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Jane rose from the sofa and went to pick up her discarded dress and bra. Even in the afterglow of her passion she still found the need to keep her house neat and tidy and it seemed strange to watch her perform such an everyday task as she walked into the kitchen and deposited the clothes into the washing basket before returning to the lounge.

I watched in silence as she walked back through the door wearing only those sexy lacy panties that still showed so clearly the effects of those three orgasms. She gazed at me with a smile of satisfaction that meant so much to us both. This was a very sexy lady who, for far too long, had been denied the ability to display that sexuality. Now she clearly meant to make up for lost time as she took my hand and led me down the corridor to the flight of stairs that led up to the first floor. Not a word was spoken as we slowly took a step at a time up the stairs. I could sense from her hand that she was still trembling and that the after-effects of her orgasms were still coursing through her body.

Jane led the way into a large bedroom and it became evident that the events of the past half-hour had not been a spur of the moment thing. The blinds were already drawn although the windows were clearly open as I felt the soft cool breeze against my open-shirted chest. Although it was daylight a lamp shone its soft and seductive glow across the large bed, which had its sheets, turned back in anticipation. The fragrance of fresh flowers filled the room. Jane pressed a button at the side of the bed and soft romantic music began to play. The ambiance was perfect and I could see that Jane had left nothing to chance in her desire to make our afternoon delight as arousing and romantic as possible.

“I wondered how long it would be before you finally got to see my bedroom” Jane uttered seductively.

“You only had to ask” I replied. I was trying to think of something more appropriate to say but my mind was racing at the sight of Jane’s beautiful tits with the nipples still so enlarged and the crotch of her panties, which seemed to be getting wetter every minute. Her mind was clearly still in orgasm mode.

“Push the door to and come here,” Jane commanded in a tone that hinted that she was about to take charge. I had always dreamt of being with a woman who took the initiative and it looked as if this might be the day when my fantasies were realised. My wife had always played the subservient role — when she chose to play any role at all — and so it felt exciting and very arousing to seem to be the object of a beautiful woman’s desires.

I did as I was told to do and soon stood before Jane. Her closeness had stirred my previously semi-hard cock into a throbbing rock and as she spoke that throbbing intensified.

“I am going to undress you — slowly. ” Jane stated in a very matter of fact way “And you are not allowed to touch”. Jane laughed as a she saw the torment she had created within me. “I think you have touched enough for the moment” she laughed” Now it is my turn!”

My tie was already awry from our earlier illegal bahis pleasures and my shirt already unbuttoned but still on my shoulders. Jane slowly released the knot on my tie and removed it before taking the tie and holding one end in each hand she began to run it back and forward between her legs. The tie rubbed against her crotch and the lace from her panties was clearly being pushed against her still-swollen pussy lips as the look in her eyes showed that another orgasm would not be too far away. At least if I was allowed to get my hands on her.

But for now she was in charge and I found that a wonderful but, at the same time, very frustrating thought. I longed to push her back onto the bed, rip her sodden panties from her and give her the fucking we both craved so much. But I suppose we both knew that it was only a matter of time before that happened and Jane had other ideas first.

My tie was soon thrown aside as Jane started to slide my shirt from my shoulders. She moved her mouth close to mine but as I moved to kiss her she backed away to tease me. From the smile on her face I could see that she was enjoying this and I got the impression that she had played this game before. Her late husband had clearly been a very lucky man. But now Jane’s expertise as a tease was focussed solely on me and I was determined to enjoy every second of the experience.

My shirt was now off and on the floor and Jane had started to run her fingers through the hairs on my chest.

“I have always loved hairy chests,” Jane purred as her fingers and then tongue ran through them. My cock was so hard in my trousers that it was straining for release. Then she did something I had always dreamed of a woman doing to me but had never experienced. She started to nibble very gently on my nipples, which caused deep sighs and moans to express themselves from my lips. Clearly encouraged by the sounds Jane started to nibble harder and more firmly. The moans got deeper and I felt the need to do something with my hands.

Jane had told me not to touch her. But no mention had been made of touching myself and soon both my hands were engaged in rubbing the bulge in the front of my trousers. It felt so hard and so in need of attention that I was about to pull down my zip and pleasure myself when Jane removed her lips from my left nipple, smacked my hands and stated in no uncertain terms “Stop it!! – That’s my job — just you leave it alone — I will get to it when I am good and ready!”

There was a determination in her voice that told me that Jane was not in a mood to be contradicted and so I moved my hands behind my back.

“That’s a good boy — I like a man who does as he is told,” laughed Jane in a way that left me in no doubt that she was a lady who was used to getting what she wanted. And right now she clearly wanted me. That was fine by me.

Jane started to lower her body down and was soon kneeling before me. As I looked downwards her tits seemed even better than before. Tanned from her topless sunbathing whilst on the Mediterranean and yet still illegal bahis siteleri taut and firm for her years. I was tempted to run my fingers through her hair but was reminded of my instructions. I did not want to do anything to spoil the moment.

Jane started by removing my shoes and socks and then she started to slowly unfasten my belt and undo the fastening at the top of my trousers. My cock was harder than I could ever remember and it longed to be freed from its confines. Soon my trousers had fallen to the floor and with a little help from me they were soon removed and thrown into the corner of the room.

Jane looked up at me as her right hand started to gently rub the front of my boxers. The eye contact was amazing. There was electricity that I had always felt with her but at this moment on a completely different level.

“Is this what you were trying to do?” Jane said as she stroked my hidden cock a little harder. I had no time to answer as she took a finger from each hand, hooked them around the waistband of my boxers and in a flash they were around my ankles.

“My” she drooled “I have often thought about your cock John. Often imagined us together — especially lately. But the real thing is even better than I could have imagined”. Saying this she took a firm but gentle grip of my erect shaft and started to very slowly run her long fingers up and down its length.

I am not sure where my mind was but it was definitely not on any figures — except the figure, which presently knelt before me.

Jane was clearly an expert at her craft and it felt so good to be in the hands of an expert as she continued to caress my shaft with her right hand whilst tickling my thighs with the manicured nails on her left hand. Next she was kissing and nibbling at my thighs whilst her right hand never left my cock.

Jane bent lower and I could feel her tongue licking my balls and as I moaned my approval they had found their way into her mouth and were being gently sucked and licked.

“Oh my God Jane — that is amazing. Please don’t stop. That feels so good”

She looked up and our eyes met again. I am not sure if her eyes were full of love or whether it was just plain lust but at that moment I did not care. I wanted her so badly. In every possible way.

As Jane’s gaze lowered from mine it was clearly the sign for her to enter the next area of her seduction. My balls ached to shoot my creamy white cum everywhere and Jane clearly sensed that as she started to lick the end of my cock before slowly sliding her mouth over the head. Her lips felt like silk against my cock and as she started to slide her lips up and down my shaft I felt the need to get more vocal.

“Jane that feels so good darling. I don’t know how long I can last with your horny lips all over my cock. I hope you won’t mind me cumming in your mouth.”

Jane removed my cock from her mouth momentarily and from her words I could see she was getting as turned on as me.

“I love your big, hard cock John. Sucking you is making me so hot that I have to canlı bahis siteleri play with my pussy.”

As she returned my cock to her mouth I looked down and saw that her hand had disappeared down the front of her panties and was moving in a way that clearly indicated that at least one finger was buried inside her.

Jane’s technique was amazing. She kept taking me to the edge of orgasm and yet just at the point of no return she seemed to know just where to suck and touch me to release the pressure and let it start to re-build.

Jane’s right hand was buried deep inside her panties but the left had found its way behind me and was starting to gently finger my ass. Those long manicured nails were working there magic back there and I knew that the next time my senses started to rise I would not be able to contain myself any longer. Even Jane’s expertise could only do so much and I knew that it would not be long before I had to shoot my load inside Jane’s super sensitive mouth.

A finger was sliding into my ass now and starting to push against my prostate in a way that made me shout out Jane’s name and tell her what I was going to do to her when I finally got her into that large bed behind us. This only served to speed up her sucking and soon the hand had been removed from her panties and was playing with my balls and stroking my shaft.

Jane obviously realised how close I was and wanted to concentrate on my pleasure, knowing her own could wait.

I felt the surges from deep within me. I wondered if I should warn Jane and yet I sensed she was totally in control of the situation and knew exactly what was about to happen.

As I started to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth I felt the first signs of what was to come as my first jet of hot cum shot against the back of Jane’s throat. Then another and another until I lost count. Jane’s grip on my cock and balls got firmer as she started to milk every last drop from them as her tongue and lips devoured it eagerly.

Not a drop was going to waste as she licked and sucked on my cock and balls as my erection started to subside.

Jane looked up at me with a look that told me there was much more in store.

“I think I need to spend a little time in the shower,” she said. “Those linen bed-sheets are clean on this morning and I want to feel them fresh and cool on my skin when you make love to me” Somehow Jane’s words sounded more like a command than a request but who was I to disappoint her.

“Let me just call the office and tell them I have been delayed” I said as Jane rose to her feet and set off towards the en-suite shower room.

“Yes you better had. I haven’t done with you just yet,” she laughed.

I took out my mobile phone, called the office and made my excuses for the rest of the afternoon and then turned to follow Jane towards the shower.

My cock was already starting to harden again at the thought of soon being under that hot water with a sexy naked lady as we soaped one another all over and used it as a round of foreplay for what was to follow.

I had still not felt my cock deep inside Jane’s velvet pussy but we both knew that it was not a matter of if I would fuck her, merely one of when and how often. I sensed Jane was still in need of me badly and I knew I was ready for the task ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32