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I lay peacefully with my head along Evan’s tree-trunk like thigh as Frank tugged at his belt as he made his way towards us. He abruptly stopped in mid-stride and his eyes widened as he looked down at us.

“Fuck! Look at you guys!” he exclaimed.

We must have been something to see. We were both a mess of sweat, saliva and cum. We were both glistening with sweat from our mutual effort and cum was leaking out of my asshole and down my legs. My face must have looked like a glazed donut with a mixture of both our semen and saliva. Our cocks looked swollen and brutalized, as if they’d been in a war (which in a way, they had). Evan had shining trails of my saliva where I had licked the spent cum off his body as best as I could. There were the remnants of lube sticking to us everywhere. All around……evidence of a pretty erotic encounter!

“Jesus Evan, what a mess! How many loads is that already?”

“There’s two of mine and one of his,” Evan said with a proud smile as he reached down and playfully rubbed a hand through my hair. “So far that is. I’m not done with your boy just yet.”

Frank smiled down as he looked at Evan, then let his gaze run fully over me lying blissfully spent between Evan’s thighs, and then back to Evan before he spoke, “Okay you assholes, hit the showers. Get yourselves cleaned up and then we’ll be ready to fill both his holes at the same time.” Frank turned on his heel and left the room.

At his command I rose on wobbly legs and squeezed my pink hole tightly as I felt Evan’s load slide down within me. The robe clung to me with the accumulation of bodily fluids that caused it to adhere to my skin. I watched as Evan got up from the chair and bent to pick up his scattered clothes. His ass was tremendous, like two hard beach balls curving out from the base of his muscular back. He gathered his clothes and turned to me. I shuttered with trepidation as I looked up from within the shadow of this tremendous 6′-6″ hunk. He drew back his arm and gave my ass a firm swat thru the robe.

“Let’s go kid,” he said as gave me a soft shove towards the door. As I stepped forward I felt a gob of his semen leak out of my stretched hole and start to run down the inside of my thigh. I carefully led the way upstairs, intent on clenching my hole to keep to creamy baby batter within me.

Frank had already made his way to the bedroom area ahead of us and Evan followed me up with one of his large mitts caressing my ass thru the silky fabric of the robe. I heard the shower running and looking into the en-suite I could see that Frank had started both ends going. He came back into the bedroom and drew his shirt off over his head and started undoing his jeans. Obviously he was going to be joining us. My eyes roamed with lust over his masculine chest. I watched his muscles move gracefully yet powerfully beneath his skin as he took off the rest of his clothes. His mighty penis had thickened somewhat and stood out heavy and full, hanging just below horizontal. Although Evan’s dick was longer, I was totally in love with Frank’s cock. The scale of it was perfect; the massive thickness combined with the intimidating length made it a truly god-like weapon of absolute perfection.

Evan dropped his clothes on the back of the easy chair and made his way into the shower stall, his large body taking up a considerable portion of room within the oversized stall. I saw him duck his head under the pounding spray and let it wash over his shaved head.

“Let’s go kid.” Frank’s words snapped me out of my trance and I slipped off the robe and hung it back on the hook as he waited to lead me into the shower. He put his large hand around my shoulder as he guided me into the stall. He moved passed me to take his place under the other shower head and plunged his head under the spray. I was in the middle between these two incredible specimens of manliness and flicked my eyes from one to the other as I watched the soothing spray run down their magnificent bodies.

“Hey Frank, I’ve gotta take a piss. Does your boy here……”

“Absolutely,” said Frank cutting off Evan’s question. “C’mon kid, it’s that time again.” Frank looked at me and nodded towards the shower floor. I sank to my knees as they both turned with their backs to the shower heads and moved side by side in front of me. As I knelt, I felt my asshole ease open and a gob of Evan’s earlier load rolled soothingly over the stretched lips of my ass before dropping onto the shower floor. I looked up to see both of them side by side wrap a hand around the shafts of their cocks and point them at me. I looked intently at the glistening eye of each and saw Evan’s part first as the initial gush of piss spewed forth to splash against my cheek.

“Open wide,” I heard Frank say as I lowered my jaw to give them an inviting target. I felt Evan’s stream move across my cheek and make its way into way waiting mouth. I tasted his hot acrid piss as it started to fill my mouth. I swallowed as he moved the narrow stream in circles within my gaping mouth. I felt a hot blast hit casino siteleri my other cheek and thru my slitted eyes saw Frank’s powerful stream pounding against my face. He moved it quickly sideways until it joined Evan’s within my mouth as they fed me their golden nectar. I swallowed rapidly to keep up. Evan re-directed his stream onto my chest as I continued to feed upon Frank’s salty urine. It ran out of my mouth and flowed down my chin to join Evan’s liquid load that had soaked my chest and crotch. Frank pulled back on his cock and sprayed his side of my body. I could feel the hot liquid run over my shoulder and down my back as I swallowed the last remnants within my mouth. As his stream diminished Evan dropped his long spongy cockhead fully onto my tongue. I locked my lips and tasted the final dribbles and drops on the back of my tongue. Frank nudged him and he quickly withdrew his cock as Frank replaced it with his thick head. His hand was clamped tightly around his shaft to cut off the stream but once I locked my lips behind the flared ridge, he released his hand. A final powerful blast of his golden piss filled my mouth. I closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure as I took his last final drops lovingly into my belly. I nursed lovingly at the spongy membranes of his cockhead until Frank pulled it with a resounding “plop” out of my vacuuming mouth.

Both men turned into the spray of their respective showers and I remained on my knees for a few seconds as I basked in the glow of the golden shower they had given me. I could feel the heat of their salty piss warming my stomach. I had taken just enough to satisfy myself. The feeling of contentment of having satisfied my master overwhelmed me. I looked up at Frank as if in a hypnotic trance. He turned and looked down at me with a smile of pride on his face.

“Here you go, kid,” he said as he passed the bar of soap down to me. “I think we’re in need of your expert cleaning services.”

I rose to stand between them and turned towards Frank.

“I think Evan needs it more than me right now. I’ll wait until you’re done with him.”

I turned towards Evan and saw that he had his head bowed under the spray and the water was cascading down his back. I lathered both hands thoroughly and set the soap aside. I placed both hands on each cheek of his enormous beach-ball ass. I felt the muscles within instinctively tighten under my initial touch. They quickly relaxed as I started to manipulate my slippery hands around those succulent orbs. I slid them all around his cheeks and then let my fingers delve deeply into his moist crevice. He moaned as my soapy hands brushed across his puckered hole. He spread his legs slightly to give me easier access and I instantly let both hands explore within his deep crack.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and looking to the side, I could see that Frank was leaning against the side of the shower stall and had his back to me with his legs spread apart, in the identical position as Evan.

“That just looks too inviting kid,” he said. “It looks like you’re going to have to do both of us at the same time.”

I took one soapy hand out of Evan’s hot crack and slid it between Frank’s moist cheeks. I ran my slick fingertips teasingly over his hot pucker and felt him wiggle back against my hand. I started a sawing motion with the sides of my hands along the full lengths of each of their steaming cracks. I heard low moans of pleasure from each of them as I continued my “cleaning” services on their backsides for a few more minutes.

“Time to move to the front, kid,” said Frank as he turned around. Evan followed and I could see that my attention to their asses had caused their heavy dicks to thicken and start to rise. I think this is one of my favorite times to see a cock, when it is at about “half-mast”. On both of them, the amount of blood entering their shafts was causing them to arc out and hang heavy over their balls. Not totally flaccid, yet not yet fully erect, they gave off a foreshadowing of the overwhelming power they were capable of.

I re-lathered both of my hands and sank to my knees before them again. Their immense bodies towered over me as I reached up and placed the flat of my hand against their abdomens. I rubbed my fingertips over their groins above the bases of their cocks. I scratched my fingernails thru Frank’s pubic hair and did likewise on the shaven smoothness above Evan’s cock. I could feel the Vaseline coming away from Evan’s skin as I washed it away with the cleansing soap. I dropped my hands and took each of their heavy bags in my hands and rolled their over-sized balls gently in my grasp as I massaged the soap thru the soft delicate skin. On my knees, with my face inches from their heavy dicks, I could see some lube still remaining along Evan’s glistening shaft.

I quickly re-lathered until my hands were covered in soapy foam. I wrapped a hand around each of their shafts and started a slow, slick, back and forth motion. The groans from above coupled with the feeling of the shafts thickening within my grasp told me they slot oyna were pleased with my method of cleaning. My fingers and thumb could almost touch around Evan’s ebony shaft but with Frank, there was the usual sizable gap as his cock rose and the shaft continued to expand under my milking hands. For a few minutes I varied my gripping, milking action as I made myself at home with their two huge cocks in my loving hands. Soon both had full erections and their cockheads flared were bloated with engorged blood.

“I think it’s time boy,” said Frank as he pulled his cock out of my yearning grasp and turned into the spray to rinse away the foamy lather. Evan did likewise at his end and I rose to my feet and started soaping my own body. I noticed my own cock had swollen of its own accord while I was attending to their pleasure.

They finished and left the water running in the shower for me. As they were drying themselves outside the stall, Frank said “Make sure you brush your teeth, kid.”

I soaped myself thoroughly and washed my hair to get rid of any remnants of the piss the boys had showered me with. I finished up and after drying myself, brushed my teeth and the surface of my tongue as well until my breath was minty-fresh.

I returned to the bedroom the see that Frank had drawn the sheets down to the foot of the bed. Both he and Evan were sitting propped up on pillows against the headboard. The two of them nearly filled the king-size bed! As I looked upon the mahogany smoothness of Evan’s shaved body and the alluring masculinity of Frank, I felt like I was the luckiest person in the world. My heart was beating rapidly with anticipation of serving both of theses studs at the same time.

They had been quietly talking and when I entered the room, their gaze shifted to me. Frank slowly drew his legs up and apart and I was looking directly at his monster cock, back down to about half-mast again but arcing out directly towards me. I could see the heavy shaft bobbing with each of his heartbeats. Evan followed Frank’s example as his legs came up and drifted apart as well. His long cock hung heavy and imposing is he pointed it at me.

I crawled onto the bed and made my way on hands and knees between Frank’s splayed thighs. I fixed my eyes adoringly on the glistening eye at the end of his cock. I saw the head give another lurch as it slowly rose towards me. I extended my tongue and teased it against the tender inner tissues of his piss-slit. I was rewarded as a healthy gob of his pre-cum oozed out to coat the tip of my tongue. I swirled it back into my mouth and swallowed greedily. Once I tasted his sweet nectar, I shifted forward and slid my widely-stretched lips fully over his cockhead, hoping for more.

“Oh yeah, you work that cock baby,” said Evan from beside us. His eyes were intent as he watched my full stretched lips grip Frank’s thick shaft.

I closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure as I took one of my hands and wrapped it around Frank’s pulsating shaft. I reached over to the side with my other hand and slid my fist around Evan’s long cock. I started a rhythmic pumping action on both dicks as I started to bob my head on Frank’s cock. Within a minute of being within my hot sucking mouth, he was back up to his full 10 ½”. My saliva glistened along the top half of his thick cock as my hand continued to milk back and forth on the reminder of the gnarled shaft below.

Once Frank was back to full erection, I moved over between Evan’s long legs. There was a drop of pre-cum dangling from the end of his cock and I quickly lapped it up before it could drop onto the sheets. I pulled the drop of his musky seed onto my tongue and savored it as it slid down my throat. The taut membranes on his cockhead shimmered with an angry purple color. I welcomed the full length of it deep into my oral cavity. I hummed against the surface of his skin as I bathed the head with a layer of saliva. This caused Evan to let out a low growl of pleasure.

“Oh yeah, baby……that’s good. Just take your time on this blowjob. I needed that first one much too fast.”

“Go ahead, kid. Make this one he’ll always remember,” said Frank. I felt him slide off the bed as my other hand tried to maintain my ardent grip on his pulsing shaft. Once he had moved fully out of my grasp, I brought my second hand over to join my first one on Evan’s 12 incher.

Evan placed both his hands on my head as he guided me up and down the length of his cock. I pulled my mouth fully off it and made way down that mighty shaft, licking, nibbling and kissing as I went. When I reached the base, I lowered my mouth and wrapped my lips around one of his enormous balls lying relaxed within his distended bag. I rolled it around gingerly with my tongue within its silken sack. I released it and moved over to its neighbor, warming them lovingly within the hot cavern of my mouth in the hopes of helping him generate an extra helping of his precious cum for me.

As I was working on Evan’s distended sack, I felt Frank move onto his knees behind me. I felt his slick, canlı casino siteleri thick fingers rubbing around the puckered entrance to my ass. I relaxed the muscles of my sphincter and pushed back against his invading digits. He slid one thick finger quickly into me and rotated it around as I felt his fingertip caress my hot inner tissues. He quickly followed up with a second thick finger alongside the first. He was gentle but firm as he worked to relax my ass in preparation for the invasion of his 10 ½” weapon.

After spending some minutes worshipping at his enlarged testes, I drew back and with hooded eyes looked down at his rearing cock. The long head looked angry as the rope-like ridge around the head stood out in bold relief. The ebony shaft was glowing under my layer of saliva. Another drop of his milky pre-cum clouded the opening at the end of his cock and I moved forward to probe with my tongue and capture it.

“Okay baby, its time to check out that throat of yours,” Evan said as he got on his knees in front of me.

From my position on my hands and knees, his huge body loomed over me as he pushed down on the top side of his long cock to point it directly at my face. He brought it forwards and drew the shining end across my pouting lips and around my cheeks. At the same time I felt Frank withdraw his fingers and re-adjust his position as he centered the engorged head of his cock against my relaxed hole. I flexed my ass-lips in an effort to try and grip his cock and pull it within me. He must have felt my ass nibbling at him as he flexed his hips and the head spread my ass-lips as it started to slide into me.

“Owwww,” I gasped as the initial entry stretched my tight ring. Evan took advantage of my open mouth and slid his elongated cockhead deep within my mouth. I closed my lips behind the flared ridge and quickly coated it with saliva to help ease the upcoming invasion of my throat. I teased the underside of the V below his head with my tongue as he pushed against the entrance to my throat. I took a deep breath as he put both hands on the back of my head and held the searing head firmly against the base of my tongue. He took short slow strokes as he allowed me to get used to his size. I concentrated on relaxing my throat muscles and felt him slip an inch or so deeper.

Behind me, Frank was starting to rotate his hips as he stretched my guts while his cock started to slide further into me. He would go in an inch, then withdraw until only the head remained. Then he would push and rotate as he sank another inch into me. I was moaning around Evan’s cockhead as my filled ass gripped at Frank’s thick shaft as it tried to pull more of him into me.

“Are you ready Evan?” Frank asked as I felt him take a firm grip on my hips.

“Anytime buddy,” he replied as his meaty black hands pressed against the back of my head.

“Okay……one…..two…..three….” and on “three” they both started to sink the full lengths of their cocks into me. My body went rigid and I felt the sweat pop out on my whole body as they impaled me at both ends on their majestic cocks. They were filling me as I continued to spasm and buck under their dual penetration. I concentrated on relaxing both my ass and throat and then finally felt Frank’s groin slam up against my ass at the same time as my lips clutched at the smooth skin at the base of Evan’s cock. I instinctively swallowed and it resulted in a massaging tremor run down the entire length of his ebony shaft.

“Oh baby, you are so good at that. Do that again for me, baby…..” I swallowed repeatedly as Evan held still with his full 12″ distending the delicate membranes of my throat. “Oh yeah…….that’s so good,” he said as he emitted a low moan.

Frank started to withdraw his thickness from the depths of my ass and as it slid across my sensitive prostate, I sighed around Evan’s dick and realized my own cock was standing rock-hard against my stomach again. As Frank pulled back, so did Evan. He slowly pulled it out of my throat and when it cleared, I pulled in a breath of cool air to soothe the raw tissues of my throat. From his kneeling position he flexed his hips and drove his manhood into me again. He kept it moving forward until my lips bumped once more against his groin. He held it again all the way to the hilt within me.

“C’mon, swallow baby,” he instructed but I had already started to swallow before I heard the words. “Oh yeah…’re way ahead of me,” he said as the rippling muscles vibrated along his throbbing shaft as I tried to pleasure him as much as I could.

Once Frank had driven the full length into me the first time, he set about maintaining a regular rhythm as he pounded his 10 ½” into my yearning, gripping ass. I wiggled my ass and pushed back against him with every one of his forward strokes. Soon Evan had adapted to our movements and every time Frank would withdraw from the inner depths of my ass, Evan would slide back from the bottom of my throat until only their two engorged cockheads remained within me. I had quickly gotten used to the immense pleasure of being filled at both ends. When they would withdraw, I felt like there was a giant void within me. I yearned for them to plow forwards and fill that void. They were only too happy to do so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32