather felt hot and heavy. Vanessa was spooning her from behind, not an inch of space between their bodies. Her hand was not still. It was moving, tracing lazy patterns on her tummy. She was doing this over her night shirt and it still made Heather’s breath catch. Her fingers moved lower to where her t-shirt had ridden up and made contact with bare skin. Heather hissed and instinctively clenched her pussy, her hips rocking back against Vanessa. It would have been imperceptible if Vanessa front wasn’t glued to her back.

“Oh,” Vanessa breathed into Heather’s ear as she rocked her pelvis against Heather in return. It was all Heather could do to not grind back in response.

Her fingers continued their nimble dance on her bare skin, making Heather squirm. They made their way up again, back over the t shirt and Heather was disappointed and relieved at the same time. The relief lasted only a second before she realized where the fingers were heading. Vanessa’s fingers trailed lazily under her right breast, tracing where it rested against her ribs, perilously close to her nipple. It was such a tease.

Heather was on the verge of groaning out in frustration when Vanessa’s hand cupped her right breast. The hand gently squeezed. Her fingers spanned out to cover more of the luscious breast and squeezed again. God it was so gentle.

A thumb grazed her engorged nipple, making her grunt. The next second her nipple was entrapped between the pads of an index finger and thumb which squeezed and rolled. A moan escaped Heather’s throat and her hips rocked back against Vanessa’s mound, conveying her need.

Vanessa growled, meeting it with her own thrust. This time there was no stopping. They thrust against each other as Vanessa’s fingers plucked and pinched with barely enough pressure. It was torture and it was driving Heather wild. She bucked uncontrollably as guttural sounds escaped her.

“Oh God, Heather,” Vanessa whispered before taking Heather’s earlobe into her mouth, her tongue flicking the sensitive part behind the ear. Heather couldn’t take it. It was too much and too little at the same time.

“More, I need more,” she said aloud.

Her eyes opened and reality hit her in a second. Her fingers were on her nipple and god was she worked up. Parts of her t-shirt were damp from the sweat and she could feel the wetness in her pussy. She tried to hold on to the dream that was slipping away. It was Vanessa. She’s had a wet dream about Vanessa. Correction, it had been a very wet dream. She groaned into her pillow.

“Fuck.” She held her hands over her ears, trying to block out the dream. “Fuck,” she said again, this time with more vehemence. There was no denying she was turned on. And there was definitely no going back to sleep. She wasn’t going to give her body what it needed. No way was she going to masturbate with Vanessa in her head. She lifted her face off the pillow to check the time. 5:27. “Might as well get out of bed,” she thought.

The week had gone by smoothly. The contract with Tim had been signed and everything else was moving along well. She’d had lunch in Vanessa’s cabin twice. Both times her boss had pinged her and asked her to come over with her lunch if she wasn’t doing anything.

Their interaction was just the same as it had been during the weekend, except for the giant table between them. Heather had invited Vanessa over for dinner on Saturday during one of their conversations.

“I have Jules this weekend,” Vanessa said.

“Oh yea, that slipped my mind.” Heather said, shaking her head. “Some other time,” she added, trying to conceal her disappointment.

“We are planning to spend Saturday evening building a fort in the backyard though. You’re welcome to join us.”

“Really? A fort?”

“Oh yes, she’s bang in the middle of her obsession with forts. I had to talk her out of digging a moat around it,” Vanessa said, rolling her eyes. “She’s been reading about ancient forts and we’re planning holidays to Scotland, Serbia, India, you name it!”

“Oh wow. Isn’t she just four?”

“She’ll turn five next month. But yea, she’s a curious child. And she won’t rest till we build a fort. Thank God we won’t be digging a moat!”

Heather laughed. “That’s quite incredible, but I wouldn’t want to, you know..”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. It would be great to have you help us! Plus I’d have some company and you get to meet Jules. I bet she’ll love you.” Seeing the hesitation on Heather’s face she added, “That’s only if you want to! I understand that spending a Saturday building a fort with a four year old isn’t for everyone.”

“I’d love to come. Not sure how helpful I’ll be though.”

“Nah, I’m sure we’ll find something for you to do. You could be the sentinel!”

This had happened casino oyna on Wednesday and Heather hadn’t met or heard from Vanessa since. This was the first time since last Friday that they’d had no contact. She popped by Vanessa’s office a few times but Vanessa wasn’t in. By Friday evening, Heather was fretting. Should she message to confirm the plan for Saturday? Should she wait till Saturday? Or should she just show up?

It had been a long week and it didn’t take long before she’d fallen asleep, wondering if she should call Vanessa.

It was Saturday morning and Heather was up at 5:27, before day break. She was staring into space, a mug of coffee in her hands. The words, “More, I want more” were ringing in her ears. She squeezed her eyes shut, attempting to block out the dream she’d had. It had been so vivid. She had been so turned on when she’d woken up. What she’d passed off as friendship, respect, chemistry was that and more. She was attracted to Vanessa.

“How the hell did that happen?” she thought grumpily. “Fuck that. What the fuck do I do now?” She couldn’t meet Vanessa, not after the dream she’d had. She wouldn’t be able to look her in the eye without turning red. “I’ll have to cancel.” She decided to wait for a more human hour to call her boss. She couldn’t just leave a message. That would be rude.

Heather spent longer than usual in the gym working herself to her limits. When she left, her mind was clearer. She called Vanessa who answered on the third ring.

“Hey Heather!”

“Hi.” Heather attempted to sound normal.

“What’s wrong?”

Heather was stumped. She’d said one word.

“Oh. I’m just a bit under the weather.”

“What do you mean?” The concern in her voice made Heather feel guilty.

“Like I’m coming down with something. I’m sorry, I’ll have to miss fort building with you and Jules. I shouldn’t expose her to whatever I have.” Heather lied.

“Yes, you should rest. Lots of fluids and Vitamin C if you have a stuffy nose or a sore throat.”

Heather couldn’t help but smile. This was Vanessa’s mommy mode. “Yes, thanks Vanessa.”

“Take care Heather, I’ll see you soon.”

She hoped Vanessa hadn’t thought she was blowing them off. Well, on the other hand, it may not be such a bad thing if she did. It would be easier if she didn’t suggest doing something the next weekend or anytime soon.

Heather spent all morning in bed, watching a brain dead TV show. She needed to keep her mind occupied but nothing that needed to much of her attention. She tried not to think about Vanessa and was largely successful. By early afternoon she was satisfactorily engrossed in the comedy drama when her doorbell rang. She frowned and paused the show. Who could it be on a Saturday afternoon? She was dressed in only a long t shirt and she hoped it was just a door to door sales guy.

She opened the door, ready to politely say no thank you to whoever was outside. It was a moment of panic when she saw Vanessa standing at her door.

“Oh!” was all Heather managed.

“Hi.” Vanessa said, a little taken aback by the look on Heather’s face. She hesitated before continuing, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come by unannounced. Just dropping off some chicken soup. Thought it might help.” She extended a big container towards Heather who just stood there.


“Shit,” Heather said collecting herself. “Please come in.” She took the container from Vanessa. “Sorry, I was just surprised to see you.” The container was warm. Freshly made chicken soup. She felt terrible. She looked obviously distressed and it didn’t take Vanessa more than a moment to realize something wasn’t right. Heather led them to the couch and put the container on the coffee table before sitting down next to Vanessa.

“Thank you. You didn’t have to.” She said softly, not meeting Vanessa’s eyes. She was this close to tears so she took a deep, calming breath to settle herself before looking up at Vanessa.

“Jules had karate so I thought I’d drop by to check on you. I should have called. I’m sorry.”

“Please, Vanessa, don’t apologize. I really appreciate it, I do.” Heather said genuinely. She’d managed to collect herself and managed to hold up her end of the conversation white convincingly.

“Karate? Your kid is amazing.”

“She loves karate. Hasn’t missed a single class all year. She has her orange belt test next week.”

“Wow. I have no idea what I was doing when I was four. Being a pain in the ass I’m sure.”

They chatted away and Heather felt almost normal for the first time all day. There was a lull in their conversation and Heather realized how much better she felt. I don’t want to lose her as a friend. If I am attracted to her, can’t I keep it in check? I hope to God I can. I want her in my life, even if it’s just as a friend. Anything beyond that was not in Heather’s view of possible scenarios or even fantasy scenarios at the moment. In that instant she decided that they would be friends.

“I’m glad you came over, Vanessa.”

Vanessa slot oyna smiled a warm, affectionate smile and said, “Heather, are you ok? And I don’t mean health wise. I can see that you’re fine.”

Heather knew she didn’t have to persist with her lie. Vanessa knew and it was ok. “Yes, I’m alright. Just a few things I need to work through. I’m sorry I lied about not being well.”

“That’s alright honey,” Vanessa said, taking Heather’s hand in hers. “You don’t have to tell me everything. But, if you ever need to talk, please know that you can call me anytime.”

Heather was deeply touched and tears were threatening again. She met Vanessa’s gaze with watery eyes. “Thank you. I promise, I will.”

Vanessa pulled her into a hug and Heather couldn’t help the tears. “It’s ok. Let it go.” Heather held on tight, drawing comfort from the closeness she had been dreading all morning.

“I’m going to get snot on your clothes,” she said in the muffled voice, attempting to pull out of the hug.

“Don’t you move, missy. I haven’t had my fill yet.” Vanessa said jokingly, making Heather giggle. They held on for a few more seconds and Heather felt like a huge load had lifted off her.

“It’s amazing what wonders a little cry can do.” Heather said, reaching for the tissue box. “That and a good friend who isn’t bothered by a little snot,” she added, exaggeratedly wiping Vanessa’s shoulder with her tissue and making her laugh her trademark throaty laugh.

They were quiet for a few minutes, each lost in her own thoughts. When Heather looked up at Vanessa, she noticed her looking at something on Heather’s legs. Heather followed her gaze and realized her t-shirt had ridden up quite a bit, exposing her thighs.

Vanessa didn’t seem to notice as she studied her thighs for a few more seconds. She then extended her hand and rested it on Heather’s left thigh. She didn’t look up at Heather when she said “Flex your quads.”

“What?” Heather asked quizzically.

Vanessa looked up at Heather and repeated herself. “Flex your quads. I want to see how much definition you have.”

“Oh. It’s not much,” Heather said, extending her left leg out in from if her and flexing her quadriceps. She saw the slight bulge on the outer side of her thigh and felt Vanessa test the hardness with her fingers.

“How long have you been working out?”

“Less than a year. And I haven’t been all that regular. Plus I dread legs day.”

Vanessa laughed. “I used to dread legs day as well. Do you have a trainer or do you work out yourself?”

“I have a trainer. He helps me out thrice a week. Actually, I should say he tries to kill me thrice a week.”

“That’s good.” If you ever want to change things up you can come work out with me. I can show you some interesting endurance building work outs. They really helped me.”

“I’d love that! It’s so much fun working out with another person. No better motivation.”

They agreed to meet in the gym near Vanessa’s place on Sunday since the gym Heather went to was closed.

“Jules will be done soon. I should go,” Vanessa said, checking the time.

Heather nodded. “Vanessa, thank you for coming by. I mean it. And thank you for making me feel better.”

Vanessa smiled before cheekily adding, “Better warm your soup before you have it.”

“I will,” Heather said sheepishly.

“See you tomorrow,” Vanessa said, drawing her into a hug.

Heather sighed at how comforting it was.

“In fact, if you’re up to it, come over later. We’ll build the fort and we can go to the gym from my place tomorrow morning.”

Seeing the look on Heather’s face, she quickly added, “Only if you’re up to it, Heather. Ok?”

Heather missed her warmth as soon as she closed the door. In less than a week she’d gone from being a colleague to an important part of her life. What was it about her?

She went back to watching her brain dead TV show but it didn’t work this time. She couldn’t focus on it. Realizing she was hungry, she heated the chicken soup Vanessa had brought. It was soul food. Every spoonful was like a Vanessa special bear hug. She polished it off and texted Vanessa.

“That soup was exactly what I needed. Every spoonful was like a Vanessa special bear hug. Thank you :)”

Vanessa replied right away.

“Vanessa special bear hug! Hahaha. That is adorable. I’m glad you like it.”

“It really was. I finished the whole thing!”

“There’s more here.”

Heather thought for a second before replying.

“Way to bribe a girl. Tell me, does Jules have any allergies? Gluten, nuts?

“No, no allergies. What you bringing? ;)”

“I’m going to bake my mum’s brownies for you guys. They’ll bring you to your knees.”

“Is that so? Can’t wait!”

A couple of hours later Heather was on her way to Vanessa’s, a batch of freshly baked brownies on her back seat. She’d packed her gym stuff and night clothes. As she pulled into Vanessa’s driveway she hoped she wasn’t making a mistake. She reminded canlı casino siteleri herself as she walked to the door, “She’s a friend. Don’t mess things up.”

Jules answered the door and she could here Vanessa’s voice from inside the house. “Let her in Jules.”

“Mum said to let you in. She’s taking a bath.”

“Thanks Jules! How are you?”

“I’m tired. I remember meeting you before. At the office.”

“Yes! That was a while back. You were little then.”

“I have good memory.”

She said it so matter of factly, it made Heather laugh. “I’m sure you do! So when are we building the fort?”

“We’re not building a fort today. I’m too tired from karate. We need to be at our strategic best when we build it. I drew out some plans.” Jules handed over a bunch of papers to Heather.

When Vanessa entered, they were pouring over it and Jules was explaining where they would build it and how it would look.

“What do you think? Quite a blueprint eh?”

Heather looked up and saw Vanessa coming down the stairs. She was wearing a comfortable tee and shorts and was drying her hair with her towel.

“Hey you. You look all fresh!”

“I needed that shower. I see you both are getting along.”

“Oh yes. These blueprints are amazing.”

“We’re putting off building the fort to another day though. She’s knackered today. Tough day at karate.” She turned to Jules, “How you feeling hun? Ready for a snack? You barely touched your lunch.”

“Can I have cereal? The chocolate one?”

“Sure thing. I’ll get you some.” Vanessa swooped down and planted a kiss on her daughter’s forehead.


“Yes, hun?”

Jules whispered something in Vanessa’s ear, making sure Heather couldn’t hear. Vanessa smiled. “It’s not right to whisper when there are other people in the room Jules. And Heather is a friend, not a guest. So it’s alright that I’m in my night clothes. Mummy’s having a slumber party tonight.”

“Can I join your slumber party?”

“Only till bedtime, ok? Now eat up!”

Vanessa watched her for a minute before she said softly, “Thank god she’s eating. She’s still weak from the congestion last week. Karate took a toll on her.”

“I like mommy you.”

“Ah yes, mommy me is different.”

They spent the rest of the evening chit chatting and Heather spent some time with Jules as well. They went up to her room and looked at her books and went through a couple. Jules told Vanessa about all the interesting forts in the book and of battles they’d witnessed.

“If I had an army of workmen, I’d build the best fort.”

“What would be the best thing about your fort?”

“It would be invisible until you were within a few hundred feet of it. And it would be impregnable. No one could enter it unless they knew how to. Also, it would have enough water reserve to sustain my army for years.”

“Wow. Why would you need so much water?”

“The location and build of the fort is important. But if the people within do not have reserves, all the enemy has to do is surround them and wait till they run out of supplies. Soon, the weakened army will have to fight the waiting enemy to get out for replenishments. The strength of the forts is not just in its walls, but also in what’s within.”

Heather was stumped. “That’s amazing Jules. I’d love to be a part of your army and help you build a fort.”

“Really? Thank you!” Saying this she wrapped her arms around Heather. “Now I have three people in my army.”

Heather hugged Jules back and asked, “Who are the other two?”

“Mum and Dad. But, getting them to be free at the same time is almost impossible.”

Vanessa walked in just as Jules said this. “What’s almost impossible my love?”

“Getting you and dad to build my fort with me.”

“I know sweety. We’ll try our best to make that happen. I promise.”

“And I recruited Heather. She’s a part of my army too,” Jules added reaching out for Heather’s hand.

“Oh is it? Congratulation Heather!”

Heather took Jules’ hand and said, “It’s an honour. I can’t wait to help with the fort.”

They headed down for dinner. As Vanessa had promised there was more chicken soup and some stir fried veggies and bread with it. Jules was fussy with dinner. She was obviously tired and this was the first time Heather saw her act her age. Vanessa had to coax her to finish half a bowl of soup and even fed her a few bites before she refused to comply any more.

“I can’t eat mum,” she whined. “I’m full. Really full.”

“Oh, all right then. Go on, you’re free.”

Jules didn’t have to be told twice. She ran off to the couch.”

“Maybe you could interest her in some brownie,” Heather said.

“Oh I haven’t even seen them yet! Where did you put them?”

They finished dinner and Vanessa warmed a few pieces in the microwave while Heather cleaned up. Before they could take them to the living room, Jules shouted out, “I smell chocolate. Is it cake?”

“Heather brought us some brownies honey. I’m bringing you some now.”

She happily accepted the plate and dove right in. With her mouthful she looked up at Heather and smiled.

“I guess that means you like it?” Heather asked.

Jules nodded vigorously. Too busy eating to say anything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32