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Suddenly, he was started from his sleep. Breathing slightly heavily, Christian rubbed a hand across his eyes and glanced at his bedside radio. It was only 5am, far too early to get up. Irritated, he scrubbed at his hair then lay back down again. He tried to remember his dream, the one that had awaked him, but it was no use. It was already slipping away from the grasp of his mind. Concentrating, he tried to grab at the last tendrils of it but it dropped out of his reach and out of his memory. All he could remember was a feeling of loneliness and quiet despair. Sighing he rolled over, and slowly fell back into a deep sleep. This wasn’t the first time he had had this dream, he often woke up like this, nearly every morning at this time, feeling his resounding loneliness bearing down on him harder than ever before.

Cursing loudly at having overslept, Christian leapt down the stairs in his flat block three at a time hoping beyond hope that the bus was late this morning. Crashing out of the front door he spotted the bus rounding the street corner, turning towards the bus stop. Slamming the door behind him, Christian spirited across the 200 yards to the bus stop, making it just in time. Gasping for breathe; he sank down into his seat clutching his ticket and thanking god that he wouldn’t be late for work again. Christian worked in one of the few remaining steel works in his area. The work was hard, long and poorly paid, but it was enough to pay for his rent and food. Christian knew that one day soon the whole plant would be closed down and moved someplace else, and he and around 600 other people would be out of a job, but until then he was happy working there.

The loud roar of the machinery made it difficult for the workers to talk but occasionally there would a gap in the noise that would instantly be filled with the shouting of men, calling out to friends, laughing, joking, asking about the upcoming weekend, making plans to meet up for drinks, dinner, and other social activities common to the average male. Christian gladly joined in with the ruckus, he didn’t have many friends but he liked his work mates and felt at ease around them. They knew what he was and didn’t judge him upon it, instead including him in everything that they said and did.

“Hey! Chris! You wanna come to the ‘Boar’ with us tonight? Darts tournament tonight!” Yelled Alex, a close friend of Christian’s.

Laughing Christian shook his head, “No thanks mate, I’m off down town tonight!”

“You off looking for another man Chris?!” Yelled another bloke. “Why do that when you could have me!” He struck up a pose by his machine, causing everyone to shout with laughter and Christian to yell back, “If I had known that you wanted me that much Mike then I would have lured you into bed years ago!” Causing the men around him to hoot at Mike, who was standing there a little sheepishly. Winking at him, Christian went back to his work as the roar of the machinery began again.

Later on that day Christian and Alex were walking out of work together talking about the up-coming weekend. “Why do you hang around all those seedy places Chris?” asked Alex. “You know that all you find there are blokes who just want a quick fuck then they leave you heart broken after a few weeks.”

“You didn’t.” Replied Christian, glancing at his friend.

Alex shrugged, “Yeah, well, I’m your mate Chris and mates don’t desert each other. Even if they did have a quick fumble when we were kids.”

They were silent for a few steps.

“How’s Shelly doing?” Asked Christian, changing the subject.

“She’s ok, I guess. Took me to meet the parents a few weeks ago. Did I tell you about that? Scared the shit out of me!” said Alex

“Why?” Chuckled Christian.

“Her bloody mother came on to me!” Exclaimed Alex dramatically.

Laughing Christian shook his head, “I remember a time you wouldn’t have minded that happening.”

“Believe me mate, I still don’t but come on! The woman is in her fifties for crying out loud! And she’s sagging all over the place!”

Christian burst into peels of laughter.

“Yeah that’s it, laugh your head off you bastard. I’d like to see how casino siteleri you would come if you’re boyfriends dad came onto you!” laughed Alex.

“Well, you never know, he might be really fit!” Said Christian giggling and winking at Alex. Alex threw back his head and laughed loudly.

“Anyway mate, I’ll see you sometime over the weekend ok? I’ll give you a call.” Said Alex as he headed off to his car. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do mate!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t!” Shouted back Christian, waving as his friend walked off. Sighing, he went to wait for the bus.

Later on that evening Christian sat nursing a rapidly warming Guinness as he watched the typical Friday night scene unfold before him. There were the regular trannies, the regular gay and bi guys, and the regular straight guys who weren’t really sure what they were doing there but weren’t making any attempt to leave. He watched as the usual one night stand guys picked up their chosen ones for a nights worth of fucking, to be discarded in the morning. He watched as the few couples in the place left after being harassed by bi-curious guys just wanting to watch two guys fuck each other. He watched it all as he drank one, then two, three, then lost count of the number of pints he had had that evening. His head was feeling fairly muggy when he felt a warm hand on his thigh. Frowning he looked down at the hand, and then followed it up to the arm, along the arm until he finally reached a face. The face swam in and out of focus for a few seconds then his head cleared and he saw that it was only Nate; a man he had wanted but had never thought would want a bloke like him.

“Hey man, what’s up?” asked Nate, with a big grin on his face. Nate was gorgeous. There was no two ways about it. His skin was a rich coffee colour, his eyes so dark that they were almost black and his teeth were so white they practically shone in the dark by themselves. Nate wasn’t very tall, but he was broad across the shoulders and very muscular, and gave an underlying sense of power as he moved. His movements were fluid like and almost graceful.

“Nothing yet Nate, but chances are my dinner will be soon though.” Groaned Christian as he sunk his head down into his arms as the drink suddenly caught up with him.

“Shit man, how much have you had to drink?” Said Nate as he sat down next to him.

“Too much.” Groaned Christian.

“Chris? Hey your name is Chris right?”

“Christian” mumbled Christian.

“Christian, look man, I don’t wanna make you feel worse or anything, but…”

“But what Nate? Spit it out I can’t handle anything too difficult right now” moaned Christian.

“Hah, well, Listen Christian man, basically, I want you.” Said Nate looking down at the huddled over form of Christian.

“Wha…?” Said Christian as he raised his head to look at Nate.

“Yeah man, I want you. I’ve been watching you a long time man. You wanna come back to mine tonight?” Nate gave him a smouldering look. “I’ve got more beer at home man and a huge bed that needs filling…” He left the sentence hanging.

“Hmm…erm….oh. I don’t know. Shit mate, why did you have to ask me right now? Couldn’t you have asked me half an hour ago? When I was more sober?” Christian clutched at his head to stop the room spinning.

“Nah man, I couldn’t. Had to work up my courage innit. Listen Christian,” he bent his head down to whisper in Christian’s ear. “I’ve seen you in here every weekend for the last two years. I wanted to fuck you the first time you walked in, all shy and innocent of this nasty world called life, but you always picked the pussy boys, the boys who fucked you once then walked the next day. I want to fuck you real bad, man. And I want to do it tonight.”

Christian took a deep breathe, “Ok then, lets do it.”

“You serious man?” Asked Nate, looking at Christian’s face. “Alright. Jus let me grab my jacket then we’re outta here.”

Christian watched him go then come back. His mind was slowly yet surely fogging up with the comforting haze of alcohol and he was going home with a virtual stranger. He shook his head, trying to clear it, and then Nate appeared next to him.

“Come slot oyna on man, let’s go.”

Christian had no further memory of the night. He woke up lying in a huge king sized bed by himself. The sunlight was streaming in through the open curtains and was almost unbearably bright. He sat up and looked around him. He was in a large bedroom, with a bed side table, a dresser with a TV on it in one corner of the room and a built in wardrobe in the other. The bed sheets were a clean crisp white that reflected the sunlight and the walls were a pale yellow. Suddenly Nate walked in carrying two cups of coffee. Smiling at Christian he put down one cup on the bedside table and then sat on the edge of the bed with one leg tucked under him to drink his own cup.

“I thought you were gonna sleep all day man.” He said, taking a sip of coffee.

“What happened last night?” Asked Christian. “I can remember talking to you at the bar, then putting on my coat to come home with you but everything after that is a blank.”

“Shit man, you seriously don’t remember?”

Christian shook his head.

Nate took another sip of coffee, “Well, we got about halfway back here before you starting puking everywhere, and then you kinda collapsed. I didn’t think it was a good idea to leave you lying in the street in a pool of your own vomit and I don’t know where your place is so I jus brought you back here.”

“Did we do…anything…last night?” Asked Christian.

“No man, you were too fucked up for anything. We just lay in bed together because there’s no way I’d fit onto my sofa!”

“Erm….where is here by the way?”

“District Gardens.” Replied Nate. Christian stared at him in shock. “What? Why you looking at me like that? You think that jus because I speak like a nigger, dress like one and hang out in shitty lil holes like that, that I don’t have a good job and no money?”

“No, it’s just… Well. I don’t know what I was expecting. All I know is that this is the richest side of town, so you tell me what I should think Nate because my head is still spinning and I know if I don’t find a bathroom soon I’m gonna have a serious accident.”

Grinning at him Nate pointed out into the hall. “It’s out there on your left, can’t miss it. Doors open on it all the time since I got no one else in here to watch me shit or piss.”

“Thanks” murmured Christian as he swung his legs out of the bed. He stood up; the sat back down quickly and pulled the duvet back over his exposed groin.

“What’s wrong man?”

“Nothing, erm. Where are my clothes?”

“In the wash man. You puked all down them so I had to wash them. Don’t worry you can borrow some of mine today if you want.”

“Just a pair of underwear would be ok for now Nate, please.”

“Sure no problem man.” Nate tossed a pair of boxers onto the bed for Christian. “Might be a bit big but I don’t mind seeing your ass Christian. Fucking gorgeous ass if you ask me.” He grinned as Christian pulled them on. His grin broadened as the boxers slid down Christian’s hips until the sat just above his cock and rested only just on his ass.

Blushing Christian quickly scuttled to the bathroom and relieved his achingly full bladder. Walking back into the bedroom, he saw that Nate had discarded his joggers and tank top and was lounging in the bed, watching the television. Christian stared at him for a moment before mentally shaking himself.

“Hey Nate, can I just borrow your phone for a minute? Just wanna call my mate and let him know that I’m ok.”

Nate looked at him, “You mean your boyfriend don’t you.”

“No my friend. He’s got a girlfriend. He just worries about me, mainly because his girl worries about me for some reason.”

“Sure, go ahead. It’s in the living room.”

Christian quickly tapped in Alex’s number and waited for his friend to pick up.

“Hello?” Came Alex’s sleepy voice down the line.

“Hey Alex, it’s me.”

“Shit Chris, what ya doing calling me so early?”

“Don’t give me that crap Alex,” said Christian. “You’ll never guess where I am right now.”

“Ok, I give up, tell me”

“District Gardens. With Nate Richards.”

“Chris, canlı casino siteleri fuck off and stop telling stories. Everyone knows that Nate Richards is a fucking whore. What the hell are you doing at his place?”

“I’m not really sure but I know he must have carried me most of the way.”

“What the…? Carried you? Why?”

“I got myself pissed last night, proper fucked to high heaven Alex. And he came onto me. I thought it would be a good idea at the time to come home with him for some fuck fun but I ended up puking all over the place and passing out so nothing happened.”

“Not yet at least” Remarked Alex.

Christian giggled. “I wouldn’t mind something happening, now that my head has cleared up.”

“You fucking whore Christian.”

“I love you too Alex.”

“Screw you.” Replied Alex. “Just don’t get hurt ok?”

“I won’t. See ya”

“See ya”

Christian walked back into the bedroom and then stood leaning against the door frame watching Nate just lying there with his hands behind his head, his biceps bulging.

“Are you jus gonna stand there or are you gonna come back to bed?” Nate suddenly asked without turning his head. Christian quickly climbed into the huge bed and sat next to Nate. Suddenly Nate’s arm slipped around his shoulders and pulled him down against his chest. Christian found himself lying against Nate’s chest, his head resting just above his right nipple. Carefully, Christian wriggled his body around so that he was lying more comfortably against Nate, and then slid his arm across Nate’s smooth chest until he was hugging him. His legs lay limply next to him. Not satisfied with this, Nate reached down and pulled Christian’s right leg over his own leg so that Christian was effectively draped over him.

“Much better.” He smiled down at Christian as he hugged him closer to him.

They lay there in silence at first, just watching the Saturday morning shows on the TV. Then Nate’s hand began to move across Christian’s back. Christian just lay there, enjoying the sensation of Nate’s large smooth palm caressing the cool skin of his back. His fingers traced a pattern down his back, then back up again along the line of his spine, pressing gently, causing Christian to wriggle against him. Suddenly Nate hit Christian’s ticklish spot. Christian gasped loudly and wriggled more strongly against Nate’s body. Nate grinned down at him, and began to tickle him properly. Christian tried to stay still, tried not to squeal at the wicked sensations but he couldn’t help himself. He was soon rolling all over the bed shrieking with laughter as Nate tickled his sides until tears streamed down his face. Suddenly Nate stopped and sat back. He was now sitting astride Christian’s legs. Christian collapsed back on to the bed and lay there panting.

“You evil bastard Nate.” He panted, looking up at Nate.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it babe.” Grinned Nate. “And don’t try it on me because I’m not ticklish.”

Christian groaned, and dropped his gaze. His eyes fell onto Nate’s groin and stopped there. He lay there staring at the bulge of Nate’s cock, the very tip of it peeping out of the slit in his boxers. It was one of the most erotic sights Christian had ever seen, and he longed to touch it, to slide back the thin material to reveal the hidden treasure of Nate Richards cock. Suddenly he grinned and looked up at Nate; Nate was still looking at him just lying there between his thighs. Christian’s grin broadened as a wicked thought entered his mind.

“I might not be able to tickle you but I bet I know something else that’ll make you jump!” And with that he latched his warm hand around the bulge of Nate’s cock and began to slowly squeeze and release it. Nate stiffened slightly and groaned loudly.

“Shit man! Don’t do that! No, no, no…Oh god. Shit. Don’t you dare stop. Oh man, oh god.” Moaned Nate as Christian expertly masturbated his hard cock through the thin material of his boxers. “Fuck it Christian. I didn’t want to fuck you just yet but I can’t help it. I need to fuck you so bad man. I need to feel your mouth around my cock man. Please.”

Christian gave him a slow lazy smile and quickened his hand movements a little. Nate growled deep in his throat and grasped Christian’s hand to stop him. “Let me take my shorts off babe, and then we can really get to business.”

To be continued….

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32