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Cheating In Tights
Polly schemes against and cheats on ‘her’ boyfriend with his mature boss.

My legs looked immaculate in my layered fishnet tights. I couldn’t wait to show my lover. I arrived at the meeting point in the car park early, so I could freshen up. I took my phone and called Kev. I told him exactly where and what time to meet me. Kev then started talking some crap about his mean boss, Mr. Boston. I rolled my eyes and told him I really had to go and I would see him, as arranged. I said I had a special birthday surprise for him. I hung up. Just then car arrived on the other side of the quiet car park. I smiled and checked my makeup and put another extra layer of lip gloss over my lipstick. I then fixed my bobbed wig onto my head and stepped out. The heels clicked on the tarmac as I walked to the other car. My skirt was so tight, pressing my nylon knees together. I knocked on the window and smiled. Boston opened the door. I put my arms around and settled into a slow passionate kiss for about twenty minutes. I then put my head on his shoulder as he caressed my legs in my black glossy tights. ‘So you told him, then?’ said Boston. ‘He’ll be there,’ I said. I put my hands on his shoulders. I looked at him devotedly and said.
‘It really means a lot, that you would do this for me.’
‘Anything for you,’ he said. ‘You don’t have to get involved though,’ he said. ‘Oh I do, believe me. I want to be there. I want to watch. Oh Boston, my darling, I really want to show you how much I hate that shithead. I want him to see how much I love you. I want him to see all the things I’m prepared to do to show how deep my delicious lust goes. Oh darling!’
‘You’re a special nasty gurl,’ he said. I smiled and bit my lip. I looked into his eyes and followed their movements. ‘I can’t wait to show you how nasty I am.’ I moved in, opened my mouth and we kissed deeply and passionately. My smooth lips, massaged his mature lips. I closed my eyes and tilted my head, as I sensually kissed Boston for ages, in the quiet of the car. For the rest of the evening I contentedly let him finger my arsehole through my tights and panties.

A couple of evenings later, in my bedroom, Boston was bent over, facing the mirror in the tightest glossiest tights covering his legs and chest. The glisten of his sweat oozed through his skin tight shiny pewter mask, as he slowly panted. I made his fat arse wobble as I plunged my strapon up him. I was in my shiny white opaque tights under my royal blue leotard. His arse swished and slapped as I pumped him. ‘How do you like that? How do you like being fucked in skin tight glossy tights, you pig!’
‘Oh Polly, it’s so right, it’s so tight! I love tights! Oh I love tights!’
I could feel the stretch of my leotard against my arse with every back and forth movement.
‘Yeah, oh yeah!’ I panted in determination. ‘You know you’ll never refuse me anything because only I can give you want you truly want. Take it! Take it, you fat fucking pervert!’ I seethed and made the most hysterical expressions in the mirror. I’d never been more determined in all my life to fuck anyone as hard as I was fucking Boston. My silver open toe heels gave my legs and arse a particularly slutty lift as I pumped and pumped.
‘Tights, tights, tights!’ he yelled.
‘Tights, tights, tights!’ I cried in lustful complicity.

What made this situation kurtköy escort bayan sweeter, were Boston’s thugs. They had waited for my boyfriend, Kev to arrive, gave him a few slaps, encased him in pantyhose and tied him to a chair, before filing him. Boston and I stepped into the room in our dressing gowns, after his thugs left. Without a word we leant our heads close to Kev’s eyes and shared a deep, moist kiss. I then smiled as I proudly let my dressing my dressing gown drop, revealing my body in a skin tight pristine blue leotard and shiny high gloss white opaque tights. I grinned as I put the strapon over my leotard. Boston took off his gown, revealing his body encased from his chest to toes, in shimmery gold pantyhose. I then encased Boston’s face in a shimmering stocking. Boston then dutifully bent his wide gleaming hosed arse over, and almost in a voice of shame, declared ‘Fuck me.’
The friction from the dildo and the small hole in Boston’s shimmery tights made a squelching sound as I slapped my Lycra hips against his arse. ‘Look at you! You’re actually encased in my smelly tights! I know what you want more than anyone has ever known,’ I seethed. ‘And I’m going to give it to you, Boston. I’m really fucking going to let you have it.’ I looked over my shoulder at Kev, and smiled sweetly. ‘Enjoying the show, are you? Can you see what he means to me, Kev? Didn’t it ever fucking occur to you for one minute that I used you for your money? Couldn’t you see how you bored me shitless, with your unfunny jokes, and dull whinging?’
Boston panted. He could barely get the words out. I banged him faster and faster. ‘Sit on my face! Sit on my face, please!’ he yelled.
‘You better believe it, you fat pig! You’re going to smell my lust, darling! My pantyhose lust! Oh yeah! You fucking want it, yeah?’ I giggled, sometimes, glancing knowingly at Kev.
I beamed through my slutty makeup as our nylon bodies clashed. None of the other residents had a fucking clue what we were doing. Boston’s tight nylon head shimmered in the light. His distorted face was trying to process the anticipation. I slowly withdrew the strapon, took it off and asked him to face me. I squatted down, and looked at Kev, as I massaged Boston’s hard prick, glistening through his tights.
‘Fuck your dick is so big! You see Kev, this is what a real man’s dick looks like, not some loser’s scrawny semi-pisser on a grainy profile pic. It’s a fucking steel shaft encased in shimmering pantyhose! This cock shimmers!’ my eyes twinkled. I fixed Kev with another look of derision. ‘Not long after I started at the company, we went on that work’s cycling weekend. I couldn’t wait to wear my tight cycling shorts, and ride ahead of Boston, knowing he was staring at my arse, as the saddle creaked. As soon as I saw his packed lycra crotch I wanted him. I flirted with him all day. For the first time that weekend I could see how everyone hated you. I’d never been so ashamed. That evening while you were in the bar with the others, losing all your money at cards, I was with Boston, in his room. In that tight spandex mini dress, and shiny chrome tights, I got you to buy for me. I asked Boston he could see my pretty panty line. We were kissing Boston for ages, while he stroked the panty line through my dress. I didn’t give any thought to you at all,’ I laughed.

Boston’s kartal escort bayan cock was so fucking big. I pressed my lips against his crotch and placed soft delicate kisses on his shaft. I placed my nose under his encased balls and looked up with wide eyes. I sniffed his musty tights, as I caressed his thick shimmery thighs. I took Boston’s encased cock and wanked him into my mouth. I didn’t once take my eyes from his as I sucked his bulbous, shiny knob. Kev couldn’t be under any illusion to who I was really devoted to. ‘I really couldn’t give a silent fart for you,’ I winked at Kev, before bobbing my head on Boston’s hard prick. ‘Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being dressed in a leotard and tights for older men and doing nasty things with them.’ I pulled the waistband to his tights down and swallowed his hard naked prick. I felt my cheeks bulging as I noisily sucked, making ‘om om’ sounds.
I still recalled the quiet, sultry evenings after work, with no other sound but the office clock ticking, having told Kev I was working late. How I would hang up the phone, smile secretly, smooth my expensive, immaculate black tights over my legs, step into some heels and a high-waist short skirt and put makeup on. I’ve always enjoyed the anticipation of dressing this way for another man, especially when cheating. I’d smile as I dropped a wig on my head and carefully stepped over to Boston, tell him how I loved him and we’d kiss long, deep and slowly, long into the night. There was I, pretty Polly on his lap, with my arms around his neck, smiling and whispering sweet little nasty nothings to my darling. And I’d kiss him slowly, my eyes closed in concentration. I’d put my head and his shoulder and smile a sweet sissy smile as we held hands. Sometimes I’d prance around the office, swaying my hips and sing sissy praises to him. Then I would squat over his chest and smile as I wanked and sucked his cock through his leotard, until he shamelessly spunked in my honour. I’d lie in his arms and smile sweetly. Monday mornings were always fun when my friends asked me what I did on the weekend. ‘Nothing special,’ I would reply.
I fixed Boston with an intense stare. ‘You know I’m going to sit on your face.’ Boston was close to filling my sensuous mouth with his cream. I smiled and got to my feet. Boston took me in his arms and parted my lips with his nylon mouth. It was so passionate that my wig slipped a little to one side. I broke off and caressed his glossy chest with my hands. ‘Oh my hunk! I want you to lie down.’ I watched Boston sway his tight, fat shiny arse to the bed and lie down. On the dresser was a box he had brought. I bit my lip as I took the lid off. Inside were piles of his wife’s rolled up panties and tights. I smirked as I took off my leotard, revealing my white satin padded bra and grabbed a few handfuls of his wife’s used knickers and tights and pushed them down the back of my shimmering white opaque tights. I looked in the mirror, ever so fascinated at the glimmering misshapen bulges, feeling and fingering the soft shapes. ‘Oh my! I hope they stink, dear,’ I whispered, looking knowingly at Kev.

I crawled onto the bed and lay on top of Boston. We kissed as he felt my tight arse. ‘I can’t wait,’ he smiled. ‘Neither can I,’ I whispered. I shifted myself off him, turned around and squatted over kaynarca escort bayan his face. ‘Do you like the way your wife’s smelly panties stretch my tights?’ I said, feeling my arse. ‘It’s so tight! Look at how the light catches the sheen!’ I looked over my shoulder and sighed. Boston smoothed his hands over my shiny bulges and admired them in awe. His cock was rock, rock hard. I placed my arse carefully on his face and felt him sniff and kiss my bulging pantyhose through his stocking mask. His compressed nose was nestled right amongst my smelly compressed bulges. I gently bobbed and rocked, making the bed creak as he sniffed and kissed his wife’s used tights through my opaque pantyhose, which he could partially see through. ‘Oh Boston! My darling Boston! Sniff my arse! I’m your naughty, nasty gurl! I always was! Oh my Boston! Chew your wife’s used luxury panties through my sweaty tights!’ Boston chewed and sniffed my shiny compressed bulge though my lycra. ‘Tell me how delicious it is!’ Boston chewed and moaned through his tight nylon mask. ‘Oh Polly! My pretty Polly! I love you, Polly.’
Boston filled his tights with a few jets of hot spunk. An old hunky man, my boss, had filled his tights with spunk, totally lost control all because I had squatted over his face, made him sniff the stuffed panties and tights of the wife he was betraying, all in front of the man I was betraying. I cuddled up to him and said ‘How did you like that, my man?’ He was still recovering. His heart had been beating so fast. ‘Oh Boston, dear?’ I said sweetly. ‘There’s something I want you to do for me.’
My heart was beating in anticipation, as I lay there with my wide open eyes, as I looked at Boston’s fat arse stretch his tights over me. I could the massive bulge of his wife’s tights and panties, maybe fifty pairs, through the nylon. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the strong musty smell didn’t drive me crazy. ‘You’re the only one for me,’ I breathed. I had allowed, even begged this fat old man to sit on my mouth. My eyes sparkled in happiness as I sucked, kissed and licked the soft, shiny panties and pantyhose, bulging from the back of Boston’s tights. This was so deliciously strange but erotic. I also must have looked carefully fascinated as I caressed and kissed his arse like this. What made it more special and made me happier still, was that Kev was watching. But there was more to come. I smiled as I paused and stretched a tight shiny stocking over my face. After we shared a nylon on nylon kiss, Boston then put his full weight on my head and ground his arse over my sweet, nylon face, softly crushing my nose, as it tried to search for his arsehole, among the crushed panties and wall of nylon. I couldn’t take much more. Oh! After about twenty minutes Boston removed a few pairs of panties from the seat of his tights and we stuffed them under our nylon masks, so we could really have a deep sniff. Boston then lay on top of me and we attempted to kiss through our bulging stocking masks. ‘Oh my darling!’ I cried. ‘I wish you were my husband,’ I called out, as I liberally piped my hot cream in my tights.
As we recovered I slowly peeled his and my mask off and curled into his arms. My hands linked and played with his as we planned a shopping trip and holiday. He even said how he’d leave his wife for me but I convinced him not to. ‘Why not?’ he said.
‘Well,’ I smiled, eyeing Kev, who was still tied up, ‘why take the fun out of cheating?’ I winked.
‘You dirty sissy,’ said Boston.
‘Obviously,’ I said. ‘Why else would you be with me?’
We laughed, before falling into another slow kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32