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I’ve decided to continue the story after so many supportive comments. This segment will make much more sense if you read part 1 first. The stories are based on real events, but embellished for better reading.


It was great to see Jason again, and I was pleased he sought me out when I returned to his place of work. He seemed truly happy and much more relaxed and confident than the young man that reluctantly pursued his desires six months ago. We sat at a remote corner table in the company lunchroom as he prattled endlessly about being a new father, and showed me several pictures of his four-month-old daughter. The letter he gave me from his wife really surprised me in how supportive she was of his exploration, and encouraged us to continue, if that’s what we wanted. My wife was equally, if not more, supportive of my new friend, and I could hardly comprehend how lucky Jason and I were. I found it difficult to concentrate on what Jason was saying through each photo, as my mind was filled with past images of his writhing athletic body pounding his cock repeatedly into my tight ass. My mind snapped back into reality as I felt his hand rest on the inside of my thigh.

“I’m sorry, man. I must be boring you to tears. She’s just been the coolest thing in mine and Sarah’s life so far…can’t keep from showing her off.” Jason said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Not at all…I’m really glad you’re willing to share that part of your life with me. I’m just a little distracted…hoping that maybe I can see more of you while I’m here.” I replied with a highly suggestive tone.

“You should know that you’ve inspired a little more exploration between me and my wife…I’d really like to get that up my ass this time around.” Jason said as he discreetly moved his hand to my crotch and squeezed gently.

“Not a problem…I think we can work something out.” I replied, backing away before anyone noticed his intimate touch.

“One detail, though…I’m bringing a camera. Sarah would really like to see me getting fucked.” He said, his eyes looking deeply into mine.

“Any chance we can leave early today? Just sitting next to you is getting me hard…not a reaction I have with many men.” I said, adjusting my growing erection more comfortably in my pants.

“Unfortunately, no. We’re taking Emily…that’s her name, by the way…to her grandparents for a weekend of spoiling. Sarah was reluctant to be away from her so soon, but she needs a break, and they practically begged to have her. Can’t say I’m not looking forward to some uninterrupted sleep. I could be at your hotel at around eight o’clock, if that’s OK with you.”

“That’s great…but don’t rush yourself. I will be in town for another two days, as usual. Just call me on my cell if things don’t go as planned.” I replied as I looked down at Jason’s lap, a tent pole straining in his jeans.

“Will do. So, what should we talk about now? It’s obvious that neither one of us is in any condition to leave the table.” Jason said as he glanced down at the small spot of pre-cum forming near the opening of my pocket.

“I did replace the floor of my deck…that should be a numbingly boring topic.”

“No shit…so, did you use lumber or that plastic stuff?” He said, continuing our conversation until the end of the lunch hour.

As soon as I got back to the hotel, I couldn’t wait to call Beth and let her know that Jason and I were set to give it a go one more time. I asked what she thought about the plan to tape the event for Jason’s wife, even though I knew her reaction already.

“Damn…why didn’t I think of that! Promise you’ll get a copy for me too? I just wish I had time to drive up there and shoot it myself!” Beth said with genuine enthusiasm in her voice. “As much as you like watching me and Tracy getting nasty…the sight of you and Jason would have to be ten times as hot.”

I couldn’t help but think about how much I loved her and wished she could be there to experience something new in our relationship. “Maybe you should come with me next time. I could test the waters…see if Jason and Sarah might be interested in a group thing. Jason is much more confident and relaxed this time around, I think he would be willing to talk about it.”

“Oh, honey…that would be great. I’m wet already thinking about you and that blond stud working our soaking pussies. Is Sarah a cutie…a good fit for both of us?” She said, her breathing becoming short.

“The pictures I’ve seen are very nice. She’s a very fit and attractive brunette…probably a size two. For a woman who had a baby four months ago, you could never tell. The type of person your girlfriends would love to hate, I’m sure.” I said with a slight chuckle. “But let’s not put the cart before the horse…she may not be into our scene at all.”

“I don’t know. Judging from that letter you read me, this is an open-minded lady. She may surprise you.” Beth said in a seductive tone. “I hate to cut this short, sweetheart…but I need to go. Tracy and I are going to casino siteleri a movie. Have fun, and play safe.”

“Thanks dear, I’ll keep you posted on how things go. Love you…don’t eat the poor girl raw.” I said, ending our brief phone conversation

I spent what seemed like endless hours killing time watching movies on HBO. At seven, I decided to jump in the shower and get ready for Jason’s arrival. I couldn’t believe my heart was pounding nervously as I stepped from the shower and dried off. The whole idea of fucking Jason and pushing his limits even further with the notion of group sex was more than I could stand. I barely got dressed in a t-shirt and shorts when my cell phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Jason.

“Hey dude, did plans change? No big deal if they did.” I said, answering the phone, trying to disguise my building sense of disappointment.

“Well, not exactly. Come down and meet me in the bar.” Jason replied, that nervous shake back in his voice just as it was six months ago.

“OK, I’ll be right there.” Jason hung-up quickly, and I scurried to find some clothes. I threw on what I wore to work and headed downstairs.

Stepping into the hotel lounge, I squinted in the dimly lit room to find my friend. Seated in a corner booth, well away from other customers, I found him waiting for me with Sarah at his side. I was more than a little surprised to see her there, and sat down in the booth with an obvious look of confusion on my face. She was very pretty. As with Jason, photographs didn’t do her justice. They looked like some kind of mature cheerleading couple. Physically, they seemed a perfect match.

“Hi, I’m Sarah. I am so pleased to meet you.” She said as I accepted her hand in a friendly shake. “Thanks again for helping get my guy out of his shell a little…he’s been so much more playful since meeting you.”

“Oh…well…you’re welcome, I guess.” I said as I sat facing them and feeling my face redden from mild embarrassment.

“You’re about to find out that my wife says exactly what is on her mind. She embarrasses me to death about half the time.” Jason said while looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Well…with that introduction, let me get right to it then. I hate awkward conversations that run around in circles, don’t you?” Sarah said as she rubbed Jason’s neck and looked directly at me.

“My hubby and I have been sharing and testing a lot of fantasies lately, and as you know, I really want to see him getting fucked by another guy. We have a lot of fun with the toys, but the real thing is always better, in my opinion. We brought the camera…but if you don’t mind, I’d like to be there to tape it.” She said sweetly and matter-of-factly.

Jason just sat there as though in a complete loss for words. I was also stunned. My own wife could be blunt as well, but this was something new for me from someone I had met for all of five minutes.

“Jason, you must be OK with this since we’re all sitting here. I’m certainly open to the idea. The only catch is that we have to tape it, and my wife has to get a copy. Is that good for you guys?” I replied, uncertain of just where this was going next.

“As you can see, she has a way of getting me to do things I wouldn’t otherwise do. You told me before that you and you’re wife have swapped. If Sarah feels like playing, that’s fine with me…I trust you. But since Beth isn’t here, I’ve told Sarah not to push you into anything.” Jason said as he nervously rung his hands together.

I couldn’t believe my dumb luck. Without even having to ask the question, I was already getting clear signals that this could be a fun couple for us. “Beth and I would really like to get to know you both much better if that fits into your fantasies. However, without her here, we have agreed to one major rule. I will not fuck your wife unless the four of us are together and all in agreement. Are we still on track?” I said in a more direct tone than I thought I was capable of at the moment.

“Oh damn, baby…I’m so glad we decided to take a chance! This will be so much fun!” Sarah exclaimed as she moved to kiss her husband deeply and passionately. I was starting to feel like a convenient play toy and a third wheel.

“Alright guys, I’m ready for my directorial debut…let’s get upstairs before I soak this cushion.” She said as we quietly left the bar and headed for my room. I could tell already that Beth was going to love her.

They continued kissing in the elevator, she had one hand on his ass as he pinned her to the back wall while he reached behind and grasped my aching cock through the fabric of my pants. We couldn’t get to the room fast enough. Fumbling with the key card, I could feel the heat of Jason’s dick as he pressed against my ass. Entering the room, Sarah quickly grabbed the video camera from the duffel bag she was carrying, and immediately began making requests.

“Strip, boys…let’s get things going.” She said, sitting on a chair, her legs spread wide enough to see the pink lace slot oyna panties under her denim skirt.

We didn’t have to be told twice. Jason quickly grabbed my shirt as I reached for his, revealing our nicely defined chests at the same time. My hands traced the outline of his muscles as I licked and sucked on his nipples. Jason tilted his head back and moaned appreciatively while I worked to loosen his belt and open the fly of his jeans. I traced my way down his smooth chest with my tongue, reaching the light blond hairs of the treasure trail just below his navel. I stifled a chuckle as I noticed he was wearing the boxers he took from me during our last encounter. Moving my hands to each side of his waist, I pulled his jeans and boxers down together as I knelt in front of his straining crotch. His cock slapped hard against his belly as it sprang from under the elastic of my old shorts, his large low-hanging balls now fully in view. I wasted no time in taking one and then the other swollen orb into my mouth. Jason’s cock twitched as I ran my tongue over his balls and up the length of his shaft. Pre-cum had begun to drip from the slit, and I lapped it up hungrily. I was so focused on the task at hand, that I barely noticed Sara had placed a tripod in the room, though she still had the camera in her hand as she moved toward us.

“Oh honey…I’m so wet just watching Mark worship your cock.” She said as she knelt beside her husband, squeezing his ass as she filmed a close-up of me taking Jason’s hot tool into my mouth. “Take him in, sweety…take all of my man’s meat into your mouth. Jason says you can swallow all of him…that’s something I’ve got to see!”

The trip down his white-hot tool was every bit as delicious as the first time. Working hard to coat his member in ample amounts of spit, I slowly worked my way down to the root, until the tight curls of his pubic hair tickled my nose. Jason groaned deeply as he place his hands at the back of my head, grabbing my hair and holding me firmly onto his rod. He continued to hold my head in a steady position as he slowly began fucking my face, his balls slapping heavily into my chin. My own cock was straining hard against the prison of my pants as I pulled them down to my knees and began stroking in rhythm with Jason’s thrusts.

“Wow…you weren’t kidding, baby…he is good looking. For somebody who claimed to never notice other guys, you sure know how to pick them!” Sarah said, embarrassing me once again, as she kept the camera focused on Jason’s assault of my mouth.

With the camera still in hand, she managed to slip out of her skirt and panties, wearing only a short yellow blouse than contrasted nicely with her tanned skin. For a woman who had a child only four months ago, you could hardly tell it. There were only the faintest signs of stretch marks remaining on her otherwise near-perfect body. She stood maybe 5′-5″ and perhaps 120 pounds. Sarah, at 33, was five years older than Jason. Working as a dance instructor, she took very good care of her body…something I knew Beth would be drawn to. Her pussy was shaved as smooth as Jason’s balls, and the smell of her sex filled the air. She began fingering herself with her free hand, gentle moans of pleasure escaping from her lips as the sloppy sound of her wet pussy could be heard in the distance.

“Put that damn thing on the tripod, then get over here and lick my ass.” Jason said gruffly to his wife as he pulled away from my mouth, grabbed me by the shoulders, and tossed me face up on the bed. Tossing his shoes and stepping out of his crumpled jeans, he quickly did the same to me, roughly pulling the pants off my legs. His actions weren’t aggressive, but purposeful. It was clear he was horny as hell and didn’t mind giving orders as well as taking them. I was relieved this was going to be more of a cooperative thing, as I don’t always like playing a purely submissive role.

Jason’s hands moved up and down my thighs, his thumbs lifting my balls as pre-cum streamed down my shaft. Sarah positioned the camera on the tripod the best way possible, given the tight confines of the hotel room. She then removed her few remaining pieces of clothing, and stood behind her husband, gently stroking his back, her fingers sliding down into the crack of his ass and back up again.

“Are you ready to see your guy suck another man’s cock, baby…will that make you hot?” He said to his wife, even though his eyes were firmly fixed on mine…a mischievous grin covered his face.

“You know it will, sweetheart…Mark’s cock is so pretty, so much like yours…let me watch you taste him.” Sarah said as she moved to his side for a better view.

“Of course, you can watch, babe…for a little while…then you need to get my ass ready for him.” Jason replied as he moved his hand to my cock, one finger tracing the pre-cum around the head.

My head was swimming. Not only was this young stud ready to suck my cock and let me fuck him, his beautiful and naked wife was cheering us on. I couldn’t help but canlı casino siteleri wish that Beth were here for this. My cock was hard as steel and ached for attention. Jason’s teasing was driving me wild as Sarah leaned over to him for another passionate kiss…he soon broke away and looked at me intently once again.

“Tell me…you know I want to here it.” Jason said to me, slowly stroking my cock as Sarah looked on with huge eyes.

“Suck my cock, man. Show your wife what a good cocksucker you are. Let her watch while I fuck your mouth.” I said in a deep commanding tone.

I placed my hand at the back of his neck and pulled his face down to my cock. Jason started slowly, licking the pre-cum from the head in a swirling motion with his tongue. His lips were soon at the tip as I felt saliva sliding down my shaft…his hand still gripping me firmly at the base. Jason inched slowly down, taking all of me into his throat as I had done to him moments earlier. I could only suspect he had been practicing with some toys. His tongue work was skillful as his head bobbed up and down on my twitching rod.

“Oh, fuck…this so damn hot! Oh yeah, baby…lick his nuts…let me see you drive him wild!” Sarah practically screamed as she sat on a chair, rubbing her clit while keeping her gaze fixed on Jason’s expert sucking skills.

Drove me wild, he did…as he gently sucked each of my balls, pausing to soak a finger and pressing it into my tight ass. I moaned loudly and pressed his face deeper onto my cock as his knuckle slid past my sphincter. My body writhed against the bed as he regained the vacuum hold on my dick and his finger probed my prostate for what seemed like ten solid minutes. The sensation was incredible, but I had to push him back and take a breather to avoid ending the fun much too soon. Taking the cue, Jason slowly removed his finger from my ass and repositioned me on the mattress. Crawling on the bed with me, his body over mine in a sixty-nine position, he arranged our bodies so his upturned ass was now in clear view of the camera. I was not at all upset to have his hard prick pressed against my lips once again, and his ample balls resting on my forehead. I took the dark purple helmet of his dick into my mouth and savored the taste of his pre-cum as the silky skin of his shaft eased into my throat. Jason moaned appreciatively as he slowly stroked my cock, allowing me time to relax.

“Mmm…just look at that hot ass. Mark, honey…I can’t wait to see you slide the cock of yours deep into my hubby’s ass.” She said just before diving into his crack and tonguing his hole.

“Ungghh…shit, yes! Damn, that feels good…open my hole, babe!” Jason nearly pleaded as his dick throbbed in my mouth and resumed sucking my own aching staff.

It was wonderful to watch Sarah’s firm breasts hanging over my head as she licked and probed at Jason’s twitching rosebud, his cock sliding slowly in and out of my mouth. Sarah reached into the gym bag that now rested on the floor by the bed, and pulled out a bottle of lube. She squeezed a trail of the clear, thick liquid down his ass-crack, coating his hole and working her fingers into his tight ass. Jason pulled his prick from my mouth as his wife’s fingers entered him. I eased his body farther down my own to get a better view of Sarah’s preparations, Jason’s balls now resting on my chin.

“Do you like that baby…do you like my fingers in your ass? Can you imagine how much better Mark’s cock is going to feel up there?” Sarah said as two fingers slid gently in and out of her moaning husband.

Ummhh…yeah, sweetheart…prime my ass! Fuck, that feels good! Give me a condom, babes…I need to wrap this rascal.” Jason said as he tugged on my erection and provided another heavy coating of spit.

Sarah reached into the gym bag and handed him a rubber. Jason worked quickly to roll the latex sleeve down my pole. When the task was completed, he lifted himself from my body. Grabbing some pillows, he then placed them under his belly as he laid his torso face down on the mattress, his feet on the floor, and his ass prominently on display. Without any hesitation, Sarah squeezed a large amount of lube into her hand and immediately began coating my condom-covered cock. This was the first time she had touched me, and the feel of yet another hand on my prick was electrifying. I knew, of course, what was to come next, and I was impatient to get it.

“You know I like to hear it too, Jason. It’s your turn now. Tell me what you want.” I said as I moved behind him, the end of my dick brushing against his low-hanging balls.

“Fuck me…I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want to know what it felt like when I fucked you…give it all to me, bud…give it to me now!” Jason said as his hands reached back to his own ass cheeks and spread them apart wide. Sarah quickly removed the camera from the tripod and took aim at her mate’s waiting hole.

Despite Sarah’s work at preparing his ass for me, Jason was still very tight and his brown-eye resisted my entrance. I encouraged him to relax and push out as I pressed my cock head firmly against his hole. As I gently increased the pressure, Jason’s rosebud finally relented, and the head of my prick slid into his firm ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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